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Good morning ladies!
Not seeing much movement of the scale, I so want to say goodbye to 176, its been lingering for days

cmo4 Goat cheese can be mild or strong. I make it mild so there's just a hint of flavor. As far as goat milk, if you get it fresh it is delicious, you can't tell the difference from it and cow's milk. But if you buy the kind at the store, you will probably gag, its disgusting. Our goat got sick almost two weeks ago and we had to give her antibiotics so we couldn't drink her milk until the withdrawl period is over which is about now. We'll probably start drinking it again tomorrow. People are always surprised when they taste our fresh milk because I think they are expecting it to taste weird but it doesn't. Now if it sets in the fridge for several days the acids start breaking down and it will start getting a strong taste, but we always try to drink it up before then. Fresh milk is so much more healthier than what you can get in the store.

shasha I love tomatoes too, right now we are getting too many from the garden and I am eating them practically with every meal.

msP DH likes chicken made certain ways. What he doesn't like is plain boneless breast, especially if it was cooked too long or something and isn't very tender. But we do eat a lot of chicken around here, its pretty much my favorite because its so versatile.

mars 1200-1300 calories is way too low for me. I literally feel ill if I don't eat a minimum of 1500, sometimes I could probably get away with 1400 but not usually. I usually eat 1600-1800. But PMS sometimes makes me feel like I'm never satisfied, this month was especially bad, talk about carb cravings, ugh.

Hey to the rest of you chickies!
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Lose the holiday lbs!
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Hello! This is a great idea! I would like to join in too :-)

My goal for the end of August, is to lose 8lbs.

My current weight today is 169.6lbs. So I would like to reach 161.6lbs
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next official weigh in is tomorrow, but I suffer from the same problem that most of you do. I step on the scale at home every morning. I am down so I hope that it shows tomorrow at the center! I will post how it goes.

Last night I ran another 3.5 miles with hubby. woo-hoo....I've created a running monster!
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Morning sexy ladies,

CMo4 - It is a challenge to pull up those calories now, I spend a good amount of time each day planning how to hit at least 1600, it would be so much easier to throw a bag of chips in there! You're a crazy workout fanatic, where ever did this lady come from? I nearly sip put my coffee with all lopsided and stuff, that's awesome but then again not the least bit funny. I get two every month just to remind myself not to feel too hot. I thought I was too old in university for these things, nice to know I have at least a decade left to enjoy them!

Jeannep - LOL that made me laugh. it works evey time for me too! I beatca the running will get so much easier faster since your body has an idea what it doing, you'll be down again in no time and this time with the skills to stay there!

Shasha - Oh good for you! I'm so happy you decided against it, you must feel awesome! (and lighter)

Wtb140 - Congrats on those 6lbs gone and PMS is brutal and sometimes our bodies do need a day off or lighter effort, don't feel so guilty, you're doing great.

Shrinking - I have every confidence that you are a smoking hot chick right now and you will simply be hotter and healthier! And gosh, we have almost the exact same starting measurements too, very cool.

Jeweliek - Good luch with the evening exercise sometimes I find it easier with all that extra food energy from the day, wtg on adjusting your schedule ahead of time to fit it in!

Darby - Glad you're doing good and and keeping up witht the exercise event through TOM, I always feel like I'm making swooshing noises at TOM trying to workout, like you can just hear the bloat moving around.

Ang - LOL on losing your babthing suit, yup I'd say time for a new one! And you're back down to 217! WTG.

Khunter - That's a 150, omg! You know it would be interesting to know how much ppl have lost since joining this thread, it just seems to be the missing piece for some. And it's true that it's all you my dear, unless Sandye snuck into your house with a cattle prode that is. You're doing amazing!

MsP - There's an extra smile so you can have two, awww, so cheesy! I think I hope to be a daily weigher always, a week is too easy for me to turn into a month and so on, and as sadistic as it sounds, I like to look at the higher weight when I eat garbage and really face it now, it's my new sense of ownership of bad choices and so far so good!

Princess - Slow and steady and every little bit helps, and lol on the sore butt, my bike does that too me too but I don't think it's the muscles tho.

Ruth - Ok that dinner sounds awesome! I've done feta stuffed chicken and goat cheese, but never the sd tomatoes, great suggestion! Ya, I don't know if lunges will ever be my friend either, my knees are odd from years of being heavy and a sports injury when I was 13 that never really healed right so I avoid them and every once in awhile give em a go too just in case. I find squats do the trick and don't hurt at all.

Mars - That is fairly low and with only 14 pounds from goal my thought would be to eat closer to your BMR and exercise the rest off. Are you working out a lot? If so I would recommend upping it to 1400 and see if that helps, especially if you're super physically hungry then you need more or risk slowing down you body's fat burning machine. Also, if it's just TOM related you could always raise it just at TOM and then pull it back down. Also, I totally agree with MsP, eating high quality foods is really the only way to manage being successful at 1200 calories for any period of time.

Smiley - Welcome aboard!

Delphi - It's always the preachers son I tell ya! Pervert, or not, maybe he was just texting his girlfriend That's what he was looking at for sure. Just make sure you're wearing an extra supportive sports bra, maybe 2 and I'm sure he'll go away.

Aclai - you're doing so awesome!

Mamatoni - Those fires sound horrible, I hope they get under control soon and grat job minding the weight while you're healing!

Echo - Welcome Welcome!

So I finally after a month got my p90x and got to do a workout yesterday so for you ladies who are interested (Jacque) here's what I have discoverd: 1. 1 minute can be a very long time indeed, it seems like forever infact. 2. I got a 537cal burn in 45 minutes, pretty good 3. Tony horton is really goofy and I love that in a video, good fun 4. I'm sooo glad I've been weight training and running already and 5. I'm in so much better shape than I gave myself credit for. It was a challenge for sure and things were burning but it was doable, very doable and I was able to keep up with only a few snags since I didn't know what they were doing at first. I was thoroughly impressed and it was so nice to do something different! Granted I did the easiest disk of the 12 b/c I was scared and I know those reisistance disks are going to be painful but I need a challenge to keep it fresh. Today I'll do my HIIT and then Kenpo (karate/kickboxing stuff) for workout 2 and see how that goes.

Also, loving the protein shakes, it sure makes it alot easier to get in those 1600 calories with one of those thrown in! And down another 0.2 today, continuing my slow creep to 177 so I should have a few more down days then an up day and so on.

And I just realized yesterday only 6 days until we're gone to Nova Scotia for 2 weeks, starting to get excited! Be back later chickies, have a great day.
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Hi girlsssssssss quickie post to say hi, I'll catch up later on. WIshing everyone a great new day!

smileydd and echo I added you to our team members list (page 17).

I just did an edit chicky's....I'll post it soon but the thread is flying and didn't want to take up the space just yet.......I want to respond later hugssss
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Back at it...again!
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FSA-You always sound so busy and "on the go", I'm impressed you get so much done on here. Keep taking good care of yourself!

I'm off to take a rest/lay down for a few minutes. I have not been getting quite enough sleep and it's catching up with me!
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Good afternoon ladies!

I figured while the kids are occupied I should catch up before the tread gets away from me!

SG~ Enjoy these last few days of leisure before school starts back up! I bet you'll lose a few lbs right off the bat just picking your activity back up!

Delphi~ thanks for willing it to me--stupid thing. Eeew on the preacher's son--what's that all about? I'm with Tummy, double up on the sports bras and perhaps he'll lose interest. LOL I'll have to check those pics--like I said, I'm never on FB, but now I have a reason to log on.

Wanting~ Woo hoo on the loss!!! Hope that TOM shows up soon and gets his business over with so that life can return to normal for you! I hate PMS! Have fun with your workout--and yes, it's a great thing when we start freaking out over a missed one isn't it?

~ oh if you want to try C25K, you should join Shrinking Girl, Delphi & I --we just started this week! As for my scale not budging--I knew it was coming and it's my first one so I shouldn't complain too much, but grrr! I was .2 lbs away from my goal!!! .2 dang pounds!!! Hahaha, um, I guess I'm still a little bitter.

MsP~ Woo hoo! I'm so glad your scale was kind! I think a pound is awesome for a week--especially the week you had! Yes, I'm quite enjoying the burn...however, it was touch and go there this morning when I was getting out of bed! Ouchie! Hope you have a good nap! *yawn* Ahh, naps rock!!

Aclai~ congrats on ditching the Morbidly Obese!!! That's awesome!! Woo hoo!!!! You're doing a fantastic job hun! Keep up the great work!

mamatoni~ oh I'm sorry you hurt your back! That's rotten! I'm glad you're feeling better though! Stay safe with the fires around k? 17 miles is closer than I'd like to be! Stay inside and hopefully the rain this weekend will help get rid of the fire and clear out the air!

jeannep~ aww, cookies? Now I'm not going to lecture you because you know that's not the best choice...but, I will say that that needs to be the end of the bad choices for today. Turn it around girlie! There's no reason to head down that path now is there? No way!! As for books...hmm, I don't know. There's a thread over on the support board about books that have helped people, maybe you could check it out? Besides that, go hit the Goal board and read some of the stories over there--they always motivate me!!!

ruth~ hang in there hun, it'll come! You'll see 176 in no time I bet! You're not going to believe what I bought at the store!!! Yup! Goat cheese! it was on sale and I figured it was a sign from the heavens that it was time to try it! It's got some herbs and spices in it so I'm hoping it's as yummy as it looks. I'm going to stuff some of it into some chicken and perhaps oven roast some tomatoes to throw in there as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

~ Jump right in and make yourself at home!

jewelie~ congrats on being down this morning! And woo hoo on the running!! That's awesome!!

Tummy~ Glad I could provide you some comedy this morning! I'm tellin' ya, this this thing is giant! And it's subterranean so who knows how big it's going to get or when it will make it's Official Appearance! I did buy zit cream though--I gotta try something!! Sounds like your new PX90 is the bomb!!! Man, I'm tellin' ya, between you and Delphi you've got all the cool stuff! Thanks for recommending the heart rate monitor--is that what you have? If so, which one? They're pricey too, but not nearly as high as the fancy schmancy activity monitors!

~ Hi hun!!! Hope you're having a great day! Chat with you soon!

Well, I broke down and bought more Lean Cuisines--yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't have--but they were half off and such a good price and sometimes I really, really want the chicken with almonds!!! Mmmm and it's only 250cals/4gms of fat...Yum! It was so good! I only bought 5 and they're all the same kind and I figured that maybe I could have them once a week maybe. I haven't been eating much in the way of processed foods so I think I'm good.

As I told Ruth, I bought some goat cheese! Egads--we'll see how it goes! I won't be making anything with it tonight as we're having spaghetti, but maybe tomorrow night!

Bought some zit cream too! I gotta get this monster under control! So that's been applied and it's hopefully working it's magic as I type.

Got 64oz of water down, plan on getting another 64 in before bed. I can't help it, I can't just drink one!

Well, that's enough from me! Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!
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Learning to fly again
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I'm back on my own computer! It's so much easier to read and type from a real monitor

I chickened out on the 30 DS yesterday and I did the Active instead..Holy cow, I guess you don't realize how in shape you are until you are not in such shape any more and you try to do the things you did before. My bum and my quads are killing me!

LaurenA: Welcome back!!

Tummy: Don't worry about the 170's I think it only applies to people who are 5'2" and it just might have something to do with how close I actually stick to my plan now that I am lighter. How did you do with the P90X?

Mistress Jedi: Like I said, I chickened out on the 30 DS. Just like you though, I get bored with the workouts easily so I need to switch them up often. I think I will finish the EA challenge this month and the 30 DS will be in store for September.

Aclai: For me, when I was working, packing lunch the night before was the only way it would work for me, I am not a morning person, so rushing around in the morning trying to figure out what to do was not productive. You can get a bit creative with your salad with add-ons (fruits, nuts, goat cheese) and they can be delicious. I've had those jobs where you are stuck inside for the whole shift and I saw it as a way to stay away from temptation.

shasha: WTG on snacking on good things. You know what? after eating like this for a while you won't even like things like McD's anymore. I can actually taste the grease in all those crappy foods now which makes them really unappealing, so hang in there, it will get easier.

SG (Shrinking Girl): I have those issues with feeling high maintenance when I go out, but it does get easier, read through other parts of the forum. I once posted something with your same issues and I got some really good advice on how to pretty much allow yourself to be a ***** when it comes to your food. You are worth it

Darby: Ugh! computer problems blow, hope you get it fixed soon.

Ang: LOL, I would say that if your bathing suit falls off while you're in the water, you have a definite sign that you need a good one. Congrats!

jeanne: That's right, no beating yourself over anything. I don't do the looking back and regretting things anymore. Look forward!

khunter: congrats!

Ruth: Those chicken breasts sound delicious! I will have to keep them in mind for when I start cooking again. Thanks for the info on the 30 DS..I guess that's why I'm scared of it

Posting this before I lose it...BRB
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I'm in a really good mood today which of course makes it easier to eat/exercise better. Last year I was taking workout classes after work because I worked later than I do now. These days I work from 6:30am to 3:30pm, so there are no workout classes at the gym until atleast 5:30. I love getting off work early, but I'm still kinda new into this routine that I must work out right after work or else I won't later in the evening. I'm getting bored of gym machines, but if I want to take classes, I would have to go home for a couple hours and then go back into the annoying after work traffic to hit the gym. I think I should start getting my routine 7-4, or just spend some extra time at the gym doing some light weights before a class starts. Do any of you have the same problem if you workout in the early evening?
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Those cookies for breakfast were the end of my bad decision making for the week (at least)! Not only did they make me feel physically lousy, they are going to make it a lot harder for me to come in at good calorie level today. I deserve better than treating myself that way.
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Learning to fly again
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Smileydd: Welcome!

Sandye: I love, love goat cheese! I just bought a Costco size pack of crumbled cheese and I am having it in my salad every day with some dried cranberries. YUM! Call it chevre and there is your fancy foreign cheese LOL.

Wanting: WTG on the loss! I am sure those veggies helped he he.

Ms. P.: Glad to hear your scale was good to you this AM!

mamatoni: Get better soon

jeanne: I don't have a good for you, but a word of advice: Get the cookies out of the house! I think the best way to success it so plan ahead and for me is not having any naughties around.

Echo: Welcome!

jeweliek: Good luck with the scale tomorrow! I actually suffer from the oposite scale issue than most of you. I intended to weigh daily, but I just keep forgetting, so I do it about once a week LOL.

Tummy: Glad you liked the workout. I was just looking at an infomercial the other day.. Do you need to put up a bar over one of your doors?

Ok... enough posting for now I think, hope you all have a great day and now I am off to do some sort of sweating. I might have to do the same as Delphi and find a creepy preacher's I mean take a couple of Advils before I start so that there's no excuse.

Have a great day everyone!
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On a Mission
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Whew. Where does the time go? I don't even know what happened to July, but I can tell you that I essentially lost nothing. I can't even remember the last time I actually had time to go to the gym while actually being in the same town as the gym. I don't even know my Aug 1 weigh in because I didn't have a scale.

I got home late Aug 1 from another trip to Maryland, spent the night at a friend's house and helped her remove wallpaper on Sunday. I went home for about an hour and weighed in at 271.5 (same as the end of June!) and then went back to her house, spent the night again, and came to work Monday. After work Monday, my purse was stolen with all of my keys, only key to my car, new GPS, a book, my work ID badge (that gets me into the building) and about 40 other random things. Cops were called, car was towed to the dealer for a key (where more hassles ensued) and I bought the new car I'd been planning on buying anyway (2009 Toyota Prius with 2500 miles!!!)

The whole purse thing caused me to miss WW again, not that I have my weight book anymore anyway. I didn't even spend the night at my house that night since I wasn't able to change the locks. It's been a total whirlwind of stress for the last month!

I still don't know when I'll get to live with DH again, but we decided to rent a house in MD rather than buying. We've found and been approved for a great place with a pool, and we should get possession on Sept 1 even if I'm not up there yet. I hope I am, but you never know.

I plan on getting back to the gym next week since my friend's kitchen makeover will take up the rest of this week. Lots of lost time with purse stuff, and she has a BIG kitchen.

I'm shooting for 5 to 10 pounds this month rather than just 10 because I have no idea what life will bring at this point. My morning home weigh-in had me at 268 this morning which is lower than I made it last month, so that's good!

Hope everyone's doing well, sorry I can't go back and read up on everything. Time constraints and all. I've missed you all!
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wow glutio- sorry to hear about all the problems you've been having. I hope things get better for you soon!

well, i am struggling with the "maintain good eating habits" part of my goals, but i'm back to giving it my full attention. i certainly got sidetracked this week. but i am making a comeback

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There is no spoon!
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Oh my gosh, I'm so behind. You wanna know why? Well, I kinda, sorta went to sleep for three hours. Oh my gosh. Do you know why? Well I'll give you guys my theory. See I worked my butt off this morning with Day two and about an hour later I was starving. For the past two weeks, I've only been picking up essentials at the grocery store and trying to purge my fridge/freezer out. I have a bad habit of buying stuff and it sitting in my freezer for months, and yet I'll keep buying more stuff, then nit sits there...meats included. So I've been cooking the meat daily and we are getting down to the nitty gritty now. Gonna go shopping tomorrow, but anyways, there were some Aunt Jemima Pancakes left in the freezer...and I was starving. So I'm like, "It wont hurt, I've been good for the past four months" so, I ate pancakes and syrup..which was a good chunk of calories to. But ladies, it did the awfullest thing to my body and I think, I crashed...if that makes any sense at all. I honestly believe that is why I became so lethargic, so quickly. All that sugar. I think I shocked my body and it put me in some kind of hibernation was awful. I can't believe I used to put that crap into my body before by the boat loads. It won't ever happen again...lesson learned. Urg, what a horrible, horrible feeling. Which is essentially a good thing. I have made it far enough in my journey where food is no longer a comfort, rather just the opposite. My body doesn't like it and rejects it. So that is a great thing indeed. Oh my gosh, I feel better now though since I slept but I was starving when I got up to. So Sandye I cooked me a lean cuisine. I don't care what anyone says, who cares if I'm eating processed foods...the most important thing is that I have added real food groups back into my diet and I'm making better choices. My two main food groups, were oreo's and cheetos for crying out anything is a step up from that. You go right ahead and eat your lean cuisines, and I'll eat mine. I like them occasionally, they are quick, good and convenient and they are low in calories..I could care less about sodium these days. I'm not gonna sacrifice taste, just so my body doesn't retain water...I have low blood pressure, so that isn't a concern, so if I want to eat something high in sodium or add a little salt to another meal with baked chicken...well so be it.

Tummy I'm gonna miss ya when you leave. Hey you know, Facebook has facebook mobile..right? You could say hi and stuff.

Sorry I can't catch up with everyone, but I religiously check this thread periodically throughout the is what keeps me going..and here I am four months later and almost fifty pounds lighter since I joined the challenge threads. It really keeps me motivated reading everyones news and just having all you ladies here to say hey, you're doing great...or hey, get your butt in gear.

Well I'm gonna get off my butt and play some Rock Band. Talk to you ladies later. Love ya

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Learning to fly again
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Delphii: I am going to say it was definitely the pancakes. But hey, that's how we learn our lessons. I want to play Rock Band too! I do it on my PS3, what do you use?
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