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I think what she means is when you update your ticker it changes it on all of your old posts too. I haven't been able to figure out a way around that. I guess if you want a record of what you weighed at each specific post you could just type in you Start/current/goal at the end of each one?
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Originally Posted by Aclai4067 View Post
I think what she means is when you update your ticker it changes it on all of your old posts too. I haven't been able to figure out a way around that. I guess if you want a record of what you weighed at each specific post you could just type in you Start/current/goal at the end of each one?
Yes, exactly, it shows my current goals/weight when I look back at my original posts. As long as I am doing it right(updating) then I'll just keep on doing it the same way.
Just curious.
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Ready for final round!
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Well, im having a hard time getting into the swing of things. Today wasnt the best eating. I ate all healthy foods in exception to lots and lots of nuts. Which I love to munch!
I havent excerised in a long time. That week away in fl. did me in. I played tennis yesterday with my husband and I did terrible (slower and unsteady serving). I couldnt believe 1 week of inactivity could throw my game off so much!!!! Oh well. I guess I can only practice and start hitting my gym regulary. I am going to go wednesday no matter what!!!! Heres to a month of hard excerise!!!!
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Evening Ladies,

FSA - That sounds like a fantastic day! It's something, likely fluid, maybe swollen muscles who knows but it's nice that it isn't driving me batty like it used to, the knowledge finally has caught up with emotions on the scale, it's nice and far more relaxing.

Jeweliek - That sounds like a great plan, I'm working on my speed right now as well while doing the 5K 3x a week. At first I swear I was shuffling along but it sure helps to have less weight on.

Mystical - I was never much for group exercise when I was young and was very heavy then too, my mom tried organized sports but I was always soo embarassed to try and compete with slender kids my own age. At that age I liked to do things solo for the same reason, I loved biking and running then and actually managed to lose a good chunk of weight in height school. The Wii is great for kids too if he's into gaming at all. So I guess it would all depend on what he enjoys doing. It's great he's talking about it too, I don't think I breathed a word about it to anybody for years and it was so toxic keeping all that in. Kudos on such an open dialogue.

Jasonlea - See you in September! Don't forget to eat well and exercise while you're waiting to get hooked up again!

Delphi - Yup, extra skin is gonna be interesting, last time I weighed 220, then went down to 167 I didn't have any extra skin issues, I wasn't toned by any means either, heck I'm in better shape right now than then, buuuuttt with the baby in there and a number of extra fat years thrown in for good measure I'm kinda wondering if I'm going to end up a member of the kangaroo family as well. I think my main issue is going to be the stretchy marks though, the texture is all weird with them and that skin for sure doesn't return to it's glorious self ever again. The the funny part was that I got those from being fat, not a one from being pregnant. Oh well, I was never destined for a bikini and that's quite alright. Have fun at school reg. tomorrow, wow you guys start so early!

Heather - Ah the nuts, love 'em too, they're grand but a little sure does go along way! Enjoy the gym, I bet you're game will come back in no time!

What a delightful day, it did rain for most of the day so there was no mowing for me but it will be there tomorrow and the next day too. It wasn't as antsy a day as I thought, kept busy playing with the dd, cleaning, cooking, making a list of all the things we need to pick up in the city next week b/f the trip out east. All in all pretty nice to let the muscles rebuild a little, I could just hear every thing I ate getting stored up for tomorrow. Monday's workouts are always awesome!

Well for all you ladies starting C25K tomorrow, good luck and have fun!
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Delphi He loves computer games, reading, and he loves his music. Has never been much on sports. I am thinking about maybe trying to get him a bike since we have lots of trails around our new house. That would be something he could do by himself or with the rest of the family. I know you have the EA Active for the Wii is it worth the money or should I get something else? I have the wii fit but wasn't sure if there is any others that would be good for him.

Tummy Girl I am going to let him help with the decisions on planning our meals and snacks since I do not fix my foods any differetly than the rest of the family. He loves to cook as well. If I can teach him to read labels and choose healthier snacks then maybe he won't have to go through what I have my entire life.

As for me. I would like to get into the running but I haven't been able to get past the oh my gosh I am going to die stage yet.... I would just like to be able to start my running but I am still just doing a fast pace walk or I feel like my lungs are on fire and I am going to pass out.... Hopefully one day soon I will be able to start training for some kind of long distance run... That would be a dream come true.... Maybe one day but not yet.... Have a great night ladies I will check in with you guys soon.....
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Ok, I'm in. My goals are not weight loss related. I tend to run between only 0.5 & 1lb /week.
I have three:
1) Drink 2.5 liters water/day
2) Stay OP
3) No mindless snacking
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live, laugh, love
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good evening to all you wonderful women! tired, but know if i go to bed now i will be up at 3am.eerrr

stayed on plan today, and went for a walk...about 8kms, but TOM is coming up..tummy is bloating already, cravings are hitting, and grummyness is setting in..sometime is just wish our monthly visits would stop, this is one visitor i prefer not to see, plus she makes me gain about 10lbs of water..then a week after shes gone..bye bye to the extra weight and some.

while out on my walk today i was thinking, for the first bit, the weight comes off faster, but then it slows down, and knowing myself, i can get discouraged at times, only happened once, but it can happen, so i thought of a going to go and buy the bags of 5 lb sugar, for ever 5 lbs i lose, and put them in a sealed tupperware container, and put it in my bedroom. And ever morning and whenever im having bad day and want to cheat, i will go and lift the container, and that alone should keep me going..and once i hit my goal of hopefully 160lbs by christmas, i will take all that sugar and donate it to the local food bank or shelter.

i know tommorows going to be a big craving day, so to prevent me going off the cliff...if have thought up what i think is crazy but will work...i am leaving my house at 6am, and going to walk to the next town, and then back home again..for a total of 35 kms...and im taking my 13 year old son with me. Im just hoping it dosnt rain.

hope everyone had a great day!!

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Good evening girlies!!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!! Mine has been pretty nice so far--I get one more day 'off'--that is, hubby does so I get some help with the kiddos so I'm super happy about having him home one more day.

Mystical~ no worries hun! We know you're busy as all get out with the house and all. Bravo for getting back into the exercise routine! As for your monthly goal...hmm...I dunno. I dropped mine to 5 after a couple months in because I figured it was about time for the losses to slow down a bit--however, I've managed to lose 10+ every month. So, I say drop it to whatever you feel comfortable with, that is, a number that still challenges you, but that doesn't seem unobtainable, kwim? As for your son, have you asked him if he wants to join you in exercising? Perhaps he'd be interested in walking/jogging? I'm thinking back to my little brothers at 14 and weight lifting seems like it was something they both got into...I'd say ask if he wants to join you in walking at night (since I'm guessing early morning would be out due to school) and start from there.

BKKchick~ and congrats on being so close to your goal!!! Good luck in August!!

MsP~ Happy Anniversary hun!! Oh I do hope you and hubby had a wonderful time!!

gilly~ to you as well! It's never too late to join in the fun!! Jump right in!

Tummy~ I'm with ya on the childbearing aftermath! Two of my c/sections healed poorly (one of which opened up when the nurse took the staples out--you should have seen my hubby's face!! ) so I gave up ever wearing a bikini long ago! Tankinis rock though!! And I'm liking the description of the girls hoisting tie top!! I could totally use that! Sorry to hear about the extra pound that's visiting--don't you have uninvited guests? I mean, TOM's bad enough--did he have to bring a buddy too? Stupid extra pound...grrr!

FSA~ oh your night sounds like it was awesome! Ahh, walking at night--I love it! So long as the mosquitoes aren't out and it's not June bug season! Glad you two had a great time!

Jeweliek~ yes, this thread can get away from you quick! We'll hit 500 posts in no time too, just you watch! Hope you had a great day at work and got your walk and weight training in!

Shari~ Congrats on getting all moved in hun! We'll be here when you get back, don't worry! Take care and be good!!!

Delphi~ yeah, I'm glad he showed up too--I was having wonky cycles there for a couple of months so having him show up the day he's supposed to is actually nice, well...sort of. School starts on the 11th for the boys--they'll have their class assignments posted this week and I'm hoping my oldest gets the teacher he wants--he's all bunched up over who he's going to get. So, give me the info about your weekly schedule--which days are you doing the C25K? I pretty much have a set schedule in that I do my ST'ing M,W,F and cardio (formerly HIIT) T,Th,Sat. So, I'll be doing the C25K on those days and adding a different cardio to my ST'ing days to amp up my burn! Hee hee, I said burn. Hope you're having fun watching LOST--don't stay up too late, we need you here bright and early!!!

Heather~ sorry to hear you're having a rough time getting back into the swing of things, but it sounds like you're determined to pull out of it so good for you!!! Nuts, Mmmmm! I love them too but man I can get chomping if I don't watch it! At least it wasn't processed junk food though right? I mean, you got in some healthy fat!

rcrough~ and good luck in August!!!

Ang~ oh what a neat idea! Can you just imagine how big of a container you're going to need for 160 lbs of sugar? Good luck lifting that! But what a visual that'll be! Great way to stay motivated! Have fun on your long walk tomorrow! I hope the weather is beautiful for you and your son.

Well, not much to report here. I talked to my friend today and she announced that she's coming for a visit tomorrow! We've only seen each other once all Summer and it'll be nice to see her (she's the one who lives in OH).

Oh, I have a little NSV to share! Last night I turned in early and hubby was outside with the boys. Our neighbor and his wife recently got back from a month long trip and came over to thank us for watching their house, etc. So while they were chatting my neighbor asks hubby,
"Has Sandye been losing weight?"
Hubby~ "yes, she has."
Neighbor~ "I thought so! If I hadn't seen her getting your mail I wouldn't have recognized her!"

Okay, so they were gone a month--but I'm thinking part of him noticing has to be my new haircut. Nonetheless, it was nice to hear.

Well...I guess that's about all for me. Here's to a new day tomorrow complete with weights and a new cardio workout! Hmm...I wonder what I'll choose...30 Day Shred maybe? Hmm...I dunno, that Jillian is evil on my knees...hmm...

Night all!!!
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Hi Girls!

My stomache was better this morning thankfully. I wish I knew what caused it to hurt so bad.
Today wasn't the best of days as far as eating. Sundays are always hard for us because we are usually gone all day because we go to church out of town and we either have to eat at my parents or eat out and I usually eat too much. Today we ate chinese, I did try to be very careful but I probably ate more calories than I should have.

The scale was down today almost a pound, .8 , so I was happy about that.

I hear ya on the C-section and stretch marks. My first child gave me lots of stretch marks on my legs and belly, on top of that I had to have the C-section. My second child I only got a few marks and had her normally.

Well I'm outta here, want to spend some time with DH before I'm too tired.
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! Its 11:30 AM in Bangkok right now, and I just got back from a run in the park with a friend. Hot as heck but so fun! It's all about making healthy lifestyle changes. Two months ago I never would have gotten out of bed on the second to last day of summer (I'm a teacher) to go running (of all things). Yippee!
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AAarrgghhhh!!!! I just spent 30 minutes posting heartfelt, witty (Not!) pesonals, and I lost them!!!! What the * am I doing wrong? Anyway, hope you all had a great day. Thanks to all of you for the nice responses, and grrrr for all who are experiecing DH issues! I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Hope it's cooler for those in Seattle/Portland/Vancouver and environs.

SANDYE ~ I will not share anything without clearing with you first! Sorry if the chatterbox post upset you. I always thought it was a good quality, a la grandma! Tomorrow is the day, I just know it!!!! Woo hoo on overcoming your tomatoe issues! How are the new shoes? Have fun with J tomorrow. Tell her I said Hi. Oh! And woo hoo on the neighbor comment!!!!!

As for me, I'm up .6, no biggie. It was my day off for exercise, but I moved a lot of rocks in the hot sun, so I feel like I deserved the exrtra piece of vegetarian thin crust pizza tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm raring to go. Hope you all have a great Monday
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Size 6 here I come!
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I'm in if it's not too late...

Goals for August

1. lose 10lbs
2. fit into a size 8 by Sept. 1
3. no excuses....

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Hi ladies!

Oh man, I am just coming out of a food induced coma. Had the WORST weekend since I joined 3FC back in April.

I think it all began because I had a couple of drinks on Thursday night and as a result was feeling a bit cruddy on Friday (seriously, only two drinks - I remember now why I don't drink anymore) so I overate and then felt the same on sat and overate and the same again on sunday. Today had the potential to be the same, and it started out that way, but I think coming on here and talking about it has already curbed my mad eating.

So I'm NOT getting on the scales today...

have a lovely monday everyone!
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There is no spoon!
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Good Morning ladies.

Unfortunately, I wont have time for personals. Busy morning as my boys go in for registration today. Sandye so does that mean a t,t,s for the c25k? Or the other days? Let me know girly. My scale is not moving, just bouncing around 191 and 192 during TOM, but no sweat off my back. I feel lighter even with TOM around, so per usual my scale can kiss it. I just think it's amazing how it doesn't bother me either way these days. I guess, I'm well informed and just know it will go down when my body stabilizes. So it's all gravy baby.

Look, you ladies have the best day ever. I'm gonna get my butt up and get something done. Lets start this week off right ladies. Susie you get those walking shoes on and get that walk in this morning..k?

I'll check in later and catch up with you cool cats, so until then...tootaloo!
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Delphi I like the "cool cats." Good morning to everyone....I don't seem to able to keep up with everyone. I check in maybe once or twice daily and there are so many posts. This morning I went to the last page. Good luck all you ladies since it is Monday morning. To report on yesterday goals...I finally got 4 1/2 bottles of water in me yesterday, not easy, I felt like my stomach was a pool. Add a little granola to that and oooohh that did not feel nice...But i got my water intake goal yesterday, I did write a few posts (and lost one, how does that happen, it was really deep, I got mad), And I kept under my points. Unfortunately I was way under my points, I think it had to do something with all that water. So

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday....Although working thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and now monday....monday is just another day....but for everyone who has a regular week schedule.....enjoy the sun if you live in a place where it is shining....hugs to everyone.
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