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Good morning ladies
I'm up and ready for a good week.

I've got lots of canning planned for this week and plenty other work to catch up on.
Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday
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Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
Jacque ~ Love dem der goals darling. Good to see you back to. We need a quite smoke New Years Resolution maybe?
That's what I'm thinking!!! By then for me it will have been almost a year since I started my journey and if I am able to keep the weight off through the holidays, then I won't be so concerned with gaining any back. I know I will need to stop drinking or at least cut back alot plus my BF will have to be onboard...he's a big smoker and drinker too!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!! I am already psyching myself up for it!!!

Originally Posted by Tummy Girl View Post
Jacque - ok, so I looked at your bikini pics again and I just can't see anything I would label as "fat," belly or otherwise, wow you're looking good! But I totally understand we all have our things we want to fix, loving the goals btw, I was wondering what you were gonna do now that the weights mostly finished.
There still are some things that jiggle on my body, so I really want to tone those areas. I think I will always worry to some extent about the number on the scale, but mostly, if my clothes fit, I will be happy. I will need to just stay focused on the new lifestyle and being healthy and happy!!!

Originally Posted by crazymamaof4 View Post
Well then what else? Oh silly me, that's right! It's time for The Measurement Lecture!!!(I swear I'm going to write this up in some kind of document so I can just cut and paste every month! )
I started measuring in May although I had forgotten to measure my arms the first month. So far a total of 19" gone!!!

  • May - 7"
  • June - 6.5"
  • July - 5.5"


Originally Posted by Late to the game View Post
AAarrgghhhh!!!! I just spent 30 minutes posting heartfelt, witty (Not!) pesonals, and I lost them!!!! What the * am I doing wrong?
I have lost posts before too and I found that if I click to another page, that's when I lose them. If you are trying to go back and read posts in another page, I suggest opening the page in a new window or tab. Hope that helps!!!
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Monday morning weigh-in: 149 (!)
Now I have to stay on track so I don't creeeeep back into the 150s! This is going to be a challenging week- tonight is my book club (aka wine club!)

Thanks for keeping me honest, chicks! Now i'm off to pack my great big salad for lunch!
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Hey girlies! Had a chance to sleep in and I took it! So, that means no time for personals this morning, just a quick fly by hi!

Delphi~ Yeah, that's how I was thinking about doing it. ST'ing today (with my added workout) and C25K tomorrow.

Mom~ Don't be silly, I wasn't upset! I was just razzin' you a bit.

Okay, gotta get my workouts in!!! Have a fantabulous day girls!!!! And be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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Good morning ladies about to head off to work. Hope everyone has a great day!
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Back at it...again!
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Hey girls! Confessions time...I ate enough yesterday to feed a small 3rd world nation and felt like crap afterward. My anniversary turned painful. I cannot eat near the amount I used to be able to and get away with it (had 2 bowls of soup and split an entree with DH), which is good, I guess. But, why did I do that?! I am SO over it and ate an orange and a hard boiled egg for breakfast today. Time to cleanse!!!!
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Default's official 235.5 was the number the passed several days so I'm locking it in!

Good luck to all this week!

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Hello ladies hope all is going well today... Today we are off for the holiday looks like we might have a cook-out today.... There is going to be steak but I am thinking I should put in a piece of chicken for myself... Steak alwasy makes me feel bloaty.... I will make a nice salad, and have some fresh fruit to with it. The boys all want baked potatoes as well so I guess I will be have to bake some.... It is a beautiful sunny day today. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will check in later
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Mystical - that sounds like a wonderful plan with ds, I know that it's such a fine line between having them eat certain things to stay healthy and not restrciting them so they rebel. My heart would break knowing my dd had to go through life heavy as I have been. Maybe even make yourself a running goal, like when you reach ___ weight you'll start (or when you're not going pass out) and then just give it a go, you never know what you can do until you try. Enjoy the long weekend, it's beautiful out west as well.

rcrough - Welcome to the board!

Ang - that's so far, you're determined! I like it! You're gonna have one full bedroom, you need 50lbs in there already.

CMo4 - I'll see how the hoisting works and let you know, I've had other success with halter style dresses so heres hoping. Oh ewww, mine too! I had mine pop open at a baseball game when dd was three or four weeks old, she was on my lap and I thought she peed on my pants, so yes, didn't heal right, LOL, no bikini. I do remember the doctor saying as she was stitching, we'll make it nice and low so you can still where a bikini. Now granted, I don't remember this but dh said I laughed histarically for like a full minute when she said this and everyone kind of stared at me, the doctor chalked it up to the drugs but dh said he knew exactly what it was about. Good boy, knows me all too well. Sweet NSV! Who's that sexy lady getting Sandye's mail, oh ya, it's Sandye!!

Ruth - Down a pound with Chinese food?!? You are incredible, I have never met chinese food that didn't bloat the daylights out of me, must have been some great food choices!

BKKChick - Congrats on the run! Great job and wow you guys go back to school early!

LTTG - I agree, chatterbox is a great quality! And I'm sure they were witty as all get out, I know the ones I lost were too

MARS - Never to late! Welcome aboard and great to have you.

Merose - Glad you stopped yourself, coming here does that for me too! Stopping yourself is the hardest part, good for you.

Delphi - enjoy getting those beautiful boys set for school and so nice peace and quiet for you soon too. I think information is totally the key, you must be at a 3lb deficit by now, I'm hanging out with a 2lb one or so and it's just comforting to know that it will let go and we've done all we can.

ernurse - WTG on the water, it's funny when you can hear it sloshing around in there. I found it definitely affects the appetite at the beginning but soon enough you'll be eating like a champ again (and not peeing every five minutes)

Susie - oh I love canning! have fun for the rest of us I don't have a garden here yet Hope you're sheep and you are doing good.

Jacque - I must agree that I do think the scale number is important, as an indicator anyway of whether we're going in the right direction or not. If I didn't step on the scale I could have 10 extra pounds b/f the clothes get snug and I'd rather see it far b/f then!

Pucedaisy - Sweet! 140's congrats! congrats! Enjoy that wine club, I used to have one of those, we used the books as coasters!

Khunter - have an awesome day at work!

MsP - That sounds very uncomfortable, clean it out and run it out and hope you feel better soon. I'm sure the bloatys will be gone in no time.

W2b140 - That sounds like a game show, awesome! Congrats on 4.5 pounds that's fantastic.

As for little old me, that mystery pound left today so back to my 185. I was looking at my weights too and it looks like I pretty consistently lose for 4-6 days then gain a bit (granted usually only 0.2 not 0.8 like yesterday) for one day then lose again for 4-6. It's been that way for about a month and a half, it's odd I didn't see it before, interesting.

Running is finished, great morning, cold with NO bugs! Going to go encounter some lawn mowing and enjoy the beautiful day! Dh is off tuesday and wednesday so I won't have tons of time to mow then. We're probably heading into Edmonton tomorrow and dh wants to hit the beach on Wednesday, that boy loves the beach, but then again when I have a six pack I might like the beach more too!

Have a great day ladies.
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Hi! I'm new to this site and would love to join in on the August challenge. I'm currently at 255 and hope to be 248 by the end of this month. I have this annual gathering the 3rd weekend of August and I'm hoping this will help keep me in check so I don't overeat/drink. Good luck to everyone.
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hi chickiessssssssssss Good morning. We are already on day 3. Hope you all had a great weekend. It isn't always easy to start a journey/new month on a weekend but congrats to those of you who did well and to those of you just sticking with it...the weekend is behind us now and off to a new day!

rcrough, mars540, and shahsa17a and for those of you new to the site. I added you to the list which I will post after this post.

I have to get going and get my exercise in so I will bbl. Congrats on the losses, wtg on getting rid of that lb. tummygirl, great nsv sandye : ), wishing you all a great new day girls. Catch up with you later on.

Delphi + I think you already know, I went cold turkey Jan 1. I was also here on the boards at that time. It was really tough at first because I was not only trying to not gain weight but to lose weight too. I did go on to lose weight! That same very day I also started exercising 5-6 hrs. a wk. to make up for the metab. slow down and for all the benefits of course. I have a money jar girls...sev. hundred dollars in it already. I suggest doing the same when you quit...put your cigarette money in there. The extra support is a god send. I was on the boards here and boy oh boy those first few months I would come in here and have tantrums! I would burst out into tears a lot! lol anyhow MsP and the chicks helpe me out and helped keep me going..........the girls were a god send. It's a great idea to do it while you have each other here. It's tough in the begininig but it gets easier and easier with time, I dont even think about it anymore. I just want to say also that if I can do gals sure can! Your dynamite chickies, you can do anythingyou set your minds too

MsP....have a great day...I know you will make it a great day and feel so much better tomorrow ....if not already

oops,, there I go again I will catch up with you all later.
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Our August members thus far... We have a sister thread titled "August Exercise Challenge" for those of you who would like to join us over there as well.

FullSteamAhead: get to last lowest weight and drop a couple of lbs.
sstolte: get below 210
jeweliek: lose 12 lbs., run 48 miles, weight training 3x/wk.
crazymamaof4: lose 5 lbs., try more new recipes, eat my fruits +veggies, try calorie cycling, + include more good fats in my diet.
canadianangel: report here everyday, be 205, minimum 50 miles running on treadmill.
UniquelyNormal: eat healthy + exercise.
TERAPET: lose 6 lbs.
Delphi: lose 10 lbs., maintain a 1, 000 calorie deficit 6 days a week.
inthemidst: lose 10 lbs., eat OP, not get sidetracked on vaca., + not let school freak me out.
dcapulet: lose 6 lbs., maintain good eating habits, start getting some work done for school, 1200 min. ex.
Darby1: lose 6lbs. to get under 190, ex. 5x/wk, work on a ST program, stay within WW points every day.
nellonello: get to 199
ajowens: lose 8lbs. to get to 158, eat all vegetable servings, + walk everday.
misspiggy408: say "buy-bye" to the 140's, wight training 3x/wk, cardio 4x/wk, + no beer during the week.
UrthWurm: lose 6 lbs., eat more fruits and veggies, exercise 3x/wk, walk 1x/day.
MissMallee: lose 5lbs., eat balanced meals, + start exercising regularly again.
NewShinyMe: eat OP 6 days/wk, journal food intake, keep track of water intake, + stay accountable on weekends.
LateToTheGame: lose 7-10 lbs., 3 days ST + 3 days cardio.
MountainChick: lose 5-7 lbs.
BlueIsis: 2x limit eating out at restaurants, no ice cream or alcohol, reach 120's.
mamatoni: lose 11 lbs. to reach onderland, ex. 5x/wk. No dessert with the exception of elephant ear at fair.
merose: lose 7lbs. to get to 174.
ernurse: lose 2 lbs. per/wk, stay within WW points, 4 bottles water daily, + give support at site daily.
MsPerception: take a multivitamin most days, get into the 140's.
Wifey: lose 10 lbs. +drink a lot of water
Pucedaisy: get down to 145.
wanting2b140: lose 10lbs. to get to 228
chunksoflove: lose 12.5 lbs. to get to 240.
Ruth135: lose 3-5 lbs.
Tummygirl: Lose 8lbs. to hit 177.
bbee: Lose 6 lbs.
Aclai4067: By Aug. 7- no longer morbidly obese. By Aug. 13- reach 10% target. No candy through Aug.21 (started July 21). Down to 255 by Aug. 31.
princess2323: start exercising again, workout 1 hr. a day, get eating in order, + get into the 140's.
iamren: lose 9lbs.
Shrinking Girl: lose 6lbs, goal weight for end of August is 217.5
Sunny Gee: lose 5.5 lbs. to get to 157.5
Jacque9999: see 125 sometimes in August, try new foods! + tone more and lose more belly fat.
susie martin: lose 10lbs. and do a daily chick check in.
ladyfyre: lose 11lbs, take my lunch to more fast food, get to the gym 3x/wk, at least a 1/2 hr. of daily exercise and never be rushed in the morning.
loriehohlf: no post weight in off plan eating, track what I eat, continue with my activity and keep losing.
HeatherEljohari: goal weight of 169.8, 3x/wk at the gym...60+mins. a pop. 40 15 lb. weights, + 40 sit-ups.
KEmery08: venture into the 150's + get involved in some sort of ex. class.
lookingtobehealthy: goal weight of 225.
nellonello: get into onderland.
khunter: lose 7lbs. to get to 145.
Mystical: lose 6-8lbs.
BKKchick: lose approx. 5 lbs. to get to goal weight of 114.5
gillychicks115: lose 5lbs, keep it off, + start strength training more.
rcrough: drink 2.5 liters of water/day, stay OP, + no mindless snacking.
mars540: lose 10lbs., fit a size 8 by Sep.1, + no excuses.
shasha17a: lose 8 lbs.

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High Chickies,

Yesterday was a bust for all my planning. But today I am back. Not going to weigh for a few days.

We head to Boston for a short vacation thursday. LOL. Gotta figure out to vacation and eat op.

Wishing you all a great August 3!
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One day at a time...
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Wellll... I knew yesterday was going to be impossible and it was.
Started out the morning making breakfast sandwiches for DH and I.. mine made me feel icky (so much for all my favorite naughty foods, most make me feel like crap after) so I made a smoothie for myself. Then off to my sister's to take her out for her birthday, naturally she wanted to go to some small Japanese restaurant where I couldn't get calorie counts.
Ate deep fried spring rolls, soup, a bit of salad, teriakyi chicken with rice and noodles and a couple bites of tiramisu they brought her for it being her birthday. Then a piece of birthday cake.
On a good note: I didn't get hungry the rest of the day... so I didn't eat anything for dinner.... so there was some good and some bad and overall I'm not too bothered about it. I doubt I did a ton of damage, so I'm happy.
Hope everyone's August is going well!
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Hi All!

Tummy: Actually I was down yesterday morning before I ate the chinese food. This morning I'm back up a .8, grrrrr! I'm vowing to not eat chinese for a while, I had it twice within a weeks time! I know that I did not eat enough to make me gain almost a pound though so I think as long as I do well today the weight will be gone tomorrow, hopefully.

I agree about the scale, I have to keep tabs on what going on or else it can get out of hand before I realize it. I generally weigh everyday, unless I've ate way too much the day before and I just don't want to face up to it. But lately I've been weighing even after I've eaten too much and sometimes the damage is not as bad as I think its going to be.

Hope you all have a great day!
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