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FSA - I think you need to hire an assistant soon so that you can do the board and someone else can run your errands or something, just a thought

MsP - Aaaahhhh a nap, enjoy it!

CMo4 - I have a Polar F11 HRM, I got mine at a running store after doing some research online and the Polar brand had what I wanted and came highly recommended. I asked the folks at the store what I needed and listed what I wanted it to do, they gave me the options and I picked the one in my price range. They had models from $50.00 and we usually run higher in cost than the states does. There are monitors that have GPS so you can tell how far you run if you run trails and some crazy stuff but a good one that will do what you need you can probably find for under $100.00. With the HRM I can see what my calorie burn is while I'm working out and if my intensity is lagging so I can pick it up while I'm doing it, it's been invaluable especially with HIIT. I thought I was working out hard but I wasn't cracking 90%HR. Glad you got the cream, I have a box full from the wholesale place, like I said, every month without fail, gotta be prepared!

NSM - LOL, so it's just a 5'2" then, what a relief! You had me worried. I'm interested to see how this goes for the next couple of months b/c I'm now into that body space where I'm feeling pretty groovy, looking good and before I have lost motivation around 170ish b/c I didn't see fatty rolls anymore. But this experience has been a lot different than the other time so I will keep letting it be different I guess. Nope, you don't have to and honestly I can only do half a pull up anyway, as in get half way up, scream bloody murder and then fall off. They give a variation where you put a resistance band over something on the ceiling (i am using the exposed floor beam i my basement) and then knee on the floor and do it that way. It still felt like a lot of work for me but my upper body strength is lacking. They give a lot of variations on the moves so that when you begin you start easier and the program has a lot of room to advance which is nice. I didn't even know there was an infomercial, that would explain the "as seen on tv' thingy on the box, duh me. LOL I bet Delphi will send that guy to you if you want!

Shasha - bravo for the easy days, love those too, makes the harder days seem not so bad.

Jeannep - Amen!

Glutio - Glad you're back, almost to your regular life. Glad you're doing sort of good but at least nothing terrible happened with the purse, like a break and enter or anyother number of unpleasant things!

Dcapulet - Comebacks are always a great idea, the month is young and you have plenty of time to rock out that goal.

Delphi - Aunt Jemima is a nasty old lady who is made out of poison! I had a pancake when we went to ontario in July and I slept for the first two hours of the car trip - and I'm not a car sleeper at all. It was like my body just needed to turn off to work through the sugar, but that was just good old fashioned maple syrup out of the tree so I can't imagine I bet you gonna have some wicked glycogen reserves tomorrow though. Depending which spare room we have at my fil's I will have some limited access to the computer and internet, woohoo. I have to try and log some calories too, although I have a little notebook I use when I'm away to guess. I won't be totally MIA but I will be limited. We're gonna take a trip up to Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island (you may have to google depending on your knowledge of Canadian geography, LOL) while we're there but other than that it should fairly relaxed and I won't be too far gone.

And speaking of glycogen reserves, that reminds me, time to go reduce those, dd is a napping so time to get a sweating.

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I never have cookies in the house. I got them when I stopped to buy gas this morning. I "only" had 2, but I would have felt so much better if I had eaten the yogurt and cereal in my lunch box. And I probably wouldn't be sitting at my desk contemplating a nap right now.
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Hi girlsssssssssss, caught up with all the posts

cogratulationsssssssss alcai on meeting your first goal! We have our first red already!!!!!!!!!

glutio wb girl , sorry to hear about your purse, hope things settle down for you. dcapulet....wb you : ). HOpe your having a good day. MsP, congratssssssssss on losing a lb. wtg chickie! Hope your taking a nice rest and catching up. TUmmygirl....we'll see for next month...when are u leaving for nova scotia? NSM, so glad you got your pc back Delphi, glad you got a good rest in there. Sandye, hope you feel better and to all of you with TOM. Bravo on the workouts girls, even with TOM and all. Dh is waiting....catch up with you all later. Big MIss you gals! Keep on truckin . Jeanne,, hope you feel better and having a better day. IT's hard having the stuff in the house, I agree. Hi sasha, wtg on the gym.....catch up with you later on! Hi ruth and to all of our girlsssss
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Our August members thus far... We have a sister thread titled "August Exercise Challenge" for those of you who would like to join us over there as well.

FullSteamAhead: get to last lowest weight and drop a couple of lbs.
sstolte: get below 210
jeweliek: lose 12 lbs., run 48 miles, weight training 3x/wk.
crazymamaof4: lose 5 lbs., try more new recipes, eat my fruits +veggies, try calorie cycling, + include more good fats in my diet.
canadianangel: report here everyday, be 205, minimum 50 miles running on treadmill.
UniquelyNormal: eat healthy + exercise.
TERAPET: lose 6 lbs.
Delphi: lose 10 lbs., maintain a 1, 000 calorie deficit 6 days a week.
inthemidst: lose 10 lbs., eat OP, not get sidetracked on vaca., + not let school freak me out.
dcapulet: lose 6 lbs., maintain good eating habits, start getting some work done for school, 1200 min. ex.
Darby1: lose 6lbs. to get under 190, ex. 5x/wk, work on a ST program, stay within WW points every day.
nellonello: get to 199
ajowens: lose 8lbs. to get to 158, eat all vegetable servings, + walk everday.
misspiggy408: say "buy-bye" to the 140's, wight training 3x/wk, cardio 4x/wk, + no beer during the week.
UrthWurm: lose 6 lbs., eat more fruits and veggies, exercise 3x/wk, walk 1x/day.
MissMallee: lose 5lbs., eat balanced meals, + start exercising regularly again.
NewShinyMe: eat OP 6 days/wk, journal food intake, keep track of water intake, + stay accountable on weekends.
LateToTheGame: lose 7-10 lbs., 3 days ST + 3 days cardio.
MountainChick: lose 5-7 lbs.
BlueIsis: 2x limit eating out at restaurants, no ice cream or alcohol, reach 120's.
mamatoni: lose 11 lbs. to reach onderland, ex. 5x/wk. No dessert with the exception of elephant ear at fair.
merose: lose 7lbs. to get to 174.
ernurse: lose 2 lbs. per/wk, stay within WW points, 4 bottles water daily, + give support at site daily.
MsPerception: take a multivitamin most days, get into the 140's.
Wifey: lose 10 lbs. +drink a lot of water
Pucedaisy: get down to 145.
wanting2b140: lose 10lbs. to get to 228
chunksoflove: lose 12.5 lbs. to get to 240.
Ruth135: lose 3-5 lbs.
Tummygirl: Lose 8lbs. to hit 177.
bbee: Lose 6 lbs.
Aclai4067: By Aug. 7- no longer morbidly obese--MET GOAL!! By Aug. 13- reach 10% target. No candy through Aug.21 (started July 21). Down to 255 by Aug. 31.
princess2323: start exercising again, workout 1 hr. a day, get eating in order, + get into the 140's.
iamren: lose 9lbs.
Shrinking Girl: lose 6lbs, goal weight for end of August is 217.5
Sunny Gee: lose 5.5 lbs. to get to 157.5
Jacque9999: see 125 sometimes in August--MET GOAL!! try new foods! + tone more and lose more belly fat.
susie martin: lose 10lbs. and do a daily chick check in.
ladyfyre: lose 11lbs, take my lunch to more fast food, get to the gym 3x/wk, at least a 1/2 hr. of daily exercise and never be rushed in the morning.
loriehohlf: no post weight in off plan eating, track what I eat, continue with my activity and keep losing.
HeatherEljohari: goal weight of 169.8, 3x/wk at the gym...60+mins. a pop. 40 15 lb. weights, + 40 sit-ups.
KEmery08: venture into the 150's + get involved in some sort of ex. class.
lookingtobehealthy: goal weight of 225.
nellonello: get into onderland.
khunter: lose 7lbs. to get to 145.
Mystical: lose 6-8lbs.
BKKchick: lose approx. 5 lbs. to get to goal weight of 114.5
gillychicks115: lose 5lbs, keep it off, + start strength training more.
rcrough: drink 2.5 liters of water/day, stay OP, + no mindless snacking.
mars540: lose 10lbs., fit a size 8 by Sep.1, + no excuses.
shasha17a: lose 8 lbs.
naz: lose 10lbs.
75togo: lose 8lbs. + ex. 45 min. 4x/wk.
Phenomenal Woman: lose 6 lbs. + ex. somehow everyday.
sotypical: Lose some weight.
Ja23: Lose some pounds.
Jeannep: lose 3lbs.
smileydd: to go from 251
echo: lose 8lbs.
glutio: lose 5-10 lbs.
jessicado22: get into the 260's. Fit into small size 20 pants.
twilightfan: Lose 10 lbs.

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Sheesh...this thread has been so busy that I don't even have time to read everything....HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING GREAT TODAY!!!!
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Just checking in for the evening and reading all the posts. Thanks to those of you who keep up with everything and post summaries because WOW, I can't keep up. This has been truely a great week other than the fact that my kids are gone. They went to the grandparents for a week and I really miss the little "brats"...LOL! I get to go see them and pick them up tomorrow though.
I have just discovered buffalo meat. I am actually on a low carb/low fat diet and this is great. I don't know if anyone has tried it, but it tastes just like beef only has very little fat and very high in protein. They actually sell it in ground meat at my local grocery store.
Well, since I am going out of town I hope everyone has a great weekend because I probably won't check in until Sunday. It will probably take me all day and night to catch up....LOL!
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I love how fast this board moves even though it is hard to keep up. You ladies are AWESOME!!!! I have been having a great week OP. I had gotten lazy about writing everything down but started again this week which has really helped keep me on track. My husband made DiGiornio pizza tonight and I was shocked when I looked at the calories and fat. I was good and only had one piece (6 WW points) but my husband ate half the pizza. When I started to tell him that was 24 points (1080 calories) he didn't want to hear it.

I stepped on the scale today and am at 202.8 That's 6 lbs lost this month and puts me 3lbs from seeing ONDERLAND!! I am so excited

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Wow, it's been three days. I missed a lot!

DELPHI ~ Thanks for the "tough love." I loved the picture you had for a while. Those collarbones! Yowza, you hot mama, you! Ah, "time to do absolutely nothing." How nice! I hope you enjoyed it 'cause you and I know it was a fluke. Is that creepy preacher's son still hanging around? I can so relate to your pancake coma. I used to eat a lot of chocolate, and 10 minutes later, I was a goner. I felt horrible! But I did it day after day. Two minutes of pleasure is so not worth the aftermath.

KHunter ~ I agree, buffalo meat is quite tasty!

ANGEL ~ Hope your DD's meds take effect soon.

MSP ~ Woo hoo on the 10s! Glad the scale gods smiled upon you!

TUMMY ~ Woo hoo to you too for the 14s! That is my next goal! Good riddance to "X."

SANDYE ~ Dang that scale! About that %^$#* TOM, if you're like me, you'll be getting zits for another 10 years or so. Sorry! Glad he didn't bring pain and cramps though. Way to go on the Lean Cuisines! Half off cancels out the sodium

JEANNEP ~ Cookies used to be my meal of choice! Congrats on realizing that you deserve better!

Well, I last posted three days ago which equals 13 pages!! Aren't we just a bunch of Chatty Cathys! (Really showing my age here) Sorry I can't respond to everyone, but I'm pooped. I haven't had a great couple of days. I'm OP food wise, but when I did my treadmill today, I managed just 1.22 miles and 20 minutes which is half of what I've been doing. Yesterday I did my ST (lower body) and I wanted to do my upper body as well, but I JUST DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT! I seemed to have lost my motivation. I am down just .2 or .4, I don't even know, so far this month. I need to snap out of this! It's much too soon to be burned out. I've been at this for just five weeks. I even had a couple of NSV lately. Two people asked if I had lost weight. One of them was a man! You know how they are so clueless and oblivious. And though it was nice to hear, it didn't motivate me. I did pass up a potluck today. It included cake (my weakness). I don't know whats wrong with me. I think I just need a frying pan to the head. Hope you chickies have/had a nice evening.
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NELLO ~ Woo hoo on the 6lbs!
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FSA - we're leaving on the 12th at midnight, only direct flight that day go figure.

Khunter - have a good time picking up the kids, and buffalo is great, I love bison burgers and such.

Nellonello - OMG you're almost there! You're a machine, it's only 6th of the month! wow, good for you

Oh goodness, it's later than I thought, better hit the sack!
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Nello congrats, sounds like onderland is right around the corner, keep up the great work.

I am trying my best to stay positive during this time of recovery from surgery.
I am still not able to walk much, but I am still watching what I eat and trying to drink plenty of water.
Since I have all this time off, I decided to go shopping and guess what ladies, I fit into a size 16... It was so great to be able to buy jeans from a store other than Penningtons....

Good luck ladies to all of you, let's make August our best month ever....
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Hi girls! Well I'm about ready to crash after I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta (I was able to record the 10pm show early since its a few hours earlier on HDTv). After work, I went to the gym and worked out for 45 minutes. Pretty uneventful after the gym. Waited for my SO to get home from work and then I cooked some pre seasoned mahi mahi from costco, snap peas and rice. It was yummy! Will get to personals later, I'm exhausted. Hope you ladies have a wonderful night as we approach the weekend. Good night!
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If it's not too late to join I want in!

My goal by the end of August is to be in the 260s (currently at 282). My ultimate goal is to fit into these small size 20 pants that I bought new 2 years ago and have not been able to wear since. While I don't think I'll be able to lose enough by the end of August to wear them in public, I want to be able to at least get them on and zip them shut by Sept!
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Hello ladies I have been in out today, well I have finally managed to find the grocery story and it is just a few blocks from my house. It is a reallly nice one, the produce is wonderful there, I took my 14 yr old son with me and we both picked out some really good foods, we got no sugar cereal, for me always oatmeal, then we got lots of fresh fruits, (strawberries, bananas, apples, plums, grapes, nectarines), then we bought some (cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, fresh veges for salad) all kinds of good things, I just wanted to buy the entire store LOL.... I am so excited about the whole family making changes and getting involved in making the decisions on food and exercise plan.... Ok now tomorrow morning I am doing the 30-day shred and then I will do my strength training... We are starting the HIIT Program on Sunday yeah my DH is going to start it as well... Hope everyone is doing great I will check in later gotta get some sleep now... Have a great night.
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I just found this website two days ago and am very excited to have found this support group. I know we are already a week into aug. but i still hope to achieve my weight loss goal this month of 10lbs. I currently weigh in at 150 and hope at the end of the month to be at or near 140. I am currently doing p90x. (Is there anyone else here doing it?) I had completed the first two phases of the program then I sprained my wrist and had to take a break from the some of the workouts and that’s when I totally lost all motivation and stopped doing the workouts and diet all together. I have never had any sort of support in fitness and weight loss, now I am ready to achieve my goals and loose 10lbs this month. I am excited to see the progress I can make with everyone’s support and hope I can help motivate others as well!
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