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Afternoon chickies!

Going to try a super quick catch up since the thread is flyin' today!

Jacque~ I wish I could ignore the scale for a week at a time--mind you, I don't think I've reached obsessive levels yet, but man, I was so dang close to my goal and then up, up...and all for no reason. I think once I hit goal though, I bet I'll stop caring so much what the scale says, kwim? Congrats on being a pound down!

~ Good luck on your August goals!

shasha~ congrats on being a pound down, now for the tough love: you really need to fuel your body hun! Workout or not, you need to be eating little meals all throughout the day. No reason to skip, I know it's tough sometimes, but try to eat more than just once or twice. Okay, tough love over.

Delphi~ Oh how did I know you'd be looking for another challenge for us the moment we start a new one? Hmm...10K huh? We'll have to see where me and my knees are after the 5K! What time do the boys get home from school? I hope they had a great first day back!!

Tummy~ haha! No, my sil had dissolvable staples too. I'm the only person I know who had staples--all 3 times I might add, evil, evil things. WOO HOO on the panties!!! All those teensy new clothes!!! What an awesome feeling!!! And congrats on the pound down too! Has your scale called mine yet? Hmm? I'm trying to have a high calorie day today to shake things up a bit--and it's hard!! Well, hard when you're trying to eat healthy stuff--it would be easy peasy if I just grabbed a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

Ruth~ congrats on the loss! Mannie sure is a handsome guy!!

ShrinkingGirl (I'm going to call you SG for short k? )~ yeah, like I said, I'm super glad I take my measurements, otherwise stall outs like this would make me fall off the wagon in no time! Well wait, no, maybe not. I'm not the same girl I was before, so perhaps I'm strong enough to stay on even without the measurements, but either way, I'm glad I take them! Be good at Red Robin--their burgers are the devil (but oh so goooood!)!! Order a salad and some low cal dressing maybe. Delphi and I are doing Day 2 tomorrow too! Be sure to add it to your exercise goal list!!!

jeannep~ no way! It's never too late!!!

FSA~ ahhh chores...I should be doing some too! But nah...I'm being lazy today with my housework! WTG squeezin' in some laps in between chores!! I feel guilty for slacking...dangit...guess I need to do something productive when I finish here...poo.

~ Haha, I love that we were posting about each other's workouts at the same time! Don't worry, Jillian won't kill you--she'll annoy you maybe, but kill you? Nah...however, she does like to torture the knees a bit...

Lauren~ Welcome back hun! So glad you're joining us again!!!

Aclai~ argh! Don't you hate it when there's tempting food right in front of you? Can you maybe send someone for a sandwich for you since you can't leave? Be strong hun!!!!

Mom is at work for all of you asking her whereabouts--I'll be sure to tell her she needs to check in. She's still OP though, so no worries there!

Well, I decided to try the first day of the EA Active 30 Day Challenge--it wasn't much of a workout (as I mentioned in the exercise thread) but that's just because I was too busy watching the how to videos. I haven't played the Wii all that much so I'm a total novice when it comes to how to hold the controllers and such. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has to offer. I'm still going to Shred tonight too

My word, the scale doesn't move for a week and either I've gone exercise crazy or Delphi has somehow taken up residence in my brain! Hmm...Jedi mind tricks perhaps? Hmm...

Trying to eat at least 1450 calories today to mix things up a bit and man I'm having trouble! I don't want to eat a super huge dinner tonight, that'll leave me feeling like a beached whale! Speaking of which, I have no idea what to make for dinner! Ack!!! Better get off of here and figure that out! Hope everyone's having a great day!!!
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Ok. I'm going to do a Couch to 5k jog after work. Now I've told you so I have to do it.
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Today has been good so far. I have been snacking on tomatoes and carrots between meals. I'm so happy that I decided not to eat lunch with my coworkers. They were deciding where to go, and I found out that they went to McDonald's afterwards. There is no way I would have walked out of there without something fatty. Now just have to workout after work. The stairmaster misses me.
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going good thus far! 234.5 this morning however today has been rough... totally PMSing and not wanting to do anything...ughhh... I knew this would happen. At least my TOM also takes my appetite away as well so hopefully I won't be gaining during these next couple of days...I swear tho tomorrow I will workout again, but today I'm taking off. That is if I can make it thru the night without feeling guilty! I may end up on the treadmill at 10:00 pm out of guilt! lol

CW 234.5
Aug goal 228 (-10lbs)
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Shasha AND FSA- Man... I went to the Red Robin website.. HOLY COW. My favorite burger alone was over 1000 calories.. ughhh. However, I looked up the chicken burger counterpart, ditched the mayo and the cheese and it's down to 500, totally do-able! Now if I can just get over feeling "high maintenance" when I say "I'd like the such and such burger, no mayo or cheese and can I get romaine lettuce instead of iceberg? Oh, and don't bring me any fries or I'll kick your butt... If I can get over that feeling, I'll be just fine!

Newshinyme - Thank you soooo much for the 2 window idea! You'd think it would occur to me on my own but... apparently not. Doh!

Tummy - Thanks for the vote of confidence! I absolutely cannot wait to shop in regular sizes again. I've been thinking FOREVER how cute I'd be "if only" I could fit into such and such outfit. Soo jealous you're there! Congrats!

Delphi - Did a google for running stretches, I did most of the ones on the list, but I can say that I didn't stretch BEFORE, though I did do a 5 minute warm-up walk. Not sure where I'd do the stretching bit before.. Hmmmm. I might have to see how much the gowearfit is. It sounds like a fantastic gadget.

CMO4 - SG works for me! I wonder what the future will bring for me in terms of stalls. I don't weigh myself. I wait for my monthly weigh-in at Curves and honestly, if I were going just by pounds lost, I'd be upset. I was only 2 lbs down last weigh-in... buuuut, I was down 2% body fat. I ran the calculations and it turns out I was down 6 lbs of fat but up 4 lbs of muscle. I think I'd drive myself nuts if I had a scale in the house. YIKES. I hear you about not being the same person you were before... it's funny how that changes, isn't it?

jeannep - Welcome and good luck on the C25K! Is this your first week or have you been on it a while? Delphi, CMO4 and I just started this week (I think... too many names, I get confused!!)

Whew! This 2 window thing gets confusing, I nearly thought I'd lost all my typing... only to realize I was in the wrong window! Duh! I hope everyone is having a super day and losing lbs!

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I would love to be one of the wonderful ladies that posts to each and everyone but I am quickly learning that I cannot keep up. To all those doing what you are supposed to to stay OP....GREAT! Glad to hear it!!!!

C25K is a wonderful program. I really love that it gets everyone up and moving (including my hubby, LOL) did my strength training and was OP yesterday. I'm having to change my schedule a bit for getting ready for the kids to go back to school, but I will get it. Trying to run at night this week. Exercise has never kept me up so I hope this will work!
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Hey everyone,
Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I have a computer virus that I just can't seem to get off my computer no matter what I try (and when I say I try, I mean my husband who is the computer guy!) Anyway, I'm on his computer now, but he usually has it with him, so I'll check in when I can. Hopefully he can get this thing fixed. I didn't realize how much I've come to rely on it until I didn't have it anymore.

Things are going well for me. I just started TOM, so I should get my eating back under control. PMS was terrible for me this month.

Exercise has been really good. I've been working out hard.

I hope everyone is doing well and I'll check in again soon.
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Originally Posted by crazymamaof4 View Post
Jacque~ I wish I could ignore the scale for a week at a time--mind you, I don't think I've reached obsessive levels yet, but man, I was so dang close to my goal and then up, up...and all for no reason. I think once I hit goal though, I bet I'll stop caring so much what the scale says, kwim? Congrats on being a pound down!
Ya know, I stopped weighing everyday BEFORE I reached goal...and I think that helped alot. If I didn't know the number then I was pretty sure I would stay on track since I not only didn't want to gain, but lose. And through the week I could tell how I was doing because of how my clothes were fitting.
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wow, this place s busy today.

I did my run this morning, niot as far as i would like, but my 6 yr woke up and was bugging me...

confession..bbq chips are bag was sitting right beside me, calling my name, and tormenting, and begging me to eat i just had to, but only a handful, so i dont feel bad, cause before i would have ate the super size bag, all in one sitting.

I went and bought a new bathing suite..said i wasnt going to till next year, but mine came off in the waves at the beach the other day, so i figured it was time i got a smaller one, and it was only 18.00..and i have to say I LOVE IT...and its alot more sexier then my old one. And i was down .9 today.

manager to get to the beach and fought some really big waves..a good calorie burn.. now off to do a ab work out before bed..


sweet dreams

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I just did week 2 of the C25K. It was great to get out and move, but it was a bit of a bummer because I had been on week 7 before I stopped moving and started eating everything in sight.
I'm not going to beat myself up though because I can't fix what I did yesterday. I can just do better today
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I just wanted to update my ticker for my official weight loss today. This week I lost 2.7 pounds officially at the center!!!! I am down one pound and a half since I joined this thread which was less than a week ago.
This is almost like week one on my program and I credit a majority of my success to this thread (and of course the exercise thread) and the wonderful support and stories from you ladies.
Thank you for your success, inspiration, and motivation!!!

This was actually a weigh in of 150.8!!!

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khunter-Great job! You make sure to give yourself some credit too for making good choices and being active. You deserve it!

The day went very well and hope to see the scale smile on me tomorrow. I am a daily weigher. I wonder sometimes if I will decrease the frequency of weigh-ins, but for now it's working for me. I do hope I can ween myself someday, but not anytime soon! LOL
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Went to the gym after work. I hadn't done the stationary bike in a while. I'm feeling the effects of that now. Also went on the stairmaster. I think tomorrow I'm going to do 20 minutes of cardio and then do some weights at the suggestion of all the lovely ladies here. I just need a little push. In other non WL news, I'm supposed to start job hunting. I currently have a job, but my boyfriend recently got a job in a town we want to move to and commutes atleast 2 hours a day. Geez, I am so unmotivated to do this, esp since I don't know how it will work to schedule interviews while I'm working as well. The funny part of this is that we just moved in together in June and the location was right in the middle of our jobs and now his new job is a lot further away. at its best I guess. lol

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hi ...just checking in to say that i'm still here ...but havent posted much ... CW-157 (at night usually 155ish in the morning) GW 140s for august
Went bike riding for like a few hours but stopped and went so it wasnt consistent but it was at least a start... my butt was like totally sore the next day so i worked some muscles that i havent worked in a while ..
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Hi Chicks!
Today was OP and actually got a little exercise. I planned to take off today but DH wanted to take a walk around the property so that was fine with me! Did a little jogging too.

I think it was Sandye, but I can't remember for sure, who mentioned stuffed chicken? Well, anyway that made me remember I had some sun dried tomatoes in the fridge so tonight I made some awesome chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Had a big salad and some stir-fried veges to go with it. I seasoned up some tomato sauce to dip bites of the chicken in. Everybody loved it, and DH isn't a fan of chicken breast so to make it to where he likes it is an accomplishment.

I despise 30DS, lol. DH and I have done it together a few times and once during the jumping jacks something happened to the back of my right knee. I could hardly walk on it the next day. This was back in December and even now I can feel the effects of whatever it was that happened to my knee. If I am sitting on my knees or indian style or similar, my knee hurts for a minute after I get up. I might pick it up again when I'm thinner and more limber. Lunges are still hard for me right now.

See you ladies tomorrow!
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