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good evening to all you chicky chicks!

as i sit here, i have to wonder to myself, as we lose weight do we look in the mirror, and see the new us..or the old us? i know i have "fat days", when no matter what i put on, i look yukkie fat in it.

Today was a day of walking...30kms, then came home, and headed to the beach...and swam for almost 2 hours strainght with the kids. i have to amit..i felt very proud of the walking, but really wish i put sunscreen on. Every single muscle in my legs hurt.

i was on plan for food i think..egg whites, salmon sandwich, 3 lifestyle cookies(at grammas house) protien shake, chicken breast, and half of a corn on the cob.

i think its time, to go to bed and read a book!

have a great night everyone!

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Good evening girls!!!

Ruth~ yeah weekends are harder for me too. I have trouble drinking my water and watching my portions--but now that hubby doesn't try to get me to cheat every weekend, it's gotten a bit easier. Glad to hear you stomach is better! As for the frozen dinners--I don't think they're too horrible in terms of calories and if you're pinched for time they're sure better than fast food. I used to eat Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones for lunch every day--but I'm super sensitive to sodium so I stopped eating them (well, that and I'm trying to force myself to cook and make my own lunches since I am at home ). Anyway, I don't think they're a bad thing to eat, just not as good as making something from scratch, kwim? But if you don't have time or whatever, they're fine.

BKKchick~ WTG on the run this morning!!!

~ sorry to hear about your lost post--lot of posts get lost it seems, not sure why. I know when I lose one it's because my fingers get flying and I hit a wrong button. My shoes were tight this morning! So much so I switched to my old ones. I guess that proves what I've been suspecting the past few days--I'm retaining water. I'm going to try them tomorrow and see if they're any better. I hope so, otherwise I need to take them back and exchange them. Hmm...that would mean another hour or so out of the house alone...hmm... I need to chat with you about your haircut! Why do you hate it? I hope you are feeling better about it now.

~ Jump right in and make yourself at home!

Merose~ glad you're back with us hun! Now, no more alcohol dearie--not if it's going to land you feeling icky and overeating! You stay right here and we'll keep you in line!

ernurse~ it's definitely difficult sometimes keeping up with this thread! I find that early morning and after the kids go to bed is really the only time I can type any kind of decent reply. But, a busy thread is a good thread right? Right! Congrats on getting all your water in! It's tough getting used to doing it, but soon enough it will be a habit. Keep up the great work!

~ hey chickie!! How'd you do to day hun? Hope all the ewes are doing well!!!

Jacque~ oooh, I'll be right behind you and Delphi :cheering: you both on! I know you two can kick the habit! Look at all you've accomplished, you can totally stop smoking! WTG on the inches lost girlie!! That's fantastic!

pucedaisy~ hope you're having a great time at your wine--err--book club tonight! Congrats on making it to 149!!! I'm jealous! We'll keep you honest for sure, just keep posting and we'll keep harassing ya!

~ hope you had a great day at work!!

MsP~ Aww, well, at least you had a fun anniversary! Good for you jumping right back onto the wagon hun! Fun's over, back to business! Hope you are back to feeling 100% now. Woo hoo on those size 12's hun!!! You'll be in 10's before you know it girlie!! Yee haw!! And congrats on selling your house!!! Woo hoo on the panties!!!

wanting~ Hi there! Not sure if I said or not Good luck with your goals this month!!

Mystical~ hope you had a fun cookout! Mmmm, steak! I feel the same way if I eat too much of it. If I stick with around 3oz though, I'm okay. Mmm...yummy.

Tummy~ hahaha! Oh I can just see me doing the same thing on the operating table! When mine popped open I had to go back the next day and the dr wanted to basically cut the incision open and re staple it. I said, 'um, what if we just leave it butterflied? I mean, I don't care what it looks like when it's healed, it's not like I'm ever going to wear a bikini or anything.', needless to say, I left there without seeing a scalpel. Glad to hear your run was bug free and congrats on getting rid of you extra pound--wanna take mine? It's still hanging around...sheesh! Thanks for thinking of me and the cookbooks hun! Let me know if there's any that I must have!

~ Glad to have you! Good luck on your August goals!

FSA~ congrats on quitting!!! I didn't know that! Great idea about the money jar too! I wish I had done that back when I quit, but smokes were still only about $2-3 then, not the crazy insane $5-6 they are now. Still, it would have been cool to have some extra cash!

inthemidst~ sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday--all you can do is get back to it hun! Hope you get your vacation plan worked out!

Shrinking~ ahh, Birthday's a tough, but ya know what? Sometimes you just have to celebrate them and move on. Glad to hear you're not stressing over it, sounds like it was a fun time!

Delphi~ hurray for surviving registration! Isn't it just the funnest thing ever?! Sorry to hear Canaan is going to have to go without his meds--that's bs! I'm glad you're cool with doing C25K on T,Th,Sat--with us doing it on the same day, I know I'll be more motivated to get it done, kwim? I think I see sense some challenges comin' on... Hope you got everything you needed to done so you can watch some more LOST!!

misspiggy~ well, the weekend is behind you now--just shake it off and start fresh! You can do it! Be sure to drink plenty of water, that'll help with the bloaties!

Nello~ that is interesting! I'm going to weigh myself pre lunch tomorrow to see if maybe I'm the same way--I'm sure I'm not, but ahh, what the heck? Congrats on hitting 204!! Onederland here you come!!!

MountainChick~ yay on joining a gym! I'm really wanting to, but just can't swing it right now. Movie popcorn is the best! I swear they lace it with crack it's so addictive!!!

Heather~ oh a positive frame of mind definitely helps! Absolutely! And the great thing is, when you're running low on positivity--coming here will get you right back on track and feeling fantastic in no time! Sounds like you're got a great plan in mind hun!

rcrough~ sounds like you're doing great! Sorry about the UTI though. Keep up the great work!

Well ladies, it was a nice day! My friend came over and we had a nice time. She commented on my weight loss and said that she didn't think she had ever seen me this thin before. It occurred to me that she was right, she never has. So that was nice of her to comment.

I stayed POP and didn't eat any of the ravioli I made everyone for dinner. I opted to wait until they went home (around 6'ish) and make myself something else for dinner with less cals and fat. After I put the girls to bed, I finally got in my 2nd workout! I was beginning to think I wouldn't get it in--especially since hubby wasn't home. But, I pulled it off! I did it! And it's all because I knew if I didn't I'd have to come here and report to you girls that I didn't do it! And you know I couldn't do that now could I?

I am totally still retaining water. I have no idea what is going on! I mean, TOM doesn't usually do this to me. In fact, I usually lose while on TOM. But man it's bad! My feet were even swollen this morning! And yes, I'm drinking all of my water--today I had over 130oz and honestly, I'm thirsty right now and could drink more! But I'm wondering if that's the problem maybe? Too much water causing retention? Hmm...maybe I'll just drink 64oz tomorrow if I wake up puffy again. Anyway, I have a feeling the scale is going to be stubborn again tomorrow and part of me just wants to ignore it for a day. But I'm sure I won't.

Well ladies, I should hit the road. I need to get a drink so that my throat will stop whining at me to get it some water! Hope everyone had a great day! Sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow!!!
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I have no idea how but I dropped 4 lbs in <1 week. Woot! I have to revise my goal for August!
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Mountain Chick----that is sooo exciting you lost that much! Good for you!!! I looked at your starting, current, and goal weights and it looks like we are pretty similar in our goals.
What are you doing as far as an eating/exercise plan to lose that much in less than a week???

Today was a productive day....I got a lot of studying done and managed to take my books to the gym and walk and read at the same time. I filled up on veggies and fruit today and made sure to get a lot of protein too because Ive noticed it keeps me full longer. Hopefully tomorrow goes as smoothly...

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I am up 3 lbs...but I've been good, so I think it's because I was unintentionally low-carbing and now I'm intentionally eating lots of carbs....and renewed glycogen + water stores = 3 extra pounds. But because this is a natural state, and my previous low weight was unnatural, I am locking in the higher weight and adjusting my end of August goal weight to 114.5 lbs.

New current weight: 119.5
New goal weight: 114.5

No biggie!
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Good evening, chickies. I hope everyone had a good Monday.

TUMMY ~ Why is it that our most brilliant, wittiest, cleverest personals get lost? Bug wings be damned! I don't know if I have a before picture. Even when I was thin, you did not take a picture of me if you wanted to avoid a black eye. You WEAR that bathing suit to the grocery store, heck ya! That pound you found? Not mine, I found some too this morning. Your rainy day sounded so nice. I love a rainy day to nest. Clean a closet, cozy up with a good book. Ahhh....We don't get rain after April or before October. Needless to say, I am so looking forward to our first rain of autumn.

ANGEL ~ Ooh, I hear you on the dumb son issue. Mine pulled a stupid stunt about a year ago. It's heartbreaking, and you envision them going down the path to ****. Hang tight. My son has done a complete turnaround. I have to think that getting in trouble was what he needed to do at that point to make him realize he didn't want to go down that road. Don't beat yourself up over the ice cream. I think your 5 lb of sugar idea is great!

FSA ~ Thanks for the pep talk, I needed that!
Sounds like yesterday was the perfect day. In my book, any day that includes the ocean is all I need.

DELPHI ~ Way to go on all of those inches! Isn't Lost just the best show? I can't wait for the season to begin! Dang those insurance companies. They are pure evil. I hope Canaan doesn't suffer because of it.

SUSIE ~ Hope your sheep are doing okay What are you canning?

DECAP ~ Five pounds? Awesome!

SANDYE ~ So did DH bring home the fish, fry it up in a pan, never let you forget he's a man? Boy, I'm dating myself here. Damn that TOM! Beats the alternative though But down on the inches, that's good! "Amp up my burn," my but don't you sound like a fitness junkie! Did you have a nice visit with J and her brood? I'm glad she finally noticed! Crikey, how could she not? I think that even if your shoes aren't tight tomorrow, you shold go a " check out other options" for an hour or two! My hair! Oy! No more layers! Ever! They go every which way. I look like a punk rocker, and that is not the look I was going for. What's with this "second workout?" Are you working out twice a day now?

MOUNTAIN ~ Four lbs in one week? That's crazy talk! Way to go!

MSP ~Hope your anniversary was nice. Have fun on your trip! Glad you're feeling better after your cleanse. Honestly, two bowls of soup and half an entree is not that bad! Congrats on the house. That is great news. And the size 12s!!! Wow!

NELLO ~ I find that if I weight two hours after my first weigh in, even with nothing but two cups of coffee, I can gain 1-2 lbs.

MSYTICAL ~ Oh I am so right there with you with regard to running! I manage to walk 40 minutes on the treadmill, but when I tried to do the HIIT that Sandye does, I managed to "run" for a minute, and my heart rate went so high I thought I'd have a coronary. As much as I'd wouldn't mind a hunky firefighter giving me mouth-to-mouth, it just wasn't a good day to die. Even when I was young and skinny, I couldn't run very far. Taking up smoking at a young age didn't help!

MEROSE ~ Tomorrow is a new day. Weekends are tough!

PUCE ~ Your book club sounds like my kind of group. May I join?

Whew! We're a chatty bunch! Starting the month on a weekend was not condusive to weight loss for me. After the first day, I gained .6, and stayed the same today. I did not drink nearly enough water, and had some wine. I'm hoping to see a dip in the morning. The weather is blessidly cool (80s), work is easing up a tad, so all in all, a pretty good day. Sleep tight, chickies.
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Goal for the month is to lose 8 lbs. I will be weighing in on Friday. Hope its going down. Today was a really good day as far as eating/working out. I couldn't eat all my pasta, so I gave the rest to my boyfriend. But don't worry, got all the veggies in. A 2 lb loss is what I am going for this Friday, seems pretty reasonable.
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One day at a time.
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Hey everyone!
What a busy thread! As my first monthly weight loss challenge, I never knew how busy a thread got. I took the weekend off; extremely busy. And this coming weekend is my 18th birthday; It's going to be SO hard to watch what I'm eating and get my exercise in. Maybe all the laughing to come will help?
Any way, I just wanted to check in before I got too behind!

<3 Molly
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Hi girlssssssssssss.... hope you all had a super day.

IT's late here and I am super tired tonight so too sleepy to do personals but wanted to check all your news. Bravo to all of you for all that your doing. So glad we have each other here.

BKK and sasha...I edited the list girls so your all set.

Mountain chick...........congratulationssssssss on the 4lb. losss :c heer: that is a great loss . When you decide what your new goal will be just let me know and I will make the adjustments in the goals list. Keep up the great work.

Tummygirl....wtg on those workoutssssssss! That's great and that free's up some of your time tomorrow to take off with DH wtg!

LTTG, ysv welcome! I'm glad that you had a nice day there and that the heat has given up a bit. We move onto a new day tomorrow...wishing you a great one!

nello....that holds true for me as well. My best weigh in time is very late morning or even noon....interesting. Keep on truckin' your so close to onederland.

miss....I'm glad your having a much better day today . Let's keep on truckin'. I was always a night person so having my water at night helps keep me full and helps keep the hungries at bay! Sleep tight : )

shrinking girl...wtg on getting back on plan

Hi to all of our chickies. ernurs, rcrough, heather, angel, gillyhicks, BKK, sasha, and to all of our team here. I will catch up with you tomorrow.

As for my news girls.........I went for a walk with dh after work. We went on the land felt warm walking but glad we went. Took it easy tonight and still sipping on water as we speak. Speaking of which,,, Sandye,, that happened to me once with TOM...I held on to the water. I think I slowed down that next night and gave it a chance to exit, it was pretty funky.

My weekend was active and I loved that. I did pretty good overall, got my exercise in.......not perfectly OP but working on it all and gave up a lot of temptations. I resisted going to brunch with Dh yesterday , I resisted going for chinese food, lol........and I didn't eat at that comfort type food restaurant we stopped in (nothing healthy on the menu as far as I'm concerned) and I was fine as I had mini meals during the day and a healthy late lunch and afternoon snack. I am still not doing things quite to my liking but I am certainly making an effort and feel good about improving in many ways. OH, we went back to the market too and I stocked up on everything I need so I am all set.

I got my new thing........Olivias organic spring mix greens, oh girls I just love making a salad with those greens!!!!!!! I get the grape tomatoes (now the vegetable garden ones we have and the farm) and I sometimes put white roast chicken in there or h.b egg or just the veggies. I also put some feta cheese....(sparingly) and f. f italian dressing. I love those salads and those greens are great. I think there are 5-7 different types in there. I am striving towards having my salads as a meal snack, etc.... and will be working on moving away from the carbs again (except for occassionally).

Keep up the great work everyone. We start our new day tomorrow, day 4! Wishing us all a happy and successful day. Chat soon

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Hi Molly, thanks for checking in THat is great about having your 18nth birthday coming up this weekend! Do you have any special plans? Hope you had a great weekend, chat soon. : )
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Our August members thus far... We have a sister thread titled "August Exercise Challenge" for those of you who would like to join us over there as well.

FullSteamAhead: get to last lowest weight and drop a couple of lbs.
sstolte: get below 210
jeweliek: lose 12 lbs., run 48 miles, weight training 3x/wk.
crazymamaof4: lose 5 lbs., try more new recipes, eat my fruits +veggies, try calorie cycling, + include more good fats in my diet.
canadianangel: report here everyday, be 205, minimum 50 miles running on treadmill.
UniquelyNormal: eat healthy + exercise.
TERAPET: lose 6 lbs.
Delphi: lose 10 lbs., maintain a 1, 000 calorie deficit 6 days a week.
inthemidst: lose 10 lbs., eat OP, not get sidetracked on vaca., + not let school freak me out.
dcapulet: lose 6 lbs., maintain good eating habits, start getting some work done for school, 1200 min. ex.
Darby1: lose 6lbs. to get under 190, ex. 5x/wk, work on a ST program, stay within WW points every day.
nellonello: get to 199
ajowens: lose 8lbs. to get to 158, eat all vegetable servings, + walk everday.
misspiggy408: say "buy-bye" to the 140's, wight training 3x/wk, cardio 4x/wk, + no beer during the week.
UrthWurm: lose 6 lbs., eat more fruits and veggies, exercise 3x/wk, walk 1x/day.
MissMallee: lose 5lbs., eat balanced meals, + start exercising regularly again.
NewShinyMe: eat OP 6 days/wk, journal food intake, keep track of water intake, + stay accountable on weekends.
LateToTheGame: lose 7-10 lbs., 3 days ST + 3 days cardio.
MountainChick: lose 5-7 lbs.
BlueIsis: 2x limit eating out at restaurants, no ice cream or alcohol, reach 120's.
mamatoni: lose 11 lbs. to reach onderland, ex. 5x/wk. No dessert with the exception of elephant ear at fair.
merose: lose 7lbs. to get to 174.
ernurse: lose 2 lbs. per/wk, stay within WW points, 4 bottles water daily, + give support at site daily.
MsPerception: take a multivitamin most days, get into the 140's.
Wifey: lose 10 lbs. +drink a lot of water
Pucedaisy: get down to 145.
wanting2b140: lose 10lbs. to get to 228
chunksoflove: lose 12.5 lbs. to get to 240.
Ruth135: lose 3-5 lbs.
Tummygirl: Lose 8lbs. to hit 177.
bbee: Lose 6 lbs.
Aclai4067: By Aug. 7- no longer morbidly obese. By Aug. 13- reach 10% target. No candy through Aug.21 (started July 21). Down to 255 by Aug. 31.
princess2323: start exercising again, workout 1 hr. a day, get eating in order, + get into the 140's.
iamren: lose 9lbs.
Shrinking Girl: lose 6lbs, goal weight for end of August is 217.5
Sunny Gee: lose 5.5 lbs. to get to 157.5
Jacque9999: see 125 sometimes in August, try new foods! + tone more and lose more belly fat.
susie martin: lose 10lbs. and do a daily chick check in.
ladyfyre: lose 11lbs, take my lunch to more fast food, get to the gym 3x/wk, at least a 1/2 hr. of daily exercise and never be rushed in the morning.
loriehohlf: no post weight in off plan eating, track what I eat, continue with my activity and keep losing.
HeatherEljohari: goal weight of 169.8, 3x/wk at the gym...60+mins. a pop. 40 15 lb. weights, + 40 sit-ups.
KEmery08: venture into the 150's + get involved in some sort of ex. class.
lookingtobehealthy: goal weight of 225.
nellonello: get into onderland.
khunter: lose 7lbs. to get to 145.
Mystical: lose 6-8lbs.
BKKchick: lose approx. 5 lbs. to get to goal weight of 114.5
gillychicks115: lose 5lbs, keep it off, + start strength training more.
rcrough: drink 2.5 liters of water/day, stay OP, + no mindless snacking.
mars540: lose 10lbs., fit a size 8 by Sep.1, + no excuses.
shasha17a: lose 8 lbs.
naz: lose 10lbs.
75togo: lose 8lbs. + ex. 45 min. 4x/wk.
Phenomenal Woman: lose 6 lbs. + ex. somehow everyday.
sotypical: Lose some weight.
Ja23: Lose some pounds.

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Originally Posted by Ms Perception View Post
Hey girls! Confessions time...I ate enough yesterday to feed a small 3rd world nation and felt like crap afterward.
Good luck on the clean eating. I know that you can do it. Sometimes it is nice to cheat so you ask yourself...."was this really worth it?"

Originally Posted by Tummy Girl View Post
As for little old me, that mystery pound left today so back to my 185. I was looking at my weights too and it looks like I pretty consistently lose for 4-6 days then gain a bit (granted usually only 0.2 not 0.8 like yesterday) for one day then lose again for 4-6. It's been that way for about a month and a half, it's odd I didn't see it before, interesting.
Congrats on loosing the pound. Isn't it interesting how our bodies work???

Originally Posted by shasha17a View Post
Hi! I'm new to this site and would love to join in on the August challenge.
Welcome. I'm new to this thread too. Everyone seems great tho and it is really busy

Originally Posted by inthemidst View Post
We head to Boston for a short vacation thursday. LOL. Gotta figure out to vacation and eat op.
Ohhhh.....sounds like fun. Plan and plan and then just have fun!

Originally Posted by nellonello View Post
Typically when I get up in the morning I head to the bathroom and then I weigh myself. I always thought that I would find my lowest weight with that routine. Well about a week ago I was in the bathroom right before lunch and stepped on the scale. I was a pound lighter than that morning.
I just found this out myself. I am nearly a whole pound lighter right before lunch! LOL

Originally Posted by canadianangel View Post
as i sit here, i have to wonder to myself, as we lose weight do we look in the mirror, and see the new us..or the old us? i know i have "fat days", when no matter what i put on, i look yukkie fat in it.
I wonder the same. Most of the time I see the same fat me as before, but then there are outfits that just make me burst with pride.

Originally Posted by MountainChick View Post
I have no idea how but I dropped 4 lbs in <1 week. Woot! I have to revise my goal for August!
Woo- HOO!!!!

Ok for me....I was completely OP today and even went running with DH. He was wonderful and kept me moving. Even broke our time for the 5K that we mapped out. I hope the scale shows my efforts.
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Talking Eating in Dubai---AUGUST CHALLENGE

Hello everyone! I'm new to the site and would love to join in on the August challenge!!!!!

I currently live in Dubai, moved from England and have found that all I seem to do is eat!!!! However now have decided to take up this challenge with all of you!!!!

Good luck everyone

My goal is to lose 10 pounds!

Current weight 189 pounds!

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That's me!
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Ok, today is my first day on the boards here, but I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and try this August challenge too. My goal is to exercise every day in some way, and lose 6 lbs by the end of August.

This could be fun!
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Good Morning Ladies

Phenomenal Woman, naz, shasha ~

jeweliek ~ on having an OP day.

FSA ~ Well sounds like you are enjoying all those goodies you picked up. I wish I had such enthusiasm when it came to greens though.

malle ~ It is indeed a busy one. Sounds like you have some great goals. Welcome aboard.

~ *tough love impending* Well Sandye gives the measurement lecture and tummy gives the, take pictures lecture and I give the, don't drink alcohol lecture. Not because of the obvious, but because of what it does to our bodies when we are trying to lose weight. Alcohol is a big no no whilst dieting (and yes, I just said whilst ) It does funky things to our metabolism. Rest assured if you eat and drink alcohol, your body has to completely focus on how to get it out of your body, so your body will store what you eat, as all it's resources are too busy dealing with the alcohol that it simply can't deal with the food to. I guess I just wanted to give you a heads up. You've worked so hard, so don't get discouraged with your up a bit, after a night of having a drink or two.

mountainchick ~ on that amazing loss.

Sandye ~ Wouldn't that just be lovely. If we could just ignore ol' Darth Scale? But we don't. Then again, it keeps us honest as well. I think it will be an important part of maintenance to. So you ready to do this today? I know I am. I'm trying to decide if I wanna do it on the treadmill or in my driveway. I'm guessing you are doing it on the tready, so what setting are you gonna put it on to do the jogg/running intervals? I think I'll push myself more on the treadmill, but right now, I think I should stick to being outside and getting used to my own pace, before I start to challenge myself..ya think? Glad you got that workout in and hey no worries about Darth Scale...if he gets to annoying, we can always go blow up the Death Star respawns every so often.

Jacque ~ Oh my gosh it is. We just finished up season 2 last night and think we just watched one episode of the 3rd season. When does the new season start? And January it is darling.

Tummy ~ Hey luv! Well you guys have fun at the beach and enjoy having hubby home. Lucky girl. I think I'm really gonna enjoy the cooler mornings. I was actually looking for something to wear for those cooler mornings. I heard it was great for the metabolism as well. The colder it is, the harder your body has to work, to stabilize your temperature, hence burning more calories, ya know? But I am in between sizes again and everything is too big, way too big or just small enough to annoy and irritate me. Seriously all my pants that don't have a button and zipper, are so big, I have to roll up the tops of them to wear them, and then they are only good for a few hours. Stoopid pants. Sooo what cha wearing out there on that dirt road darling. I love your kitchen by the way.

Alright ladies, I finally saw a little movement in the right direction this morning. I saw a new decade but I knew it two days ago. It's weird how you can just know, you just feel light on your feet. But I'm just weird like that anyways. So perhaps it is simply my eccentricities. I'm just thrilled I finally saw the scale move. The whole TOM thing is really not bad either. Day 4 and it just didn't bother me in the slightest. I think it's all the preTOM crap, that has me feeling all blah. So I hope it's out of her shortly. School starts tomorrow and that means, things are gonna be quiet around here. Just me, Canaan and the wee one. I'm gonna be so lonely with no one to talk to. I mean I can have a conversation with my two yr. old, but it's quite one sided, I can assure you.

Well, I have stuff to do, people to see and civilizations to save. You ladies have a great day and remember to make someone, somewhere, smile today.
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