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This thread is tough to keep up with! Anyway, my computer problems seem to be fixed (fingers crossed) so hopefully I'll be able to be more active here.

I weighed in at 194.5 this morning, which is fab. I do Weight Watchers and when I hit 199 lbs I was supposed to go from 26 points to 24. Somebody told me to stay at 26 points until I wasn't losing weight anymore, which happened after about a month, but for some reason I was having a terrible time making myself stick to 24 points. I think it was more mental than anything. But I seem to have turned the corner and have stayed within my points almost every day.

So things are going well and I hope they're going well with all of you!

Newshinyme-you might check for shampoo/conditioners at a dermatologist office. Many offer a lot of retail, and I imagine you could find something there. Even if you're not a patient, you should be able to buy product.
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Good evening girlies!! Ahhh, the last night of the first week! We did good didn't we? We lost, we gained, we maintained...and maintained...and maintained...Oops, was thinking about my week there for a sec. Anyway, you should all be amazingly proud of yourselves!!! Even if you didn't stay POP all week, you tried and got back up onto the wagon--that's what counts!!!

Tummy~ hahaha! You win! Yeah, I did not want to get out of bed this morning for anything! It must be the end of Summer funk...I dunno. Sounds like you did great this morning despite the heavy legs--41 mins--W O W !!! That's amazing if you ask me! Sheesh! Thanks for chatting with your scale--hopefully mine listens soon! I think I figured out part of my problem...more in a minute...

Jacque~ Congratulations hun!!! That's awesome news!! I am so very proud of you!!! Woo hoo on the panties!!!!

FSA~ Hey hun! No sweat--just call me the Water Girl! Haha Hope you have fun at the bridal shower tomorrow! Ooh what fun!!! Congrats on getting your water in today!! Nothin' better than new jugs! Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

jeannep~ I love it! "I'm determined that this weekend will not be a weakend!" That should be our Friday motto! Don't let your weekend be a weakend!!! Have a wonderful time tonight and tomorrow going out of town too!! You'll do great, I know it!!

~ Woo hoo! Congrats on the 3 lbs! That's fantastic!!! Have fun at the bbq tomorrow and be sure to snack on veggies if they have them!! Oh yeah, I'd love to have my scale get a good whoopin'! Come on over!

SG~ wow! Sounds like you are one popular girl! I have a blog--never ever write anything in it anymore...I really should, but I spend too much time here! So, when's your Day 3? Mine's tomorrow then I can cross off Week One! Woo hoo!!!

~ congrats on the loss hun! Oooh, a bathroom mini remodel! We totally need one--in both of our bathrooms! Egads...they're painted in flat paint for heavens sake! Ah well, one day. Have fun and ya know, we'd love to see pics of your pretty new bathroom when you're all done!

~ I bet now that you're all stocked up on healthy stuff that those extra pounds will be gone in no time! Hope you had fun at the track! Hubby's got an insanely large family (his mom is one of 20!) and most of them live nearby--oddly enough we've only chatted with one Uncle since we've been here. Anyway, hope you had a fun day!

Delphi~ So, how'd the Cheerio fishing go? Thanks for saying such nice stuff, you were right, I did need it. I was so grumpy and down in the dumps today about the damn scale--your words totally cheered me up hun! I have to say though--you set the example! All that time your scale wasn't budging and you stayed strong and positive, I kept thinking to myself, 'there's no way I could do that! I'd be a grouchy, pissy mess!' and I have been, but there's no way in heck I was going to fall off the wagon--not with you watching! So thanks. Now, as far as taking you down a notch? No way! You deserve ever single second of recognition and you should feel fantastic about yourself girlie! Just LOOK at what you've done! I dare say, I do believe Miss Delphi's got her groove back!

~ WTG you're doing great! Just keep it up and don't worry about being able to post everyday or keep up--just being here to check in every once in a while is great!

jewelie~ my, my, my you running machine you! That's awesome! You tell your hubby great job for us k? Congrats on your loss this week! You're doing awesome!!

NSM~ Yay! Glad to hear it! Now, I totally agree with you--and you're right, my scale should be condemned to the closet for a week or two as punishment for being so mean...but...I won't. I'm a daily weigher and it's my thing. I'm not really stressing over it anymore--I was grumpy as all get out about it today, but I'm at peace with it now. It'll move in the right direction again soon, I'm sure of it.

MsP~ Woo hoo on the panties! Nothing better than not being recognized because you're smokin' hawt and lookin' slim and trim!! Woo hoo girlie! That's awesome!!! Gotta love it! I don't know if I would have enough self control to not dance right there on the spot!!

Susie~ there you are! Glad you popped in! Now, come now--you know better than to hide from us! Let's get back on that horse and start making good choices chickie! No more hiding--you make sure to get your tail here every day 3 times a day--got it? Good! Okay, tough love over--hope you're doing well, you can do this, don't let these speed bumps de-rail you k?

~ congrats on the loss!!! Keep up the great work!! Glad to hear your computer issues are fixed--I hate when mine acts up!

Well, the day is done! Whew, it was a long one. The kids were all kinds of crazy and I ended up making 3 different dinners (leftovers for the girls, a different dinner for the boys and dinner for hubby and I) and my dd was screaming at me the whole time. She was overtired--rightfully so--she was up and down all night *yawn*.

Anyway, hubby took the boys fishing, I bathed the girls, put them to bed and then I worked out...sort of...I mean, I did...but I was laughing to hard to really call it a super productive workout. I got one of my workout dvds from Netflix--Denise Austin--she's a hoot! Anyway, I posted about it on the exercise thread, but let me just say Hahahaha!

So, I think I have an idea as to why my scale isn't budging. HIIT. Or lack there of. Until this week I had been doing HIIT for 8 weeks, each week getting progressively tougher and then this week I started C25K and the first week isn't nearly as tough as week 8 of HIIT. So, I'm thinking that maybe the reduced intensity of my cardio workouts has something to do with not losing this week. I could be wrong, but it kind of hit me tonight that even though I've added 30 DS or some other workout in the mix on my ST'ing days--my cardio is easier than it was before. Now see, if I had a HR monitor I'd have realized this days ago huh?

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Not sure how I'm going to remedy the problem as I don't want to jump ahead with the C25K thing...any suggestions? Maybe do some other cardio on the other days that doesn't involve running? (that's kind of what I was trying to do tonight )

Well ladies, I'm rambling yet again! I hope everyone has a fantastic night and that you have a lovely weekend! Not sure I'll be able to post tomorrow, heading out of town to visit my friend who was here this week and we're leaving early. If I don't--Be good! Here's lots of to get you through the weekend!!! And of course, be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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Just checking in before settling down for the night. I took a 50 minute walk tonight. DH brought McDees home tonight so that i didn't have to cook but its not as bad as you might think, I had a McDouble, took the bottom bun off (315 cals), half a small fry, and a side salad with vinagrette dressing.

I hope to have a good day tomorrow, since we'll be gone most of the day. I already told DH that we are not eating chinese tomorrow because I knew we'd be tempted because there are several chinese places in the vicinity of where we will be. I'm thinking maybe Ruby Tuesday because they have that nice salad bar.

I'll let you guys know how the shopping goes tomorrow.

Well, I gotta go and find me a healthy snack to get my calories in.

G'night chickies!!
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Evening, I missed my lunch posting today and omg, I want to be in bed by ten so it's all I can do to catch up before then!

Cmo4 - As long as you wear your HRM it will tell you what you burn. I wore mine for 2 weeks when I first got it to see if my BMR that I estimated with one of those online BMR calculators was close, and it was about 1800 w/o exercise and 1650 if I'm having a sit around kind of day. So now I just wear it to workout and add that total burn to the estimate depending on what else I'm doing for the day and voila! And some days it feels like I'm working so hard and you check the monitor and it's only 69% (I aim for over 80%). Especially with the running, I've found that my HR is lower now, sits around 76% unless I really think about pushing harder, the dang body is adapting! I never thought I needed one and now that I have one, you'd have to claw it out of my clod dead hand! And I'm sure someone else can be a know it all smart a__ while I'm gone

Jacque - OMG :c arrot::car rot::carro t:
There just aren't enough dancing carrots in the world girlfriend! You blow me away. Sorry some of those carrots are being stupid.

FSA - you're very welcome, I just admire ppl who don't take the easy road and know how hard it is to push and I wanted to pass that along. I'll wave at you on the way by! Should be waving around 5am local time, I'll look for the pool. Have fun at the shower.

Jeannep - Enjoy a nice weekend away and I love that, a weakend!

Shasha - I only started running that early so I could get it in b/f dd got up so that it wouldn't interupt dh's sleep while he's on nights, now I LOVE it. Whoo hoo, 3lbs in five days, holla chickie, that's wicked.

Shrinking - Congrats on the publicity, just think of how many ppl you'll inspire to try running, big ol pat on the back to you!

Ruth - oh I love those bamboo too, I have them everywhere! Congrats on the loss that's great and it's only the 7th.

Mystical - that's too funny, I have a wee family who is not very close and my dh has the uber huge family that all frickin love each other and can't spend too much time together, it's great yet overwhelming, just hilarious. Glad you're back on top of things that 199 is calling your name.

Delphi - My dear you are a Rock Goddess, geez, you're bloody ten feet tall with crazy gorgeous hair, all you need is a corset and some thigh highs and you're set! Oh and no worries I'll be checking in on everyone to make sure everyone minding their p's and q's. Nope it's true no 360 here I rock it on the drums too, I even make it look good babe!

NSM - LOL it's that so true, I finally look like I thought too, that's why pictures are so shocking! Like who the heck is that fat girl! Awww thanks no one has ever called me special without the emphasis on the word in a way that isn't too flattering. And it's true, she's poison, now Mrs. Butterworth, that's a whole nother story. Oh and the "Jason" line of personal care products is awesome, it's chemical free, fragrance free and I belive totally organic.

MsP - That's incredible, to not even be recognized, wow!

Susie - Delphi was sending out a search party, they just hadn't got there yet. Check checking in you sure seemed to do better when you made yourself come read all our nonesense.

Jessicado - I like 1/4 pounds, they are totally the right direction, I like them better when they're outta here! Good job.

Jeweliek - you're a quarter way there and it's only day 7! Awesome!

Darby - Congrats on getting your head around that number, it makes all the difference.

Oh say it isn't so 9:58p and DONE! That feels great, now I can sleep and be caught up and feel complete for the day, lol.

Great day as always, found everything I was looking for in town and even a foam interlocking mat for my rec room so that I could do my new jump training without breaking my legs. Oh and plyometrics (jump training) is the new funnest thing ever and for 60 minutes a crazy 980cal burn, that's ridonkulous! And I wasn't even working half as hard as the ppl on the video were, got a long way to go before that's ever easy.

So speaking for pictures....I took my August 14 ones today since I'll be away and 7 days early is better than 14 days late. And I will put my money where my mouth is and post em right away. I'm pretty proud of these ones now, I'm starting to look like my hottness again.

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That's 3 months difference, first pic 223lbs, and today 183, oh cool 40lbs on the button! Didn't even realize that. And in those new 14's I was going on about! Have an awesome night ladies, see ya'll in the morning.
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Tummy!! You look awesome. Congrats on the 40 lb loss.

My victory of the day- For the first time in years I was able to fit into pants that were not in a plus size shop. I was out shopping for a new backpack for my stepdaughter and as we walked by Eddie Bauer I decided to run in and see if anything fit. I pulled an 18 and 16 off the rack and ended up swimming in the 18 and the 16 fit great. I was thinking to myself, I wouldn't even know where to begin shopping as my options have been so few for so many years. It is a little overwhelming. I thought about buying the pants but walked out of there thinking that I will buy new ones when I can fit into 14s.

Have a good evening everyone.
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Omg! Tummy, you are hawt!!!
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Tummy--you look awesome! And those 14's are even loose fitting!!! Congrats!!!!
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Tummy.....You look AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!

Everybody else..THANKS
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Gotta squeeze in my workout before I go but I had to stop by and say:

TUMMY~ Holy crow you are on fire!!! You look AMAZING! And Jessica's right--those 14's will be falling off you soon!!! Woo hoo on the panties hun! Dang!!!! Thanks for all the info on the HR monitor again!! DANG...seriously, what an insane difference!!!!!

And Nello~ Woo hoo to you too girlie! That's awesome!!! You've done such a wonderful job hun! Congrats on size 16!!!!

Now I must go sweat! Talk to you chickies later! Have a fantastic day ladies!!! And be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!!
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Hello Everybody!!! I do love working out in the morning... puts me in a fantastic mood for the day!

ruth - I'm so excited for your bathroom, I hope it turns out great!!

delphi - You sooo DESERVE to turn heads! Feeling attractive is good for you! Just don't try to take on a harem or anything... THEN we might have to knock you down a bit. I played Rock Band... ONCE. I was on drums and I must say I was more than a little intoxicated but let me tell you.. I played those drums GOOOD.. so good my wrists hurt for days afterwards! Yikes! Guess I was a bit too excited. Great fun though!

jeweliek - Wow. So many miles! I'm still in the stage where I'm HOPING the C25K will make a runner out of me, but it still seems so impossible since I've never been able to do it... but man, I'd love to be able to report some stats like that some day!

MsP - Wow, what a boost! Way to go!! But, please.. what does NSV stand for? I can't figure it out!

cmo4 - My day 3 is Sunday. I'm excited and yet worried about stepping it up next week. My DH and I were talking last night and he said "there's just no way I'd ever be able to run a 5k" and I told him "honey, that's where my mentality is right now and you seem to have no doubts I'll make it!" It just seems like some impossible dream I'm hoping for! Keeping my fingers crossed and my attitude positive!

Tummy - Woohoo! Your photo looks fantastic! Making me excited to lose some lbs! I'm envisioning myself looking like that some day!

nello - CONGRATS on the "regular sized shop"!!! It's one of my big goals to shop there again!

As for me... I'm combating challenges left and right. It seems everywhere I go right now, people want me to drink. While I could put it into my calories and come out just fine... I just don't want to. I'm enjoying my new, healthier lifestyle and I just know drinking will make me feel icky. So, even though I've recently LOST weight, everywhere I go... people are asking "ARE YOU PREGNANT???" because I'm not drinking. And every time it happens my brain responds "are you BLEEPING kidding me, I lose weight and everyone asks if I"m BLEEPING pregnant??!!!" but I know it's just because of the lack of alcohol. I have had a habit of being a drinker during the summer (no responsibilities = party girl) but still... it makes me want to snarl. Ha!

Did an unofficial weigh-in at Curves this morning, scale seemed to want to say 220.5 which is a 3 lb loss I'm going to attribute mostly to TOM going away. My official weigh-in is next Saturday and I cannot wait to see how many inches I've lost. I'm so excited!

Have a great day everyone!
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Tummy - You look Mavelous! Keep up the reat work!!!!

Shrinking Girl - Congrats on your loss.....can't wait to see the numbers at the official weigh in.

For all those that are hoping to be running after C25K.....I am not super fast, but the running/jogging that I do is all thanks to that program. It is an awesome program. Challenge yourself and say "just to that corner" a lot to get thru it. I know that I also use a HRM to make sure that I'm keeping my heart rate where I want it. Good Luck
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Originally Posted by Jacque9999 View Post
I did it!!! I got on the scale today and it said


I am ready to celebrate!!!
Wow Jacque...Congratulations!

And, Tummy WOW what a change. You look great!

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Nellonello - Oh congrats hun, it's so nice to be no where near a plus and woohoo on those 16's, 14's in no time! And it is terribly overwhelming, all the clothes you want actually fit instead of I'll take that tent in blue, or maybe to be fancy i'll get it in red. Thanks so much

Shasha - Thank you and as are you my dear, wow!

Jessicado - LOL you're too sweet, they are on day 2 without being washed so they have some "room" The 12's did unfortunate things to my stomach, we shall call it "front bum"

Jacque - Right back at ya chickie, and thanks!

CMo4 - See that's what a HRM does No, but thanks it all kind of shifted into the right places this month. I tried to load last month's picture too b/c the chub reshaped but it was being a boot and it was late so that's all ya get. And I'm still waiting for some awesome pictures of our fabulous mama!

Shrinking - LOL dang ppl eh? I get that too, just because we don't want to slow down the weight loss with some booze we must be knocked up! Well good for you choosing the best road for you. Delphi posted a really great article on what alcohol does to weight loss efforts last month in the July thread but it might be hard to find as they do get long It was really great anyway. And thanks, ok that's a trip I have never, and I mean NEVER had anyone say they want to look like me, and I will take that as a huge compliment, thanks so much. And two other things, congrats on them 3 poundsof good ridance! and personals! YAY!!!

Jeweliek - Thanks for the second vote on the HRM, we will turn that stubborn CMo4 yet!

Delphi - Hello dear, are you sleeping? I swear if Mrs. Butterworth has got ya, I'm coming down there right now to open a can of something on her. Anyway, hope you're sleeping in and enjoying yourself. TTL

Weights still hanging out at 183.2, it seems to like it there this week so we'll let it stay...for now, muhahahaha. I had a lot of fluid in my eyes this morning so whatever I ate yesterday made me resemble a bit of an alien. It's always nice to appear like you're weeping over breakfast. And however did I eat so much before, I mean some days I used to hit 3500cal, and it's taking my 45 minutes just to fit this breakfast in me, how times have changed!

I hope everyone is doing great this weekend and making good choices.
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newshiny and tummy: yea for combacks!

tummy: WOWOWOW! looking HOTT!!!

Crazymama: yeah, my son has cellulitis from scratching some bug bites at camp. He's a lot better now

Jacque: well done!

only gone for a few days and bam! this board took off!

im pretty good on plan these last few days, may not have a loss, but am feeling more in control. Still got more exercise than normal, and weigh in tomorrow.
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