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No time for personals right now. Just wanted to check in with all of you.... I am up by 1.5lbs I think it is because I haven't been drinking enough water. I will just have to try harder and finally get my exercising on a regular basis... We are getting our new washer/dryer today so that should be the last of all the craziness around here. At least I hope so. Since our move it has been so hectic I know that is to be expected but it is time to settle down and get serious.....

My DH had high blood pressure that was controlled by medicine and about a year ago he had lost enough weight that he no longer needed them... But then yesterday his blood pressure is back up I believe it is because he has gained some weight back so he is getting on plan with me and all of us as family are gettimg healthy

I need some ideas for snacks for my DH since he works out of his truck all day. Any ideas?
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Hi girlies!
My computer died, so I am using a laptop we have lying around. Because the screen on the laptop is broken, I am viewing this through the TV, but it's hard to read
The weekend didn't go as well as I would've wanted, so I am making today the official start for August. All that junk I ate in July still has a hold of me and I am trying to break the cycle with all the cravings.
I am going back to my normal exercise too today and that should definitely help.
Ok, my eyes hurt now, so I'd better log off and workout instead. I will come and try and do a bit of catch up later!
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I'm going to try my best to hit ONEderland!!!
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One day at a time.
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Good Morning Ladies!

FullSteamAhead: I'm so excited it, but unfortunately most of my friends are traveling. So, that party has to be moved until later. This weekend I'm having a family barbecue, which I'm nervous for with all the comfort food. The next day some of us are getting up early and going to Seattle to spend the day by the docks. Maybe go see the aquarium. Maybe that'll be my exercise!

Delphi: Thank you! I'll have to visit more just to keep up!
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I'm finally OP for the first time in August! Yessss. Feels good.

I'm doing night shifts again, but trying to be more in control with my eating this time, and I think it's working. The key for me is to not eat at work. On night we can eat any of the food in the kitchen at the hotel, but it's all to be microwaved and is oily. Just thinking about it makes me feel a bit queasy. But sometimes when I am nodding off at about 4:15am it feels like just what I need.

I'm going to take some crudite and houmous with me today, and try to stay away from the coffee machine.

I have a friend coming over from Australia tomorrow, luckily we are both poor at the mo, so there won't be too much eating out and drinking (I'm trying to not drink anymore also).
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I am here too. I am cutting back my minutes this month. Getting up at 4:30 every morning was kicking my butt by the end of the week and I was so stressed about getting all my minutes in. With family staying with us this month, I decided that my goal for August will be 1200 min. Down from 1800 in July. If I can get it more then that awesome, but as long as I meet that 1200 I will be happy. Took a few days off and back at this am.

August 1 -
August 2 -
August 3 -

August 4 - 60 min bike

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Hey ladies!

How is everyone?? Today I finally went for a run. I hurt my leg a few months back so I haven't been able to really do much on it. I've been slowly trying to ease back into exercise, but it's still kinda sore. I was able to run a little over 3 miles in about 33 mins ... way slower than what i used to be Oh well, I get back up there again. I'm having another good day, i put chicken breast in the crock pot over night with tomato sauce, vege broth, and veggies so i'm all set for a healthy dinner! My "daily plate" said i earned some extra cals for going on a run today, so i'm saving those for my skinny cow ice cream tonite while I watch HELLS KITCHEN!! I love that show

Hope you all are having a great, OP kinda day! LoL And I want to thank u all for your support and encouraging words!! This thread is getting so big, it's hard for me to reply to you all individually and not leave anyone out! I'll chat with you gals tomorrow! My internet is down @ home, so i won't be able to check in tonite.

OH, OH, OH .... Great News! My financial aid loan was approved so i'm going back to school! It's about time! 2 kids later ... but at least i'm gonna do it

Have a good nite!
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Just wanted to check in for the evening. I have actually been "almost" completely OP for the week and my official weigh in is tomorrow. I am expecting good things according to my home scale. Crossing my fingers and I will check in again tomorrow.
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Hi chickies!

So I've been OP with my eating today, calories are actually lower than usual. I've yet to get my exercise in, I've been busy around here, but I'm getting ready to get on the treadmill.

FSA Thanks for explaining the abbreviations. I knew all of them except kwim and had been trying to figure that one out!

shasha I do the same thing with the weights, like lately I've been thinking when I get to 175 I'll start strength training again when I should be doing it right now. I guess I'm afraid of the water weight that might show on the scale at first.

I did do armweights the other day so that's a start. I'm planning also on starting pilates again soon.

Goodnight all!
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Good evening ladies!!!!

Tummy~ Oh my hubby's been bored to death of my menu for years now! I'm only now getting creative in the kitchen and he's sometimes thrilled, other times irked--depends on how healthy it is . I made a new dish tonight that he was on the fence about--but I'll write about that later. Yeah, the c/section mishap was a bummer, but a cake walk compared to getting my staples removed after the girls--oh good gravy--I'd take a full body plucking over that agony any day of the week! It was absolutely horrific! And I'm not a wimp either, it was the longest hour and a half of my life! (yes, an hour and a half...*groan*) Hope you had fun in Edmonton!!! And congrats on the loss chickie! Have your scale call my scale and get him on board k?

Ruth~ congrats on the loss! I bet the rest of it will be nothing but a memory tomorrow!

FSA~ Ahhh, swimming! I'd love to be able to swim laps! Alas, we have no pool Oh well, one day maybe I'll join a gym and swim there! Hope you had a great day girlie!

shasha~ weights are really not that hard--awkward at first, but after a few times you get the hang of it and it's easy peasy! On the exercise board there's lots of discussions about strength training with weights, you should check it out! Hope you were strong today in the face of Jack in the Box! Hubby loves that place, ahh, but there aren't any here and that brings him much sorrow. Not me though, that's just one less temptation for him to face!

MsP~ What? You're just gunna do a fly by? *sniff* Okay, I guess...*sniff* Hope you had a great day! Hopefully you can update us a little more tomorrow!

Mystical~ I bet once you get completely settled and get a chance to breathe you'll settle right back into your exercise routine. Moving is such a pain! So much to do...ack! As far as snacks for your hubby...hmm, does he happen to have room for a cooler in his truck? If so, the possibilities are endless! Wraps, yogurt, fruit, granola bars, boiled eggs, carrots/broccoli/celery (with or without peanut butter), nuts...what else? Cheese sticks, or better yet, Laughing Cow wedges (less fat), hummus...I'm running out of ideas, but with a cooler anything can get packed in there. Hopefully you can find snacks he'll eat. Hubby insisted I buy him yogurt and I did--he never, ever eats it when I put it in his lunch--ever! So, I told him he's not getting anymore because I'm tired of throwing it away (I'd eat it but he likes flavors I don't)!

NSM~ Aww, sorry to hear about your computer! Thank goodness you can still check in! (unlike our poor Jacqui ) Glad to hear you're getting back on track hun! Check in when you can and know that when you can't, we're still here cheering you on!

Wifey~ Welcome back hun!!! I can't wait to see your Onederland post girlie!!!

Molly~ I'm sure you'll do just fine at the bbq--perhaps eat a healthy snack before the main food is set out? Drink lots of water before hand too to help fill you up. Have fun at the aquarium!!

Merose~ congrats for being OP!!! Sounds like you've got it planned out pretty well for work! I can only imagine how hard it would be to avoid snacking when working nights! Hang in there, you're doing great!!!

sotypical~ good for you hun! Sometimes if we set our goals too high, it backfires, so it's great that you recognized it wasn't working for you! Enjoy your family and have fun with your workouts!!

misspiggy~ mmm, that chicken dish sounds yummy! Congrats on the run and the financial aid!!! Awesome news!!! Keep up the great work hun!

khunter~ Great job this week! Keep us posted on your WI K? We want to hear the good news!

Well, chickies, I did it! I only drank 64oz of water! Well...okay, maybe 68 or maybe even 70...but I didn't drink my usual 128oz! I'm hoping that will help flush out this water I'm holding onto!

Decided to go ahead with the 30 Day Shred and got it done after the girls went to bed. It felt good to exercise again at the end of the day--guess I was kind of missing my night time workouts after all. Not sure if I'll keep doing them so late though, might have to figure out a time in the afternoon...I don't' know, we'll see how stuff goes with the new schedule once school starts.

Tried a new recipe tonight!! Feta stuffed chicken! It was okay--I got the recipe from Cooking Light online and also from here somewhere (Not sure where, I Googled and it came up) and it called for Feta & fat free cream cheese--like I said, it was okay, a little tart and on the bland side as far as seasoning goes--but I can work with it. I'll maybe add sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil next time...MMM! Listen to me, talking like I know how to cook and stuff! But here's what I'm most proud of with dinner tonight: The Veggies!!! Fresh from our garden zucchini, grape tomatoes (again with the tomatoes! Can you even believe it? ) and fresh baby spinach, sauteed in a little Olive Oil spray and sprinkled with some Parmesan & herb seasoning--YUM-O!!! Hubby snubbed the tomatoes, but I ate every single one! I even took pics of it! I told you I was proud. I still can't believe I made it and actually ATE it!!! Me, a reformed veggie hater--who'd have thought?

Well girls, I'm just and I really should get ready for bed. My long ST'ing workout is tomorrow and I want to get up early so I can get it done before Em wakes up!

Hope everyone had a spectacular day and that you have a wonderful night! See you all tomorrow!!! Nighty-night!
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crazymamaof4 Yes hubby has a cooler in his truck and he can turn it on to cooling or heating for whatever he has. The problem he has is that he gets busy and forgets to eat so he will go 6,8,10 hours without eating just depends on how long his day is. Somedays he doesn't get home until after midnight, I am trying to make sure I have enough food packed for him just in case he doesn't make it home for dinner. I told him to set his alarm on his cell phone to remind him to eat every 3-4 hours. That way he will keep his energy level up and not be starving at the end of the night....

As for me. The people that lived in the house before me had a cat and even though we have hardwood floors downstairs and they did steam clean the carpets upstairs they still didn't get all the cat fur out and I'm very, very allergic, so I have been feeling well since the move.... It's crazy if I don't take my meds then I can't breathe and if I do take them they put me to sleep.... I am vacuuming everyday and slowy but surely we are get the cat hair out.... I never knew cat hair could get stuck in carpet for so long.... LOL Gotta run for now have a great night ladies.
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wow! so many posts...

i too have been away a bit. my 10 y.o. son has either cellulitis is his leg, or lyme disease. We've spent the last two days at the dr's and lab to try and determine what in the world is going on! i have been mostly off plan, cause i'm lousy at handling stress. at least i've kept up the exercise, or else i would have been insane by now.
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omg! It's late as sin. I fell asleep downstairs and came up a bit. Read the posts just now but too tired to write, though I had to say ..........Sandyeeeeeeeeee...............feta stuffed chicken?????? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol . I'm going to check more into that in the morning : ) Night girlsssss. HOpe you all had a terrific day. Chat more in the morning.

Ohhh dc! I hope your son feels better. Keep us posted. Lyme disease is so prevalent here! From what I understand, it was very difficult to diagnose as well! Fortunately, I beleive they came up with a more efficient test. ok, i better get to bed.........catch up with you all tomorrow. night girls.

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Good Morning ladies

Just breezing in this morning to read everyones news, so I can get my day started. School starts today, so I'll be back once my boys are on the bus and on their way to school. I'm down a smidgen, but enough to give me a whole new number.

I'll be back in a few to do personals. YOu ladies have a superawesomefantastic day.
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Originally Posted by shasha17a View Post
Workout wise, I want to do cardio today, but I know I must start weight training. Its dumb, but I always tell myself that once I lose x amount of weight I will start doing weights. I am really self consious doing them too. Do any of you gals struggle with doing weights too?
When I started out I despised weight training...but the more I do it the more I enjoy it!!! Even a little bit every workout is better then nothing and it will build muscle and burn fat!!!

Originally Posted by mystical View Post
As for me. The people that lived in the house before me had a cat and even though we have hardwood floors downstairs and they did steam clean the carpets upstairs they still didn't get all the cat fur out and I'm very, very allergic, so I have been feeling well since the move.... It's crazy if I don't take my meds then I can't breathe and if I do take them they put me to sleep.... I am vacuuming everyday and slowy but surely we are get the cat hair out.... I never knew cat hair could get stuck in carpet for so long.... LOL Gotta run for now have a great night ladies.
That would drive me insane!!! When I approach a house that has cats, I start to itch. I am very allergic. Fortunately my last 2 houses were new so I didn't have that problem. Ironically, growing up we had cats...but after I had been away from them for a few years, I acquired an allergy...Go figure!!! I'm more of a dog person anyway
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