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Good Morning Ladies

First of all, Tummy you're HOT to trot darling. You're rockin' the jeans darling. I bet hubby is lovin' those forty pounds gone, what a huge accomplishment. You are awesome darling. I'm whistlin' at you right now.

Sandye ~ squash...yuck! Geez, I wish I could broaden my horizons a little. I'm such a picky eater, with texture issues with all kinds of food. It sucks. Sorry to hear there still isn't movement, but I must say I'm impressed with your dedication and the manner in which you are pushing yourself. You really have made the changes that will last for a lifetime darling and I'm just so effin' proud of you.

NSM ~ Well we only have the guitar at the moment, plus I think they are going to give us an update that will make my wireless mics for LIPS compatible with Rock Band2. I don't think I would be coordinated enough to play, even on easy it looks hard for the drums..that foot pedal would have me dizzy.

Jewel ~ That's great news about the C25K...thanks for the heads up.

~ on the three pounds and hey, don't worry about the comments. I would just say no thanks and change the subject or say your being more aware about what you put into your body. You don't have to mention you're trying to lose weight, rather just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Susie ~ You are darn right chicky. I have a search party out and waiting...with rollin' pins in hand. You hang in tell me what you need, and I'll try to help the best I can.

Shasha ~ Pretty picture darling and yes, your son isn't the only one obsessed with Call of Duty...I am to. Love em.

MsP ~ on the NSV darling.

As for me, I'm sitting here writing this in my Juniors 15's and I still have them on..I didn't have the heart to take them off...I have no where to go or nothing to do and I've got these jeans on. I told the boys this morning that they might as well get used to me having "real" clothes on all the time. I might not be able to leave my house often, but dangit, I'm losing the weight and getting back into all my I'm gonna wear em by george.

Darth scale is still being a pain since the pancake incident, so I'm waiting on it to stabilize, plus I think I have finally gotten rid of TOM that should help. You ladies have a fab day.

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I'm doing my check in
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Good morning chickies!

LTBH ~ Woo hoo on the 16s!!!!

MYSTICAL ~ So nice that you have a nice grocery store nearby. It must be nice to have the whole family involved. I wish I could get my DH motivated. Since I do all of the cooking, he eats what I fix, but I can't get him to do any exercise.

DELPHI ~ TY for the encouragement. I don't have a PS 3 or a 360. At least I know what a ps3 is, but what is a 360? How does it make you burn calories? I want it, whatever it is! I most certainly will not "take you down a notch." You should feel good and appealing, you are lookin haawwwt! Enjoy it! lol on sittin' around in your junior 15s! Ten years ago, I lost 20 lbs and got down to 145 and a size 10. I didn't shed my clothes as soon as I came home like I do now. The clothes were comfy, and I looked good. Now, as soon as I get home, it's sweat shorts and a tank, things I won't wear in public. So wear those jeans by golly.

TUMMY ~ TY you too! I"ll have to check out that plyometrics. That 980/hr is crazy! You look amaaaazzzinggggg! Congrats on the 40 lbs!

SANDYE ~ Okay, okay! Your pep talked worked! Thanks. What is this workout you speak of? It made you crack up? I must get to the exercise thread! Not that I know anything, but if you aren't doing as much cardio now, it seems like you wouldn't be burning enough cals to move ol Darth. Just a thought. Hope you have fun a Js today. I'm sure you thought to bring healthy food so you don't have to eat cookies for lunch!

JACQUEE ~ Congrats on teh 125!!!

FSA ~ "Inner sexy diva!" Thanks

SHASHA ~ My group has potlucks at least once a month. I have passed up the last two. I find that if I don't allow myself to see the food, it is so much easier. Smelling it however, is a bit harder to get away from. This time it was a breakfast PL, and of course bacon and sausage and pancakes smell awful good, and I don't even eat any of those! Woo hoo on making the halfway point!

JEWELIEK ~ Three and a half miles in under 30 minutes? Wow!

MSP ~ What a great NSV!!

SUSIE ~ Good to see you back. Sorry you are going through stress right now. Feel better soon :vibes:

NELLO ~ Wow on the 16s! Can't wait til I go down a size.

SG~ Congrats on the loss! I don't go out anymore, so I don't have anyone encouraging me to drink. Just know that you are doing something good for yourself. Let your friends wake up with the hangover while you wake up, work out, and feel great!

Pheew! Chatty girls this month! Well after a couple of days of funk, I feel better. I am down just.2 after a full week of eating right and exercising (except yesterday, more on that in a minute). I'm off today so I got to work out in the mornings which is so nice! I feel energized and good. I usually do the treadmill on Saturdays, but I'm feeling the need to break up with him. He's just not doing it for me. He's a bore. I need someone more exciting. So this morning I started looking for a new guy. P90X? Oh yeah, in a few months maybe, he's waay out of my league. Jillian? Denise? Leslie? Ok, I found Walk Away the Pounds at the used book store, and it included the one mile walk video. So Leslie it is. Granted, it's for beginers, and just one mile, but I worked up a good little sweat and it was much more fun than that boring treadmill. I did it twice, and plan on doing it again later. I saw her other DVDs at Target, so I plan to buy the longer workouts. I think she has 3 mile and 5 mile DVDs. So I didn't work out yesterday because I needed a sports bra. When I tried to do HIIT at the gym the other day, it was not pretty. Oh, trying things on, mirrors, Most of the bras are so lame. No support. The one I bought feels like armor, ouch! So here I sit in my armor, I walked two miles, got caught up with you girls, and the day is young. I feel like a stay at home mom! The three kids left at home are 23, 19, and 17 and still snoozin and DH is at work. I love it! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
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Wow tummy you look greats congrats!

Ok so I worked out on thurs. and did a full body workout man am I sore! I wanted to do some cardio yesterday but spent most of my day at a car dealership getting my new car yay then I went to quiznos then on to the movies so I totally blew it with diet and exercise (I went and saw the perfect getaway which was actually pretty good) ok do you guys have any good ideas on how to drink enough water for the day? I always forget. Also does anyone use any of the following for weight loss aid: **********, green tea, apple cider vinegar or weight loss pills? Just would like some second opinions if anyone has or is using them! I want to go ahead and do the full body workout I did on Thursday again today with p90x I am doing shoulders arms, legs, back and ab ripper. Another question... is 4 days a week enough for me to be working out and losing weight if I alternate strength training and cardio because 7 days a week just burns me out?! Thanks and congrats everyone on their progress

p.s. how often are you guys weighing yourselves?
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Twilight ~ I weigh everyday. It was a good way for me to record daily fluctuations over the months, that way I didn't freak out if I saw a gain etc.

~ Hey sweetie Glad you found something that will work for you. I have to switch my stuff too often, as I get so bored easily, but I think as long as we do that we wont lose interest and we will keep fighting the good fight.

Susie ~ Good to see you checkin' in.

As for me, I just finished up Day 3 outside in the 95 degree weather. Whew!!! Talk about being hot. I love it though, I just wish we could do it twice a day or everyday, I just feel so energized when I finish. I think I'm gonna start adding Rock Band to my exercise time. It sounds crazy, but I'm on my feet burning "extra" calories, which essentially is a form of exercise right? I played for a few hours this morning and burned 400 you subtract your resting metabolism, and I probably burned 290 extra calories. At any rate, I gotta get my butt up and get back in the shower. I'm still sweating from my workout. I can't wait to start week 2 Tuesday.
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Afternoon ladies,

Dcapulet - in control my be the very best thing, the weight will always follow control, great job getting back into the swing.

Delphi - Awwww, you're nice, you're lucky you are not a construction worker cuz I'd show ya a thing or two but since you're you, whistle all ya like. Dh doesn't really know what to think or maybe what to say is more like it, he doesn't want to say wow you're looking smoking hot b/c as he put it, that would diminish how hot I was before, to him anyway and he doesn't want me to feel like I wasn't desireable then. He's weird that way but it was a really profound, sweet thing to say. And even if he's full of crap, he's full of really sweet talking crap and he's a smart boy so we'll give him some bonus points anyway. Sleep in those jeans darling! Banish anything with elastic, ugh. Maybe everyone could send me their stretchy comfy pants and I'll have a bonfire in my backyard. You'd be able to see if from outerspace. LOL the pancake incident, it's like watergate now. That's psycho 95 degrees holy! Does sweating out 4lbs count in your burn? You are one delightfully determined young lady

Susie - Hey chickie, how ya doing?

LTTG - Oh I do see where Sandye got her sense of humour that was just hilarious to read, armour bras are great and they keep the preachers son away too. Honestly the p90x can so be your friend soon, the plyometrics will make you say bad swear words in a good way, the crazy thing is that 980 was without doing all the movements, some I could do totally and others were modified so I didn't die, I'm totally going for 1000+ next time I do it. Dh even came downstairs to find out what all the cursing was about, opps I feel ya on the change, my new guy, (who is totally ripped holy crap! ) is funny and the change is sooo nice, I'm dumping my elliptical for awhile once HIIT is done, maybe he could hookup with your treadmill and keep each other company. And thank you, I like the way 40lbs doesn't look for sure, and look who's almost at 10! Super exciting!

Twilight - I'm just good old fashioned water and super clean food. Of the earth or had a mother and as much organic as I can find, and no artifical chemical stuff like aspertame, slenda etc. I do have a super strong cup of coffee in the morning, borderline expresso to jive up the thermogenisis but otherwise simulant free. I've heard good things about a guarana/white willow bark supplement that my friend takes (essentially caffiene and aspirin) as a fat burner, no idea what it's called but she swears by it. It only has those two things in it too, I know there are tons out there that are loaded full of god knows what. 7 days a week is definitely too much in my little old opinion, even with P90x you're only doing 6. I would suggest working out whatever you can maintain, if four days is doable for the long term then go for it. I really think it's all about the intensity of the workout, if you're doing 6 a week and kinda just coasting and 3 a week where you give 'er then I'd go with less and you'd probably get the same burn anyway. And I too weigh daily, I like to see my natural fluctuations and I have become desensitized to it a fair bit where I know what to expect. Some days it still irritates the living daylights out of me but that's the exception to the rule now. Also if I eat things I shouldn't have I want to see that too, hiding from stuff like that is what fat me did.
Wow that was long, I'm full for hot air some days

Ok, gotta go hit the workout #2 and do some more sweating and then showering and I really need to hire someone to cut some vegetables for me, honestly some days it feels like all I do is peel, cut, wash, slice and dice, I'm a stinking infommercial!
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After dinner check in
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Hi girls!
The scale was down a little this morning .2 , 175.0. Unfortunately I probably gained it back today, I've snacked alot. I don't know why but I was so hungry. I don't think I did too much damage, but I don't know for sure because I didn't have any way to track my calories. We were out of town and was snacking on sushi rolls and other stuff. I ended up eating a chicken salad from Chik-fil-a for dinner.

I got a cool asian symbol plaque at the flea market for a $1. Then I got an even nicer one at the asian market for $12. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got some very nice chocolate brown towels, bath rug, and accessories. That store is so cool, it was the first time we had ever been.

Tummy: You look great!!

Hope you all had a super day!
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well, i hate to say it but i blew this months goal..didnt check in yesterday...

hubby is leaving in less hen 12 yrs for 14 not so good..i think today maybe 500 cals...yesterday we went to see julie and julia...great movie, had diet pop, and popcorn no butter, and put the bag 2 chairs beside me, so i couldnt easlie get to it, and ate less then 1 tenth of the bag....

stepped on scale today up .4lbs, but lovley TOM is here, so im not stressing about it. Okay time to get to bed, up in 5 hrs for a run, then on the road for 12 hrs, to take hubby off.

have a great sunday everyone!!

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Twilight -- I carry a stainless water bottle with me wherever I go and drink it all the, house, park, etc. Then I just refill it and I drink tons of water that way. I have a 40 oz one that makes sure I drink enough, but also a smaller one if I am lazy and don't want to haul the larger one around, lol.

Well--I'm uber proud of myself as yesterday my daughter and I went to watch a movie in the park and I was sooooo tempted to bring a ton of snacks. I decided ot go get some of this organic no oil popcorn that is only 220 cal a bag, but when I went to the store they were out. I roamed the snack aisle picking up cheetos, fritos, doritos, caramel corn.....normal buttery popcorn, etc....and finally settled on a bag of cherries! Yay me! They had free popcorn at the park, but I was sure it was pretty calorie laden, so I only ate a few handfuls. Considering popcorn in my favorite food on earth--that is saying alot for me!
Didn't weigh in today, so hoping for a bigger result tomorrow!
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It's late at night here, so I won't be doing personals until tomorrow. I did want to take a look at what everyone is talking about with Tummy, and I gotta say, OMG you are looking smokin' good girl I can't believe that's you in only 3 months and of course Woohoo on the panties!
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Default Good Morning!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

I hope it's not too late to join this group, but I am looking for some serious motivation and much needed support to get back on track. About 8/9 years ago I lost over 103 pounds, but gained about 20 lb. back. Now, I would like to lose those 20, plus the last 11 for my goal weight. My deadline is January 1, 2010 School is starting again in 2 weeks (I am a principal) and between the stress of that and personal issues, I fell off the wagon a year ago and haven't been able to find my mojo again.

My concrete goals for August, lose 5 lbs. and exercise 4-5 days a week. It has been difficult during summer with vacation and now my mom's visit, but I am committed to making it work. Also I have a birthday coming up November 28th and I want to look good for a family trip we are planning for then.

Wishing everyone much success. I hope I can keep up with all of you!!! NIVEA

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Morning all
I'm procrastinating about my weigh in this morning - don't want to face the music.
Think I'll go take my walk first ....

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Goood morning! It's gonna be a hot one today so I'm headed to my sister's pool! Totally worth the 1.5 hour drive.

Delphi - Man, if I could wear junior size 15's.... I'd be wearing them, with a tank top and checking out my butt every 3 minutes in a mirror thinking I'm all that so... LIVE IT UP!

Late - I have the 1, 2 and 3 mile walk away the lbs and I always enjoyed them (as much as I enjoyed any exercise), they can be as taxing or as easy as you want them and I love the progress bar they show at the bottom periodically.

twilightfan - Congrats on the new car! Always a fun feeling when you get to drive away in that new car. I actually crave water so it's not hard for me to get it in... but I will say I always have a bottle of water with me. I don't go anywhere without one, the office, the living room, work, the post office, the grocery store. I re-use the bottles for a week and I have a rotation of about 3.. I fill them up, place them in the fridge and then refill and exchange when I empty one. I don't own a scale at home and prior to joining this challenge I only weighed myself once a month at my official Curves weigh in... totally doesn't bother me either. I'm more focused on body fat percentage and the like anyway. I do a quick "check" once a week for this thread but I don't really count it.

ruth - How is the bathroom coming along?

Ok, that's all I've got time for! See ya!
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Just got back from vacation. Fun fun fun! And the weight on the scale is not too bad.

Had to hunt for my goals but here they are:
Lose 10 lbs in August. -1lb
Eat OP
Not get sidetracked on vacation.
Not let starting school freak me out.

Good luck today!!

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