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Sandye Thanks for the I did 40 good minutes on the treadmill and I'm thinking about doing some pilates later.
Shasha The shrimp is great, I've made it a few times and we all love it. I use a recipe that doesn't deep fry the shrimp, its not super light but its not too bad calorie wise. Here is the recipe I use
Sometimes I don't use as much oil and you can always cut back on the salt if its too salty for you. My husband always gets it on the chinese buffet and has wanted me to learn how to make for a long time. I love that it's pretty easy and doesn't take a lot of time.
Darby Yeah I know about the sushi rice but I was trying to stay away from the white rice and make it healthier. The brown rice I used is called sweet brown rice and is supposed to be good for sushi because it is sticky but it was too sticky, wet, and mushy and just gross. The kids didn't mind it though so I pawned it off on them lol. I told DH last night to go ahead and pick up the sushi rice today after work and I make some more because we still have plenty of the cut up veges left.
Delphi Glad you got your computer fixed. They can be such pains sometimes.

So I'm up a pound today and was shocked because I knew I didn't eat that much yesterday so I was able to roughly figure my calories from last night and at most I had 1700 all day. Then I looked at the calendar, yep PMS is due. I hope its gone tomorrow.

Hey to all the rest of you chickies!
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One day at a time.
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Hey everyone, I wanted to check in after being missing for a few days. Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday. It was amazing. And from my last post (page 13 or 14) I've lost 7 pounds! I'm quite excited that I lost and didn't gain any on my birthday. And I ate my ice cream cake and pizza (movie theater 1/2 pizza) I did watch what I ate. I'm one of those that buys a huge drink and extra large popcorn for movies; my trick this time was I didn't buy anything. My friends ALWAYS share everything. G.I. Joe was amazing! I'm reading to catch up on everything I missed, but I wanted to check in before my best friend and I get our belly buttons pierced and go to the closest Lover's. Sort of a Happy Birthday to both of us; Mine was on the 8th and her's is 8 days later on the 19th. I hope everyone is doing great! I will be posting soon to everyone else, I just wanted to update my progress in case I get stolen before I can read all the posts. Needless to say; I've lost 2 more pounds than my August goal. What's even better is I haven't been trying. I mean, I've been watching my meals and walking an hour a day, but not "I have to lose weight." I actually lost 2.5 before my birthday for organizing the office and moving Christmas decorations and the HUGE air conditioners upstairs. I was sore! I hope all of you are doing great! Keep on trying. We CAN do it!!
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Hello Ladies!!

Sorry I was MIA... Getting ready for my first book signing!

FullsteamAhead.. my goal is to be out of the 180s.

Sadly.. my meds have made me constipated.. I hate that. All bloated and icky feeling. So now I'm on Fiber.. EWwwwwwww tastes like drinking Tang Flavored Sand.

Not being able to ride my horses takes away so much of the physical activities that kept me in shape, I am having a hard time finding other things to replace it. Especially since I am limited on what I CAN do because of my back. Go figger.. to get my back better to avoid surgery... I have to lose weight and get in shape.. yet because of my back.. I have very little I can do as far as actual exercise.... I am going to try swimming. And I am SOOOO not a swimmer...

So have a wonderful weekend ladies and I will post results of my book signing!!
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One day at a time...
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Hi chickies!

Wow, first day back to work and I get a migraine! Sucky! Those long, 3 hour and yet pointless meetings do it to me every time. By the time the end of the day came I couldn't even manage to stay late and get some real work done.. and the drive home was done at 40 mph and on back roads because I could tell I was definitely impaired. But, an imitrex, 3 16-ounce bottles of water and a 2 hour nap later... and I'm feeling nearly human (except for that whole feeling like I'm breathing underwater thing that imitrex does to me).

I've scanned everyone's posts but don't have the energy to do personals. I will catch up tomorrow, I promise (I think). Right now I'm just feeling thankful I worked out this morning and didn't put it off until tonight because it would never have happened.

I am feeling a bit low right now because no one at work seemed to have any inkling I've lost any weight. I know my ticker says 2 lbs but that was a month ago (weigh in and measurements tomorrow!) and it was minus 6 lbs of fat and plus 4 lbs of muscle at the time and my DH keeps saying I'm shrinking.. my work clothes were so loose and yet no one said a word. I'm asking too much, I know... but still.. would have been nice. Oh well. Hopefully I'll have an excellent weigh-in tomorrow morning and I won't give a crapola.

Take care!
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Ready for final round!
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Hey everyone! I been so lazy lately its awful. I dont know why I cant get myself into the swing of things with excerise. My diet is healthy (although more than it should be)! Im still loosing weight. Just not as much as I would be if I actually got off my butt !!!!
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Good evening ladies!

~ Mmm, P.F. Chang's is so gooood! I am so glad there's not one out here to tempt me! Their orange chicken is too good to resist! I hope you had a great time at dinner! Congrats on already making your August Goal! That is just awesome!! Good luck on making your next goal, looks like if you keep going the way you are, it's in the bag!

FSA~ thanks hun! And no problem with the reminders, I'm just glad nobody is throwing rocks at me for being repetitive! Glad to see you're back into the swing of things with your exercise!! I'm so proud of you!!!

shasha~ hey don't sweat those 2 lbs, I'm thinking it's not going to be sticking around long. It could be water weight, it could be muscle--remember, the scale can't tell the difference between water/fat/muscle! You're doing great! Just keep your eyes on the prize and ignore that evil Darth Scale for a couple of days. Have fun this weekend! I'm with you--LA traffic is awful! I never could figure out how people could drive in it every day! Nor Cal was bad enough for me, but So Cal? No thank you--every time I had to be in a car on the freeways there I would have to practice deep breathing!

dcapulet~ sorry to hear your week isn't going as well as you'd like, but, you're exercising still right? So you're doing a great job there! I'm a calorie counting freak! It really does keep you on track (well, at least it does for me )), so I bet if you start keeping track you'll have an easier time staying OP. How's your son btw? Is he back to 100%, I hope so!

Mystical~ Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Yeah girlie!! That's awesome news! See, you just needed to get settled and back to your healthy self and now things are back on track! You did a great job getting through the past few weeks, you deserve a metal for staying as on track as you have been with moving and unpacking and and and...WTG hun!!! Congrats!!!

TUMMY!!!~ aha! I KNEW you couldn't just leave and not check in! Yay! So glad you're having a good time and YEE HAW at makin' those jaws drop chica!!! I bet that felt fanfreakin'tastic!!! You have fun with your family and check in if you get a spare second or two. We already miss you tons and hope you have a great time!!!

jessica~ hope your no snacking goal is going well! It's tough to stop snacking at night, but once you get into the habit of not doing it, well, it's way easier. Keep up the great work!!

Susie~ girlie I was just about to call you out to see where you were! Glad you checked in! Sounds like you're super busy--be sure to take some time for you k?

Delphi~ okay, I can officially breathe now...whew! I'm glad you got it figured out! Man, you're still sore from your power painting? Geez, I'm sorry hun, I know how you hate being laid up. But hey, isn't that great? I mean, it's wonderful to think that you're getting all bunched up because you can't exercise isn't it? I've recently become the same way--I'm even thinking about ditching my Day Off! Still on the fence though...Anyway, we'll catch ya tomorrow girlie, hope you get a good night's sleep!!!

Ruth~ Woo hoo!!! Atta girl!!! That's what I wanted to hear! WTG hun, you did awesome! Glad you were still able to workout after the brutal whoopin' I gave ya! LOL That shrimp sounds yummy--thanks for posting the link to the recipe! Sorry about the gain, stupid TOM strikes again--why does he insist on bringing extra weight with him? And in some cases, like yours, have it sent on ahead of him? Why?! Argh...

Miss Mallee~ My goodness, you're a weight loss machine! Congrats on surpassing your goal! Wow!!! Sounds like you had a great Birthday! Hope you have fun getting your belly button pierced! Ahh, I remember when I got mine it hurt right afterwards!!! It's long gone now though--ditched it when I got pg with my first.

hotsplashes~ ooh, a book signing? I didn't know we had a bonafide author in our midst! Congratulations, I hope it goes well! Sorry to hear you're backed up, that's just rotten! I don't have any real advice for you, just plenty of fluids, fiber, ya know everything they tell ya to do. Anyway, looking forward to hearing about your book signing! Have fun!

SG~ aww hun, sorry you had a migraine! Those are simply awful!! I hope you feel 100% soon!! Ya know what, chances are people are noticing, but sometimes people don't comment because they don't want to bring it up for lots of reasons. Jealousy or guilt that they aren't doing something about their own weight, they don't want to offend the person who's losing weight (by acknowledging that they look better than before, kwim?) and sometimes people are just oblivious and don't notices things like weight. No matter though, because YOU know you're losing weight and inches and are on your way to a healthier you! You have so much to be proud of!!! You just keep up the great work hun! Btw, I'm not sure if you saw my post over on the exercise thread from yesterday, but I gave you the breakdown of how many calories I burned during the C25K.

Heather~ getting up off of my butt was my biggest struggle. I would start a diet, lose 20 lbs and never exercise--all the while telling myself I should. It's tough to get motivated that's for sure. The one thing that's helped me more than anything is this group of girls and seeing all the hard work they put in every day. For some reason, there's something about having to report back to these girls that keeps me on track and working out. I will say this though, you just have to take that step. Even if you don't want to, even if you hate every second of your workout--once you finish you'll be proud. You'll be so glad you got up and DID it! You'll feel like you did something good for yourself and you'll feel energized emotionally. And the next day when you're sitting around saying to yourself, 'I really should get up and exercise' you can look back to the day before and remember how good it felt to get that workout in, to be able to say you did it. You just have to get step at a time...Come on, you can do it!!!

Well girls, tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have to wake up at 5:00 to workout! Whew! Although, something tells me I'll end up waking up early anyway . Oh well, it's always nice to have a little quiet time in the mornings after my workout so it's all good.

Hubby went to the Colts game tonight with his Big Boss and I got to stay home with the kiddos. Not that I mind staying home, but I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to go too--especially since I was invited and it was in a Suite! Ahh well...

I made a double batch of squash muffins today--I had a ton from the garden and I knew you could make zucchini bread so I found a recipe online and tweaked it to make it lower in cals and fat. I put them in the freezer for another time since I have banana muffins already made for the kiddos. Man I love baking...and breads like pumpkin, banana, zucchini--but especially the pumpkin--they are my weakness! alive, I'm going to need lots of will power come Fall!! Girls, be ready to sprinkle me with !!!

Well ladies, I'm going to turn in for the night. I'm tuckered out and need some shut eye! I hope everyone had a great Friday and that you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Night all!
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Miss Mallee.............congratulationsssssssssss on having met goal! :c heer: Keep up the wonderful work!!!

Hi girls, a big hi to you all. I am heading to bed ...the sun really made me sleepy. congrats to all of you on the losses.

To those of you who are battling with the scale hang in there! FInd what works best for you individually as far as how often you WI. My weight fluctuates a lot so weighing in too frequently really frustrates me though it works great for others. Just keep in mind that it's natural for our bodies to fluctuate on a daily basis and keep at it....the fluctuations tend to go downard with time....: ). Ohhh jessica, wtg on the workout!

oh i cant find the post now, I must be quite tired. SOmeone mentioned being on plan and losing weight but not exercising yet. Please don't despair, sometimes we are working on multiple goals of that nature and we dont always do everything at once and it can take some time. Bravo to you for being OP and on your weight loss! clearly, exercise is also something you are striving for and that in itself is great....keep at it and remember the positives and the good changes you have made thus far and are journeying on making even more! : )

catch you all tomorrow. A big hello and hugs to all of you. Hope you sleep well girls. Talk i n the morning....
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Our August members thus far... We have a sister thread titled "August Exercise Challenge" for those of you who would like to join us over there as well.

FullSteamAhead: get to last lowest weight and drop a couple of lbs.
sstolte: get below 210
jeweliek: lose 12 lbs., run 48 miles, weight training 3x/wk.
crazymamaof4: lose 5 lbs--MET GOAL!! try more new recipes, eat my fruits +veggies, try calorie cycling, + include more good fats in my diet.
canadianangel: report here everyday, be 205, minimum 50 miles running on treadmill.
UniquelyNormal: eat healthy + exercise.
TERAPET: lose 6 lbs.
Delphi: lose 10 lbs., maintain a 1, 000 calorie deficit 6 days a week.
inthemidst: lose 10 lbs., eat OP, not get sidetracked on vaca., + not let school freak me out.
dcapulet: lose 6 lbs., maintain good eating habits, start getting some work done for school, 1200 min. ex.
Darby1: lose 6lbs. to get under 190--MET GOAL!! Lose another 3 lbs. ex. 5x/wk, work on a ST program, stay within WW points every day.
nellonello: get to 199
ajowens: lose 8lbs. to get to 158, eat all vegetable servings, + walk everday.
misspiggy408: say "buy-bye" to the 140's, wight training 3x/wk, cardio 4x/wk, + no beer during the week.
UrthWurm: lose 6 lbs., eat more fruits and veggies, exercise 3x/wk, walk 1x/day.
Miss Mallee: lose 5lbs--MET GOAL!! eat balanced meals, + start exercising regularly again.
NewShinyMe: eat OP 6 days/wk, journal food intake, keep track of water intake, + stay accountable on weekends.
LateToTheGame: lose 7-10 lbs., 3 days ST + 3 days cardio.
MountainChick: lose 5-7 lbs.
BlueIsis: 2x limit eating out at restaurants, no ice cream or alcohol, reach 120's.
mamatoni: lose 11 lbs. to reach onderland, ex. 5x/wk. No dessert with the exception of elephant ear at fair.
merose: lose 7lbs. to get to 174.
ernurse: lose 2 lbs. per/wk, stay within WW points, 4 bottles water daily, + give support at site daily.
MsPerception: take a multivitamin most days, get into the 140's.
Wifey: lose 10 lbs. +drink a lot of water
Pucedaisy: get down to 145.
wanting2b140: lose 10lbs. to get to 228
chunksoflove: lose 12.5 lbs. to get to 240.
Ruth135: lose 3-5 lbs.
Tummygirl: Lose 8lbs. to hit 177.
bbee: Lose 6 lbs.
Aclai4067: By Aug. 7- no longer morbidly obese--MET GOAL!! By Aug. 13- reach 10% target--MET GOAL!! No candy through Aug.21 (started July 21). Down to 255 by Aug. 31.
princess2323: start exercising again, workout 1 hr. a day, get eating in order, + get into the 140's.
iamren: lose 9lbs.
Shrinking Girl: lose 6lbs, goal weight for end of August is 217.5
Sunny Gee: lose 5.5 lbs. to get to 157.5
Jacque9999: see 125 sometimes in August--MET GOAL!! try new foods! + tone more and lose more belly fat.
susie martin: lose 10lbs. and do a daily chick check in.
ladyfyre: lose 11lbs, take my lunch to more fast food, get to the gym 3x/wk, at least a 1/2 hr. of daily exercise and never be rushed in the morning.
loriehohlf: no post weight in off plan eating, track what I eat, continue with my activity and keep losing.
HeatherEljohari: goal weight of 169.8, 3x/wk at the gym...60+mins. a pop. 40 15 lb. weights, + 40 sit-ups.
KEmery08: venture into the 150's + get involved in some sort of ex. class.
lookingtobehealthy: goal weight of 225.
nellonello: get into onderland.
khunter: lose 7lbs. to get to 145.
Mystical: lose 6-8lbs.
BKKchick: lose approx. 5 lbs. to get to goal weight of 114.5
gillychicks115: lose 5lbs, keep it off, + start strength training more.
rcrough: drink 2.5 liters of water/day, stay OP, + no mindless snacking.
mars540: lose 10lbs., fit a size 8 by Sep.1, + no excuses.
shasha17a: lose 8 lbs.
naz: lose 10lbs.
75togo: lose 8lbs. + ex. 45 min. 4x/wk.
Phenomenal Woman: lose 6 lbs. + ex. somehow everyday.
sotypical: Lose some weight.
Ja23: Lose some pounds.
smileydd: to go from 251
echo: lose 8lbs.
glutio: lose 5-10 lbs.
jessicado22: get into the 260's. Fit into small size 20 pants.
twilightfan: Lose 10 lbs.
Lisan1128: lose 5lbs.+ exercise 4-5x/wk.
Hotsplashes: get out of the 180's
MrsVegan00: lose 7-10 lbs., keep up running with DH, stay on fiber and cut out junk food like chips, and drink lots of water.
holamamacita: be 195 lbs.
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miss mallee... happy belated!

crazymomma: yep, no prob with exercise, but that was never my problem. it's always been the food. I think you're right, counting is the way to go. and yes, my son in 100%, thanks for asking! just in time for vacation. And i have to give him credit... jogging with him keeps me honest, exercise wise. tonight, he just wasn't in the mood for a run, but i talked him through it, and he was so happy when we were done. who knew i could be motivational?

Delphi: glad your CPU is working again!

So i'm posting it here to to be accountable:

For vacation week: Su, Tu, Th, Sat... C25k wk 8. We will also being doing massive walking (between 2-5 hours a day), swimming, too. I vow for at least one sunrise beach yoga session, and I may even rent a bike!!

sleep well, all
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Size 6 here I come!
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I don't post too much but am so happy to announce that I've lost 4 lbs. so far this month!! I joined a contest at work and it has really motivated me watch what I eat. We started July 9th (164) and I'm down to 152 as of yesterday. Just 6 more lbs to meet my August goal!!
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Good morning girlies and Happy Saturday to you all!

I'm off to a gloriously late start--ahhh, it felt so goooooooooood to sleep in past 5:15!!!

FSA~ sounds like you had a nice day in the sunshine yesterday! I totally agree, sometimes you have to take one step at a time--get one part of your fitness plan going strong before you can tackle the next. I always started with drinking my water and eating right and said, 'exercise will follow'. The unfortunate part is, it never did. However...that was before I found THIS wonderful group!! And well, you know how that's working for me!

~ ooh, you and I melded together would make the perfect diet and exercise machine! I can stick to an eating plan, you can stick to exercise--we'd be good to go! Glad to hear your ds is going great! I think it's wonderful that you motivated him to get his run in yesterday--great job mom!!! So you're heading out tomorrow for vacation? Will you be able to check in from time to time? We can't have too many of our girls MIA at the same time! Have fun and do be sure to get that sunrise yoga session in--if for nothing else, the view!

mars~ Congrats on the loss!! Wow, there's nothing like joining a contest to get you motivated huh? WTG!!! Keep up the great work and check in when you can! Good luck on the work contest!! Are there prizes involved?

Well ladies, like I said, I got to sleep in this morning and it was wonderful! Got my last day of week 2 in, breakfast in and I'm rarin' to go--well, once I get my shower in that is. No big plans this weekend other than yard work and housework so nothing too exciting.

Still debating on working out on my day off tomorrow or not...I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow huh? Maybe just a brisk 30 min walk? I dunno.

Okay girls, well you get out there and have a wonderful day! Be sure to be good to yourself and of course, be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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morning girls

I just read t hrough all the posts. I slept so good last night and feel rested today.

Mars, Mystical, and to all on the losses....congratulationssss :co ngrat:

Delphi, I am so glad your pc is okay now. Good for you knowing how to take it apart and do all that! What's up with the swelling girl, how are you now? Hope your better, hugs.

Tummygirl, wonderful to hear from you. I hope you got a chance to catch up with your sleep last night and are having a wonderful time at the wedding. WTG on that run and even on no sleep and with the heat, amazing! great NSV by the way... chat soon .

Shrinking girl, sometimes people notice weight loss and don't always say something becaue they are afraid of saying it the wrong way or offending you. Also, if your still wearing the same clothes (and they are loose , etc) the loss doesn't show up as much to others....when you go out and get that new size and show off that smaller bod they usually take notice more! Hope you feel better today........anyways girl...your rocking it so keep up the great work. You and DH notices have a great weekend.

Hi Sandye oh the squash bread sounds yummy. You do sound like a little baker, lucky kiddos and DH! : ). Hope you got a great nights sleep last night and wake up to a great new day! hugs girl, keep on shining.

hi susie, wtg on checking in , keep at it...... have a great weekend.

ruth, I always get bloated during PMS time...hang in there it will pass. Hope your feeling okay.

sasha, Have a wonderful weekend with your DB and your parents . That's great she got you a gym pass.

Hotspalshes, hi there. I hope you feel better. How about walking? It is one of the safest forms of exercise and it helps strengthen the lower back...among other things of course. Let us know how you make out with swimming, I absolutely love it and I must be working my back because I feel it a little. Keep us posted : ).

dcapulet, wow that is a lot of walking. How I would love to go on marathon walks like that....keep us posted.

heather, hang in there girl ...just keep at it and think about what types of exercise you would enjoy doing. If we do exercise we dont particularly like it makes it hard to stick with it. wtg on being OP.

Hi to all you chickies, sorry i f I missed anyone. ok, going to post this and brb.
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Hi Sandye just saw your have a wonderful day too! : ).

Girls, I am going to start a continuation thread for us which will be titled August Weight Loss Challenge thread 2. THe threads are designed to run optimally under 500 posts so to ensure we keep running smoothly best to start a fresh thread. See you over there chicks. I will be locking this thread to avoid any confusion.

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