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3rd time's a CHARM
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Happy AUG 1ST!

So far today, no challenges... but it's only 2AM haa!

But seriously, looking forward to this new thread
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Woman On A Mission
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all newbies....looks like we have a lot!!! The more the merrier!!! My goals:

  • See 125 at sometime in August (wanted to be there by my b'day, but that is too soon)
  • Try new foods...healthy foods!!!
  • Tone more and lose the remaining belly fat

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Well it's the 1st of August and I'm weighing in at 181 - I'm not sure if I should revise my goal...

I'll leave it for now, I guess it means I only have to lose 7lbs to meet goal this month!

Only 2lb until the 170s! man that's exciting...
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Happy August
I'm ready to pullout of my July tailspin.
I'm up 3 lbs but am pretty sure it's mostly water (must be all the corn chips)

My goal for August is to lose 10 lbs and a daily Chickie Check In

Hope everyone has a good month!

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There is no spoon!
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Good Morning Ladies

I had this long drawn out, first of the month challenge speech all prepared and wouldn't you know it, the dog ate my notes. Ok, so I don't have a dog, but Sandye pretty much covered everything I was going to say, therefore, I will spare you guys my long winded, mush fest and just say, that I am so glad July is over and that August is here. You gals are my

So, I get up expecting that two pound swoosh I ALWAYS see at the beginning of our monthly challenges, alas, I woke up to TOM instead. Well isn't that just Dude, it hasn't even been a whole cycle and I'm starting already? Sheesh, sometimes, I wish I had a time machine. I'd find Eve and slap her silly..all this monthly crap over a freakin' apple...are you kidding me? So yeah, my big news is TOM and I'm still hopefully I'll see some movement soon.

So here we are with a fresh, clean slate. Rome wasn't built in a day ladies. Patience, determination and your commitment will pull you through this month. This is no easy task, but one that isn't impossible either. You will see daily fluctuations of your weight. Some days, you might even see a gain. However, you must NOT let the scale dictate the outcome of your days. Do not let that number on the scale rob you of your will or your commitment. Do not waiver in times of adversity and despair. Keep your heads up, with your goals in hand and show your body who's the boss.

Ok, I guess I need to get busy this morning. I'll check in later and do some personals. Good luck to you ladies and remember to smile.

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live, laugh, love
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Good Morning to all you wonderful Chickies!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and its 1 month till the kids go back to school!!!!!!!!! What else can a mommy ask for, when they are driving you crazy.

august is a brand new month, i think july was hard on alot of us with challenges in our lives, i now i had a very rough month, but still, mamaged to lose some weight...and een though my challenges arnt over..i am not going to let then stop me on my journy. Instead face them face to face, and run them over!

We are strong, we can do anything, and when the times get tough, rember to come back her, cause this is where you will find your life line.

There will be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions, but with each step we take, we will grow stronger and stronger, we are motivated, we are determined and we will KICK butt! xox

luv you all

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Good morning and Happy August 1st!!!!

Ooooh, the good vibes are flowin' already!! I love it!

Now normally I would address everyone and do personals, but I got a late start this morning and after a wonky workout I showered and am just now sitting down to eat. I need to head out and get my Drivers License fixed and then head over to the shoe store and try on some more shoes! Wish me luck--I'd really like to buy some new running shoes!!!

Lastly, I'm still sittin' at 150.2...sigh...oh well, I'll start losing again soon enough. It's almost comical to me now, that .2 lbs just mocking me...well, I'm laughing in it's face instead! HAHAHA you evil .2 lbs! Don't get to comfy because I'm kickin' you to the curb!! Just you wait and see!!

Okay, I'll be back for personals later! Ooh, and get ready for my monthly lecture: Measurements, Why You Need to Take Yours (Even if You Really, Really Don't Want To).

Alright girls, get out there and make today a great one! And be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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There is no spoon!
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Sandye ~ Fix your drivers license? Huh?

Ang ~ Sheesh, you guys have a whole month left? My boys register Monday and first day of school is Wednesday.

Susie ~ August is your month kiddo. Put those walking shoes on girly.

merose ~ Sounds exciting. You are upon a whole new decade. You'll see it soon dear.

Jacque ~ Love dem der goals darling. Good to see you back to. We need a quite smoke New Years Resolution maybe?

~ I to am glad we have a fresh new thread. Good luck..and know that even if challenges arise, you are strong enough to push through them.

Sunny ~

LTTG ~ I want to hear some more stories about Sandye in her childhood..this should be quite interesting. Did she ever put a storm trooper helmet on and streak down the road?

Tummy ~ See this is what I love about you gals. We constantly and consistently push each other. If you can do it, I can do it mentality..ya know? Love it, love it, love it. Oh and I sent you an email with that mix.
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One day at a time...
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Ok, weighed in this morning just for the challenge... 223.5
I hate the scale. I'm much more interested in my body fat percentage though I have to wait for my Aug 16th official weigh-in for that. This weight shows me being down 1 lb from July 14th though I kind of expected a small loss for 2 reasons: I had oral surgery and shoved my face full of ice cream for a week and it's TOM and due to medical reasons I only get it 2-3 times a year and it comes on with a vengeance (sorry if that's TIMI!) so hopefully once it passes I'll see some sort of water weight loss. yeah... that's it... it's all WATER weight!

In the meantime, maybe it'll motivate me to start that C25K.

Oh, right... that makes my goal weight for the end of Aug 217.5.

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Whoo! It's finally August! I weighed myself this morning and my official August weigh in is 195.5. So to get under 190 I'll need to lose 6 lbs. That is totally doable. But what's even better is that I did measurements this morning and I'm down at least an inch all over!! So exciting.

So, crazymamaof4, you are absolutely right! Measure yourselves and when the scale isn't being nice, you are sure to see a difference in your measurements.

So, here's to a wonderful and successful August!
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Back at it...again!
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Happy August ladies! I am hoping for a nice strong start to the month again. I guess that is mostly up to me. I gotta eat right and stay active. July was my most active month yet, so I can only shoot to continue in that direction. I'm off to do a little Wii Fit, then I gotta get serious with my laundry!!!
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Sexy Writer Chick
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It is August 1st and I am signing up for the monthly challenge. I start a new job on Tuesday. It will be a totally different environment. I will be going from self-employment as a Realtor to a 9-5 government job. Normally I am on the go, driving around, grabbing food where I can, going for coffee (and donuts). I am hoping that this change will be good for my health as well.

Today I weight in at 235 lbs.

Goals for this month:
1. Lose 11 lbs
2. Take my lunch to work - no more fast food
3. Get to the gym 3 days/wk
4. at least 1/2 hours of exercise everyday
5. never be rushed in the morning (guaranteed I will forget my lunch)

Wish me luck.
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I want to join in...haven't done this before. I just got home from my weekly Weight Watchers meeting...down 1.2 this week, total of 79 lbs lost! Yay me!

My goals for Aug:

NO post weigh in off plan eating (this is a biggie for me)
Track what I eat
Continue with my activity
Keep loosing!

Good luck everyone!
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Good morning and Happy August! I posted the personals in the July thread, but it was already August for a lot of you, so I cut and pasted below. I lost all of my smilies, though. Don't have time to fix that as I am off to the gym for the dreaded cardio. I'm down .6 this morning. Should I take that as a loss for August or July? Kinda like it to be August but that feels like cheating! What do you think? Have a great Saturday!

Hi girlies.

TUMMY ~ No, there was no tomato trauma in Sandye's childhood! I was a very picky eater as a child and did not force my kids to eat anything, although I probably should have! I KNOW your 2 fewer inches and 5 more lbs look much hotter on you than on me. There's something about weight distibution when you age that is not pretty! Better you nip that in the bud Congrats on entering overweight-ville!

MSP ~ Glad that cheesecake was everything you wanted to be!

SUSIE ~ Come on girl, pick yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day and a new month. Let's go!

FSA ~ Music is the only thing that gets me through my boring cario. It helps with my ST too.

DELPHI ~ I sure would notice if your hair was cut to your bra strap! It seems like it was much longer than that and four inches would not take it that short. I wish I could get away with the long, straight, parted in the middle hair. That was my do for decades, child of the 60s that I am, but when I see women my age with hair like that, I cringe.

NELLO ~ Woo hoo on the five lbs! Is it any cooler there?

LOOKING ~ Take it easy on yourself. You need to heal. You'll be back in the game soon.

JACQUEE ~ LOL on the alcohol. I would find it difficult to give up my wine. Although with my glucose issues, I may have to. I have not had much lately.

ANGEL ~ You have been through much stress yet your weight is at its lowest! You are amazing! I hope next month is better for you and your DD.

SANDYE ~ Yes, I am so proud of you for your progress in tomatoville I'm telling ya, have a home grown fresh one, and you will be hooked. Better yet, have a home grown fresh one with fresh mozarella, fresh basil, drizzed with a little balsamic and olive oil, mmmmm. Taste bud heaven! So which chicken recipe did you try? Was it from the new Cooking Light cookbook? LOL on the "doable" coment. Although after ten years, even if I get back down to 145, when I was deemed "doable" ( I love that man!), the gods have not been kind to the face ala wrinkles and bags under the eyes! I am so glad the boys loved the Legos. I'll send another few hundred pieces soon. And no, I won't beat you, OR make you eat your veggies! That's on you now!

Well, this is it. My first month with you awesome ladies. Thank you so much for welcoming me and for all of the encouraging words. I feel so lucky that all of you young chickies accept this old broad! I checked the over 50 forums, and though they seem nice, they don't post much! No rolling pins there, and I kinda need that Yikes! I hate when older people try to act young, and I don't want to be perceived that way. But it is just so much fun hanging out with you girls! On one hand, I am grateful that I have lived and learned so much, and I really do not want to be 20 or 30 again. One of the great things about aging is the wisdom we acquire, and another is that we realize that no one really cares how we look! In fact, we become invisible, which at first is alarming, but not so bad when you get used to it! Anyway, thanks for everything. See you next month! Oh! I almost forgot! I got my hair cut today, and I hate it! Oh well, no one looks at old ladies anyway! __________________
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Ok...August 1st. I am starting at 189.5 lbs. I have my jogging plan too. This is going to be GREAT!!!!
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