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live, laugh, love
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good morning all you amazing chickis!

today is very glummy here and is threatening rain... we have a birds nest outside of our window, and have been watching the cycle of live since early spring, well all 3 of the little birds left home yeasterday, and now its very quite around my window.

Today is going to be a on plan day, no execptions, and with extra workout time..i think i might go and stair climbing.

7 days till hubby leaves, its getting closer and closer and i have to say that although i will miss him, i will love having my bed to myself.

hope everyone has a great day..and rember that every little baby step counts and toghter we can do this!

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Originally Posted by ajowens View Post
Day one... gthe hardest day of all because of my Birthday and ll but it is complete and I stayed with my goals!
happy belated birthday!

My first big loss this morning... down 5lbs!

So I start this challenge officially at 254, and i hope to leave the 250's in my dust by the end of the month.

have a great day all!
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Good morning ladies!!!!

~ So sorry about your MIL, she sounds like she was an incredible woman! I think it would be soooo awesome if you ran that 5K!! Oooh, that would ROCK! Congrats on ordering bathing suits! I totally know what you mean about not doing things that required wearing a bathing suit--I did the same thing! Thanks for being the progress pic advocate! I figured since you have been so good about doing it, who better to lecture the newbies? I, on the other hand, have only taken one pic since I started this journey and so did not feel as 'qualified' to lecture. I will be taking some today or tomorrow though--you've inspired me to do it!!!

dcapulet~ another C25K'er! Oooh, you're doing so well! I can't wait to be where you are now! I'm just starting out. Woo hoo! Congrats on a great loss girlie!!!!

ernurse~ I hope you're feeling better soon! Keep drinking that water hun!

Ang~ Aww hun, it sounds like you had a rough day yesterday! I can totally understand why you were so stressed! I am proud of you for recognizing that you weren't making the best choices and that you turned it around. Tummy took the words right out of my mouth! Today is a new day and I'm sure you'll make all the right choices hun. I hope you have a much better day and hang in there

Delphi~ sorry to hear Game Spot wouldn't take your AE Active--do you not have the band thingie? I swear, with all the fun games you have, I wanna go play at your house!!! Yeah, TOM showed up last night so we're still cycle twins! He brought with him a freakin' pound though--Grrrr! Ah well, it'll come off...I told you the closer I got to my goal weight the further off it would be! I mean, how much closer could I have gotten? .2 lbs...sheesh! Now I'm 1.2 lbs away thanks to TOM--because I KNOW it's not my fault! I was POP yesterday thank you very much! But sure, email me daily if you want--I could always use some extra Delphi in my day! Haha about your DL expiring! Mine did the same thing--back in January! I slacked big time on getting my license...I mean BIG TIME! I've been here for over 2 years now and have had my CA license this whole time...

ruth~ congrats on a great day! I hope your stomach ache went away and you woke up feeling fantastic!

~ Haha! You know I love my I've always wanted to learn to play guitar too! I really have no excuse besides laziness...we've got a very nice guitar just sitting in hubby's closet. I got it for him for Christmas a few years ago because he wanted to learn how to play...needless to say, he still doesn't know how to.

ajowens~ A day late. I hope you had a wonderful day and congrats on staying within your goals!!!

Susie~ awww, sorry to hear about your ewes hun! Poor little things. I think you're doing the best possible thing planning out your meals for the next couple of days. Be sure to come here too if you need us k?

So, here we are--Day 2!!! What's everyone got planned? Not a whole lot here--hubby took the boys fishing super early today so I'm hoping that he brings home some fish for dinner tonight! We'll see though, at 8:30 they had only caught one fish and I don't know if it was a good size or not.

TOM showed up last night and although he's not causing me any trouble at all, he didn't show up empty handed. He was kind enough to bring along an extra pound! *note sarcasm* What a jerk! I swear, he must have known I was so close to my goal and did this just to mess me up! Well the joke's on him because I will not be deterred! Nope! I'm going to tell him to kiss it!!!

So, official WI & Measurement day--up a pound and down 1.5"!!

OMGosh~ Delphi!! I forgot to say congrats on the huge loss of inches!! An inch everywhere!!! Woo hoo on the panties chickie!!!

*Yawn* well, that's about it for me. Like I said, not a whole lot going on, just a lazy morning (it's my day off of exercise) with me and the girls.

Have a fantastic day and be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!

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Sorry ladies I have been really busy in the new house. Things are finally settling down a bit and I am starting the morning exercising again YEAH!!! I did manage to hit my goal last month I was not sure of what my goal would be this month since 8-10lbs was my goal last month I did hit the 9lbs but not the 10 should I drop it down to 5lbs per month?
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Hello Everyone!

I am almost at goal, and August is going to get me even closer!
Current Weight: 117-118
Goal Weight by the end of August: 112-113 lbs

Method: treadmill, swimming, yoga, strength training, and eating a balanced diet of 1200 calories.

Good luck everyone!
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Back at it...again!
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Today has had a good start. I've done half my exercise, gotten caught up on posts here and we're getting ready to go on a short trip out of town. DH and I are eating out today for our anniversary (12 years), but I will watch portions and make good choices! Hope everyone has a POP day!
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I hope its not too late to join! My august goals are to work more on strength training, and my ultimate goal for august is to lose 5 pounds and keep it off!

I have to go out to eat today so I need to make good choices!
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Ruth - Hope you're feeling 100% today, nothing like trying to sleep with a crazy stomach.

Aj - Wow, if you can do birthday then this will all be child's play from here on out, give yourself a big kudos for that one.

Delphi - It's two pieces, but not like Jacque, this body didn't fare as well during child bearing I'm afraid. It's a halter tankini so the girls get some help, I can tie that knot around my neck something crazy if we need to hike em up. I ordered six tops so we'll see which on fits best. For the bottoms I ordered a skirt ones b/c my entire problem with bathing suits now will be my dimply butt and my weird c-section indentation/pounchy thing. How's that for TMI! But I'm hoping the skirt will do the trick, it's not terribly long and otherwise I like my legs in skirts so I hope it'll be good. We always go swimming so much when we're on the east coast. And lol on pics right after I'm all preachy about it, honestly, a bathing suit is just me naked painted a different colour!

Susie - That's horrible, I hope that's the end of it, my goodness. Great plan too, it'll be so much easier to not stress eat that way.

DCapulet - OMG, that's awesome, 4 more pounds in a month, great start!

CMo4 - Glad to hear it, pictures are great and since you have lost 45lbs and are almost at goal and, and, and you should post them!!! It's a lot of ppl's rest day today, lol, nobody rushing to get anything done, it's so nice for a change. I think if I ever meet a guy named TOM i'm just not gonna like him on principle now.

Mystical - on goal and with moving and all that craziness, WTG!

BKKchick - welcome, another one almost at goal, awesome to see so many ppl hitting their ideals, glad to have you aboard.

MsP - Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your day.

Gillyhicks - Welcome, and it's never too late to join!

These days off always throw me, I get all willy not being able to burn some energy. But I think I may have to start the lawn again but the sky is looking pretty ominous at the moment. It's a long weekend up in Canada, eh? so I will have to wait until tuesday for my new workout DVD's to come in, I'm sooooo excited. I have this whole area set up in my basement with the extra TV and dvd player so that I won't be bouncing around in the living room upstairs. It will be interesting to see what kind of cal burn I get from them.

Just wondering, has anyone lost a pound? It showed up at my house this morning and you know, it can go back! This one was kinda out of the blue, I normally don't gain mystery pounds w/o TOM but everything is as it should be so oddly enough, don't care, which in and of itself is kind of liberating.

To a great day ladies!
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Good Morning this point I should just say good afternoon! lol Happy new day to us all.

Ajowens . I hope you had a great day yesterday.

MsPerception, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Have a wonderful time with hubby tonight .

Delphi...that rockband game sounds like fun! Congratulationssssssssssss on the loss in measurements!

ruth...congrats on a good first day but sorry to hear about your tummy hurting you. I hope you feel better today and your tummy is okay. Keep us posted.

Tummygirl...I'm sorry about your MIL. Somehow that slipped by me and I did not see that...looked for it again and it stell eluded me. know that we are here for you and we luv ya girl! Your an inspiration to all. Hope you having a good weekend. Just saw your most recent post...I'm sure it's fluid, you'll get rid of that pound. Your doing awesome chicky....

Susie.........sorry to hear about your sheep. Wtg on having your meals planned out, I think that's great. Onto a new day we go.

angel....wtg on the determination. Kick butt chickie

dcapulet, congratulationssssss on the 5lb. drop.......that is excellent

Sandye: glad that TOM isn't getting you...good for you kicking it's butt, go girl IT worked out well having today as y our day off with tom and all. Enjoy the day with the kids : ) thanks , you have a fantasatic day too. I'm sure that lb. will be kicked out the back door in no time.

Mystical...congrats on the 9lb. loss last month that is super. REgarding your goals...was last month your first month? We are all different but for some of us the weight loss slows after the first 2 months (but this varies of course). IT really is a personal decision and what works best for you. Sometimes setting a goal on the higher end (taking factors into consideration) can help give us that extra push we need to keep striving for it while it may overwhelm it's really a matter of what works best for each of us at that point in time. Let me know what you decide and I will make the adjustments in the list. Either way,,,,,,,,, congrats on an awesome loss last month . Your doing great!

BKKchick and gillychicks . congrats bkk, that is great. Girls, I will be adding you to the list when I update it.

A big hello to you all.

I have to run. Yesterday was a beautiful day weather wise here and I got in some swimming and dh and I parked away from that town and walked to the festival. We had a nice time but that sun sure felt hot walking. Later in the evening we walked to the fireworks and oh god was so beautiful walking at night. The air felt great and there was a bit of refreshing air coming from the nearby river and ocean. Lot's of fun. I slept like a log last night. It felt wonderful being active. THe day went well planwise except for going over my cut off point late night (that's a no no). Ready for our new day chicks...let's all make it a good one! chat soon
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Wow....just one day and there are so many posts. I wanted to do a long post to reply to everyone, but I'm just not that organized. I'm so sorry. I will keep up so that I can from now on.

TummyGirl: I ran last year started by using C25K and just stopped during the winter so I am having to build back up but love it so I am jogging 3 miles 3 days a week now. I am going to start with the C25K alternating between running and jogging so that I can up my speed now.

Mountain Chick: I feel for you. Congrats on your resolve to tell him no thanks.

Lookingtobehealthy: Great!! Good Luck

Khunter: Here's to your goal before Mexico

For I need to work. I also will be going for a walk and doing weight training.
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FSA Last month was my first month and the last two weeks of this month I didn't lose any I think it was because I was just eating whaterver since we were in the middle of the month. I will put a goal of 6-8lbs for this month and would also like to make it a goal to drink more water.

I have a question for you ladies with words of wisdom. I have a 14 year old son that struggles with weight and he is wanting to get a plan going with me. Is there any suggestions that you might have as far as the exercising goes with him? He is 6' tall and weights over 200 any suggestions would greatly help. Thnks.
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Originally Posted by canadianangel View Post
good evening all you wonderful chickies!

hope everyne had a great day, and everyone has been very positive about starting a new month..hugs all around!

i usually dont come on here at night, but i need to vent and face what i just did... first..hubby leaves in 8 days for about 14 months..and he hasnt gotten the honey to do list done yet..he starts one project but nevers finishes it unless i have a temper..why is it that he always procastanates...and never follows anything threw.eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr son just did the stupidest thing in the world..and i have to say i have never been this disappointed with him, as i am now.........

third..wich i know better but just did it because of stress...i came home from picking my son up at the police station..and went right into the freezer, got out the rollo icecream and didnt even get a bowl, just ate it out of the bucket..i sat beside my hubby and we both just ate it..i know better i dont even like it, but it was a reaction..and after i said to him"why did you let me do that, and he said, cause yoour stressed" and dont you think i will be stressed when the number on the scale goes up...why did i do that, i know better. I have more control then that, im very disappointed in myself..errr so now im going to go and rent a movie and go onto the elliptiacal for the leght of the movie to wear it off...and to release some of this stress, wich is what i should have done in the first place...

wow, i fell better now that i got that more going crazy like that...i am going to get to my goal this month!!!!!!

see you all tommorow, as tommorow is a brand new day
Im sorry for your bad day, and i am also a stress eater. It sounds like you are doing the right thing and trading exercise for eating. GOOD JOB to you.
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Just dropping in to wish everyone good luck!

I moved into the new apartment yesterday but I don't know when I'll be able to get my internet turned on so I won't be in this month's challenge. I'll be back in September, definitely!

Peace loves!
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How do I update my tickers without it going back and changing all of my previous posts or is that possible? I have been going in to edit signature and just recopying my updated info. I want my previous posts to stay the same and just my new posts to be affected.
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khunter ~ Not exactly sure what you are implying? Did you just get your signature? Where are your tickers from? If you just got your signature, than all your posts will have your sig, but none of your prior posts will...don't know why, but that's how it works here.

jasonslea ~ See ya in September girlfriend.

mystical ~ What types of things does he like to do? What is he interested in.

jewel ~ Yep, this thread moves fast, but usually it slows down during the weekends.

FSA ~ Sounds like a lovely night dear. I miss watching fireworks as I haven't got to do that in years.

Tummy ~ Yeah, that is exactly what I have. Skirt bottom and tankini top. But that's so not what I want to be into. I have to admit, I'm starting to get worried about extra skin. Four c-sections and all this extra weight I've been carrying around, can't mean good things as I take the rest of the weight Good luck though, I hope you find something you really like, I know you must be quite excited..and you should be. You look grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

gillyhicks ~

MsP ~ Happy Anniversary dear!

BKK ~ on almost being at goal, that must be quite exciting.

Sandye ~ Sorry darling, but I'm kinda glad he came for you least that puts us dealing with it Are you guys going back to school this week? We have registration in the morning and I have a whole bunch of stuff to do afterwards...gonna get hectic I think, at least the first few weeks until we all get readjusted to school Anything really change for you guys? Anywho, you are doing fantastic, and who knows, maybe you will see a swoosh during TOM.

dcapulet ~ and on that five pound loss. are off to an amazing start. Keep it up darling.

As for me, I'm waiting on my oldest to come home and hopefully squeeze in a few episodes of LOST before we all get to bed. It's been a very relaxing day. I watched movies and played a little Rock Band and just really chilled out, which was nice and I'm sure my body is thanking me, especially after starting the whole running thing. So it was a good day. I will probably wake up early tomorrow, back to my regularly scheduled, insanely early posting again, and then again...I don't know. I have to leave so early in the morning, I'm not sure if I can get either of my workouts in. So dunno! We shall see. So until then, you ladies take it easy and enjoy your evenings.
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