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Ready for final round!
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I want to join aswell. I just spent a week in fl. And boy oh boy I need to get rid of all this junk in my body. My weight goal is 169.8 (because last month this didnt happen) but it will this month!!!!!!!!! Also I will be doing 3x a week at gym 60+ mins. a pop. 40 15 lb weights. and 40 sit ups. Good luck ladies!!!!
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Hi girlssssssssssss.....HAPPY DAY ONE and Happy weekend

You girls rock.......what nice posts and starting out our new day with inspiring and motivational words!!!! I'm in a hurry as I am running late so I will be back later today or tonight and I will add you all to the list.

to those of you joining our team. : )

Delphi....I hope you feel okay girl. I suppose at least you will get that darn TOM out of the way so you will be clear the rest of the m onth.

What a day here girls. Beautiful, sunny , and dry! I want to start our new and first day off with good I am going to be sure to get in a walk and report my minutes later on.

WIshing you all a great first day. I have my meals planned out for the day and I will work on drinking my water. IT helps keep me full and release any extra fluids. I'll catch you all later.............Have an awesome day girls
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There is no spoon!
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Jewel ~ That sounds great. Love your enthusiasm.

LTTG ~ From my understanding you can. Today is the first day, any loss definitely counts. Take it and run with it you sexy wonderful woman you.

lorie ~ to the August challenge. Good to have you.

ladyfrye ~ Those sound like some great goals.

Darby ~ on those inches. A great accomplishment indeed.

Shrinking ~ Yeah, Sandye and I are starting C25K Monday, you are more than welcome to do it along side us if ya want.

FSA ~ Yeppers, that is how I am looking at it. I'd rather get it over with now. YOu have yourself a groovy day.

Well the day is off to a slow start for me. Saturdays are such lazy days, and I wont be able to run my errands until six this evening. So it looks like it will be another long day. But I'll make it, even with TOM giving me **** today. I hope you ladies are off to a great start this morning.

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My starting weight for today is 176.8. I was hoping for less, but I guess that chinese food did me in. It never fails, no matter how little I eat of it, chinese food always makes me gain, ugh. I guess its all the sodium, I'm always extremely thirsty after I eat it. My husband can eat it (and lots of it) and lose the next day.

Well today I am going to do well no matter what. I'm coming off TOM and the next two weeks are usually the easiest the lose weight so I want to make the best of it.

So I am planning on being 173.8 - 171.8 at the end of this month. I know my goal is modest compared to some of you ladies but I have to lose weight slow or I risk getting ill. I've dealt with issues for the last couple of years which is why I gained weight in the first place, low blood sugar and other stuff. But I'm so thankful that I have been feeling great the last few months. I envy you ladies that can lose 10lbs in a month, the only time I've done that is when I've been sick. Usually I average 4-6 pounds a month when I am sticking to it. I can sometimes lose 6lbs in two weeks but then I usually don't lose anything the next couple weeks after that.

I'm trying to stay between 1600 and 1800 calories a day. I drink at least 64oz water a day.

I have to really stay focused because my kids start school toward the end of the month (we homeschool) and I will be very busy planning etc. and its easy to let healthy habits go when I'm so busy.
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1. inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic

Let it begin!!!
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My starting weight today is 149.6!!! OK, that seems low, so I'm not really trusting it til I've been under 150 for a few solid days. but I'll take the inspiration! I have some fun times scheduled ahead, so I've got to plan really well to avoid slipping this week.

Let's go, girls!!
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Good morning August!

LTTG - That is the craziest looking turkey I have ever seen, is he on speed? LOL It's true the IL's are dying to see dd, they haven't seen her since February and even then it wasn't for terribly long. I could probably go hiking in the woods for days and they won't even care, well now i guess I have to redo my goal, lol.

Sunny Gee - Welcome! Wow, 40lbs, that's a huge milestone, congrats in advance.

Chunksoflove - your username makes me happy and best way to start the month, easy, even if it's only the first 2hrs, they all count!

Jacque - ok, so I looked at your bikini pics again and I just can't see anything I would label as "fat," belly or otherwise, wow you're looking good! But I totally understand we all have our things we want to fix, loving the goals btw, I was wondering what you were gonna do now that the weights mostly finished.

Merose - It seems like yesterday when you hit 186 and now 181! Holy girl, you're melting!

Susie - I was thinking last night, is it possible to throw out the undesirable food you have around? It might help to not make it suck a struggle if it's not there. Just a thought I had last night before bed, lol, trying to figure this out is keeping me up!!!

Delphi - Thanks hun, it's being downloaded as we speak! You're wicked, can't wait. I had a feeling TOM was heading your way, he left here a few days ago and said he was heading to TN, then off to Indiana to see Sandye. Can you slash his tires maybe?

Ang - LOL, run them over!! That's fantastic. Amen sister!

Cmo4 - Can you also add to your lecture why taking progress pictures are so important? That would be great. Good luck on the shoes, nothing better than a good pair, especially with all your running you're doing now, cuz you're a runner now, sounds awesome doesn't it. You can awe ppl at parties now just throwing that out there.

Shrinking - Delphi and Cmo4 are starting C25K on Monday so you'll have some good support there if you want to give it a go. And no worries we like TMI, it's what we're all about, I had one like that a few months ago when I thought I was gonna pass out for a week, they are brutal. But it's a good way to flush out like 5 lbs though.

Darby - Congrats on the inches, it's so true, whatever way we can find extra motivation, be in clothes that fit, measurements, every bit helps!

MsP- Congrats on last month my the way, I think your vacation workout was the most awe inspiring thing, those 140's will be yours so soon, you're gonna have tell us what it looks like down there, never see 140 country, I bet it's beautiful this time of year.

Ladyfyre - The new job should definitely help with setting a routine for sure. That structure should really help if you use it to your advantage, good luck!

loriehohlf - Wow, 79lbs, that's incredible! Glad to have you aboard.

Jeweliek - Are you doing the C25K too or are you already a running machine?

Heather - Welcome back again, this month for sure! You'll probably have some pounds just in junk release from the trip.

Ruth - Boys sure have a way of dropping weight after eating things, like cake and chinese, it's crazy. There are losers of every speed here too so you'll have some good company, I remeber Late to the Game lamenting just that very thing a few weeks ago.

Pucedaisy - Update that ticker hun, you're 2.5lbs under, take credit! You've earned it. And I love Michael Pollan, Omnivore's Dilemma is on my bookshelf, it's just got a few in front of it first.

It's gonna be a scorcher today, 35 degrees in the shade and the trees aren't moving so that's not good. Not a day for a run outside. Gotta load up my new groovy 80's mix and go get my HIIT on, then must figure out what to do for workout #2, maybe some core circuit training, the possibilities are endless.

Wow, that was a long one! There Sandye beat that

Let's start the month off on the right foot so make sure you're eating right and go sweat on purpose and when you're done, go do it again!
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It's not even mid morning and my husband is already trying to get me to eat bagels & cream cheese. He wants to go to the bagel shop down the street and get them! I told him Ack! He asked if he's has to eat the same bark that I'm eating. Lord, please give me the courage not to He's normally a very sweet guy, but he loves food as much as I do and doesn't understand. I told him I was going to tell on him!
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It's the final countdown!
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Oooh! I haven't participated in this thread yet, but I can use the extra support for sure.

I'd like to venture into the 150's! Only a few pounds away from the 160's.

I'd also like to get myself involved in some sort of exercise class. Step, cycling, Jazzercise, something! I need to spice up my routine.

I'm starting JM:30DS as well. GO ME! Haha.

You can dooooo it!
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There is no spoon!
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Tummy & Sandye if you like that mix, let me know. There are tons of others. One of those gamer geek buddies gave me the link to the entire audio index, soooooo there are plenty.

Oh and Tummy, I think you're right on the progress pictures. That should be a must in any ones plan. Pictures once a month. I think since I updated mine on the 22nd, that I'll just keep with that myself. Then again, sometimes I just feel the need to take pictures...I'm just all over the map like that...but I would appreciate a phone call, message or something next time TOM is headed this direction, I mean come on, talk about a unwanted house

KEmery ~ aboard and good luck.

mountain ~ Yeah, just breathe deep and tell him no thanks. You're doing great.

daisy ~ Interesting on the definition...I had no clue, thanks for sharing

ruth ~ You sound completely focused and that is awesome. It will keep you moving in the right direction.
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my beautiful mess
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Ok Chickies...........Here we go!!

I committed to a 10lb loss in August. I am starting at 190.5. WoooHooo!

I have two planned trips this month and I start back to school (at 49 ). So I figure if I am successful with this challenge, then I can do anything.

Tomorrow is the first of the planned "vacations". Leave at 4am for the airport, fly to Boston, arrive at 10:30. Hang out with the dd till 3:30. Deposit her at the boat and then head back to the airport. Leave Boston at 7:30. get home to the house at midnight. Whew.

This is my plan - because I cannot - will not - eat airport food. Protein shake in the morning and pack protein bars and bananas and some nuts. Healthy and filling lunch with dd in boston. Protein bar and fruit for dinner. Nuts on the way home if I need it. I am being every strict because I am abstaining from bread, sweets, crackers, cereal - so as to break my cravings.

Any advice - is certainly welcome.

Good luck Chicks, we can do this!
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I will post my starting weight tomorrow morning. Good luck to everyone!
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Hi ladies I am back and even though I cannot exercise this month, I will do my hardest to stay OP and drink my water every day...
My starting weight is 230
My goal weight for the end of the month will be 225...
Watch out September when I am cleared for exercise again.
Good luck to all of you on your journeys
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Sensewear and WW
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Hooray for August!! These last couple of days have been so hot (thanks for asking LTG). Wednesday and Thursday were 109 and 105 which for Seattle is hot (no one has A/C). Well today it's only 90 which seems cool in comparison. So I did my first exercise in hopes of starting the day and month off right. I am determined to see Onderland before the end of the month. Good luck to all of you this month. I look forward to reading here about everyone's journey.
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Hi ladies! I joined the August exercise challenge and would like to join the weight loss also. Everyone seems so supportive in this group. My starting weight today is 152 and I would like to be 145 before the end of August. Heading to Riudosa, New Mexico on the 27th of August and would actually like to meet this goal before then.
I look forward to getting to know all of you and your experiences.
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