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Default Mini Triumph

Good Morning all you wonderfuls GG s

Sounds like a lot of you had lovely, cozy weekends. Mine was semi quite. Had brunch with some friends who were in town for the weekend - Since I've been paying attention I've been pleasantly surprised to find that some of the better buffets in town have some amazingly healthy selections. Came up with a spiffy little idea - since I didn't want to drag my day planner out to write down my meal (and I tend to have selective recall when trying to write down my eatings hours later) I used the note pad on my cell phone to jot it down then transfered to the real food log after I got home. Everyone just thought I was checking a text message so they didn't ask questions

Freda! You skinny thing! I am so excited for you I actually got a lump in my throat! Now just because you can move on to the maintainers thread, don't forget to come back here and inspire us to stay motivated too

Gayle - glad you got past the review blues (and without comfort food!! ). I'm a manager and have to hand out those icky things. And yes, we are mandated to point out an area where each employee should improve. I hate that part and no matter how hard I try to make it sound like a pep talk, a lot of people still look at it as a criticism. We do ours in April - this time, even though it's last on the form, I'm going to try getting that part out of the way first so I can finish up with the more positive stuff. I'd love input from you (all of you) as to what would make you feel less focused on the negative side of reviews.

Welcome Karen3! I'm pretty new here too but these lovely ladies have made me feel so welcome and at home that I feel like a long timer. I know it'll be the same for you. Visit often so we can get to know you.

To all you guys looking into the Flat Belly Diet - For the life of me I can't find the exact link right now but you might want to go to and look up which fish are highest in Omega3 (which, from what I understand, is the main reason behind increasing the fish in your diet). I found a site that gave levels of Omega3 as well as mercury (very scary) and not all fishies are created equal - for example, my (former) favorite Orange Roughy has really low Omega3 and really high mercury. Salmon is by far the best with Tuna (fresh or in water of course) a close second.

My mini milestone to keep motivated this week? - took those too tight jeans out of the dryer this morning and didn't have to do the "pillowcase" dance to get them on (you know how you have to shake a plump, fluffy pillow to get it to squeeze itself into the pillowcase? I usually have to do that with my thighs to get them into the jeans when they are fresh from the dryer); I didn't have to lay on the bed to get them zipped AND (drum roll please) after zipping and buttoning, I could bend over to tie my shoes without them cutting off all my oxygen. Still going to be a few weeks before I'm ready to try out those one size smaller jeans that are currently languishing in the closet in the spare bedroom but I think I won't move them to a box in the garage just yet

Healthy, Happy day to all
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Default Interesting

Gosh Lynn, I knew they always give you a specific range you are supposed to shoot for when doing cardio but always assumed it was to keep from stressing your heart too much. Never had a clue it could effect your resting metabolism. Guess I'll need to pay more attention to mine too. Thanks for sharing that - see, you're teaching even when your not teaching
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Simply Filling Technique
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Smile It's been awhile since I have posted here

A lot of changes have happened since I posted here last. I switched diet plans in early December. I went from WW Flex Points to the South Beach Diet which I have begun following since the first of this year. I am very satisfied with the results. It is not as difficult as I expected that it would be.

My personal changes have been more dramatic. My mom is critically ill and she may be on death's door. She was told she had two types of cancer the week before Christmas. She had a hysterectomy a week ago for uterine cancer. She has had a multiple sequence of complications: acute renal failure, low B/P, massive blood lose, the stroke which they still don't know how much damage it has caused and now an infection in her incision site. She is 73 and diabetic but she was okayed for the surgery and they told her they felt she was healthy. I live 1000 miles away and because of some serious financial problems I am facing I probably will not be able to go there until she dies and then I will have to borrow the money to do that. My only sibling and sister is there. My Dad had a stroke 9 years ago but he is in good health. Two of my sister's children are both going to be in the same hospital as our mom this comnig week when one has heart surgery and the other thyroid surgery. I feel for my sister. She is getting this in spades.

My way of dealing with this is a rosary each day and to follow my food plan. We can't control a lot of things in life but what we can I want to.

It is cold here in Atlanta too and we had snow on Saturday. I got some lovely pictures of it. I am from the Midwest and although I don't miss the blizzards and bitter cold, it was a real treat to see the soft falling snow. I was able to get out in it a bit and then watch it from my windows. Just lovely.

Have a warm day today ladies
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Freda!! That is Wonderful News!!! I'm sure you are still up on And you have every right to be!!! That is just great! We are all very proud of you!

Wow Lynn, I didn't realize that getting your heartrate up to high could actualls slow down your metabolisim. I hope that all get straightened out for you soon. Be sure and let us know how you are doing.

Zoe--- I saw the big fire in Lawerence--- Sure hope you are all fine and that wasn't close to you. Please let us know how you and your sister are doing.

pamatga--- I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I know how worrisome that can be. That is why we have our house for sale and we're wanting to get moved back to MO. We are about 850 miles away from my Dad and he is 88. He had quadruple bypass and is doing pretty good but he will never be able to live by himself again. Right now he is spending days with my sister and nights with my older brother. Will keep you in my thoughs and prayers!

Well, guess I'd better get going for now. I'll try to get back later.
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Hi everyone..just a quick fly by..pamatga i know just how u feel as my mom is ill with cancer too; shes 86 and lives in minnesota and im in keeps me away from her and it breaks my sucks sometimes doesnt day at a time tho right snowed yesterday and then warmed up and rained all night..its a real mess outside right now hope u are all having a good day rosey
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Just a real quick note to say that my sis came through her valve replacement surgery with flying colors (typical sis!). Can't tell you what a relief this is to me; I've been teary-eyed most of the past two days. Waiting now for another call from my neice. I'll check in tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the care and concern from everyone. It really does help!

Hugs to all,
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hi you all....Just read about having sick parents. Been thru that and know how hard it is. I lost my Dad years ago and miss him just as much today. We lost my mom,dh's mom and dad in a 2 year span just before we retired to Florida. Kept going North for funerals....and discovered that the amazing ladies of our old church who were OLD when I was still a kid have not aged. How come I look in the mirrow and shock me everytime and those sweeties stayed unchanged.
Day 2 of level one and ate 7 portions of vegies and kept up with drinking water. Cravings are still banging around in my head and wanna just stuff carbs into my mouth. Not hungry just wanna chew. Played bridge at club and we had 23 tables. So there was 4 hours I never thought about food. Another day and I should be over the cravings. I will direct the game next Friday.
I must tell you what my Dad did for me. He died in 1967. When we were packing to move to Florida I gave my daughter a batch of his books on horses and carriages. She called me in tears. In one of those books she found a letter he had written to me one side was dated 1953 and other was 1955. He was telling his teenage daughter how much he loved her and how proud he was. He mailed it and then when it arrived put it unopened in the book. So I got a love letter from my father 37 years after he died. Wish I could do something like that for my 2.
Sorry you all are so cold. We had a cold spell but it is warming up nicely. I could heat the pool, but hate to pay Progress Electric anything extra. Stay healthy....karen3
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Default New member

Hi Everyone I am new here. I really need to lose about 50 lbs. I dont know where to start. Should I buy excersice tapes? I thought about walking for about an hour a night. Would that be effective? I am 58 years old but my health is fine, other then being overweight. Its a big battle, I cant seem to lose. Anyone have any tips? Nice meeting all of you

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Good Morning Golden Girls, I was very surprised this morning when I looked out the window and saw several inches of new, white stuff covering the ground. It wasn't expected, at least by me. But, my grandaughter spent the night and I was too busy watching cartoons and playing games to listen to the weather. Hubby got out of the drive way ok, so I guess the streets are ok. and the snow seems to have stopped.

Thanks, everyone, I am happy that I finally got to goal. Now, maintaining is the big problem. And I know I will get the support I need here. How do you stop dieting? Add a few calories at a time? I'm learning a new skill here.

Sandy, glad you had fun at the pot luck. I always have a few low cal things that I take to such things. You never know what you're going to find there to eat and I am not good with temptation! ha!

Gayle, Repeat after me "I am a valuable asset, they are lucky to have me".

Linda, I hope you continue to have fair weather and don't get too much snow. It's beautiful to look at, not much fun to shovel. Although, that is excellent exercise.

Karen3, I'm glad to hear that you are eating well. That is a lot of vegetables! And I like vegetables! Think of the health benefits along with the weight loss. How wonderful to have letters like that from your dad. Like he is still sending his love. something I know you will cherish.

Karen, have you heard back from the people that looked at the house? Fingers crossed!

Lyn, How did the weight in go? I'm crossing my fingers again.

Lynn, I have heard that you need to exercise at a certain rate. I guess we all need to find out now what OUR rate is. I don't quite know the reasoning behind that. Runners lose weight too, their heart rate has to be up. This stuff is too confusing at times.

YoYo, Good idea, using the day planner to record what you eat. And since you're recording everything, it makes you focus more on what you're eating. Most places have at least something you can have. I like to go online and see what they have and decide ahead of time what I am going to get. And then I don't even look at the menu. Don't need anything to tempt me.

Pam, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Prayers for both of you. I'm a long ways from home too, and at times it is really hard.

Zoe, Glad to hear that your sister is ok. Hope the rest do just as well.

Hi Bonnie, Welcome!!! Come on in and make yourself at home. Walking is great exercise. It's cheap and easy and you can do it anywhere. That is what I used, along with weights that I did at home too. You might want to add something else later, but that's great for now. And if you can walk for an hour, you are doing REALLY good. I remember the first time I walked. I got a few blocks and had to sit down. It took me quite a while to build up to an hour.

Everyone, stay warm, Freda
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Originally Posted by ellabella View Post
Just a real quick note to say that my sis came through her valve replacement surgery with flying colors (typical sis!). Can't tell you what a relief this is to me; I've been teary-eyed most of the past two days. Waiting now for another call from my neice. I'll check in tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the care and concern from everyone. It really does help!

Hugs to all,

Oh Zoe, I'm SO GLAD to hear about your sister's successful surgery. This is wonderful news - thank you for letting us know.

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Cool Just another day in Paradise

Morning all,

Wonderful news Zoe! Waiting and wondering when there is nothing you can do can be almost as hard (mentally) as having the surgery yourself. OK, you can go ahead and breathe now

Wow Karen3 thank you so much for sharing the touching story of your father's letter. Funny how we hardly ever think of our parents as real people who care(d) for their children as much as we do. So sweet of him to leave you that special reminder of his love. And thank you again for reminding the rest of us.

Bonnie. You've already made a good start by coming here. I'm still pretty new to my "get healthy and lose weight" program too but what really helped me out a lot was, before I actually started trying to change my eating habits, I spent some time learning to log everything I put in my mouth - and I do mean everything, every stick of gum, every cup of coffee, and every little "taste" and nibble I took while I was cooking dinner. Even if you only take a week or so it'll give you a good idea of what areas you can improve and give you a base to start planning your changes. Then relax and take your time - don't try to change all the not so healthy behaviors overnight. One step at a time will make it a lot easier to stick to. Then, come here as often as you can so you'll know you aren't alone in your journey.

Freda I know you've got to be nervous - I'm not even anywhere near goal yet and I've been worrying about how not to either fall back into old habits or (yeah right) lose too much weight. Even though I for one am a little green with envy (OK a lot green ) we're all still your friends and are here for you.

Have a great day all
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Onward and Downward
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Good Morning (well, it's almost afternoon) . . .

BONNIE . . . you have definitely taken a great first step by coming to join us at 3FC . . . just know you will love it here. Anything that gets you moving more is a great step in the right direction . . . just don't lose sight of healthy eating because that is usually 80% of the weightloss solution.

Glad to hear your good news ZOE . . .

I've done my exercise for the day -- had great fun dancing around the house this morning rejoicing about the fact that we are enjoying another day -- wow -- two in a row and it is at least 15 to 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday, too -- double wow. Of course, they are predicting another 3 or 4 inches of snow starting later on this afternoon. Oh well.

Hope everybody else is having a good day, too . . . See you all later . . .

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Welcome Bonnie!! You are going to just love it here! These ladies are just fantastic and give great advice and support on anything that you can think of!! Love them all! You might think of getting the Walk Away The Pounds DVD's by Leslie Sansone. They are really good and help you do more than just walk PLUS you can do them anytime no matter what the weather is !!

Still haven't heard anymore from the people that looked at the house But yesterday was a Holiday and most places were closed so I still have my that we will hear something very soon!

Zoe, so happy to hear the good news on your sister! Still sending lots of and prayers your way! Be sure and keep us posted

Freda--- I know you must be nervous but I'm betting that you do just fine! You worked long and hard to get here.

Well, Better get busy!! Hello to all the Missing Golden Girls Hope you all have a great day!
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Zoe, so happy to hear the good news ... I know you were very worried.

On day 5 of the Flat Belly Diet.....I lost 4 lbs. and 1" off my waist in four days.
Pretty good. Now day 5 starts the 28 day part of the diet with lots more food but they are wanting me to stay at 1200 cal./day so I have to figure out what to save for an afternoon snack from the meal plan.

I will say it wasn't too bad, I didn't feel like I was starving as on the first 4 days you get 4 meals, not many calories but filling.

I looked at the diet plan for the next 28 days and there is not much can choose from a list what you want to eat that day.

No luck with the people that looked at our condo, I hope your fairing better Karen.

To those of you having Mother's that are ill, I'm sending my prayers to you and your families. I lost mine several years ago, she was only 69 and my Father 2 yrs. before that.....I really miss them.

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Just a quick check-in.

Freda - Congratulations on achieving your goal!!

Zoe - Great news about your sister!!

Phyllis - WOW! one inch off the waist and 4 pounds is great. I may have to look into this!

Meowwee - glad the sunshine got you dancing around the house.

Rosey and Pam - hang in there...I know how hard it is tooo having a sick parent far away. Lost my mom 10 years ago and she was in CA while I was here in NY. My youngest sister took care of her and I made severl trips wet when I could. My prayers are with you both.

Welcome Bonnie All good advice from fellow GGs so far.

As for me - I weighed in and stayed the same after two weeks. I need to start tracking what I eat better. The exericse level is's just the eating that is still not under control.

Well, off to do my eliptical.


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