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Hi Everyone,
Working from home today cuz I'm still not feeling all that great. Haven't gotten any worse though, so that's good. Hopefully by tomorrow this little bug will have passed and I will be my old self again.

YoYo, the story of your 2 MILs made me smile. Human relationships and our endless configurations are just fascinating to me. We have all of our judgments and plans of how our relationships "should" look, and then there are these trailblazers, like the 2 women in your husband's life, who just throw all that foolish stuff to the winds and figure out what works for them. Awesome!

And I certainly understand that sense of "feeling lighter." Frankly, that feeling is worth much more to me than the numbers on the scale. The feeling means that I feel good about myself, and that's all that matters. Good for you, Girl!

Freda, oh yeah - those parental trips! I was a very, very picky eater when I was small. I was told that if I don't finish everything on my plate the sun wouldn't shine tomorrow. Imagine - I was actually made responsible for the sunrise! All I can say to all of you is that you have no idea how lucky you all are that I've become a compulsive overeater cuz otherwise none of you would have seen the sun in 50 years (Hmmm... I wonder... maybe I've overdone it a bit and that's the cause of Global Warming... Just one more reason for me to eat better, huh? )

Karen31 - I really hope for you that your home sells soon. In the meantime, try to find some alternatives to dealing with the stress rather than eating. Is there anyway you can get out and enjoy the snow, since you are saddled with so much of it? Might as well make the best of it - do you snowshoe? How about getting creative and making a snowsculpture, just for the fun of it? Hey, winter is what it is. Might as well find a way to make it survivable, right?

Be well, Everybody...
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Yoyo, I tried it (fluidity) out this morning and got through the beginner video ok...then I took a hot bath and oh, my, I FELT IT. But I think this is going to finally be the "exercise program" for me. I really like it so far...No jumping and hopping and jolting. I also decided to bring my resistance band to school with me. While I'm walking around the room checking on kids, I can start working on the old bingo wings!
Hope I can move on to the next video soon.
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Hi GOLDEN GIRLS I am still here and breathing -- just barely. This is the most tenacious virus I have ever had. 10 days later and still coughing and hacking -- back to see my doctor today -- just saw him last Thurs. Oh well I am hoping against hope that I start to feel better soon and get back on track. I am either not eating or eating all the wrong things -- not sure if I have had more than two or three servings of fruits or vegetables over the last 10 days -- no desire to have anything and if I am hungry it has to be carbs. All this frikken work down the drain because of one lousy bug.

On a brighter note I did not get this bug until I was sitting in the airport getting ready to leave Maui. We did have the most wonderful relaxing vacation -- did two outings. One morning out on the America II (raced in the America's cup many years ago) for whale watching and watch them we did. Even had two males right next to us fighting over a female. The boat captain said that for the humpback whales Maui is their bedroom and Alaska is their kitchen. The next day we were up and out early for a 5 hour snorkelling tour. I even had a baby sea turtle surface right next to me -- it was thrilling and what a sight to see. All tolled that day we spent close to three hours in the water -- thank goodness we rented wet suits. It was a lovely trip here is a link to some of our pictures.

Looking forward to posting and bonding once again with my GG's in February -- my goodness I have less than 9 months to lose some weight before my wedding!!!!!! Better get moving!!!!!!!!
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Hi everyone not haveing a good day. back is hurting
But things could get a little better lol.Ilove to read all the messages.
Loseing weight good this week been exercising a lot
But it hurts my old legs lol Got to cook talk to all later.
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"(Hmmm... I wonder... maybe I've overdone it a bit and that's the cause of Global Warming... Just one more reason for me to eat better, huh? )"

My abs just got their workout for the day I was laughing so hard at that one.

I didn't get a lot of those from my mom - pretty much just the one about clean underwear in case your in an accident. Personally, I think that if I'm in a bad enough accident that someone is having to cut my clothes off, they are probably not going to be able to tell that my panties were clean when I left the house
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