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Yes on the cheese, Angelica.

Well, I have had a very busy weekend so far. Not POP yesterday, but pretty darn close. Today we have the superbowl. I am bringing hummus with veggies and fat free clam dip with baked chips. I am going to save all of my starches for the game. Sams club had both of the new Laughing Cow lite cheeses yesterday, a 3 pack for 6 bucks and change. Since my local grocery store charges $4 bucks for one wheel, I was glad to pay it. I bought the french onion, and my sis bought the garlic and herb, and we swapped so that we can both try all of the flavors.

NSV- Bought a beautiful new coat at Sears for $30.00, size large. Ran into my cousin in Walmart that I have not seen since summer, and she went on and on about how great I am looking. Ran into my aunt at Fred Meyer, and she said nice things about my new size. Said NO to Cold Stone on Friday, Valentine cookies dipped in dark chocolate on Saturday, and pina colodas on Saturday night. Wow, so much temptation, so little time!

Have a great Superbowl Sunday everyone!!!!
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Hi everyone

Yesterday was the longest day ever without you all. So glad the site is up and running again. Hope you all had a POP saturday. Now I have to get thru the SuperBowl Party

I will be back in a bit.

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Morning chickies!!!!

Thought i would take a break from school work and see if the site was back up. Glad that it is.

That sounds about right on moving you to the next plan i know that they are supposed to move me when i get to 238ish. congrats on your loss!!!!!

WTG !!!!!!!!!!


yes as katie said you are correct on the LC cheese and WTG on getting back OP and having a nice loss.

Congrats on those NSV's sounds like you have had a great weekend GL at your SB party.

Thats a way to do it girl just jump right back into it you can do this!!!!!

GL to everyone that has a SB Party today I am not doing the SB this year and besides i have wayyyyyy to much school work to do lol. I have had 4 solid days of exercise and today is my day off so im hoping when i go WI on tuesday that I will have a good loss. I didnt weigh this morning but i did yesterday morning and my home scales had me down another pound so keeping my fingers crossed. Well I have to get back to working on these flash cards im making for my test tomorrow. Everyone have a great day and ill catch ya tomorrow if i can....
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Jamie - Joan - HeatherCP - - Congrats on the wonderful losses and progress!!! That is great!!!

Angelica - You go girl - that is awesome to drop two pounds in two days!!! Thanks for the wishes and encouragement for the WL competition - It would really be awesome to win that money right before I leave for MI to see my best friend!!

Britt - Have fun making your flash cards - GL on your test and your WI!!!

Katie - All your NSV's are awesome!!

Mary - You will get there - just take one day at a time - you have been through alot physically and emotionally.

Barbara -- Congrats on the new job! That is wonderful that you got the offer so quick. I try to pack my lunch almost every day. I keep several frozen dinner's in the fridge at work along with a bag of spinach and low fat dressing. Hopefully they will have a frig that you can use - I keep apples, grapes and other fruits in there as well, so that I will always have OP foods around no matter where I'm at. I will pick different places I can go to eat out if needed too - like Chick-fil-a or a salad from MCD or subway - haven't been there yet though....

Bernadette - Good morning Chickie - Hope you have a good Superbowl day!! ou are doing great with your weight loss too - We all are really taking February seriously!!!

Speaking of NSV's I actually had some myself yesterday while choosing to be completely OP at the circus - All the popcorn and nachos smelled wonderful, but I felt too good in my jeans to want any!!
We stopped at Chick-fil-a and picked up lunch on the way there, so that I wouldn't be tempted!!! I had a chargrilled wrap and a fruit bowl. - It was delicious!!!
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What is everyones plan for Superbowl food? Yikes lol
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Back in the saddle!
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Default Lots of weight losses!

Hey there, ladies!

Congrats to everyone on the tremendous losses so far this month! I'm still getting to know everyone, but I continue to be impressed by everyone's support.

As for the SuperBowl, my center on Friday offered a SuperBowl snack pack for $42 (said it was $23 off). I chose not to get it, because I am doing pretty well with snacking so far, and I don't want to get started down that path.

Repo, sounds like you have an excellent plan for snacks -- and they sound delicious!

As for me, since I am still in the early phases of this diet (started Jan 18), I really think I will stick to veggies and fruits for the time being. Wish me luck!

GL during all the parties, ladies! And have fun!
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1dayatatime(on LAWL)
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I dont plan on eating anything special today. Our family doesnt really do anything for superbowl.I am being POP till next saturday. My daughters first bday party is then and I am going to eat what I want(within reason,of course)So I am eating REALLY light foods(cottage cheese, egg beaters,egg whites) till then and I will after.
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Well I'm sitting here drinking my water while my DH and DD are eating TGIF mozzerella sticks with marinara sauce - WOW they smell so yummy. I keep thinking I need to go in there and get an apple or something....

Oh I meant to ask earlier - SHENNIE - Did that 150 come to greet you this morning? I was eager to know!!!!!

Erin - I'm doing the same as you - trying not to go down that wrong path this early in the ballgame. I really want to win that competition by next wednesday and I still have about 2 lbs to lose.

Well I'm doing my best with today - so far totally POP, hopefully it won't get any more tempting since we are planning on staying home.

I found a wonderful recipe that I would like to try, but it calls for using flour to fry. Is there anything you can use to put a light coating on something in order to pan fry?

Thanks - I will check in later!!!!
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After getting some great feedback from you guys, I went back to the COD on Thurs. I called ahead to ensure one of the counsellors I liked was going to be there and sat down with her for approx. 30 min. We spent quite a bit of time going through what was causing me to go off program and discussing what my life situation was like. After a few minutes, she determined that I had been put on the wrong program. I had been put on Gold when I should've been on Blue because I work more than 40 hours per week.

We also spent some time discussing LA Lites - I told her I didn't like to have to eat 2/day, but that I liked the fact they were available if I needed something quick or a sweet fix. I also found out that it is possible to only have 1 Lite/day, but that they recommend either using them each day or not at all. The reason that LAWL doesn't like you using them only some of the time is because it is like changing programs again and again. Since our bodies take approx. 2 weeks to get used to a change in eating and start losing weight, it is important that it knows what it is getting. This makes sense to me, so I decided to do 1 Lite/day. For me, I am to do the Blue program, but skip 1 Lite each day.

I am extremely happy with the service I received from my COD on Thurs. I know now that I will always go when I can see 1 of 2 counsellors that I like. I also found out that the Manager I had signed up with had been let go just before Christmas - I guess they received a lot of complaints about how pushy she was and how she didn't give new clients all of the info. they were supposed to get.

We set a smaller goal of losing 25 lbs. by May 17th. We are going on a 15 day vacation to N.Carolina and I wanted to get into some of my nicer summer clothes. This goal is very doable given it is approx. 1.5 lbs. per week. We are going to see how my average turns out as with my weight lifting I may not lose the 2 lbs. per week.

Thanks for all of the support!

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Hello ladies,
Here's hoping that everybody is staying on track with the superbowl on. It has been a crazy week. Now I get 2 days off to recoup and get ready for next week. At WI on Saturday, I was down another 2 lbs. for a total of 11.6 lbs. since I started LAWL on Jan. 13th, so I am feeling pretty good right now. I have made the commitment and have been POP for the most part.

Heather-I have seen in some recipes that you could crush up melba toast to use for light breading for pan-frying or baking. I haven't tried it but got a box of the melba toast the other day.
WTG on not giving in to all the circus yummys That is Awesome.

Looks like there are quite a few that are experiencing losses this month. WOOHOO!!! Keep it up!!!

From what everybody is saying, it looks like there are a lot of differences in the way some of the centers work. I think ours is a corporate center. I got a scale and a workout video when I signed up. Haven't done the video cuz it's a VHS and I'd have to go dig out the VCR and hook it up to do it. I also got the Free to Live book and tip cards after the first week. Our center has the old cookbooks on sale for $20 and I'm on the waiting list to get the new one, they said probably in March.

Have a good evening all,
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Oh, BTW, I found the very LS herbox beef and chicken broth at Albertson's in the soup aisle where the dry soup mixes are on the top shelf. Almost missed it. I got the beef in the packets and the chicken in the loose granules. Hope that helps those still looking for it.
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Originally Posted by marbear
My son got a Thomas starter kit today and I am just dreading this. I am very obsessive about getting into what my child is into...we have like 20 Maisy books and more in the mail because that is his favorite show. Luckily, there are very few Maisy toys ever made, so I can't go insane. Thomas is different. It's readily available and EXPENSIVE! I WISH I could come across some at a thrift store to add to his set, but I know it will never happen. If he keeps up with it, we will get him a train table for Christmas. Right now he's using our old coffee table and it's fine.

Tomorrow I will not be so naughty with the food situation...I have completely lost my focus!

My three boys are over the top with really hit my oldest one late and this Christmas EVERTHING they got was Thomas, its insane...they really get into all the different names of the engines and such and my kids spend hours playing the trains.

So how did the party go? What did you end up doing with the cake finally? Im sure he had a blast! When is his actual birthday? Gotta love 2 year olds, its such a great time
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Hi Guys,

Glad to see you are all doing well and hopefully everyone did well yesterday during superbowl.

So far so good on the plan. No real big cheats. However, I have this huge dilema coming up. I'm going overseas for a business trip for a week and I feel so lost cause I don't know how I'm going to count my servings! Can't bring my scale with me! Don't know how they prepare their foods! I'm even dreading the airline food cause I don't really have a choice and I'll probably be hungry and have to eat the stuff! What to do? Any suggestions? Hopefully I'll have the internet to access you guys from there!

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Suzanne - That is wonderful news that you got such great support from your COD!! That is what they are there for is to try to determine what is best for you and to help you get the weight off - Congrats on that victory!!! I hope you enjoy your trip to N. Carolina!!! I think it is beautiful - of course, I live there!

Debbie - That is wonderful progress!! I truly believe making that committment can help drastically - it just makes it easier!! Oh and thanks for the hints on the herbox soup mix - I'm still looking.....I think I may be looking in the wrong section. I've been looking where the boullion is - I will keep looking though. Not sure if that brand is just not in this area or what??

Mary - I'm so glad the party went well. Yes, I think they are making a fortune off of Thomas!! Of course, anything popular is just going to be outrageous b/c they know us parents are going to buy it for the kids....we just have to.

Rosie - I would think that they still have some simliar proteins as we do. I know that if you look at a piece of meat - the palm of your hand is supposed to be around 3 oz, so if nothing else - maybe you could use the "eyeing" weighing while your gone. Try to focus on the fruits and salads - that will keep you mostly OP - I would think. I would try to pack Lites/Lunas to take with you and anything else non-perishable you could take in your bag. Good luck!! I'm sure you will do great!!!

Shennie - Anticipating your weigh in post - hope I didn't miss it!!!

Well I did good yesterday - No mozzerella sticks for me - so the weekend was a great success. To go to the circus and the superbowl and not cheat was definitely a NSV for me. I did have an awesome dinner last night!! I have beef pinwheels that had peppers, spinach and some swiss cheese wrapped in the middle of the meat - It was soooo good!! Then on top of that I won $100 in a superbowl game we had a work. I got the score right for the first quarter!! It was pure luck, b/c none of the squares had any numbers until they were all purchased and then someone drew the was a wonderful suprise - Now, I just need to win that other money next wednesday. I know I won't have it this weds........
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Hi Everyone!! Hope you had a great Super Bowl Sunday. We had fun with friends, but I fell into temptation. In fact I am in need of a BIG kick in the butt. I only have about 12 lbs. to lose, but it might as well be 100. Why can't I do this this time. I stuck absolutely with the program the first few weeks with no cheats and the lbs. just crept off. I get so discouraged!!!!

Heather, Great job on the loss!! I"m cheering for you to win that $$

THe Maisy party sounds fun! Jackson (2.5) loves Thomas. He's using an old coffee table with plywood on top for a train table right now. Like you, we'll probably get him a train table if he sticks with it. Right now he loves to carry his engines around. I bought some THomas movies off ebay for about $3 each. He also loves to take his track apart all the time.
He also likes Bob the Builder and Buzz Lightyear.

Speaking of expensive toys, my daughters like American Girl dolls. Fortunately, my mom is really into that, so she gets them a lot of doll outfits for gifts and to have at her house when they take their dolls to play with Gran.

Deets, Looks like you are doing great!!

Repo, How do you make hummus?

Shennie...Good luck on the 150...Just curious, what is your goal?

Everyone else........Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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