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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Morning all...
Yes, Paula, cute picture..........that's a keeper!
I'll chime in on AI....I thought with JLo on the show, it was going to be super....I was bored. Sanjaya still creeps me out (last night he had a serious "fuzz-stache" going) and I actually voted for Haley and one of the guys...I think it was Chris. Haley is getting horrible press for how she dresses, but I honestly don't think it's that bad. Shoot, if I had her body I'd show it off too. No one seems to say anything about Letisha's boobs out front and center. So, I try to keep my focus on the singing and I truly thought she did a good job on a tough song.

I'm on Day 3 of my LAWL Whole Body Cleanse (combining my LAWL exchanges, but following cleanse rules of no caffeine, artificial sweetner or processed foods). I'm not a happy camper, but I'm doing it. I'm not convinced I will ever embrace this lifestyle. I need an attitude adjustment.

Hope everyone is doing great today.
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Angie - I'll have to check out for the tip.
Oh, Nicole was heading to Wisconsin for a few days and I don't think she has computer access. Sure is quiet around here without her.
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I just read The 10th Circle last week and it was a little harder to get in to! But I still enjoyed reading it. I'm gonna be bored to tears at work today, I got here with no book, ackk!
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New mommy again :-)
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Angie, I LOVE the picture. I have lots of pictures of my 10 yo stepdaughter that I like to pull out and embarass her with. It's so funny because when we watch videos of her when she was little, my stepdaughter will say things like "Look at her dancing", "She's so cute"...and I have to remind her "Honey, that's you"'s lots of fun. And the idea of listening to books on an ipod is fantastic! I used to read like crazy, but lost time to do it (especially with a 3 yo). That may be the mother's day gift that I ask my husband for this year! It will go perfectly with the jogging stroller I'm getting...maybe I'll stay motivated to walk with my new toys

Joni - I do the attitude adjustment thing, too. I'm doing TO now (on day 2). I do keep my coffee, though. Just coffee and soda or tea.

And Beachbabe - my husband does the same thing to me with offering me food. Last night he made supper which is wonderful, but he made chicken, baked potatoes, and pulled out leftover cake from easter. So, I said, well I can have chicken. And he said, "Oh, come one...just one potato"...then "But there's only one piece of cake left, why don't you just eat piece won't kill you". UGGHHHH!!!!! He doesn't understand that I can't be like him and lose all of my winter weight by working in the yard for one week, ya know? But I did just stick with my chicken only.
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Let's try this again . .
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Libby-definitely add in some cardio-it shouldn't stall your weight loss at all. Walking is a great way to do it-but the elliptical is good too. People tend to stall when they add in weight training of some sort. Although-I see the biggest differences in my body when I weight train-the scale moves slowly, but the inches fly off!

And yes-haley could've worn less-her boobs weren't popping out last nite. But I'm with Joni=if I had legs like hers I'd be showing them off too. And Sanjaya is so creepy-adding the fuzz on his face made it worse. And to top it off-he's perfected the camera eye-f%#k that drives me nuts. Remember when Constantine used to do that? Sorry for the term-it really is the best way to describe it . . . . .
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Morning everyone!

Jillian - I was stalled on the first plan my COD put me on and I suggested I go to the next. They said when you reach blah blah we'll change you. I just insisted that I wanted to try the other plan, said I wasn't losing as I thought I should. Stick to your guns and say you want to switch plans. You know yourself better than they do!

Have a POP day! Have WI after work today, hoping for a loss (at least to lose the 1lb I put on during Easter weekend!)
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LAWL since 2/07
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Morning all. Another day, another dollar. I'm a bit sleepy today and feeling very bloated and large. I am afraid that little piece of chicken and salt has really done a number on my weight this week. I'm not even going to go weigh in today. I will finish up a week of good exercise and good eating and see if that get's me back to even on Saturday.

I'm very dissappointed that the little bit of cheating I did has done this. I could have had a reeses peanut butter egg and got sooooooooo much more enjoyment out of it. That chicken didn't even taste good. So much grease. How did I eat that before? Fortunately there are no more eating holidays coming up till the 4th of July. That gives me a little time to get more of this off.

AI - what a waste of time that was. I fast forwarded thru most. I liked Chris (Justin Jr.) and the bald guy...funny I never remember his name...but that was it. The one guy they rave about every week...the blond (beat box??) guy with the Bill Murray mouth...he sounds exactly the same to me every week. I do like him but it's really just the same thing over and over. It was just a'ight dawg. Miss Haley, I actually think she should go but people do like the eye candy. I see a promising future for her as a Rockette. Good Lord the legs on that child. They are longer than I am tall. That's just not right. Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya <sigh> Who goes tonight? Well we know it's not Sanjaya! It wasn't horrible...hey wait...he doesn't go even when it is horrible <shrug)
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Hi guys - Today is the day... my fateful return to the COD. They will be so pleased (RUN!)

Day 2 POP down - OK, this is not so bad. It really helps that I am the only one in the office this week - not "free food" coming in. Maybe I need to be self employed? (kidding)

Paula - I like your new picture! So, I see that you changed your cruise goal - now go and get it! It is true that the more unrealistic a goal is, the less motivated you are to get there. 10 lbs is very do-able - and by then you will be down almost 20lbs overall!!!!! Good Luck.

Joni - Good for you with stopping the caffeine. I don't drink much, but what I do have I am not ready to say goodbye to. Your attitude will come around - it has to be the withdrawal talking. I would not be fit for human companionship if I ever did that. As for the surplus of future husbands, at this point it is looking like the judicial system may get a work out in about 10 years, so unless something changes before then......

Michael - the weather is bad here too. They are calling for 5 inches of snow tomorrow. Maybe I can call a snow day for myself...... Congrats on losing 4.6#! That's awesome.

Jillian - Sorry you are a little down. I think that the plan changes are flexible within 4lbs or so, talk with your COD and tell them that you were on purple before at this weight and that you would like to change. Maybe they will agree. A workout should help lift your spirits a little! Hang in there.

Angie - DS's picture is so cute! He looks very distinguished! It is every mother's job to have pictures of their children that will mortify them as they become teens. Blackmail is a wonderful thing! My SIL has pictures taken of my nephew that are gorgeous, but oh, Lord, he will DIE when he sees them as an adult (he's all dressed up in little page boy clothes and stuff. DH sees these pics, shakes his head and mumbles something about "Boy's gonna get the sh** beat out of him if anyone sees these when he's in HS") Oh, and thanks for the info on the e-books. I've been wanting to do that for a while - I read a LOT, but I'd like to listen while I'm on the treadmill(I'm too much of a spaz to read and treadmill at the same time).

Libby - I do about 4 hours of cardio a week, and then some weights and yoga. I have found out that it slows my WL down a little, but if I am POP for 10 days, it really kicks in after that and I start losing pretty steadily. I can't argue with the physical results I see either. I watched AI for the first time this season - and I agree with you about Melinda - although I KNEW that Simon was going to say it seemed old. I love that song (oooh... Michael Buble.... sigh) and she did a great job, I thought. Holy Haley legs!!!! I would KILL for those legs. She's gone tonight, though, I think.

2BA - Welcome to LAWL - the first few weeks are hard - we are here for you! It really does become routine after a while. It is often very difficult for people who do not have a weight problem to comprehend how one cookie is a much bigger setback than it seems- how it turns into 2 boxes of cookies, a cake and some chocolate. That's why this site is so great - lots of people dealing with the same issues!

Vic - Who cares if they run big??? I'd wear them with the tag still on!

JM - nice term. You are killing me. I just listened to Sanjaya - I can't look at him, I'll turn to stone.

Stephanie - Hang in there. It most likely IS just bloat, or intestinal inflammation since your body is not used to that kind of food.

Have a great day everyone. Missing Cassi, Nicole, Kristen, Pearl, Dan, Lizzy, Jason, Kim, Wendys, Sara, Megan, Donisha, Deb, Debster, Lara, Katie - (cripes, I need to make a word file of all the names so I don;t miss anyone!!!) Bye everybody... stay POP.
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Wendy II
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Good Morning!

Well I chickened out in going to WI yesterday.. so I had to bite the bullet today and found that I'd lost .5 over the whole Easter deal. Not so bad I guess. I've been POP both Mon and Tues.. and hopefully today. I finally feel back on track. I think my parents doing it too has given me that "fire" back.

Joni - I don't think I could embrace not having caffeine EVER.

Kim - WTG for finding your way back to cod!

I've found that you really only have to watch the last 10 min of AI to know what's going on... and I think your term for Sanjaya's obvious play to the camera is dead on, JM. He is creepy..

So on that note.. Let's make fun of Sanjaya again, shall we?? :

Gotta scoot..
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Well, due to my minor indiscretions with chicken wings last Thursday night and the few little cheats I had this weekend, TO only netted me a .4 loss from my lowest weight last week. I know part of it was the clothes factor. Last Tuesday when I WI'd, I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and capri pants. Today, I am wearing long, Khaki pants (they are light, however) and a turtleneck. I know you should wear the same thing from WI to WI, but that's hard to do when I go during work and the weather keeps changing.

Tensions are starting to run high at work. EVERYONE is unhappy making morale very low. We've started getting snippy with each other as a result. I just wonder when management is going to wake up. Maybe after everyone's gone?!?

About AI, DH and I actually thought Blake had the best performance last night. I really liked Melinda and LaKisha, too. Haley wasn't that bad, but the song she chose really wasn't made to highlight vocal ability, in my opinion. Also, her outfit was not THAT revealing. The girl just has unbelievably long legs!! As for Sanjaya, he was actually decent. He still looks creepy, though!! And, I'm sorry, I just DO NOT like Chris Richardson. He sings through his nose and sounds kinda whiny. The bald guy did pretty well, but he just doesn't put enough emotion into his songs. He just SINGS...he doesn't perform. Jordin did okay last night, too, but not her best performance.

Anyway, back to the grindstone....
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hdsQrl - Megan on LAWL
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Hey all, netted a .2 loss since last Thursday, which I'll take, considering I completely strayed off plan over the weekend. And the .2 was after my TO, so you KNOW I would have been way higher than that otherwise, hah! I'll take it, I'll take it...and will just keep right on rolling. Choo! Choo!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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WTG on those losses folks!!

Wendy II - that Sanjaya link is a hoot....but once you listen it's hard to get that beat out of your head.........quit it!

Salt Sultan Dan - Jillian newsletter was all about salt today; I'm sharing what she wrote since I figure you are writing a book or something. Perhaps a documentary movie like that guy did on McD's...

Making the Cut: Beat the Bloat - Sodium and Water Consumption
While you are on the Making the Cut plan, it is important to regulate your sodium and water consumption, as excess sodium can raise your blood pressure and slow down your metabolism. You know sodium best as table salt, but salt and sodium are hidden in all kinds of products, including packaged foods, fast foods, frozen foods, canned foods, and condiments, to name just a few.
When you eat sodium, the excess sodium is deposited just beneath the skin, where it attracts water, which is retained in your cells. This makes you look puffy and feel bloated. Not only that, but when water is retained in your cells, it impedes the fat-burning process and slows your metabolism.
You don't have to make yourself crazy over this, because there is sodium in everything. Just be conscious of it, and reduce where you can. Ideally, for Making the Cut, I recommend ingesting under 1,000 mg a day in order to maximize your body's fat-burning potential and lower your blood pressure. Read labels to check the sodium content of what you're eating. Replace processed foods with fresh. Avoid prepackaged and canned foods. Be wary of salt-laden condiments; use very little soy sauce, mustard, and table salt. Go easy on dairy, and avoid processed meats (hot dogs, jerky, bologna, corned beef), miso, tofu, canned or smoked seafood, anything pickled pickles, capers, sauerkraut), relish, ketchup, and butter.
What to Use Instead of Salt
Here are some sodium-free substitutes you can use instead: garlic, lemon, olive oil, vinegar (all types), pepper (all types), Mrs. Dash (more than 12 different types of salt-free seasonings to choose from), McCormick, and Spice Hunter. Use the following fresh and dried spices as well: basil, cayenne, chili powder, cilantro, cumin, curry, dill, garlic powder, ginger, lemon, lime, mint, onion powder, oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme.
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hi everyone. today at work was horrible. it was just one of those days where one thing goes wrong and then it just spirals from there. where you just want to give up, go home and pull the blankets over your head. ugh. i'm so thankful for a day off tomorrow.
but i did get on the elliptical for 20mins after i got home. i really wanted to nap instead, but i forced myself to workout. i didn't want to, but i did it anyways. and now i've made a new rule for myself: if i want to nap, then i have to workout first. (my work schedule is crazy and i'm normally up at 3:30am..that's why i want to nap during the day..just for anyone who's wondering why i want to nap all the time!)
so, DH is going to help me keep that commitment to myself and i hope that someone on here will keep me in line too.
maybe someone wants to buddy up with a 20min/3x's a week cardio challenge or something...just to stay motivated.

anyways. it's rainy, cloudy and i love this weather, but i wish DH was home to snuggle and watch movies with. but i guess i'll settle for reading a book.

hope everyone has a good rest of the day.
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It's mine for the taking
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Tina – Thanks for the compliment on DS’s pic. That’s so cute, about your step daughter….lol. I can’t say enough about audio books now…I would rather listen to a book than watch TV anyday. It would be great for passing time on a treadmill or bike too.

Shannon – The bald guy is Phil. I really liked him at the beginning, but he just hasn’t impressed me much over the last two weeks. I loved when Melinda said that she was so glad Simon finally got a chance to offer her some criticism. Too funny.

Kim – Congrats on Day 2! Thank you about DS. The last professional pics I had done of Cameron were also while he was wearing an argyle sweater (different colour)…lol. I’ll just tell him that it was all they were selling for 2 yr olds waaaay back at the turn of the century. My DH sometimes worries about DS's masculinity too, and the various ways in which I put that in jeopardy. I’m with you, reading on the treadmill just never worked out for me at all. Good luck at WI today.

If anyone else does decide to try audio books, I’d be happy to share the ones I already have with you. We can set up a “book” exchange. I have about 10-12 titles right now.

WTG for all the losers today…even little bits help.
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YEAAAHHHH!! I totally forgot to tape AI last night (soccer--again!) so I am thrilled that it basically sucked. I will catch the recap tonight before elimination. How they drag it out for 30 minutes I'll never know.

Everyone here is doing so great. We had a salad luncheon and everything was tooooo good so even though it was salad they weren't exactly all healthy I am sure. Guess I am still doing better than I have been. Scales suck and unfortunately it took my clothes getting snug to get me moving again. Joni--ticker honesty sucks, too!

Okay--gotta get my act together for PE. Just found out the other coaches sub bailed so I am alone with 80 6th graders--yikes. "only" 6 in ISS but they are a bad combo--I've had 12-13 at once but easier than these guys. Only 30 more days of school!!!!!
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