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Hold up, hold up, hold up.............gee, I am thinking in triples today..............what is this mountain top service, Joni???? I thought I had read I have to page back and see what the heck I missed..........

Hi Evette...............great to see you, you tiny little thing...............121 is soooo stinkin awesome
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Morning all.

Kristen - love the pics; the dresses are gorgeous and those little pink shoes .... awwwwwwwww

Nicole - On Easter morning, I climbed 1.3 miles to the top of Stone Mountain (a popular Georgia attraction) for a sunrise Easter service. I enjoyed the experience, but it was about 18 degrees and the wind at the top of the mountain was bone chilling.

I did NOT have a good LAWL' bout you Juliemarie??? and by the end of today I will have a 2 week plan in place to shake off my cravings, pounds, bad habits.

Gotta do some work......see y'all later today; I'll check in tonight. Must stay focused on work. blah.
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Hi all! Here is a puppy update: We have been coming home 3 times a day while we were camping to feed him, as his mom still was making an effort. We got home yesterday afternoon to a nearly dead puppy. He was cold, his mouth was bone dry. Very little movement. I totally freaked out. She is not even trying to keep him warm, plus he seems to be unable to maintain his own body heat very well. Anyway, I filled his tummy with warm formula, wrapped him in a dishtowel, and put him inside of my shirt and sweater to keep him warm. He is a little better this morning, after we have been up every 2 hours to feed him all night, plus placing him in a crate with hot water bottles and a stuffed animal to sleep with. He will cry now, and move about a little bit. I brought him with me to work to ensure that he gets fed often. He does seem to have a cold, though. His nose is kind of snotty. I really do not know if we will be able to save him, as he is not gaining weight at all. I even kind of wonder if he has a birth defect or something. I am just gonna keep on feeding him and hydrating him. His little eyes are nearly open.

Looks like every one had a good weekend, even if they are going to ****. Dan, I will surely join you there, since I have been a cheating machine from Friday night to Sunday night. We had a great camping trip, nice weather, great company, the works. We climed a old volcano on Saturday, saw a rattlesnake and ran like ****. We got clear to the top of the mountain, to the caldera, or bowl of the volcano. I will post a few pics when I get home. The rock formations were really cool. So, back in the saddle today.

Kristen- Congrats to you and your family. Very cool.

Evette- Great to see you!

Nicole- Hope you are having a lot of fun with your sis!

Kim- Love the avatar.
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LAWL Salt Police
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Wow.. Sounds like Liz and I weren't alone in our wandering from POP this weekend..

Emergency Takeoff time for me too.. Sorry JM.. I know it's wrong, but at least it's been more than two weeks since my last one..

Good luck y'all...
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I had planned a TO to get my one pound and break up the plateau so it does work in well with post Easter..
I confess whole heartedly to throwing all my great intentions and strategies out the window when the baked brie came out of the oven.. then the jelly beans and chocolate eggs called my name as well as a few cocktails.. my stomach is making me pay for it today.
So I have had my juice and will relish every ounce of my sparse proteins today!!
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hdsQrl - Megan on LAWL
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I'm up 6 pounds now from my lowest weight....had Indian food on Friday and didn't hold back, then went to a housewarming party on Saturday (mountains of queso), and then yesterday's Easter feast...

*looks down and pats her tummy*

I'm TO'ing it today and tomorrow in an effort to get back on track. It was a VERY satisfying weekend. I know I'll be back in the swing of things in no time!
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Senior Member
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Sounds like most of us had the same weekend. I could go on and on about how bad I was but I can sum it up in this--- TOM, WAY OFF PLAN, AND UP 3 STINKIN’ POUNDS!
So much for last weeks whole FF experience! Today is serious liquid, water, juice, v-8, Slimdown, jettstart…….is there any other food I can get in in liquid form! I don’t even want to go weigh today. Mondays are hard, going and weighing in is the only place I would have to go today. Mondays are the only day that if it weren’t for the COD, I could stay home all day. It is 36 degrees out there, I am up 3 lbs on my scale, and I have laundry up the yingyang. Yea, there is some incentive to leave the house. So I think I will either go in tomorrow or just skip my Monday weigh in and go in on Wed. and hopefully by then I will see better stuff on the scale.

Oh well enough about me.

Michael. Your trip sounds fun, we were in florida at Christmas, I miss that 75 degree weather as well.

Jill I am so jealous of the 2.8 you dropped, it must have been yours that I picked up! That pumpkin thing sounds good. I will be looking for it.

Kristen you weekend sound just perfect. Glad you got your starbucks, it was well deserved. And the the girls are so cute!!!! How did they end up taking the water on the head.

Evette every time I see one of your posts I am so amazed. I went back and read some of your old posts to see your journey, just amazing, all that and you never really stepped into a real COD, isn’t that right? You are such inspiration, thanks for sticking with us even though you are at goal.

Dan – good to know the LAWL 911 can have a salty moment too. Mmmmmm nachos…

Katie, oh your poor little puppy. I hope he makes it, we have all fallen in love with him by now. Try rubbing him once in a while as well. Like with a towel. Another thing the mother dog is supposed to do is lick their puppies, they use that big old rough tough and give their babies lots of baths. It gets the puppies clean but it also stimulates the puppy. Gets the circulation going good, and will help regulate body temp. . I sure hope he makes it. We are all pulling for him.

My DH just came in and said, “don’t you have to go weigh in?” I explained to him what I said at the beginning of this, about waiting, because of TOM and not having to go anywhere else today, and he kept nagging me, “come on, ‘lets’ go weigh in” (like he weighs in! finally I said “why do you want me to weigh in so bad?” and he said “so I can get a doughnut”! AARRGGHHH!!!!! Our COD is right by Kripy Kream! Bad man! So I said no. I know if I went and weighed in right now, with him and saw I was up 3 lbs, I would end up eating a doughnut with him.

Ok, got to hit that laundry. See ya at noon Lettie
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Nancy is on the go again
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T.O. PARTY!! Who's NOT in??
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Hey all! Not a lot going on today. Ate too much this weekend...doing TO today. I should go WI, but I don't dare go near a scale today. I don't want to know the damage. Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Hi all- I'm at work, and I'm the only one here... and it is WONDERFUL!!!! No one to bother me... ahhh, peace.

So, after my indiscretions yesterday, I'm ready to move on. Honestly, not a single veggie passed my lips yesterday. I will be planning a TO for later in the week, but for now I am just getting back on plan, getting the sugar and stuff out of the system. Looks like a lot of us are in te same boat - nothing like company!

My goal for the Memorial Day challenge is to get to 199. Just under 14 lbs. It is 7 weeks away, so if I get my act together, it can become reality.

Nicole - I'll be thinking about your family this week - hope your Dad's surgery goes well and he has a fast recovery. I guess this means we will have to be Nicole-less for the end of the week, boohoo.

Joni - the sunrise service sounds amazing, what a cool (no pun intended) location. I was thinking about you in the cold weather when I was watching the Masters this weekend. Brrr - it made our weather yesterday (a lovely Easter snow) look not as miserable.

Katie - Poor puppy. You are being such a good surrogate mommy to him, I hope he pulls through. Your camping trip sounds really cool - can't wait to see the pics. You got a lot of good exercise in this weekend.

Evette - good to see you still hanging around us! 121 and holding - Wow!

Lettie - Make DH get on a scale with you! LOL. I told DH at the beginning of this that if I wanted to tell him how my WI went, I would, but DO NOT ASK ME - or endure the wrath that cometh. He's pretty much followed that rule, but he slips up every now and then... much to his chagrin. Let's kick some butt and bid farewell to our new pounds.

Nancy - It looks like another good week for Knudsens!

OK, gotta go, can't play all day just cuz all the cat's are away!!!!

PS - my avatar just makes me laugh.... I've got to find a new one because... well it is kind of inappropriate for a weight loss website!!!!
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Hello everyone. Somewhere in these forums I read where there was a cheaper alternative to the LAWL Excel tablets. Is this true? If so, does anyone know what it would be and where it's available?

Thanks so much.
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It's mine for the taking
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Oh how I wish I could do an emergency TO with the rest of you today. Since I did one last weekend, I"ll have to wait until next week. I'll just do my best to be POP for this week.

I'm home today with a sick little one. His temp was up to 101.6 through the night. I feel a little guilty now, he's had some Motrin and is running around like nothing is wrong.

Since I'm home I think I'll go do my WI earlier in the day. I know the number will be high, but that way I'll see a bigger drop this week when I behave myself. That's my twisted way of looking at
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Nice to know I wasn't alone in falling off the wagon this weekend! I had the best intentions but ..... I have WI today and will go and face the music. Oh well, it was a fun weekend and we all have to live a little, don't we? Way too much salt though - my fingers feel like little stuffed sausages!!! Lemon water - here I come.

Katie - how is your puppy doing? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Off to work now. Have a great day everyone!
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Nancy is on the go again
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Kristen - Your girls are just soooooo cute!!

Lettie - Next to my COD there's this ice cream shop, and you smell the baked waffles all the time, and next to that, is a Subway shop, and you smell the fresh baked bread all the time....... my DS makes sure I go WI so he can try, and I say try to get in the ice cream shop. I'm proud to say, that since starting to go to the COD last Sept. we have not been into the ice cream shop. But I did let him have Subway on the nights that I know he won't like the dinner menu.

Katie - I sure hope the puppy will make it. It just breaks your heart to see the little thing shivering...

Nicole - I hope all will go well with your Dad. This place will not be the same this week without you XOXOs...

Deb - It is a very sweet thing to do - giving your beaded eggs to the neighbors! I sometimes think of things, and forgets about them till after the holiday/event, and then thinks again *I should have done it when I first thought of it*...

Kim - Love your bunny avatar!! I thought about it when I bite into my Chocolate Bunny! To think that I've never ate a chocolate bunny when I was a chunky chick. I now, trying to be a skinny chick, eating chocolate bunny... And it sure was good. The easter bunny left me a basket too. My DS said it had to be mine, for it was on my computer desk, and had dollys in the basket. DH said he was trying to find Hello Kitty basket for me, but couldn't find anything in the short time he had. I'm already impressed to get a basket. But really, did I need a milk chocolate bunny in the basket?? Oh, and in times like this, I think we should invest some stocks in the Knudsens Company!! *Like I know how?...*

As for me, I did not *fall off the wagon*, I merely *stepped off the wagon* I knew what I was doing. It's just that my love for mexcian nachos are as bad as for chinese food. Went to Applebees for our Easter Dinner, and they ordered nachos for appetizer. I ate till my tummy was contented... will be paying for this, and may have to join the T.O. Party that's going on here!! No worries. We'll all be *getting back on the wagon* today!!

Cheers to all: Joni, Cassi the chef, JM the new mommie, Evette the skinny, Angie, Megan, Wendys, Dan the Salt Police, Liz, Jason Wing, Michael, Letisha, Debbie, BobbySam, Jillian Coffee, Pearl who's lost in cyber space, and everyone else...
and as Nicoles puts it:
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Let's try this again . .
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Joni-I had about the same weekend as you-my grandparent's anniversary party was a lot of fun and I got to visit with a lot of family I hadn't seen in awhile. However-not a single thing on the buffet table was on plan. No veggies, no fruit. So-Saturday was terrible . . . . .Yesterday-pretty good. not enough veggies though. So-last week with all the church services and then the party and Easter candy(grr-but only a couple of pieces)-pretty much undid the good stuff I did at the beginning of the week.

So-I'm like you-need a plan for the next 2 1/2 weeks. I'm not going to do TO (hey-I don't blame you guys at all!)-because if i'm not feeling "strong", i just end up blowing it. I'm going to write up a menu plan for the next few days, and an exercise plan and get my butt in gear.

Katie-I'm sorry the puppy's isn't doing well. Keeping my fingers crossed for the little cutie!

Kim-love the avatar! Keep it around for awhile . . .

Well-I have a meeting to go to-chat with you all later!
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