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Morning all--geez--it's almost lunch! We just started our last 6 weeks and the kids have gone bonkers. That, and a spring snow seemed to totally jack things up.

Katie--so sorry about the dog troubles--I can't even imagine.

Where do you buy the Rescue Remedy--sounds like a great thing to have on hand.

To all that are losing--CONGRATS--whether it's pounds or inches--it's a victory. I've been crappy about personals so I won't change now--but know I love reading all the stories and antics. I changed my ticker so now I have to live with it. I can say I am trying again which is better than I've been in a long long time. Still not a 100% but worlds better. Love all the new avatars--too funny. I will post an Easter photo when I get home and hope everyone else will too.

More later--I have 4 today but only 1 that will give me gray hair. Too high maintenance for me. He is "accustomed" to having EVERYTHING read to him which is total BS--I had him in 4th grade and he was reading Harry Potter and now in 5th he can't read a textbook but Eragon is in his bookbag?? Please. Enough griping--I tracked down the cassette tape of the book so he can listen to the boring old lady (no, not me--lol) or read it himself.
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This is actually the first time I've ever gained during TOM, I usually at least see a loss even if its small so I didnt freak out too bad. I just want the rest of this weight off before my TT so I'm a little anxious! LOL
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Morning Everyone
Katie big hug to you!
I'm on day two of post Easter retribution.. or TO as we call it. Scale looked down this morning but will be WI at COD tomorrow.. what kind of nutball indulges over the weekend with one pound to goal (raising my hand high). So hopefully I will have some news to report!
I am hungry and so excited about my real food for tomorrow.. glad there are others suffering with me and very proud of those that lost or maintained over the weekend!
Katiebug you must be so excited! I got married in the Dominican 10 years ago and it was such a stressfree way to get married and everyone loved being with us.. can't wait to see photos.
MamaNicole..don't be gone too long.. 4-5 days without you on this board???? Can you take a laptop to Wisconsin? Don't worry about the TO/FF right now.. just get there safely, take care of your dad and then rush home to us!
Going to my first book club meeting tonight with a big group of mommies that want to find something to do other than talk about our kids. We picked a book called the Glass Castle.. if you ever thought your parents maybe didn't do such a bang up job or that you weren't stellar in the parenting department give this book a read! It's a true story! So I'll be partaking in my measly TO supper before going and will haul and herbal tea with me as they'll be serving wine and cheese (give me strength.... or handcuff me to the chair)
Rest of our week is a busy one but at least the contractor is not in so we can get some tidy up done. The Baptism being over is a huge relief too so hoping to get some good meal planning done, make a few casseroles and enjoy the kids!
Hope you all have a good day and Hi to Kims 1 & 2, Wendys, Lettie, Letisha, Lorraine, Libby, Lizzy, Aunt Joni, JM, Cassi, Jason, Dan, Michael, Megan(stay away from the Doritos!), Lea Ann ( push play on the tape again, the little boy's book has ended), Debster, Shannon, Vic, Jillian, Angie and Sara(when are we doing coffee!) and all the other wonderful losers!
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Hi all,

I am back from the in last night. I believe I experienced an Easter miracle because my BNWI showed that I was down a pound after not being anywhere close to OP for 5 days. I didn't eat much but there were many drinks along with my favorites from my hometown like pizza and cheese. I took my measurements since it has been 4 weeks and I am down 5" in my waist and 3" in my hips. Another bit of good news: I bought jeans at a clothing store that I love in my hometown that we don't have here in WA and I was in a 7-8. Can't remember the last time that happened. I go to WI tomorrow so we will really see what's what then. It may all just be an illusion! sorry about Savannah's injuries and the loss of your puppy. It's heartbreaking.

I haven't had a chance to read through the threads to see what you all have been up to because it's off to work for me. I will hopefully get a chance to catch up tonight!
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*jaw drops* A 7-8?? Wow!!!

And yes, Kristen...I am definitely steering clear of the Doritos!! Though, hmm...I go tomorrow to get my big tattoo...maybe I'll need Doritos as comfort food! (kidding, kidding!)
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Well at least eat the BAKED Doritos if you need comfort food!! :0)
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Regarding comfort food, please see the thread I just posted..
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Kristen--thanks for the reminder--he has been at it a while!!

I am up to freakin 8--all boys!!! Stealing and fighting are the running theme around here--UGH. Give me a fighter over a thief any day!
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Lea Ann - Eeks. It's a conspiracy against women! We have 32 kids in our 3rd grades (2 classes) - and there are 2 girls! We call the all-boy class Mr B's class for wayward boys.
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Originally Posted by hdsqrl View Post
*jaw drops* A 7-8?? Wow!!!

And yes, Kristen...I am definitely steering clear of the Doritos!! Though, hmm...I go tomorrow to get my big tattoo...maybe I'll need Doritos as comfort food! (kidding, kidding!)
Hmmm, comfort food for a tattoo? Maybe some funny brownies? LOL
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Good Afternoon!

It's HLW for me today...way too much sodium over the weekend (sorry, Dan). If I can get to the supermarket, I will do a TO starting tomorrow. I said I wouldn't stress over my little gain last week, but it is kind of bugging me. Also, I had hoped to be at my goal weight for our cruise in May, but that's not gonna happen. I have regrouped and hopefully set a more realistic goal for myself. Given all the craziness in my life lately...we'll see how it goes.
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Kristen - here's hoping you had a successful TO and your WI goes great.
Vic - great news on the inches lost. Update your ticker after weigh in tomorrow!
LeaAnn - glad to see you came out of ticker denial. I'll update mine tomorrow (I'm hoping it stays right where it is). I can proudly say today was the best "healthy eating" day in about six weeks. Of course, I fully expect the scale to reward me tomorrow. LOL. Today's big accomplishment was I did not have one diet coke nor any coffee. I had a couple moments of major fatigue, but pulled through okay.
Kim in upstate New York. You mean to tell me there are only 2 girls in a class of 32. That's insane. If my single girlfriends were 40 years younger, I'd be shipping them off to NY to find them some men!
Hey Paula - hang in there. I'd still try and hit my cruise goal if I were've got a little over five weeks. You KNOW you can do it!
Regretfully, I am going to watch American Idol so I can see what a botch job Sanjaya pulls off tonight. Y'all be good.
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Katie - so sorry to hear about the puppy. As I posted a while back we just lost our dog a few weeks ago and it was miserable.

Can i just say that that the weather in Minnesota S*U*C*K* is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. As much as 7-10 inches! Hello, it is April 11th!

Had my first WI post vacation and Easter this AM. It was also the first WI at the new COD - I done good on vacation. I was down 4.6 since 3/30. Almost the 280's..........

I am so happy now that I did no succumb to more than one chocolate Easter egg on Sunday!

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hey everyone. just checking in kinda late. not much to chat about today other than i'm tired from working so early and so much and i'm getting frustrated with my losses again. i guess because i've only lost 1.2 since march 31st. i've been pretty much completely POP and i'm kinda stalling out.
not really wanting to do TO, but was contemplating it. i know that i need to kick up my workouts again, since i've been slacking for a while, but not sure what else to do. my COD said that in 4lbs i'll get moved to purple, but i looked at my last purple diary (from the last time i did LAWL) and i was switched to purple like 6lbs ago and i'm still on red this time around!
so, now i'm wondering if it's the plan i'm on or what? but i've been hinting to my COD that i would like to switch to the next plan and they keep saying "in 4lbs we'll move you."
how "set in stone" is the rules for moving down plans? anyone know? i'm going to ask again when i go on thursday because i'm not sure what else to do...and the last thing i want is to be doesn't aid with my losses at all!

ok, i'm done venting. just a bit more than frustrated and not really sure what to do about it. hope everyone had a good day. i only work til 10am tomorrow, so my plans are to get a workout in right away when i get home.
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My DS's daycare pics came in today, so I couldn't resist updating my avatar and my profile pic. Do you think he'll hate me in 15 years for dressing him that way? lol

Katie -- I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy passing away. I hope the poor mama is doing better today.

TN Kim -- That totally sucks! I know your dedication to staying OP will pay off later in the week. There must be some reward for resisting chocolate during TOM!

Joni -- Good luck on your plan for the next two weeks. I normally try to avoid caffeine now and limit my coffees and diet cokes to a couple of times per week. I think it really helps. I'm also trying to use frozen dinners and CC's sparingly if at all. It will be interesting to see how your plan works out. Do you know what your average loss per week is when you are just doing a normal week?

Shannon -- Surely it's water TOM on the way for you? I just set my own goal for the Memorial Day Challenge, based on 2lbs per week from when I started (yesterday).

Nicole -- I did that, started mid-day doing take off. I had a slimdown for breakfast that morning, but then I realized that if I didn't take drastic measures I was going to blow the weekend, so I switched gears and did a TO. I think it saved me that weekend and helped me to get back on track. I think it's like a smoker who wants to quit-- if you realize you need to stop mid-pack, just throw it away and capitalize on that feeling, if you wait until the pack is done you might change your mind.

Kim -- WTG on having a POP day! I'm glad I'm not the only one to strike fear in the hearts of my COD workers when I so much as twitch. I wonder what their reaction would be if I was actually angry and demanding? Those 2 girls in the 3rd grade are going to be thrilled when the boys start noticing them!

Wendy -- How is work going? Are you actively looking for something else?

JM -- Hmm, that's interesting about metabolism during TOM. I'll try to keep that in mind next month and hopefully it will help me to stay POP.

Kristen -- I have a bookclub group too. It started out with a bunch of ladies I work(ed) with and though our numbers have dwindled, and we never read a book anymore...we get together about once every month or two faithfully for wine, snacks and chat. I love those nights (even when we did read books! haha). If you're looking for a next book I have to recommend The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, or My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, or 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. (Not that you asked, but I can't resist). I'm taking a few days off work as soon as the weather will be higher than 15 degrees...that will be the perfect time for me to do coffee.

Michael -- Great WI -- 4.6 is awesome!

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