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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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G'morning ladies!!!

I'm off to watch the Biggest Loser since my house was chaos last nite and Mom's stuff comes last!! I'm going to walk on the treadmill while I watch some of it. Then do toning for the rest.

Hope you all have a great day!!! Be back tonight if I can. Can't wait til Monday weigh-in!!

Go Blue!!!!!
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lc lifestyle
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Hiya BlueTeammers!!

Haven't been able to watch TBL yet - so haven't caught up on our chat in case of spoilers. Gonna catch up over my abbreviated weekend (just found out I'm working Saturday nite) - determined to get to know everyone here better Sunday!

I'm back OP but still super busy and super stressed . . . hope everyone is having a better week than I am so far!


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Didn't get a chance to catch the show....'meet the teacher' night at school, hockey tryouts, p/u dh after a concert, homework help.....typical 'mother stuff'!
So encouraging to see so many ladies on the board....there's no way we can lose (literally), if we can keep up this momentum!
have a great second half of the week!
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No pain, no gain.
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wow what a talkative

anyways happy hump day...halfway through our first week. Can't wait to record my weigh in...i have a feeling it will be a sucessful week.
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I believe in myself
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Evening ladies! I love seeing everyone post. I hope it continues through out the challenge!!! I loved TBL last night. Very motivating!!!
I worked today, oh my!! My legs, butt, and arms are sore, so I can only imagine how I'll feel tomorrow. I haven't done a basement in a month. I will count it as exercise for today as I got 12,436 steps and that's putting the pedometer on when I got there and taking it off after I was done loading my truck!
I saw there's a Black team now, very cool!! I'm going to go finish catching up on the posts. TTYL.
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Low Carb Lolita
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Just dropping in to let you ladies know that I'm doing well. Diet-wise, I'm right on target. I haven't gotten any exercise in yet today, and I don't think I'm going to be able to. I've procastinated my day away--and I've got to read The Great Gatsby tonight, so I can discuss it in class tomorrow. It's only about 150 pages, but that'll still take three hours or so... But, it's cardio kickboxing again tomorrow night, and that's hardcore, so hopefully it'll set me back on track!
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budding cinephile
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Evening Ladies!

I'm coming to you from my happy kitchen that smells like delicious pork roast at the moment. I skipped class like a naughty girl because I feel like I'm wasting my time in there. I've already finished the entire book and everyone in the class is about 2 chapters behind me so I figure I'm not missing much.

I stayed OP today even though I had to eat Wendy's for lunch. I had a turkey swiss frescata and a side salad with water. Not that I need to confess but I want to let you know so I feel like I did good.

If you want a great leg workout and possibly a twisted ankle, wear stiletto heels for about 9 hours and climb stairs. My legs are burning from going up and down stairs! (FYI I'm a true blue flip flops girl!)

We are having pork bbq tonight with acorn squash and sweet potatoes... Daniel gets to have baked beans instead of squash. I'm interested to see if he eats the potato since he hates veggies.

*checks roast in the oven*

okie doke, about another 10 minutes and my roast will be done! Yum!!

Selina - I think you'll enjoy the show... sometimes life gets in the way and a woman never gets what she wants. Thankfully I got used to that before I got married!

Dea - Now that's the spirit! I still have to see who hasn't checked in...

Cathy - I wish I had time to workout like you do! I'm happy to see a lot of people posting cause lord knows we only had a handful last challenge!

Well I gotta run.... my dinner calls me from the oven and I gotta answer!!
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back at it
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hey gals,
just checking in to say hello today! So far so good, i'm about to start dinner, salmon, steamed veggies and baked potatos (yummy!). I jumped on the scale this morning (totally cheating, but i was curious) and i was down 2 lbs since our starting weight weigh in!!! whoohooo!! staying OP really does pay off, what do ya know? anyway hope everyone's having a good night. i still havent seen the show so if anyone does see it somewhere on the internet, please please let me know.
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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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Omg, what is with that black team on here???? Is it real? Imma go see what it says.

Azure (Kim) But I know there is another Kim so will just say Azure. Thanks for the info on the HRM. Sounds cool!

Chelle you poor thing in those heels. I'm very flat footed so I suffer in anything besides tennis shoes and they have to be SAS. LOL. I feel ya.

Hiya Cathy, Christine, Dea and Aud (just from this 7th page!) and everyone here!! Had an OP day, feeling better in my throat and head, guess meds are starting to work, yay! Still need to up water. Dang it. Already exceeded my exercise goal though. So another Yay!!

Lots of neat posts, will try to read every one as long as I can find time enough to! Might not be able to make comments on each one each time but love reading all of them.

Hugs! Have a good nite!

Oh! And everyone, we have to try to get a good amount of sleep. Not only do we feel bad without enough, studies show that lacking sleep causes us to crave more food and most people who get too little sleep end up gaining weight. NOT GOOD! So I am shooting for extra when my husband will be working late (going to bed when the kids do) and a little less if he comes home in time to chat some and we can watch our dvr'd shows together.
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It's never too late
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Hi all, checking in for the night. I'm a little off schedule today as I decided not to exercise like I was planning to do. My week got kinda off yesterday - I'll try to make a long story short. Went to Nordstrom for a bra fiting on Sunday, bought 4 new bras in a size 34 (I've been wearing a 40/42). I wore one bra Monday, and one yesterday - and PAIN - pinching, rubbing, red raw skin, totally uncomfortable. So I had to make another trip to Nordstrom yesterday to exchange the bras for size 36 (much more comfortable but still much better than the 40/42 I was wearing.) This side trip basically made my whole week off - I had planned a chore for each night (I am trying to get more housework done during the week and not leaving it all for the weekend) and didn't get to do any chores last night because of the side trip to Nordstrom. I did get my exercise in last night. I decided to take off from exercising tonight and get more done (vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, all fun stuff), and I just don't have it in me tonight to go exercise too. For some reason today was especially long and tiring and I really just feel like crawling into bed and reading for an hour. Don't even feel like watching tv (maybe a quick episode of the Office because i LOVE that show). I know I should make myself go exercise, but I can usually tell when my body needs a break. I exercised Monday and Tuesday, and taking a break for a day usually isn't that bad of a thing. I will be even more ready to go tomorrow night.

So, i'm off to relax for a bit and get a good night's sleep. Hope everyone is on track!
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Accepting who she is
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Default Everything I do....I do it for you!!

I DID NOT want to run tonight. I did not. DH was home late; kids had worn me out. I just wanted a glass of wine and a moment of peace with a book.

But what is more peaceful than a run/walk on a lovely fall evening with my favorite podcasts?

So off I went. If you read the running threads around here, you know my runs on my home treadmill have been short, discouraging and painful. Tonight, I did 2 miles (1.29 with a short break followed by .71). I am back on track.

What helped get me motivated? Not lettin' down the Blue Babes, of course!

I am on track with my calories, and I threw out the left over cake.

Now, for that glass of wine......
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Hi everybody,

Just popping in for a quick momoent before I turm in for the night. It has been a crazy busy day ...too tiered to even talk about it. Hope you are all doing well. I was able to stay on plan again

Well have agreat evening and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Take care


BTW...I though the BL last night was awesome...I can't wait for next week!

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Former Quitter
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Good morning! Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day.

Finally had a chance to watch BL last night. Loved it! That show really gets me pumped up and ready to go. Do wish they had some women in their 40's, but glad to see 40 year old men and a 62 year old Grandpa. Go Grandpa! He kicked some butt.

I'm fighting some kind of cold/sinus thing. Feeling like my head is too heavy for my neck! Not having much problem with food as I can't taste a thing, but exercise has been non-existent. The scales are showing a bit of a drop this week, so I'm happy.

Go Blue!

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Good Morning Blue Team, We're having beautiful weather hear in VA. I'm planning on getting out today to enjoy it with the kids.
My good news since starting BL...I've had 5 day now staying OP, I have upped my exercise time from 30 min to almost an hour a day this week, I've gotten up to workout at 6:30 every morning, I haven't eaten after 7pm, and I went through my clothes that are too big and took them to Good Will. I'm hopping for a good loss this week at weigh-in. Today has started out great too!

I loved-loved watching the biggest loser. Glad to hear that next week is a two hour show again. I was actually sad to see Amber go, just because she was one of the biggest girls and I wanted to watch her transformation.

Michelle after reading your last post I realized what a lot of work it is to be our leader. Thanks for all you do and for organizing this whole thing. Thanks to everyone hear for your motivation and for keeping my accountable. Have a great Thursday.
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OMG everyone. Backstory: I weigh myself every morning post-potty/pre-breakfast. I only "weigh in" once a week though, and I just switched that from Thursdays to Sundays. I've been weighing a loss so far this week, and this morning when I stepped on the scale it said 196.5!!! I was going to slack off today because I feel very "blah", but that totally reset my point of view! I really hope this is what the scales say on Sunday!

Can't get out for a run this morning - need to get some reading done for class because I had a laaate meeting last night. I'll either go when I get home from school, or jump on the boyfriend's stationary bike.

Have a GREAT day all!
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