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Finding My Bliss
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S/C/G: Fit & Fat!

Height: Tall & Strong, Baby!


WOW! What a class that must have been, Azure! What kind of heart rate monitor do you use? I am interested in getting one as an incentive to KEEP BURNING calories!!!
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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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OOOh I wanna heart rate monitor too! I would like to see how they work. Do you put in your weight, etc too so it can calculate??

Can't say much tonight. On antibiotics for a severe sinus infection (Joy Joy!!) and when the super Tylenol wears off I'm hurting. Been gone all day but since I did lots of walking and marching in place this morning while getting kids ready (yes, was hurting then too but detemined to meet my goal) (probably looked like some crazy drill sargent (sp?) , I'm at my goal for exercise!!! Yay! And OP all day too! Congrats to everyone for being pumped up and ready to lose!!

I was gone all day as you know, and I had to eat a little something so I did. When I got home I did what I have to do, I looked up each calories and fat gram online. Just wanted to share that, in case some of you haven't thought about it. I use it often. I love the internet.

Anyhoo, so when you go online to look up fast foods, keep a running list of what is lowest at each place. I have a big page I add to and look at when choosing stuff. Then you sort of memorize them anyway and you'll always be able to grab something just about anywhere you wanna stop. Helps me alot.

Go Blue!!! Can't wait to kick it off tonight!! Glad to see everyone checking in when they can. Sometimes it's hard to even find a few minutes to get on here but it's worth it, even if you can't post but "Hi, i'm swamped, I'm OP today tho! bye! LOL. Still helps, I promise.

OK, nite nite!!
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Method to the Madness
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Wow, you guys already have 6 pages worth of posts here! I can't catch up, but I'll try and keep reading from here on out. I've been SWAMPED with homework for my classes and it looks like there's no end in sight with the calculus class I'm in.

In fact, I need to go do OTHER homework now because I've been spending all of my time on calculus!

I'll see you all later! Have a great OP day!
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Finding My Bliss
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S/C/G: Fit & Fat!

Height: Tall & Strong, Baby!


Ohhh...Homework! Don't I know it! I am taking a Bio/Anatomy class and I have an exam tomorrow (the first one of the semester) and that has me a little anxious! To add to the delight, it's my "Moon" time! Oh, now I know why I wanted to eat nothing but POTATOES in various forms today!!!

Best of luck to everyone, in school, work, weight loss, exercise etc.!!!

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budding cinephile
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Well we've successfully gotten through the first show. I made a chat room you can access in the show discussion thread that we will be using on Tuesday nights.

My butt is tired so i gotta run ttyl
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Low Carb Lolita
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SoulBliss and Soon2BFitChick-- The HRM I have is a Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor. It's one of their simpler models. You put in your age, weight, height, sex and then follow directions in the booklet to set your "target heart zone". This model will beep at you if you're below of above your zone (if you want it to--I have mine set to mute), it shows what your beats per minute are and how many calories you've burned, along with the time, etc

I've really enjoyed having this little toy--and it syncs up with a lot of gym cardio equiptment (the Precor machines at my gym will automatically show my heart rate without my having to put my hand on the little metal bits).

Here's their website:

They have some fancier models than the F4 I have that do some other interesting computing bits, but I like mine just fine There is a chest strap that you wear in order to get your heart rate (it needs to contact skin--I wear it just beneath my sports bra), so if you do get one, make sure to pay attention to the chest strap size you buy/order!
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here is a big group hug for the blue team.........I finally got through the first 6 pages....and it was very motivating! You all are great! WE CAN DO IT

hi all- I am a single mother with an 11 year old son, I am also teacher so life is crazy now trying to get the year started.....but I'm trying to remind myself that being a healthier me is worth getting up earlier and finding the time to plan meals before hand..

1. What would you like us to call you? Noah

2. What eating plan are you using? calorie counting

3. What do you do for exercise? not nearly enough

4. What is one area you struggle with? staying on plan

5. Tell us something about yourself that you are most proud of...and it cant be kids or family. long ago I rode a century (100 miles) on my bike in one day- I want to be more physically fit

6. Where are you from? *optional* Washington

7. What is your FS4 challenge goal? 30 pounds

I am excited about the challenge and am up for mini goals----I need all the motivation tricks I can think of
take care and it's great to meet everyone
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Accepting who she is
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Tuesday is my day off for exercise. Kids' and husband's schedules just don't allow for it. However, cals came in at 1129, so I won't be too hard on myself. Water intake was unusually high. Good for me.

I need to get to the gym tomorrow night. That seems to be the only place that I run well. On the road or on my treadmill, it is like running with two kids hanging on my legs.....wait, sometimes that is true.

Stupidly made a cake tonight. I ate one bite, which is amazing, but I was surprised that I made it at all. I am not a "I cook when I am bored" kind of girl. Anyway, once the kids have a piece tomorrow and hubby take it in his lunch, it goes to the garbage disposal.

Since AF started full force on Sunday, I am hoping that will lead to a great weigh in on Friday!
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back at it
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hey blue team!! just got back from a 90+ minute dance class, I dont think i've sweated that much or had my heart rate up that much since i had to run "the mile" back in high school! Thought I was going to die for a while there, but man do I feel great now OP for 2 days in a row and about to plan out tomorrows food. i'm excited to hear all about whats going on in everyones lives and hope you all have a great day tomorrow!
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Good morning, Everyone! Sounds like everyone is staying on-plan despite the pressures of our lives....Awesome job! Go Blue!

My scales are paying me back for going off plan over the weekend....I'm up one pound. Argghh! No worry....I intend on taking that one pound off plus a couple more before Monday.: I have a bit of a headache today. I think I'm going through sugar withdrawals again. Thats what I get for not watching my sugar consumption for the last month. Again, its no worry. I'll come through this and be better than ever.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!
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Well good morning to my blue teammates! Today I had a pretty good day and went walking for thirty min before I went and picked my son up from daycare. I have not felt like exercising much these past few days but I have at least forced myself to walk a min of 15 min. So Chelle how is the Hot for Halloween going to work? Just make a goal weight and see if we are there by Halloween? Well I hope that everyone has a terrific day while I have a terrific sleep! LET'S GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!!!!
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Wow we are a chatty bunch, aren't we? :P

I watched the BL premiere last night, and was amazed at the changes to the show and the losses in the first week. It's going to be an interesting season!

I'm up early, intended to go for a run but feel way too tired and run down to do it. This confirms for me that I need to switch my Ct5K days from M/W/F to T/Th/Sat. So, tomorrow morning, out I'll go. I'm actually looking forward to it!!
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Good morning ladies! Just a quick hello to you all! I have been staying on plan for days now, so that is making me feel really good! I made it to the gym yesterday and did upper body weights along with 65 min. on the Precor! It said I burned 720 calories. I don't know how accurate those things are, but that would be really cool! I tell ya though I was dripping in sweat when I left that place. I almost feel embarressed when I leave, but oh well that is what the gym is for right? I am just an overly excessive sweater! Not much going on today, its nice and cool out so plan on getting my cardio today outside with a 4 mile power walk! I love this cooler weather were having! I have just enough leftovers for dinner tonight, so dinner is under control! Well ladies continue kicking butt! It is so motivating seeing how well you all are doing!! Keep up the good work, and have a fantastic Wednesday!

How ya doing Chelle?
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Woo Hoo!!! We're doing AWSOME!! I've been on plan for weeks now i'm so excited! And I've walked everyday last week week except Sun and Monday, monday's are no option for walking, and Sunday, I just didn't make it out, i'm so excited abt the weather cooling off I love fall!
WOW those weight losses last night were phenominal (misp) Can't wait to see hwo we weigh in Monday
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budding cinephile
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Height: 5'5 1/2"


I think I'm really pooped from invoicing the past week. I only have 4 files left to do and they are all on my boss's desk waiting for approval! I came in to work this morning and it was so quiet and warm in the top of the garage... (btw I'm the only office personnel so I don't recommend anyone else doing what I do at work.) So I put the phone by my ear and took a little 2 hour nap. Oh man it felt so good! I really think I could just sleep the rest of my life... thats how much I love to sleep.

I decided I'd dress up today for school/work since they kind of require it on wednesdays at school. So I have on my gap collared shirt and my gray pants that my big ol' bootie looks fabulous in. And to top it all off I'm wearing the stilettos I bought on my honeymoon in Nashville! The girls in my class are going to be surprised that a girl over 102 pounds can rock a nice set of stilettos!

Which reminds me... I need to get a fill in on my nails...

I was reading an article on WW about the designer Isaac Mizrahi and his tips for clothes for people losing weight. it was pretty interesting. I'm gonna post the link but I'm not sure if you can get to it without having a membership but its worth a shot. Designer Tips for All Shapes and Sizes

So today my plan is to finish making the 3 team charts and pass them out to the other team leaders. After that I have to check and see who hasn't checked in after we made teams so I can drag them in here to talk to us! No excuses for them! They aren't going to be pulling an Amber on me!

I also have to get the Hot for Halloween numbers all in one place so I can get everyone thats missing from that too.

Ok enough of my yacking.... let me start personals from page 1 :

- You are always so hard on yourself... you really should give yourself a break. You'll get to your goal this challenge... even if i have to drag you across that finish line! I think it hilarious that we managed to talk about the wedding all last challenge and now there's nothing to go crazy about. What are we gonna do! I ended up finishing watching The Hills last night before TBL... was it just me or was it a really short episode? I think Jason and Lauren just stay friends this season cause Jason has been dating some tennis player and is supposedly engaged to her. Audrina is such and idiot... oh lord don't get me started.

Tink - What in the world made you want to move from CA to KY? People out that way are so funny. Have fun getting used to that!

Kim (Ottoette)
- I about fell out of my chair when I was making the names list and I saw your "just not late for dinner" thing! TY for the info about the SSN and taxes!

Liz - It was good to talk to you in the chat last night! Yorktown and York County in general is a really nice place to live. They have the best school systems in the Tidewater area and everyone is really amped on sports and church. It's all around a really goo neighborhood. The only problem is that with the area being historical and all, everything house wise is super expensive here. My boss's wife has an aunt that's trying to sell a 3 bedroom 1 & 1/2 bath townhouse for $315,000 which for the area is about right but you could buy a really nice house elsewhere for that much. You are basically paying for the great schools, the history and the largest police force ratio to population in the Tidewater area.

- I find I have a struggle on the weekends with friends and going out too. Usually when we go out I'll either get the salad bar or I'll have a really high points day after I weigh in. I weigh on Saturday morning meetings so I usually eat high on saturday night anyway then eat normal the rest of the week. What day do you weigh in?

Selina - Great idea posting the inspirational quotes! I attempted to do that last challenge but I could never find ones I like. I encourage you to keep it up if you'd like to! Hope you feel better!

Cathy - You go ahead girl with that non smoking self! I quit cold turkey when I turned 18 after 5 years of smoking.... I can't imagine quitting after 29...

Lindsey & Bliss
- I hate being swamped with homework too! Luckily for me i'm taking a Quickbooks course this term and the book was only 6 chapters long.... I've finished it already so technically I really don't need to go to class. Do the both of you take day classes or night?

- I'll have more stuff up about Hot for Halloween after lunch!

Which reminds me.... I'm already running late for lunch! Later!
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