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Good evening, ladies!! 4 Days Until Weigh-In Deadline!--are we workin' hard and supporting our team? I hope so! We've got to beat the Red and the Black team now!

Just wanted to let you girls know I'm doing my part I went to my cardio kickboxing class tonight, burning a grand total of 700 calories! Food was also 100% on plan today, and I spent about an hour and a half tonight pre-cooking chicken and cube steak, making Cauliflower Mash, and putting some of that chicken into a broccoli stir-fry. I've got meals for probably the next 5 days in my fridge I feel so accomplished!

Have a great night and an awesome day tomorrow, ladies!

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Evening everyone!

Just checking in before I head off to bed. I didn't make it to my target points today which could be a good or a bad thing. I don't expect to eat big tomorrow so my weigh in Saturday should be decent. I just got done taking pictures of the items I'm selling on eBay from the wedding. So I'll get to post that stuff tomorrow. I'm tempted to sell my wedding dress but I don't know. I don't ever plan on wearing such a large size ever again so I think that's why I want to sell it to someone else. I know that I might have a little girl in the future but I hope she never gets as big as me either!

So what should I do?

ETA: Melissa and I talked about the Black Team and how they fit into our current situation. Their deadline and rules are different than ours so it's going to make things confusing. So while they are doing a TBL challenge, they can't really post their results with ours because its almost like a completely different challenge. So essentially its still just the Blue and Red Teams competing.

Hope this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, it's just something that Melissa and I discussed behind the scenes.

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Hello fellow team members! Sounds like everyone is doing much better than me.

So Chelle I think that unless you are a sentimental person that you do not need to keep your dress. I am a hugh sentimental person so I keep a lot of things.

Well right now I really do not have a plan since half of the things that I buy are not in English and have no nutritional value on them. Also these past few days I have really been craving mac and cheese since a friend sent me some and they do not have anything like that here in Korea is still raining off and on but I did find a WATP torrent that I am downloading and it is 3.2G so it has taken a while to download. Hopefully it should be done tonight and I can do the 2 mile walk. So I can't watch the biggest loser since I am in Korea right now and I can't watch it online since you have to be within the U.S. I do not know why that is but oh well Well I gotta get ready for work so I will TTYAL!!!!!!!! LET'S GO BLUE TEAM LET'S GO!!!!!!!!
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Good morning all! Just wanted to drop in and say "Happy Friday!" before getting started at work. I am happy today because:

1) It's Friday!
2) I am wearing a button down shirt that I love that I wasn't able to fit back into until about 3 weeks ago - plus it's a little big!
3) I'm wearing some size 12 pants that I haven't worn since my senior year of college, i.e. 2004.
4) I'm going shopping tonight at NY & Company to use my City Cash coupons and I'm hoping to be able to buy more size 12 pants since the size 14 pants I bought from there are already getting a little big. Plus I hope they have some cute fall clothes (I love fall!)
5) I cheated and weighed myself this morning (Mondays are my formal weigh in, and I try not to cheat during the week, but I did today) and the scale said 156.4! That's 2 pounds down from my starting weight and I'm hoping it will stay off until Monday when I post my weight.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good Morning Everyone,
I had a great OP day yesterday and off to a good early morning start today. Exercise already done-doesn't get much better than that.

Congratulations to all who have lost weight! I'm going to wait until Monday that will motivate me to stay OP all weekend.

Michelle- I'm in the Richmond area. I was out your way last weekend. Camped with the family at VA beach and then on the way home stopped at Trader Joes for the first time. Wish I was as close to them as you!
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Morning Ladies!

I think more than likely I will be selling my dress. Yes it was pretty and stuff but that's what pictures are for! I have my senior prom dress (ie 2003) thats a size 8 and happens to be an informal wedding gown. I paid more for that dress than my wedding dress! 600 vs 250. One of my goals is to get back into that dress once I lose all that weight!

I can't stress enough for all of you Monday weigher's PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that you weigh in early on Monday. I found the last 3 challenges people would wait until the last minute and thing they are still in on time because they are weighing by their time. That's not the case. Everything is eastern standard time. To make it short 'n sweet... Just weigh in ASAP!

I plan on weighing in tomorrow morning so I'm still good.

Liz - :congrats: on your loss! I wish I could fit in size 12's!

Fit - What part of Richmond? I used to live off of Staples Mill Rd as a kid not too far from Dumbarton Elementary, but then we moved to King William County in the 3rd grade. I'm still familiar with some areas up that way!

Well I'll bbl. I have to go pickup a check from a contractor! Why can't people just pay on time?
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Good morning, Everyone!

This will be day 5 of staying 100% on-plan and the scales look very promising! I do weigh daily, but Monday's is the official weight. No worries, I'll have my weight entered early on Monday.....that's the first thing I do when I get up every morning, so the 10pm deadline is not a problem.

I'm still having problems with the sinuses, so I havent been working out this week. I can't wait to get on that treadmill and really make the weight drop.

Hope everyone is having a great on-plan day. Go Blue!
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Good morning ladies! Well we made it till Friday, now we just have to make it through the weekend! So yesterday was not a fantastic food or exercise day for me! My husband and I were supposed to go for a power walk in the evening and never made it! This just goes to prove though that I have to get my workout done in the afternoon because I am not an evening person at all...especially with this cooler weather. I just like to light my candles and snuggle on the couch in this weather! Today is going to be a good exerise and eating day though. I don't know if I'll make the gym, but for sure a walk outside and lower body work at home. I really can do my lunges and what not here, so I think I'll skip the gym today and just walk my neighborhood which is a little over 4 miles! Tonight we are going to my MIL's for all are going to think I never cook. The kids have really been missing there Nannie and Papa though since school started so she invited us over for dinner. I know she is making roasted chickens on the grill, so that with a few sides will be good. I ususally weigh-in on Fridays and I did peek today and it was only down 1 lb! Now besides yesterday I have been faithful with my exercise and eating, so that kinda upset me, but I am going to give it until Sunday and see if anything else happens. I ate quite a bit of salt last night so hopefully some of that was reflected on the scale this morning and will be gone by Sunday! This weekend is pretty chill! We have a baseball game tomorrow afternoon for our oldest and that is about it. I think were going to do some yardwork and just hang around the house though! Have a fantastic weekend ladies!

Azure- Great job on losing 3lbs already...that is awesome! Resisting the Dominos really paid off! I was on Atkins a LONG time ago and made that cauliflower mash and loved it!

Selina- Down 6.5 that is great! I really liked that Dr. Phil quote. Most of the time the man annoys me but every now and again he says something that hits home with me!

Chelle- I hear ya with the scale not moving! Hang in there you notice your clothes are fitting nicer? I have at least noticed that, but still that number is a total mind thing that is hard to get past! Christmas.....Ughhhh don't say that awful word!

Barbara- It blows my mind to think that you are writing to us from Korea!

Aud- Almost all my body wash and candles are food scented...I love the smell of food! My husband does also though so when I'm done with a shower he is always sniffing at me!

Rebecca- A walking partner is SIL and I have walked together for years now, and I think you'll find it a lot more fun and motivating!

Kim- Girl I hear ya...I eat when I'm bored all the time. I think its something we just have to work on everyday!

Liz- Oh I could not resist Mexican is my all time favorite! We go to the Renaissance Farie in Bristol Wisconsin every couple of years...those dang cheese fritters do me in everytime! Congrats on the 2lb loss so far!

Maryann- Walking gives me loads of energy.....I just feel so refreshed after a nice walk!

Cathy- Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one watching these goofy shows!

Anne- 36 grams of fiber...I think I would have a problem!

Charity- on being down 2 lbs. Keep up the good work!

Tink- I don't know who I feel worse for the baby getting the shot or the mama holding the baby! Everytime I take my little ones in it breaks my heart! Glad he did so well though!

Well ladies that's all for me....let's have a OP weekend!

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Well ladies, when I got home from school yesterday dragging my butt, I finally listened to my boyfriend and my mum, and I've made on appointment with the doctor. September 20th I'll go talk to her, and see what's going on with my crazy body. I have a feeling I'm anemic, and I'm really hoping it's something as "simple" as that, and not anything bigger or scarier - my mind and Dr Google have run away with all the scary possibilities.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Friday - I'll probably check in again later today!
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Morning all ~
Just popping in real quick to say Hola and have a fantastic friday!!!
I got in a 4 mile walk this morning with my friend, she joins me on Mondays & Fridays. I've been journaling my food and staying within my points so I feel I'm doing really well this week, even with it being ttotm. I weigh in on Mondays, my meeting is at 12:15 so I'll post my weight as soon as I get home from that. Gotta go do some stuff around here and run some errands, again I'll check in later ladies.
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lc lifestyle
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STILL not the Week I thought I'd be having - but working hard to not let this turn into that loooooong slide that my life long "weight problem" mindset can turn into.



Too much of it.

At Home.

At Work.

This too shall pass.


Sell the dress chelle. That's the vibe I'm getting from your words on my Monitor. I like the sound of your prom dress better!

Love all of your Posts Bluey's - inspiring reads over coffee!

I'm going to be you when I grow up azure! (That will be this Sunday when instead of getting Football Hammered - I'll be pre-planning and making foods for the coming week!) I also hope to be able to shout at My Rams in Italian then!

I'll be Posting my w/i on Sunday this week - don't think I'll make any sort of whooooossssh . . . just ain't been my week.

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Tina30, I have no idea how you manage to reply to everyone, but I know that I'm touched every time you do. So thank you Don't worry about "only" being down 1 pound--I've totally had those weeks, too. Weight sometimes comes off in what Aud calls "WHOOSH"es . Some weeks might not show much, then all of the sudden you're down a lot. And yes, not eating that Dominos totally paid off. I'm so glad that I resisted!

As for today, I slept in late (12:30!). I've been having a rough week as far as sleeping enough, so I decided to let myself sleep in today. It was nice, but I feel like half my day is gone. I've got to walk over to the package pick-up place on campus to get the Henna I ordered. After that, I'm going to take a trip to the grocery store to get a few things, and ensure that my boyfriend has something to snack on while he's here for the next couple days. The plan for today is to eat on plan (shouldn't be a problem) and take a walk a little later. My headphones (Nice, SHURE headphones) broke, so I'm debating on whether I want to see if I can repair them or if I want to get new ones...they're pricey.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Let's Go, Blues!
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back at it
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Bad bad me last night. Dang that happy hour! I HAVE to learn to stop the social eating, seriously my worst enemy. And the drinks too, although I drank alot less than I normally would have. I'm back OP this morning but I will be so upset if all of my good work this week is ruined by my one night of fun and food. Plus I woke up this morning with a terrible stomach ache that I know was a result of all the happy hour junk food. I'm going to try a new experiment and when I go out w/ friends to bar, on town, etc, I will wear only clothes that are already a bit too snug, that way I will feel uncomfortable if I start to eat too much, lol. We'll see! I have to work most of the weekend though, so I don't think I'll have anymore slip ups.
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Hello all and good morning....well afternoon to some of you folks. I weigh in on I hopped on the scale today and ta da...1 little bitty pound. I thought I was doing so well too. Well at least I can tell that my clothes are fitting better. I wasnt able to go on my second walk yesterday which kinda bummed me out. Im getting bored with the walking routine so I bought the biggest loser workout video last night. So hopefully being able to switch things up is going to do good for me...congrats to all you boy woke up from his nap. GO BLUE TEAM!!
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Hi everyone!! So far today I'm OP, lost count of the days I think this is 18?? Anyhoo, I'm tired this week, not only from my sinuses or PMS, but because I got a new baby!

He's adorable, little round face, big eyes, soft blondish hair, not much of it though. LOL. If he comes up for adoption, we are keeping him for sure! He'll be number 3 and only 1 to go then. Then maybe 3 more later but have to see if I can afford that many more. So now I only have 5 kids. If they call me with a school aged one I'll take one more. Then I'll be at 6 again and all will be back to normal.

So you can see why I gain every summer! I have them all allllll day long 24/7, no breaks. So even going to the bathroom has to be fast because I have to keep an eye on everyone! They are all little, my oldest is 6. So now I have a 4.5 month old boy, a 6 month old boy, a 2.5 yr old girl (my daughter), 5 yr old boy (my son) and 6 yr old. Gets a little crazy but not like you see on tv with big families.. we don't have food fights all the time and all that We stay really organized and scheduled for most things but we have fun too. Just tired because he is knew and I'm getting used to his routines along with meshing him in ours.

Anyway, I'll stop typing and give you all a break! LOL Just letting you know that I'm not just a mom, I'm a foster parent (not sure if I told you all b4). And kids I take sometimes have issues and behavioral problems (got a call from principal today bc the 6 yr old wont do what his teacher says, told her he doesn't have, someone's going to be grounded) and plus I have to take them to all appoinments and visits, plus have caseworkers and therapists, attorneys at my house all the time. Plus my husband works 2 jobs in law enforcement and still coaches their ball team and we volunteer at the school, etc.

So I know how it is to find no time for yourself!!!! Yet I have MADE time recently and plan to continue to. If I put my foot down, I can do that. Plus exercising right when I get up and right when the kids go to bed helps me meet my goals. And believe me, when they are all up, the only exercise I get is cleaning up. They really do want on the treadmill with you, or to hang onto you when ur doing toning, etc. My two yr old likes to sit on my shoes and hug my leg when I'm doing leg lifts in the living room. But after a few I can't pick it up anymore! LOL.

Think about where you want to get in life. Really plan out your future, and forget about any wrong directions you might have taken in the past. Make a firm decision about your basic objective. Determine exactly what you want to have happen. Take one or two short sentences and sum up what you're looking to achieve in the years ahead. Formulate and write your goal in a sharp, clear statement. Work with a calendar and plan for this year and next year and five years from now and 25 years from now. The more specific you can be, the better your chances of succeeding.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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