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Good morning ladies! Well so far so good this week! I have been getting in some great exercise and staying OP with my eating so hoping for a good weigh-in tomorrow. I'll tell ya what I feel a whole heck of a lot better! I just feel trim and fit! Even if the pounds don't come off fast I can tell just by my clothes that the inches are coming down! Today I am going to my MIL's for some homemade chicken gumbo soup! Yummm I can't wait! It is so beautiful out today. This afternoon is the gym for lower body and then cardio. I have a thighs are one of the biggest areas on me and I was wondering to tone not bulk them, do I do lower weights higher reps, or higher weights with lower reps? Just wondering! Well ladies I hope you all continue to stay OP with your eating and exercise! I can't wait to see our numbers this week...everyone has been doing so good!

Chelle-We could always talk about married life now!LOL! Yeah with commericals The Hills is like what 15 min. I love that show though..which is pretty sad since I am nearing 30 and still watching The Hills, Real World, Hogan Knows Best, all that trashy crap! I love it though and I figure if that is the worst I do so be it! Keep on rocking girl, your doing great!

Ladies have a fantastic Thursday!
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just checking in for today...I had a decent day yesterday, I stayed on plan but barely lol. My sister has decided to start walking with me, this is good for me to have a walking buddy plus it's good for our relationship, we've never been close at all. this is helping some. I've got lots of work to do today at home, i've got to clean everywhere plus go thru the kids closets and switch out some clothes, look for fall/winter ones that fit that have been stored away, and put the old ones up...I hope everyone has a great day! I'm going to stay on plan again today
btw: i had a lean cuisine panini yesterday and the day before, WOW I could eat those every day lol...I love the southwest chicken!!!
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Good Morning Blue Team!! It's a beautiful day here today. The weather is sunny and cool. Got in a 2.5 mile walk this morning. Reading the posts, sounds like everyone is doing good.
Tina~ I'm almost 44 and watch the Hills and Real World, and I remember when MTV aired, the year I graduated High school.
Well I need to get moving on the house and doing errands.
Have a great day ladies and I'll be back later.
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I had a terrible day for food and exercise yesterday. I am pretty unhappy with myself. Mostly eating from boredom and rebellion (who SAYS I can't have a bag of Bugles?). I wish weight loss wasn't so psychological for me!
I can't seem to figure out which Cathy quit smoking - but I wanted to say - YAY YOU!! I quit 20 months ago after 27 years of smoking. Hardest, most rewarding thing I've ever done is finally quit for good! That's what inspired me to think maybe I can get a handle on the weight thing, but about 12 months pregnant since then (1 m/c and my daughter) slowed down my quest.
I am going to eat OP today and go for my walk and I am NOT going to spend a lot of time on weight loss sites, just to take the pressure off myself.
I promise to get it together for weigh-in girls!
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Morning Chickas!

Well it's Thursday and that means tomorrow is Friday! Where has this week gone? I'm sure it has something to do with all the invoicing I had to catch up on. Can you believe we are already half way through September! Christmas will be here in no time!

I didn't get a chance to get the things done I wanted to yesterday for the challenge so I'll probably do those today.

I keep having a staring contest with my scale... it says I'm still 192 (which is 2 pounds off from the WW scale) and I've been on plan all week and it's still not moving. I usually have a hard time getting into the 180s everytime I diet. I don't know why but my body just doesn't want to let go! I think it has a large part to do with the fact I don't exercise. It's not that I don't want to... it's just that I for the most part can't due to lack of time. I was reflecting on my exercise habits while driving into work this morning. My day in a nutshell is to come to work, get off and drive to school, get out there and come home to eat then catch maybe one show then go to bed. I usually get about 5 to 6 hours of sleep if I'm lucky.

But enough of my crying!

Please don't forget to weigh in this week! You don't have to wait until the Monday deadline to post your weight, and sometimes in waiting we forget... So the sooner you post it the better.


- Yes the Black Team is for real. They have their own set of rules and what not and they aren't under our challenge. It's basically the people that didn't make the deadline for the FS4 challenge. I'm interested to see how it works out if stacie plans on continuing to take people in.

Anna - for getting out there and running anyway!

Rhonda - I think Selina is sick with the same thing. Maybe it's all this weird weather the weather channel says the US is having?

Fit - What part of VA are you from? I'm loving these 80s we've been having this week. My weather widget is calling for rain here tomorrow and saturday which will bring us down to about 76 for Sunday... I'll be freezing! You reminded me I need to clean out my clothes this weekend! TY for the compliments!

Marianne - 196.5 is great! to you!

Tina - I swear I'm so tired of the question "How's married life?" It's the same as it has been for the past 4 years! I stopped watching Real World religously after Real World Boston... and that was like a long time ago. I dont get into Hogan cause it just seems silly.

Rebecca - Those lean cuisines are so good. It really helps people on WW cause they have points on them!

Cathy - MTV aired the year I was born! I'm such a youngin!

Kim - It's ok to have a day off! You deserve it every now and again... just got to pick yourself up and get moving again. for you quitting smoking!

Well its time for lunch and I'm not to mention I have a so I'm gonna get! BBL
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So far so good today; I started walking yesterday; for 30 mins. and I am about to go walking now. I think getting active really makes the difference!! It gives you energy and you don't want to waste that accomplished good feeling with bad food.
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Hiya Ladies of the Blue Team!!!

Hope your day is going well. I'm starting to PMS so I am going to weigh in for the week now. I'm sure I'll gain water as always and don't want it counted!! LOL. No way! I'm down to 228.5, woohoo!!!!

So down 6.5 lbs. I'm so glad too. When I get to 227, that's 50 lbs. down. Will be esp. happy when I'm down 70 though. Feel soooooo much better around there. Then next goal will be 177. Might be final goal too. Always been around 230 or higher so 177 and maintaining would be heaven.

I have been OP for food and exercise for 17 days as of yesterday. Goody!! Just wanna keep at it and finish up strong this year.

Here is a positive quote for you:

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Look at every tribulation as a challenge that can be turned into a treasure, if you approach it with enthusiasm. This means developing a heightened awareness of this power within you. Enthusiasm is contagious. Learn it, live it, and pass it on.

And something else that Dr. Phil had said I want to share.

The next 6 months or 1 year that you live, you can either do something worthwhile or not. You are still going to pass the time. Why not make it matter?
(Not an exact quote, can't remember it exact.) But it makes so much sense, huh?

Hugs! Probably won't be back til Friday nite or so, bussssssy from now til then.

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Buon Giorno, Bellisima Blues!

Today is BEAUTIFUL outside. I've got most of the afternoon off, so I might even go for a walk before I go to cardio kickboxing tonight. Last night I had a minor breakdown and ate a lot of cheese (allowed on Atkins, but that quantity really wasn't a good idea)--I ALMOST ordered a Dominos pizza and Cinnastix, the cheese was better than that! However, I overcame my binge demon and pressed on.

And this morning? I'm 3 pounds down from last week! I'm holding off on my TBL challenge weigh in until Sunday morning I've got to give my team any extra edge we can get--I think I can squeeze another pound out of my body by Sunday morning! So, I've not got two official weigh-in days: Thursdays and Sundays!

Today eating is On Plan! I actually need to eat something shortly--so I'll check back on you ladies later!
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back at it
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Hi Ladies, I'll say goodmorning, even though its probably afternoon for most of you who are not on the westcoast.

First off, great job Selina and Azure!!! Those are both fabulous losses!

I'm off to a good start today, but can bearly walk because my calves are so sore from my dance class on Tuesday night. I'm going to have to try and stretch under my desk if I want to be able to excercise tonight (let alone walk back to my car to leave work!).

Keep up the good work everyone!!! Just a few more days till weight in!!!
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lc lifestyle
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This hasn't been the week I thought I was gonna have . . . but am determined to salvage and make the best out of what's left of it!

Happy Thursday Blue-sters!!!!

Swamped at work . . . swamped at home . . . working Saturday nite . . . what about time for ME ME ME ME ME??????????????

Think I'll take a bubble bath and wear stilleto's into the plant tonight! ROTFLMAO at the very IDEA! (Not the bubble - still LOVING the Avon "Vanilla Frosting" that when I use, I pretend I'm soaking in a vat of cake mix!)

Alrighty then . . . I'm outta here and headed for The ZONE!
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Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't checked in much, I have been so busy this week! I have had really bad day, my dissertation advisor was pretty mean, so I am just trying not to cry all day (and eat everything in sight!!!).

At any rate, I haven't been doing too well with my exericising, I really need to get with it, but I have lost at least 2 lbs. so far for the challenge (which is really good for me since I have been gaining for the past couple of months!). I just need to try not to get too down about things - I don't want to gain back what I have lost!

I hope everyone has a great day - boy I can't wait for the weekend!!!

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Keep on Walkin'
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Hello all.....sorry Ive been MIA for a couple days...super busy. I had to take my son to get his 12 month shots yesterday....poor thing got 5 shots...he is such a trooper though. He acctually cried less than the 14 yr old girl in the next room over! lol. But anyways...i know kinda late, but here are my answers to the questions:

1. What would you like us to call you? You can call me Tink or Laura

2. What eating plan are you using? Im calorie counting

3. What do you do for exercise? I walk on a treadmill and at a track...and I have just started some resistance exercises

4. What is one area you struggle with? binge eating

5. Tell us something about yourself that you are most proud of...and it cant be kids or family: Finally making an acctual effort to lose weight

6. Where are you from? *optional* California...the bay area

7. What is your FS4 challenge goal? I dont have a specific total of lbs I want to lose, but hopefully at least 2lbs a week...
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Great day with the food stuff (36 g of fiber!!), but I don't think I will get to the gym. DH has stuff going on, and the little one still will not tolerate the gym daycare. Looks like a walk in the neighborhood in the dark later. I guess it beats a sharp stick in the eye.

I still have about 200 calories to figure out what to do with. The pressure is off since I exceeded the fiber goal. I weigh in tomorrow, so nothing salty!
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Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. I've been reading all the posts here and I think our BLUE team is gonna kick butt! You all are awesome!

Go Blue!!

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Good evening blue team! Just finished my workout for the day - TBL Workout DVD (volume 1). I did the warm, high intensity cardio, strength and sculpt, and cool down. Does anyone else own the TBL workout DVD? I've had it for a little over a month and have enjoyed it so far. The workouts are hard! My legs/butt are a little sore because of the high intensity cardio, but I'm glad I got it in. I didn't exercise last night, and I got off track today with a surprise lunch out for a coworkers birthday at a mexican restaurant. I had 3 chicken enchiladas with mexican rice and some chips with salsa. I only ate about 1 1/2 enchilada, and some of the rice but I still felt gross afterwards. I should have stayed and ate lunch at work that I brought from home, but I don't get to eat out very much so I went with the group to the restaurant. I'm over my WW points by about 6 today which bums me out a little, but I'm glad I got some exercise in. Tomorrow will be a new day and I'm going to try and stay OP for the next few days. The BF and I are supposed to be going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival one day this weekend which means lots and lots of bad food tempting me. I may get one small treat, but we will be walking alot so I don't think it will be too bad. Its the BF's birthday on Sunday so having a treat might be ok for once (not that I haven't had some treats in the past 5 months). I've learned if I don't have a treat every now and then I get cranky, so once or twice a month is ok. I've still managed to lose 30 pounds (although it has been slow) so I know that cheating every now and then isn't the worst thing in the world. I just know that I can't make a habit of eating badly every day and eating the same kind of junk every day that I used to before starting on this journey.

Ok, well this has been a long enough ramble. I am so happy tomorrow is Friday - got a busy day ahead of me, so hopefully it will go fast. This week feels like it has gone by so fast. Woo! Night all!
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