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Ah, Karen, she is so cute in that cabinet. Bless her little heart!
We have a catahoula (Roux) who is also terrified of thunder. He used to hide under our bed, but our new bed has a low railing around it and he can't get under it, so he has to get on top of the bed and he have to put a blanket on top of him. He's huge, but the biggest "baby" in the house when it comes to thunder.

One of our maltese (Murphy) is blind and deaf and I always find him in strange places when I come home. The other day I found him on the bottom shelf of a stainless steel prep table I have in the kitchen. We've also found him in a bath tub. He is only about 3 lbs and tiny, so we don't know how he got in there. Our kitchen is very old and has those quarter round shelves built in over in a corner. I found him on the second shelf one time sitting on top of my grill pan just howling....he yodels.

I'm off to the tub (sans doggie) to get ready for Monday. sigh. Ya'll have a great day!
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Lily & Bobbi, Thanks for letting us know you're safe.

Bobbi - "about the world coming to an end" - the way I figure it is that no one gets out of here alive - sooner or later the "world will come to an end" for each of us - not a big difference to me whether it happens all at once or in dribs and drabs. Also, I think humans [as we know them] might "come to an end, but the "world/universe" will keep on spinning without us. It might even have a chance to recuperate if we weren't here to pollute it.

Hi Karen, sounds like you're eating in a really healthy manner - good for you! You wrote, "If I could add about 5 inches to my height I would probably be just about right weight wise!!" I'm with you - I'm 5'1" -- we're not overweight, we're underheight!

Hi Cat, when I'm in bed and there's thunder, my Princess (18 lb cat) jumps on my stomach (or whatever other part of my body is a convenient landing strip) from the dresser above.

I think I'll try one of Zoe's muffin recipes today. Another rainy day here.

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Wow . . . we are actually having a fairly decent looking day today . . . cool, mind you (high predicted of 18C/65F) but mostly sunny. Sure hope everybody else sees an end to the rain and flooding.

Not much else going on around here. Must "do my 3FC rounds" and then get out for some errands. See you all later . . .
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Hi ladies....

Finally my kitchen is so very clean and organized!!!! I love to just open my pantry and look at it....easy to entertain aren't I.

Lily and Bobbi, glad your both ok with all that rain, thanks for checking in.

I can't do the slimfast Karen, I get so hungry on it. I had this past week basically off from all exercise because of my foot hurting but will get back on schedule today. I walked a mile yesterday. I think it was Trish doing the WTPA also, if she is doing the fast's a killer, I just got to be able to finish the 2 miles on that one.

Cat, I was outside last night about 8 p.m. walking my dog and the wind and clouds are blowing in from the south from the was very erie. 2 years ago had a DIRECT hit from TWO hurricanes here where I live so I know your fear very well......may both states stay safe this year.

Lynn, it took my dh quite awhile to get his sugar to settle down but now he can add in a beer, small ice cream, etc. on occasion with out his sugar going sky high but it was hard at first so don't despair.

Zoe I'm glad you had a nice day with children and grandies...I'm jealous of course but I will see 2 my two grandsons in about six weeks, so I'm excited about that.

Well, going to attack my walk in closest today.....oh my this may take longer than my kitchen as I will have to try on so many "clothes" and decide what to keep.....I feel a headache coming on! lol

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Well its Monday my dear GOLDEN GIRLS busy busy weekend for us. I tend to go a bit overboard when I have people over for dinner -- which is the main reason I rarely do it. But it was my son's 27th birthday so I had my family over for BBQ. The day started off raining so I made sure everything I planned for the BBQ could be done in the oven -- would be ok just not as good. The rain stopped and then started again about 3 -- so I yelled at the rain gods to make up their mind because I had to make choices about 4. Would you believe the rain stopped almost immediately and everthing went according to plan. I even played with the cake and instead of just putting on plain white icing I grabbed one of those decorating gel pens and wrote Happy Birthday to Darryl and Priya in blue. I was so proud but when I came to unveil I pulled the cake saver off and half the top of the icing remained on the lid the rest had bleeded into four blue blobs -- we all got a good laugh and my brother reminded me of all our mom's baking disasters and was pleased that the family DNA hadn't been lost LOL.

Oh and one other piece of good news. I decided to go shopping for something to wear to the wedding. I loath shopping -- if I buy clothes it might be four maybe five times a year. So Saturday I went to one of our plus size stores to see what was on sale. A cute top and skirt caught my eye - I was a bit worried because the top only came in size 14 and 20 -- so I grabbed the size 14 top and a size 16 skirt. I put the skirt on and let out a big "Oh OH!!" My sweetie was concerned until I came out all smiles - the 16 was HUGE on me!!!!! Luckily there was a 14 so I was able to buy the outfit in a size 14 - YAY!!!! Now I did buy one top in size 16 but it was a much more fitted style -- but lets not discuss that -- lets celebrate the 14!!!!!!

Cat -- lets hope Dean and company stays away and you remain safe this season (same goes for you too Phyllis)

Lynn -- stay dry -- are you staying home for the next while?? And thanks for the kind words about my friend.

Zoe -- with you on my side I can't be anything but good. Although I was pleased to see that you let the guilt pass really fast over your EX. I can only imagine how that feels and I am just so thrilled that "man" didn't break you -- shows your inner strength. You are a survivor not a victim.

Linda - ewww ok there is nothing like a pissed off cat

Gayle -- you will do great. Like Zoe said think positive.

Lily and Bobbi - -so glad you are both safe

Karen -- sorry for all the frustrations. I also thank you for the support you ladies showed about reconciling with my friend. What a cute pic of Ginger - my other dog as he got older hated fireworks and thunder -- he was only happy in the backseat of my camero -- but he ended up chewing off one of the seatbelts. One Halloween we went to the vet and got him some tranquilizers. I gave him one -- then a while later my son came home and noticed he was still agitated so gave him another -- and then to top it off my husband gave him another before the fireworks started. When we got home later my poor doggie was like a limp rag on his chair -- I had to carry him outside for his nightly business (not easy he as 25 pounds of limp doggie). He was fine the next day -- and we all vowed to talk to each other before medicating him.

Phyllis -- have fun in the closet
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Default Announcement - Above

In case you missed the announcement above -

We've just been told that someone is on a low carb forum (a paid subscription forum) pretending to be one of 3FC, and attempting to "meet up" with them. If you are a member of other forums or websites, and receive a message from someone pretending to be one of us, please be assured that they are lying!

Report that person to the forum or website administrator of the site you belong to, and advise them that we have officially informed you that the person is impersonating us. The administrator of that website can trace the location of the individual, and report them to local authorities if necessary.

If in doubt, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and ask us about it. If we contact anyone, it will be through the 3FC forum Private Message system, and the message can be identified by our official usernames.

Thank you
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Default The proper way to use a scale...

Golden Girlies, I have just discovered that we have ALL been making a terrible mistake! Please see attached thumbnail for instructions on the proper method for weighing in!


PS....I've lost an AMAZING amount of weight!!!!!

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Goodness All this cleaning! I guess I should do some too! Naaa. Not today.
If it rains any more, I am going to need hip boots.
We have had cold rainy weather for the last 2days. Not including Fridays rain.
We have had at least one inch a day. need a boat for my back door.

Had a nice Saturday. Spent the early part with the kids and Jessie. Then his folks for a
while. Came home and did some house work and I mowed while he did the other stuff, like
trimming. Not much else going on. Went to physical therapy today.

thatís just too funny.

thanks for the warning, I did NOT see it till you mentioned it.

I am glad your sonís bday turned out good. We have a cake problem in our family too.
Remember when my sister made a cake for mom once. I donít know what she didÖbut it
was just a PILE of cake crumbs stuck together with frosting.
congrats on the smaller size clothes.
just so you knowÖ I am wearing a size 14. And only weigh 155.
THATíS what being tall does for you.

that is such a cute little dog. I am so glad she has a good hiding place. Ours hides under my tables beside the couch. She is to big to hide many places.
Girl you are doing so well with your weightÖ I sure wish I could use the slim fast too. It just leaves me sooo hungry! How do you do it?
Sending good vibes that your house sells very soon. Donít want to move in the winter.

So glad your ok with all that rain. itís a good reason to buy a house on a higher ground. Works well here to. Except we have Lake Erie to catch the run off. It does help. The lake would have to over flow for us to get the problems they are showing.

Well girls, Its going to be one of those daysÖ the thunder is back.
getting off now. later
be safe. stay dry!
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Lynn, thank you for validating my kvetching - or if not the kvetching itself, the RIGHT to kvetch, which is even more important, really. It truly IS helpful to hear that itĎs okay not to always be all sweetness and light, if you know what I mean. Re: the muffins - when I made the bran muffins, I added a quarter cup of Fiber One crumbs that I had pulverized in the blender and an extra egg. Adds a good amount of fiber to just about any recipe, Iíve found. Thatís a quarter cup AFTER pulverizing; probably closer to a full cup in its original state.
Iím VERY glad that our Lily, Cat & Bobbi are okay. Iím keeping my eye on where Dean goes, which hopefully wonít be anywhere near Louisiana. I feel sorry for all those folks vacationing in Cancun, though. Iíll bet it was the only vacay that some of them got, and they were hoping it would be a really special time. Weatherís the one thing we can never plan, I guess. Itís been really chilly here today - in the mid-to-high 60ís, and I dressed more for fall than summer - but itís supposed to warm up again by the end of the week.
Yeah, Karen, you have the same problem as the rest of us do....weíre ALL too short for our weight! My KIDS are all tall & slim, and my grandkids are the same way. I donít know WHAT happened to me! Omigoodness! What a sweetheart that Ginger is! Every time I see your pictures - and Catís puppy - I wish we could have a dog. Maybe once we both retire and will be home to keep it company...
Hey Meowee-Linda....I sure hope those cats get over those little ďquirksĒ of theirs soon. I LOVE cats, but if they wonít use the litter box for their...uh...personal needs, then they would need to pack their little bags and hit the road. Cat P is not my all-time favorite smell.
Good grief, Phyl....I hope you have somewhere to go if it gets to storming down your way! Jeeze, now that all of you are part of my Golden Girls FAMILY now, I have to worry about the weather all over the country!
Jo-annie, something tells me that when you have guests for dinner, they are both well-fed and royally treated. And a SONíS birthday is just so danged special! We make such a big deal over my sonís in June every year that he has no choice but to come home to celebrate it. (Of course we make a big deal over EVERYBODYíS...weíre just a celebrating kind of family). And omigawd! A size 14! Congratulations, you! WAY to GO, girlfriend! See? All that exercising and boot camp and all that stuff really DID pay off big-time!!! Yay, yay, yay! Iím so excited for you! You will look SO boffo at that wedding!
Theresa, Iím going to send you a boat to get out your back door. A NICE boat with a red peppermint striped sail. Glad you had some quality family time over the weekend. Thatís what itís all about, you know?
Well, here are some just released pics of my son & his GF, and my daughter and granddaughter. (Just noodling around here because Iíve learned that itís kind of fun to attach pictures to everything!) See what I mean about tall & skinny? He's 6'7, and his GF must be around 5'10 or so...



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Talking Checking in

I'm back at work after a week off!! Today was a little tough. I drank the 20 oz brewed tea which didn't kick in until after my first meeting of the day!!

I managed to do 3 miles today. Yes, Phyliss I do use WATP! And you are right, that express 30 minute walk was a killer!!!!!

Zoe I'm glad that you are finally feeling better. I'll take Marylynn's back rubs at the spa---just remember to have someone on staff that does facials. My skin is now superdry (Gotta love that menopause!!! ) You're right I do keep busy. How is WW doing for you? I've also decided to adopt your weighing technique....that's one way to move that scale quicker!!!

Linda I hope your cats forgive you soon. I thought my cat had a temper but she does not compare to your "sweeties"

Karen Ginger is absolutely adorable!!!
Theresa How is Curves going for you?

Bobbi Thanks for the tips. I'm glad that you and Lily are safe.

Joanne I'm glad you and your friend have made amends. Your story brought to mind my college roommate and I. When I was in my 20s, I was married to a very violent man, my roomie was my lifeline and refuge. We just drifted apart. I'm so thankful for her--yes I have told her in letters. I've even called her. But she doesn't want any communication with me. I realized finally that I had to move on years ago... It sounds like you are going to fare much better than I---

Cat Looks like Dean has bypassed you!!

Phyliss, Zoe, and Joanne I wore a blue suit today at work---I'm happy to report that I'm joining you in the LCC [Loose Clothes Club]

Gayle I'm sure you'll do fine and get the job. Please keep us posted.

Well I tried to catchup on the posts. To everyone that I missed
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Default Muffins

Originally Posted by ellabella View Post
Re: the muffins - when I made the bran muffins, I added a quarter cup of Fiber One crumbs that I had pulverized in the blender and an extra egg. Adds a good amount of fiber to just about any recipe, I’ve found. That’s a quarter cup AFTER pulverizing; probably closer to a full cup in its original state.

Hi Zoe,

I made the bran muffins tonight. I ate 2 (1 serving). There are 3 cups of All Bran in the recipe - I don't think they need any more fiber. I'll let you know tomorrow how my blood sugar reacted. I'm posting the recipe in our "recipe box."

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0 to 200...
here is a short giggle for you ladies...

Rick was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary.
His wife was really angry.
She told him ' Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in less than 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE!!

The next morning Rick got up early and left for work.
When his wife woke up she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway
Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, and brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.

Rick has been missing since Friday. Please pray for him
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Good evening Golden Girls!
Another drizzly day here in MN. Hope your rain has stopped down there Bobbi, I think your prayers worked.
Loved the joke Theresa That was too funny.
Karen - your little Ginger reminds me of one of our little Yorkie girls. She tries to get as close to me as possible whenever it thunders. Snow in September? I love Colorado and the area you live in is beautiful, but your summers are shorter than Minnesota's!!
Zoe - loved seeing the pictures. I can tell you really love that boy of yours. Mine is coming home from NYC for a visit this Friday. Yay!!! Haven't seen him since last December. He will only stay for a long weekend, but promises to come home again the end of September.
Gayle - Good luck on the job. Don't give up if this one doesn't work out.
Joanne - so nice to hear you connected with your old friend. Size 14 - you should be very proud. That is wonderful!
Phyliss - still keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Hello Paula, Meowee, Margaret (wherever you are this week), LindaD, Trish, Marylynn, Lynn, Lyn, Cat, Gary - who did I miss? I'll catch you next time.

Oh, just wondering have any of you heard of mixing green tea and oolong tea together to speed weight loss? I read it in a women's magazine. You mix it half and half and drink a cup a couple of times a day.

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I haven't had much time to sit at the computer lately. It is in the family room so I do real quick "hits" on some of my regular threads during my ballgames and commercials. Maybe if I didn't type so slow....I would post more

I have been reading the posts though and pray for your concerns.

LILY ~ BOBBI ~ KAREN Because of where you all live I will address this to you. My ex-wife Brenda called me a couple of days ago and said her aunt had rented a "tour bus" for her family, to take to her family reunion in Minnesota. Evidently (details are sketchy) the bus had a tire blow and it crashed in/near Colorado Springs. My ex's cousin had a pretty bad injury to her back, the others were shaken but no serious injuries. I talked to her yesterday at church but she didn't have any more details other than some of them went to Denver to the hospital.

PHYLISS ~ My goal for the moment is to lose 16 pounds. That would put me at 185, I am at 192 as of this morning which is 9 pounds less than I was on 7/23

I hope all of you are well! Now to take knucklehead nephew to the drug store, for a notebook he needs for his second day of his senior year...he could have told me BEFORE 8:00...but that would have been too easy...ahhhh

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Well its Monday my dear GOLDEN GIRLS busy busy weekend for us. I tend to go a bit overboard when I have people over for dinner -- I have to comment on this. I too go overboard when company comes for dinner. But don't you just love the planning, looking up new recipes, setting the table with your best china and crystal. Having everything look so elegant? As I age, I still like to do all that but also don't invite people over as often as I used to do.
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