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Well, here I am, almost at the end of an extremely stressful day. This morning, on the way to work, about a quarter mile past the toll booth where the traffic always gets clogged and becomes bumper-to-bumper for a stretch, a woman in the car behind me, on her cell phone, rear-ended me and bounced me into the car ahead of me. We were moving slowly enough so that there was no real damage done – my front license plate cut a little groove in my fiberglass bumper, but that was about it for me. The car in front of me had a tiny scuff mark on the bumper, and I didn’t see any damage to the car that hit me. We exchanged our info and got back on the road pretty quickly. Still, it was a disconcerting start to the day, and when I got to work, there was no water in the building because they’re working on water mains outside on the street, apparently, and shut the whole block down. Any of you who have been doing – or ever did do – high fiber eating may have some idea of just how NOT OPTIMUM it is when rest rooms are not readily available, and one must walk several blocks over to use the facilities at a hotel. AND trying to drink my requisite ounces of water to accompany the high fiber intake….well, suffice it to say that today hasn’t been the most pleasant one by a long shot.
A few meetings, and some half-a$$ed attempts at writing stuff, and here I am hanging about at 3FC. I put myself into the challenge thread for September – thanks Lynn – I think we can all use a little extra push now that summer’s over.
As I believe I’ve mentioned, I’m trying the WW “Wendie” plan since in my first week doing WW point counting, I lost one pound. It did manage to knock me off that plateau I was crouching on, but not very dramatically. A lot of people seem to be swearing by this “Wendie” thing as something that really gives you a kick start, so I’m game – at least for a week, and we’ll see where that takes me. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it requires that you vary your point intake from low to medium to high, and then back down again, ending at low on the last of the seven days. The fourth day is actually very high points, and that’ll be tomorrow for me. I’ll do my best to get my points up there, but I have to say it’s just not all that easy when you’re trying to stick with healthy, high fiber foods. A lot of the veggies I’ve been eating (summer squash, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes) actually have “0” points. And of course most fruit is pretty low in points with just a few exceptions. Today I’m supposed to have 23 points, and had TWO Fiber One bars for brekkie, an apple in mid-morning, and then a leftover half-chicken breast, a very small baked potato, summer squash/zucchini mixture and a sliced tomato for lunch, along with a piece of lavash bread (I had to force myself to eat that) and the grand total ends up in the vicinity of 13-ish points. Which leaves me with 10 for supper – really 8 if I eat my WW ice cream bar like usual. But, I’m making a roast of pork, baked sweet potatoes, and spinach – and probably some sliced tomato as well. That’s 5 – at the most, 6, but probably more like 5. That leaves me with 3 points to make up and no place in my stomach to fit them, you know? I’m sitting here feeling bloated from my 7-ish point lunch!
<Groan> With my luck, I’m doing something wrong, and I’ll end up gaining five pounds instead of losing anything!
Well, thanks for those recipes, LindaD. That pineapple cake looks really GOOD…I think that’ll be one of the first things I try… Oh, and congrats on the pound!
Sending MORE good vibes your way on selling the house, Karen….these latest “maybes” sound promising!
Trish, having a high school senior is SUCH fun – the proms, the graduation…everything. I loved it when mine were seniors! Then, of course, came the college expenses and they weren’t nearly as fun..
Sounds like a nice day planned, Lynn…enjoy!
Hiya Lyn…just keep hanging in there….you KNOW you’re doing great!
Hey, Phyl…are you doing calories or WW points? Hot & humid I can’t do. Can’t even do it up here, never mind down there where you folks are even closer to the equator. Wish I could, though, because I’m about tired of New England winters, too. Guess you just can’t please old biddies like me!
Glad you’re doing better today, Meowee-Linda!
I’m proud of your Mum, too, Jo-annie! You’re so fortunate to have her.
Hey Tee….hope all is well and you’re having a nice day!

And that’s about it from me today,


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I'm flying by again. While I didn't have as stressful day as Zoe, it sure was a "humdinger"!!!

I posted to the challenge thread. Thanks Lynn for the added inspiration!!!


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Hi Ladies.
just a quite day here. Nothing much exciting, that’s for sure.
I went to Curves today. Well I actually had to fight myself on that one.
I just wanted to go back to bed today. Maybe The apnea kept me up more than I realized. Wayne said I was fighting in my sleep. Said I hit him 3 times!
I don’t remember anything. Glad I don’t hit hard.
Anyway I did make it there to work out and promptly came home to do nothing more than cooking, dishes and read a book before work this afternoon.
I did call the grocery store Monday am. The HR lady says… they are not hiring.
I guess her managers did not know that! so For now… I am still applying else where. While I do enjoy the 2 hrs shifts… It doesn’t help pay for much. I average about 12 hrs a week. At $7 per hr. That does not do much. I hope to find something with at least 6 hrs a day- 5 days.

Although I am not good at challenges, I signed up for this one. I really need some motivation.
For the last 2 months I have only lost 4 pounds. While that might not sound terrible…And yes, I know it wasn’t a gain… I had been averaging 6 pounds a month.
So For the last 2 months I have not worked hard as I need to. So my challenge for myself… to work out at least 20 min. per day. I have been only doing a work out 3 days a week. If I can get my 20 min per day this week…maybe I can do more the next.

Oh, when you see my calorie numbers… don’t freak out
I eat much more than most of you. And lots of its is regular food. My goal is to eat healthy and eat foods I can eat from now on. My protein averages over 100 gr. per day. and my calories are usually in the 15-1600 calories per day. I have been managing to keep my fiber about 40 gr. per day. I hear that helps? And like I told ya… lots of water, at least 12 glasses per day average.
Sometimes I feel like such a Pig!
after seeing how little some of you really eat everyday.

I am so glad to hear that there was no real damage done in your fender bender. Sounds like today would have been a good one to have stayed home.

My dd is thinking about one of the classes from University of Phoenix, I was so surprised to hear her say that.
I hope she means it, this time.
Sometimes it feels like she is saying this to placate me. I am trying to remain quite but supportive. I might even think about some classes myself. Although It is terrifying to think about. Yes, I know most of you ladies are VERY educated. My self. I have a high school diploma, and that’s all.
I feel so lucky to hang out with such smart ladies.
Jessie is doing well. She has both her leg braces and her hand braces now. I have a feeling its going to still take a while for her to build up some muscular strength. She is still so week. But she is really trying hard. If mommy is putting them on her and really working with her a lot… it will make a difference.
Nope, No new pics lately. Last weekend was a fast visit. Hopefully This Saturday will be better.

Well another long day, I am STILL tired as I was at 8 am. ( Got up at 6 a.m.) So I am off to bed.

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We're the lucky ones, Tee, to know you!

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Hello everyone,

Hope it is ok is I am one of those who post every couple of days versus every day-sometimes just don't have that much to say.
ellebella-oh those preoccupied cell users while driving.- So sorry you got hit, thanks heaven not one was hurt. I have some near misses in other cities. No cell work up here-some spotty service 10 miles to north and south. It actually is kind of nice.

Also doing some job hunting in my area-very few opportunities-but they want folks who can do Quickbooks-Nearest JC is over 1 1/2 hr away-does any one know about taking something like that on-line?

Do any of you folks find it harder to sleep at night? Tomarrow I have to get up very early, but can't stay in bed any longer watching the clock. All I want to do is eat, eat and eat-not even hunger just want do it. I am pretty sure I'll get by not eating, but then tomarrow I'll wake up and want to be down 3 lbs because tonight was so hard and long.

The weekly delivery of veggies is almost overwhelming me-there is so much and I hate to waste anything-but I am peeling, cutting and dicing for about 40 minutes a day. We have had more soups, salads and veggie casserols in week that we normally have in 3. I know that it is very healthy but where is the cal free milk shake and chocolate cake?

Loved the joke/pun on AL-gebra-my kids don't know what a slide rule which was all I used in High School. Plus I remember taking hours of notes in the library as there was no photo copier when doing research. Plus the pain of using the old time typwriters which were a bear to correct a typing mistake.

anyway wishing every one well and success on the goals they want to accomplish today.

thanks for read the rambling of an old gal who should have been asleep.
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Lyn, OK - I think we should begin making plans for your "Onederland" party. Just 2 more lbs to go - you know we'll need to have that party in September. I guess I need to go buy a new size 14 dress - I can find one that will fit me - if I look long enough.

Hi Phyllis, I don't have any "weekend" plans, but on Sunday, I'm planning to walk with a walking group - - Sounds like an interesting group.

Hi Linda (Meowee), glad to see yesterday was better for you. I hope that continues. Do you know why your blood sugar went so low the other morning?

Hi Joanne, your story about your mother gave me goosebumps. My mother also had a very tough life - was put into an orphanage by her father and her aunts when she was 8 - married an alcoholic - lost a daughter at 4-yrs-old having her tonsils out - and ended the last 20 years of her life with a rare blood disease that required her to give pints of blood every month to reduce her red blood cells. Makes my life seem so easy!

Hi Karen, I LOVE your algebra joke - I'm going to send it to some of my teacher friends.

Hi LindaD, I'm so glad you're feeling better. I just visited your blog. I'm thinking about beginning to run. I'm going to check with my doctor first, but I think I'll give it a try this Fall.
What's with the links to buying meds???

Hi Zoe, if we can find the formula for converting calories/fat/fiber into points, I can get you the point numbers for those recipes. I'll do some searching this evening.

Hi Theresa, I'm a high school dropout. I got pregnant in Senior year & in those days, that meant dropping out of school. I have my doctorate framed above my GED. Don't ever confuse "smart" with "educated."
I'm with Zoe, I feel lucky to be able to hang out with you! I sure hope those braces help Jessie.

Hi Sue, sorry you couldn't sleep. I tried to go without sleeping pills for several months - I had a bad reaction to Ambien. Finally, my doctor gave me Sonata - it puts you to sleep, but doesn't keep you asleep - that's not a problem for me. It's the dropping off that I have trouble with.
The Sonata works really well for me.

Trish, Heidi, Theresa, Karen, Zoe, LindD, Phyllis, Marylynn, Bobbi - thanks for joining me in the September Challenge.

Today, I visit my hip surgeon - for our newbies, I had hip replacement last March - and then, I'm taking my Little Sister pre-school shopping (Staples and clothes).
I'm hitting the gym this morning before the doctor's appointment.

I hope we all have a Happy and Healthy day,

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Hello everyone,
I only posted a few times the first part of the month. Where this thread is so busy I'm sure you don't remember me. Anyway, I hope you don't mind me rejoining the group, as I would like to join the Sept. challenge. I really need to do this and I need the accountability. I have managed to lose 2 lbs. How, I don't know. That has given me the incentive to continue.

Hope you all have a good day.
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Default It's Thursday

A bit on the grey side here this morning..but we really need some rain..they are saying it is one of the driest summers here in upstate NY we've had in years. My tomatos need to be watered every night.

Zoe - what a day!! Glad you were ok, but I know how much those fender benders cost in adding stress...then to have to walk next door to the bathroom...I can just picture you scurrying down the street with one thought and one thought only on your mind.

Aleka, wecome back and congrats on your 2# loss!!

Lynn: I can't wait until my offical onederland celebration. According to by bathroom scale this am I am there...but the offical weigh in will be a week from Monday at TOPs. Wow you mother went through a lot. Must be a very strong woman! Looks like it rubbed off on you!

Karen - thanks for the laugh - (Al-gebra) too funny

Sue - Great job with all of those vegies! Hope you can find some rest and sleep this long weekend. Don't get discouraged with the job hunt. Something good is on the way.

Theresa - You too...I know something good will come your way, job-wise. Good for you going to Curves. My DD is home and not sure what to do next. Looks like she did not get the internship in CA, wants to try going to NYC, but does not feel ready yet. Her BF just got accepted to grad shcool program at Columbia (in NYC) in theater and I think she's a bot jealous. So I keep encouraging her not to get discouraged. She will probably get a job here, take some more dance classes and get her professional resume in order.

Well, back to work.

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Good Morning everybody . . .

Another nice looking day around here. Of course, it is going to be a rainy long-weekend for us. Why does that seem to happen so often?

I'm thinking very hard about joining that September challenge, too. Usually I don't "do" stuff like that because it seems to jinx me completely, but I need a good kick in the enthusiasm, too . . . so maybe. One more day to make up my mind.

When I look back on it, I think I double-dosed my bedtime insulin the other night. I remember just as I was falling asleep, I came to with a start and said to myself . . . hey you forgot your insulin . . . so I got up and shot up. Now I think the 'forgetting part' was all a dream. Only thing I can think of that accounts for how low I went.

Well, my friend Lou-Lou and I are going to do the lunch and 'shop till you drop' thing this afternoon, so I'd better get a few little constructive things done before it's time to leave. Hope everybody has a great day planned. See you later, gang . . .
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Morning GOLDEN GIRLS grabbing a few minutes before we are off and running for the day. It just gets crazy here this week and the next two weeks. I fly out tomorrow for the wedding -- looking forward to it but really looking forward to coming home on Sunday to my sweetie.

Small update about mom and her adventures in flying. She actually got in touch with the pilot that was quoted in the article about the plane. I gave her the gears about chasing after older men (she is 78). She talked to him for about 30 minutes -- he had been out getting a fishing license (he is 90!!!!!) but was happy to talk. He told her that the flight was about 20 hours -- and just from Toronto to the Ontario border they had to land 4 times to refuel. He was making $150 a month as a pilot and mom's airfare in 1942 was $600!!! Can you imagine!!!! He commented that she was quite young to fly alone but they had no choice. Lynn -- my mom's childhood was so unsettling -- not in a bad way -- her parents divorced and she was not allowed to see her mom. She was raised by her grandmother until she died when my mom was 12 -- thus the flight to Vancouver to go live with her dad, step-mom and two brothers. She remembers spending Christmas' alone and other sad memories so she spent all of my brother and my childhood giving us as normal a life as possible.

Karen -- thanks for the giggles

LindaD -- congrats on feeling great, try and hold on to that!!!

Zoe -- thank goodness it wasn't a bad rear-ender. Don't even get me started about drivers on cell phones. Then to not have washrooms nearby is just rude. We have had to go to other buildings on occasion but only a two minute walk away.

Trish - hi

Theresa -- you are still doing great -- far better than I have. Don't forget its good to let our bodies get used to the lighter weight before trying to lose more. Losing is the easy part (ya right) its maintaining that is really difficult!!!

Sue -- WOW 40 minutes a day with veggies. That is half my problem I am so lazy (ok tired after work too) to do that much work for my dinner.

Lynn -- as I mentioned before our generation had it a lot easier in many ways than our mother's generation. I know about that blood disease - I actually hoped that was what my husband had when he was so ill believe it or not -- during his depression nothing at all helped.

Ali - welcome back

Lyn - hi

Linda -- glad you are better and might have a reason for that scary attack. LOL I was going to call you the other day to go give FedEX a kick for me -- I ordered something from the states -- it cleared the border at Windsor and next thing its in Fredricton NB -- you wouldn't mind a short ferry ride for a friend?? Amazing the package arrived her yesterday but it seemed a long way out of the way.
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Good morning... I heard someone is looking for a way to calculate points to calories. Here is a web site to help.

Here is a website that tells calories and points for some of them. Scroll down the page a little bit. There is a large data base of foods. Seems like some tell both points and calories. Some doesn't. ??

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Good Morning!
Thought that I would make a quick stop in here this morning before going to get groceries! We decided it would be better to shop today then to wait until tomorrow when EVERYONE will have come to the mountains and the stores will be packed!

LindaD--- I sure got a giggle thinking about Gary pushing a stroller with Reba and Rylee in it!! Too Funny!

Zoe, So happy that you weren’t hurt in the accident! I just hate that people seem to think that they can use their cell phones anytime. Everybody know that if I’m driving and they call me they will just have to wait until I can stop somewhere and call them back. I refuse to use it while driving!! Thanks for sending good vibes this way--- I’m really hoping that something comes out of this last contact!

Theresa--- I am also a high school drop out. I quit in my sophomore year. I just really had a hard time dealing with school and just flat decided that I wasn’t going to go. Of course, now I wish I had my high school diploma but I sometimes wonder if I would have done anything different if I had it. And everyone is right, we are so lucky to know YOU!! I’m sending prayers your way for little Jessie. I hope she continues to get stronger and stronger. My oldest son (he is 34) had 5 gran mall seizures in 5 hours when he was 5 months old. He never walked until he was 26 months. Then when he was 12 he had a stroke and left his left side paralyzed so now he is in a wheel chair. He can walk if someone is there to hold him up. He has never said a word. We placed him in a home where he is very happy with 5 other people that all have handicaps of some sort. He is very happy and we see him quite often and always have him with us at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But he has become so tall that it is very hard for me to manage him for very long here. He lives down in the Springs about 45 miles from here.

Welcome back Ali!! Don’t stay away so long!

Sue-- I don’t know if I would be able to cut up all those veggies all the time! Good job! I’ll bet you can freeze lots of them to use at a later time.

Linda-- Glad that you are feeling better.. Take care of yourself!

Trish, Heidi, Phyllis, Marylynn, Bobbi and anybody else that I might have missed HELLO!!

I’ll be later this after to try to catch up with everyone.
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Hey Zoe

Look what I just found in the paper


Thought you would be really excited!

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Good Morning GG's:

Well, it’s going to be hot, hot, hot, here in Southern California. Beginning today it’s going to be over 100 for the next 5 days. I’m going to hang around the house most of holiday weekend. I have to work in my office, wash floors, and may shampoo the bedroom carpet. On Sunday I’m going with a friend to the swap meet. I want to get there by 6:30 am so it won't be too hot and then go to church afterwards. I get Monday off. YaHoo!!

Zoe: So sorry about the accident but glad you are okay. I have a hard time dealing with people using cell phones when they drive. I get so upset when I come upon a car going below the speed limit and changing lanes without a signal because they are in a trance as they talk on the phone.
My hairdresser lost her 3-year old daughter last year because they were on their way to the beach and had stopped at a red light. In a blink of an eye their car was rear ended by a huge truck and crushed their car killing her 3 year old daughter. No skid marks....he never hit his brakes. The truck driver was on a cell phone and spent only 6 months in jail. Terrible tragedy.
About your points…maybe you could get more points by eating shredded wheat or oatmeal, a slice of low fat cheese and whole wheat crackers, and some type of beans like pinto, kidney, black, etc.

Sue: I remember the pencil box with the slide rule on the lid. I’m going to have to begin job hunting in the new year. I’m sure there will be programs like Quickbooks and others required which I will have to learn too. Good luck finding a class. I’ve had a hard time sleeping for the past few years. I always read until I’m tired and then try to sleep. Most of the time I have to turn the light back on and read some more. I put a little fan by my bed and the sound of that helps me sleep sometimes. Other times I drink decaf tea and listen to relaxing ‘spa’ music. Maybe these suggestions will help some.

Lynn: Did I send a link for meds??? I sent 3 links I got from WW and they were tips for weight loss. If I sent something else I didn’t mean to. Sorry. Good luck at your doctor appointment.

Ali: Hi there. Glad you came back. I remember you. A 2 pound loss is great. I’m planning to stay motivated through the September challenge by looking at before and after photos on different websites, talking to my thin friends about their exercise and diet routine and find out what works for them, reading health books & magazines at the library, trying different foods and different exercise routines, and posting, posting, posting. Good luck!!!

Theresa: I think life experience is education in and of itself. I’ve been to school for interior design but I was hired to do the job I do now because of my past job experiences and not from a college education. We all learn in different ways. Thanks for the website for points to calories.

Hello to everyone else I didn't mention. Have a great day!!
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I'm flying by again. Today was weigh-in.....I LOST 0.8 lbs. It's not much but I'll take it!!!

I've just got to eat healthier and excercise!!!

back Ali----I remember you!! on your 2 pound loss. I should be so lucky.

to everyone.

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