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Well, I have an appointment with the Dr. at 1:45 today. Still home from work. DD says there’s a nasty bronchial infection making the rounds, and it would appear that it’s camped on my doorstep. Didn’t get much sleep last night, and none during the day as you know, thanks to the lawn service, and today I’ve about had it with being sick. I guess if it’s an infection, maybe the doc can give me something to get rid of it once and for all. I am NOT a good sick person. I am now at the zenith of crabbiness, and pretty darned frustrated with everything. Was even GLAD to wave DH off to work this morning, because when I’m like this, I prefer my OWN company; don’t like being fussed over. I KNOW I look like a dishrag, and I FEEL like one, so all I want to do is be left alone in my misery. There are times when it simply doesn’t love company, yanno?

Okay, enough kvetching and complaining from me. I DID accomplish one thing when I was home yesterday - I booked my flight to L.A. For the week of Nov. 4 through 9. Got a great deal...somebody told me that Tuesday mornings were when all the best deals came out on airline tickets, and I’d have to say they were right. I was tempted to go ahead and book DS’s flight for Christmas, but figured I’d better wait & see what time he was going to have off first. Looks like my girlfriend from VA (lifetime buddies) is going to try to get a flight out for those same dates, too. She loves DS - used to pretend he was her son; she doesn’t have any children. And, the feeling is mutual - DS calls her his “Batty aunty” even though she’s my sister through choice rather than bloodlines, so to speak. Now, SHE was born & mostly raised out in CA - went to U of Hawaii, and then came east to do her grad work. I met her then - we found ourselves working together for a while, recognized a “member of the tribe”, and have been close ever since. I have never, ever been to the “left coast”, never actually had any reason to go there, but now I do, so I will. I may have mentioned that I’m a rotten traveler. I much prefer my own bed and the comforts of home to living out of a suitcase somewhere. It does seem remiss of me, though, not to want to see more geography than I’ve seen, so I suppose <sigh> I may have to do a little traveling over the next few years if I don’t die of this bronchial thing that I’ve got going on here. Somebody wrote in their diet blog here on 3fc that they’re planning a trip to Macchu Picchu in the late fall, and I’ve got to say that that did pique my interest. I am interested in archaeology (DH subscribes to all sorts of archaeology magazines, and DS wanted to be an archaeologist for a long time - until he got swept off his feet, I guess, by the freaking entertainment industry.) Well, there’s still hope - he does have the education under his belt now, so maybe when he gets his fill of “playing” he’ll fall back on some of his old life plans. I guess every young person who hasn’t saddled themselves down with children & a mortgage is entitled to sow a few wild oats, as they say. I’m just glad that he’s paying his own bills, now. It’s taken a huge load off DH’s and my shoulders, and now we actually CAN contemplate doing a little traveling if we want to. DH would like to take a trip sponsored by one of his magazines where you get to visit a “dig” and such and so on. I dunno. I don’t know if these old bones of mine would take well to climbing about like that. But Macchu Picchu! Now those ruins are supposed to be located on one of the earth’s power grids - very rejuvenating, I would imagine, not to mention all the interesting ruins and stuff. Lot of climbing, but probably worth it.
Well, the Spa is still just in the process of getting up & running, right, Jo-annie? Lovely place, though. Wonderful to be have it be all about YOU, yanno? We Golden Girls are, without exception, all about our families, some of us are about jobs, husbands, etc. Sometimes you really need for it to be just about you for a change, eh?
Very sorry about your MIL, Rhonda. My condolences.
Such fun with the Poms, eh, Karen? Nice pics....thanks for sharing.
Good to hear from you, Lily, glad all is well with you.
You must let us know how the kittens readjust once they’re home, Meowee-Linda. I think animal behavior is fascinating.
Trish, Phyllis, and all the Golden Girls I have neglected to mention out of sheer tired-of-typingness, hope your day is a pleasant one. Step AWAY from the scale, for GAWD’s sake!!!!!

I ate some wrong stuff yesterday. Grrrrrr. I am so annoying and out of control when I’m sick. I’ll do better today (maybe) and tomorrow for sure,


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Hi to all my GOLDEN GIRLS things are definitely ramping up here at work and I am just plain tired at night can only make it up stairs once to head to bed. I am doing much better with the back - my chiropractor is truly a magician - I have another appointment today and most likely one next week and then I will start going regularly -- I know I was impressed with myself for not going -- sort of a badge of honour to my weight loss and exercise program but its hard to undo 35 years of damage. My son asked me once many years ago if I ever did anything stupid as a teenager -- yep I got into a car with a drunk driver (no one told us it was a bad thing), he rolled the car and I have suffered ever since.

So for the past few days I have not been great but not that horrid with my eating and exercise. I am doing the morning walk -- my doctor said none of my classes or bootcamp but walk walk walk.

This is going to be a horrid catch up but first and foremost I want to extend my sympathy to Rhonda on the passing of your MIL. Just glad you found your way back here.

Paula -- sounds like your dad is improving I am so happy for you.

Zoe -- you MUST get better my friend. I totally agree with you about travelling but I have done so much in my life now is not the time to stop. We have quite the life list ahead of us and I intend to do as much as possible. I was lucky as a teenager I got to spend a month in Japan since then I have been to many other countries and I think my last count of states was almost 20 (Alaska and Hawaii included). My late husband saw much of the world and he was never satisfied -- we spent most of our vacation $$ travelling to New Zealand to see the family - certainly not a complaint once of the loveliest countries you can imagine to visit - but I would have preferred to broaden our range just a bit.

Well I hope all is well -- wish me luck once I finish here I am going to install Office 2007 on my computer -- I don't like change LOL.

Big hi's to Karen, Phyllis, Trish, Lily, Linda(s), Theresa, Heidi and any of my other lovely ladies I missed.

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This is the best thread on all the 3 Fat Chicks site. I love that we're all around the same ages and can relate about everything. I love that we can learn about each other through our family, friends and experiences. I apologize again for not posting often, but hubby and I have lost our whole summer due to MIL. Now she's mad at us for putting her in a nursing home, her only son has been taken out of the will, all the work we've done at her house to get ready for the auction will not benefit us. Not that we care but the proceeds of the house should go to MIL only granddaughter and 2 great grand sons for there education rather than all going to her Chruch Fund. We are Pi$$ed off, and she know it. The last time I saw her she said she didn't trust me.
Geeeeezz, I've been balancing her check book for the last year, she is not capable of doing that anymore.
I guess I'm crying out for help now because I drink booze to numb the pain of her. It's the only thing that gets me thru 24 hours of what my mother in law has put us thru. My MIL's only child and son hates her.
WE all hate her, I pray to God every nite that I will not hate her. But she is a evil woman, lies about everything, how can you learn to love someone like that?

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I had amnesia once -- or twice.


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All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

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What is a 'free' gift? Aren't all gifts free?


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One nice thing about egotists: they don't talk about other people.


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How can there be self-help 'groups'?


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Hello to all the Golden Girls and Gary,

Another day here in the low-80's - it doesn't get any better than this. The past two mornings my scale has read 167.8 It makes me feel that my morning walk is worthwhile, even though I hate getting up at 6:00 am every day. I may have to move the time up a little, however, as it is dark outside now when I leave the house. Just a little reminder that the days are getting shorter........

Gary - 10,000 steps with the length of my stride is about 5 miles. I walk 2-3 miles every morning and then just try to keep moving all day.

Rhonda - I am so sorry to hear of your MIL's passing - your family will be in my prayers.

Zoe - I sure hope you start feeling better very soon - I know what you mean about not being a good sick person. I can't stand myself when I'm sick.

Paula - good to see you - good luck on becoming a "loser" once again.

Hello to everyone else I missed -

Hope you are all having a great day!

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Bobbi!!!! This is terrible! I can't even imagine, after all you've done for her, that your MIL would behave like this. Has she been diagnosed with dementia? First off, you MUST take care of & DH! Don't hate the woman....despite the overwhelming temptation to do so. I know that you can't help being angry when it feels like all your kindness and hard work has been thrown back in your face, but she's obviously under the influence of something - her own feelings of unhappiness at how her life is ending fed, perhaps, by the sympathy of some who would try to profit from her eventual passing. My own MOTHER sold the family home (My father would've been horrified, had he still been alive) to a middle-aged couple from HER church who had picked her up for Sunday services and chatted her up. They paid a pittance, compared to the actual value of the property and then had the nerve to sub-divide it into house lots and make a lucrative deal with a local contractor for a housing development. Even CHURCHES have not-so-high-minded members. NO, the church SHOULDN'T get everything. If she wants to leave them something, fine, well and good, but the bulk of her estate rightfully belongs with her son. That would be the "legal" perspective. Now, the "human" perspective is this: Your DH is her only child, and obviously the two of you have been good to her over the years, and I assume she was a good mother to him. So, THAT rift needs mending if only for HIS peace of mind. Anger is only getting in the way, now, and it's something that needs to be purposefully and consciously ended no matter who has wronged who, or what anybody thinks. Hate eats up everybody, and turns them bitter. Don't allow that to happen, are too good and caring a person. You're hurt and in pain, but the only way past that is with love. Love her, because nobody else does.
I hope all works out for the best, Bobbi. You know you can come here to vent anytime you need to! We love you.

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Ohhh Bobbi what Zoe said and more. Only thing I can add is that we lived with that with my grandmother. Long involved story but my grandmother ruined my parents lives -- there was one point when we were away in New Zealand and my grandmother took a horrible turn and they thought she was going to pass away. My mom told me about it later and said she had it all planned to pick us up at the airport in a huge limosine with the CD playing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". Its just a tough tough thing for family to live through. My parents threw away my father's retirement taking care of her - she would never do a darn thing to help them and she drew us all into her evil web. I was just recounting a story -- just a few months before she finally did pass away - she called my mom and demanded that my mom get there and get her groceries. Now it was middle of winter and we were in the middle of one of our rare snow storms -- ended up we were the only ones with a 4x4 so my late husband and I drove out to the store and then to my grandmothers -- best of times would be 2 hours round trip -- in the snow it was close to 5 hours round trip. We got to her place and everything and I mean everything we bought was already in her house.

I guess I rambled on just to let you know you aren't alone -- I empathize with you and I hope that no lawyer will honour that sort of will -- it just sucks and please dear friend don't turn to the bottle to numb the pain -- I almost fell into that trap after my husband passed away -- the pain is best lessened by good things rather than vices.
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Oh, I am just so behind that I won't even try personals...just sending hugs to everyone. Still no internet access at school with server down, but I'll be able to post from there and will have more time once I get kids all lined up working on their computers. And yes, I said 300 five year olds...I teach 15 classes of kids...5 each day. And it is a GREAT job. No dicipline problems at all. All I have to say is "Do you want a time out and lose your computer time?". Even the most horrid of children will settle down and behave with the threat of not being able to "play". They really are amazing at how fast they learn. Most of them have hands smaller than the mouse, but they have no fear of "breaking" the computer, so they take right off.

The way the schools work where I live is kindergarten is one school. 1st and 2nd at another school, 3rd and 4th at another, 5th and 6th at another, then jr high at another then the high school. It works out well cause the kids are all the same ages at each school, so the schools can be designed around that age group.

I'm sitting here drinking the most rich delicious iced coffee ever (even though it's with skim milk). So I thought if any of you love iced (or hot) coffee as much as I do, you might want a cold drip coffee maker. My Mom has used cold drip coffee since I can remember. I ordered a new coffee maker for her to keep here so she doesn't have to lug hers here when she comes back in November. It came in a couple of days ago and I made a big container full and made myself a glass of iced coffee yesterday afternoon and it was to die for, so it's my new afternoon pick me up snack. If interested, the place where I got mine has a special going on right now.

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Default Wednesday - August 15th

Hi Everyone,

I'm back home. I'm not even going to try to read everyone's messages. I'll go back through today's -

Hi Linda (Meowee), I'm sure you told everyone, but what kind of surgery for the kittens?

Hi Trish, you wrote, "It usually takes my cat a few days to allow me in her good graces after a trip to the vet." In my case, it takes the vet a few days to get over a trip from my cat!

Hi Zoe, I am SOoooooo sorry to hear that you are sick (again/still?). Glad to hear you're going to see the doctor. Hopefully, he/she can give you something that will help.

Hi Joanne, you wrote, "...I got into a car with a drunk driver (no one told us it was a bad thing), he rolled the car and I have suffered ever since." I got my bad back from my teenage years also. I was in the ocean at Point Pleasant, NJ & got caught between a rope and a wave. Broke 3 vertebrae in my back. I'll keep my fingers crossed about your new software. Whenever I install anything new, my computer gets messed up for a while.

Hi Bobbi, just goes to show that "bad things happen to good people." I'm sorry your MIL is not grateful to you and your dh for all that you have done. What can we do to help? Any chance you can get power of attorney for her?
Here's a big hug for you -
For now, go to the website below & keep clicking on the "click here" button -

Hi Heidi, CONGRATULATIONS on being below 168 - time to change your ticker & your weight under your avatar.

Hi Cat, internet down at school! Oh no! What's wrong?

Hi Rhonda, I did not read back before today, but from everyone's posts, I see that you MIL died. I am so sorry for your loss.

I had a good time at Wildwood. We had a little house to ourselves - 1 block from the beach. Every morning we rode bikes (4 miles) on the boardwalk. Every evening we walked 2-4 miles. BUT - eating was NOT a good thing.
I am finding it VERY difficult to eat in my usual way when I'm away from home. NOT good for my weight loss & NOT good for my blood sugar.
Almost makes me want to stop travelling.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy day,

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Hi again GG's . . .

Just had to pop in to say how dreadful I feel for you Bobbi. That's really awful after all you've been doing for her. I so hope everything settles down and the rift is mended before she 'goes' for the sake of all the family but especially your DH.

Just the normal kitten stuff, Lynn. Frick and Frack were spayed and Freckle was neutered.

Wow, Cat. I taught for years but always at the secondary school or college level. I think it's easier when they are older . . . well in a lot of ways, anyway.

Keep on doing the good stuff just as much as you can, everybody . . .
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I'm very sorry to hear about your MIL. Families and money always seems to cause trouble. Is she very ill? Sometimes that can change a person too.

That she cut her only son out of her will could probably be contested but not trusting you after all you've done for her is very strange indeed.

No, as Joanne said don't hit the bottle over that, I did that for awhile after my second husband didn't help a damned thing. Stay strong, focus of getting back in control of your life.

Vent here, we care.

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Oh, Zoe sorry your still not well, glad your going to the Dr. I had my kidney Dr. appt. today and all reports are the same...which is a good thing and what I want as they can't get any better, I just try to maintain what function I have left.

Now I do have a question....What color are the robes we are having as white is not the favorite color here. Maybe a dark color to make us look slimmer!

Joanne, glad the Dr. is helping your back. Didn't we all do such foolish things when we were young and didn't know better, of course I don't want to know all the things my kids did either.

Lynn, sounds like you got a lot of exercise in on your trip. Glad it was a good one. My dh is doing the WTPA with me, if he does one mile everyday his blood sugar stays in the good range.....he is my main motivator right now.

Heidi, good job on the lbs. I love your dogs....they are so cute, my neice just got one.

Gary you are spoiled thinking 80's is hot.....come on out to Florida in August for a visit like your'll change your mind real quick! Congrats on the smoking anv......I quit at least 12 yrs. ago.

Cat, I looked at the coffee maker. I had an Aunt who loved cold coffee, I have just never been able to get into it but I love unsweetened ice tea.
Sounds like it's fun with the little ones.

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This was posted under fitness videos and I thought that some of you might be interested in checking it out... Be back later...

Hi Guys... not sure if I'm allowed to post this or if the URL gets cut you can just goto the Gaiam site and find it yourselfs under "Outlet Sale" this deal was too good not to pass along.

"Classic Leslie Sansone DVD Set" - 12 DVDs worth retail price was $179.00 on sale for 19.99

There appears to be a few other DVD sets on super-clearance in the "Media" section under "Outlet Sale" but I only ordered this one.

15 percent off coupon code: DC12

(BTW the rumor on video fitness site is these are the DVDs but my guess is you might get a different mix if they are clearance sets which is probably why they don't list them)

Walk Away Your Stress
Yoga Walk
Walk with Me
3-Mile Walk
30-Minute Walk
Evening Mile
Morning Mile
Muscle Mile 1
Walk & Jog
Walk & Kick
Heart Healthy Walk
Power Mile
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Default Robes?

Originally Posted by floridarusty View Post
Now I do have a question....What color are the robes we are having as white is not the favorite color here. Maybe a dark color to make us look slimmer!
Hi Phyllis,

What's with the robes?

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Hi ladies
Sorry I did not get on yesterday. I was doing research on the toy’s made in China. I am trying to make sure my dgd, Jessie is safe.
I have also found that she likes the little Tike dolls and cars.

Yay! Finally something she is interested in.
Mostly the family has given her infant toys. Small balls, Teddy’s etc. Toys for much younger kids. She hates them after 2 minutes. Who could blame her. We are still trying to find what she likes. And it’s a daily chore to guess as she still does not communicate verbally very well.

She now has braces for her little hands and her lower legs. I hope she is able to walk soon!
It really bother’s the h*ll, out her (and us.)
She is watching all the other kids run. and her little legs will be flying in the air as she watches. It will probably take her a few months to build up enough strength to really walk alone. Maybe for Christmas!!!

I have been buying her the Little tike dolls, etc and the school bus. She really likes cars.
Gonna be my little race car driver someday.

I am so sorry for all of your heart break. It is so hard to be the one to deal with family in times like this.
It seems like some get so confused as they are in the later years.
My heart goes out to you. Personally, I think we have to remember the person of the past as much as we can.
One day, now and then, she will return. for a little time. I am thinking of you and praying for all of you.

Thanks for the compliments. I have to say, I really do enjoy the time helping my neighbor. Though, She’s a hard one to help.
Wants to do all herself.
Some days I Just don’t let her. Really she is like a family member.
In fact it’s a shame she can’t get on here. I could listen to her talk all day. So many things she remembers. Oh, don’t think she isn’t up to date with the goings on nowadays. She is very current and has such an intelligent mind.
Girl, you better start taking good care of yourself. [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/HP_ADM%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG] Get some rest. I hope you get better. hugs and a big cup of cocoa. With the little marshmallows.

I am impressed. 300 little ones.
I do think that is one of the best ages to work with. I had more fun with my kids at that age than any. At least till they became adults.
Now. mmm. Love having them grown.
Thank You for helping shape these little children. I am sure they love you and the class. Little sponges.
To have had the chances for learning like this new generation.

You know, it must be a real trip having a boss, who’s diaper you changed. LOL. so funny.

I wish you could rub off on me… I have not been working out at all, except for physical therapy and a little on the tread mill now and then. I hope to get back to Curves soon! I am still waiting for the ok from the therapist.

Its great to see a face, One without the BIG eyes. Your real kitty is much cuter. Oops, I mean the toy cat. LOL. I really did think it was real at first.

I am glad to hear your dad is doing better. continued prayers and thoughts for him.

I hope it’s cooling down for you, 105!!! that’s too hot. I am sending cool thoughts towards you.
We have been so lucky this year.
just a few days here and there that’s really warm. The rest I can deal with.
mmm. Tomatoes… I eat them like candy. And the home grown… even better. And they are even good for ya. I hope you think a lots of ways to eat them.
One of my favorites is in a cucumber salad. My son grows those and the tomatoes. I had a cuk last week as big as my arm. I did not have the heart to tell him it was past the size one lets them get. I made one LARGE salad too.

I hope your DIL can change her shift to. I did 8-8am for yrs. It did not help our marriage. NO one should have to work those hrs.
Oh, when you move, there are empty houses all up and down our street.
it’s a shame you will be so far from us.

How many steps did you get today? That is a good way to get in shape. Do you manage to get that many steps often?

It sounds like you had a lovely time at Wildwood. And it sounds like you moved yourself pretty good too. All those walks every evening. Should make up for some of the foods you found you couldn’t resist. Life is short. you NEED to have fun sometimes, even if its goodies. It will all work out.
the ROBES…. Zoe is starting her own personal spa. With big fluffy robes, Golden spigots, And all the things one needs, She even has a robe for you in the closet somewhere.
Read the post a few days back… You will find her spa.

Well now that I have been writing a book, I am way behind on the dishes tonight. MUST get up and do them.
hugs and lots more hugs.

Pic below is my little race car driver with her daddy,(my son).
Attached Images
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Taking a few minutes to check in before dinner. Nephew and I are having hot dogs because Angie has BUNKO tonight. She has a monthly game with 11 other teachers. It gives nephew and I a break 11 months a year to eat what WE want We hate the BUNKO night each year at our house, it rotates each month to another teacher's house, we get stuck in out rooms for 5 hours! I just pack a cooler of beer and soda, all three of the newspapers we get, my cell phone, and order a pizza....and lock myself in my room. Seriously who wants to be around 11 women screaming and yelling BUNKO? OH oops....

Today was such a glorious day "riding with the Holy Spirit!" It marked the 10th anniversary of my first 5k I have done many since, but the first one I will always remember! My wife and kids getting me through it after one day of not smoking! The love and praise my kids have shared with me the last two days for my accomplishment is wonderful! Praise God We have come a long way since then, even won several "team" races as a family! Way cool I did 3 1/2 miles today on the treadmill...dead tired from work...thanking my SAVIOR every step of the way for bringing me this far. I would have never imagined being able to do one 5K 10 years ago, let alone all I have done over the years.

Down another pound to 194, that makes 7 POUND LOST since 7/23

I have turned that triple chin into a 2.5....

Reading through the posts tonight I see that some of you are having or have had some unsettling experiences with family and their wills and passing. Right now my grandma, I believe 93, is going through dementia. My mom and sister are taking care of her, it is very difficult for them, they say that sometimes the ONLY THING that gets them through it is remembering the way Grandma was, a kind caring woman...knowing that she has become this way through no fault of her own. We never know how God will call us, I sure hope to never be a burden on anyone, especially my family, but we just never know. Quickly, the mind can be taken from well as our health.

I think we need to remember to do what is right, no matter the situation or the person we are helping, trusting God to help us through the difficult times, remembering that if not for the grace of God, it could be us.

It is our human nature to want more...more stuff...more $$$...more everything. My dad died almost 30 years ago, leaving my mom pretty much penniless, by the grace of God she has survived with our families help. All the $$$ my grandparents had saved went to care for them in their dying days, what little my grandma has left will be spent on her final days more than likely. There has never been a lot of money left in inheritence...but boy has there been a lot of LOVE

Do I wish that my relatives had left me $$$$ when they passed? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! Do I wish my dad hadn't squandered away the $$$ he had and "screwed" my mom? OH FOR SURE! Do I hold it in my heart against him? NAH! God took care of my mom...He is taking care of my grandma...we always have ENOUGH! Is it always easy? HECK NO!

I can't even begin to tell you how many folks, over the years, have given our church ALL of their $$$, valuables, properties and other gifts when they passed. We, as a church body, have been able to do so many wonderful things with these gifts. We have set up school schlorships, helped needy people, missionary work, buildings and classrooms have been built, etc. Spreading the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST does cost money sometimes.

God blesses us all with all our money, all our everything! To give it all back is a wonderful thing. I realize sometimes the motive is out of revenge, but keep in mind God is in control and He will use it for GOOD! It is totally RIGHT to give EVERYTHING to a church if the person wishes, after all, it is ALL God's $$$ anyway...He will end up with all of it eventually. As they say, "You can't take it with you."

Know that He is God ~ He is in Control ~ He will Provide ~ He has Good Things Planned For You!

Gotta run for now....hungry!

Prayers for all your concerns ~ Gary
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