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Onward and Downward
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Hi again . . .

Love that pet stroller. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm off to check out that link and find out about shipping things to Canada. Certainly glad that none of us try to spoil our pets or anything.

BTW, Zoe, here's my Jazz -- he's the one with diabetes and he has definitely never been a Jasmine; not even before his 'surgery'.
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Now Linda--- why would say anything about any of us "spoiling" our pets??? Actually I am thinking about getting another red "Snuggli" than I can take them both at once and it would be like adding about 15 pounds to my walk!!! The other pet pocket is too big and I can't wear two of them at once for sure, but I think I can adjust the straps on the red one so that I can. And they both love it!!
By the way---- Jazz is so cute!! I'll bet he is a big baby too!!
Ok back to work!!

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Thanks Lynn for the info.

Now ladies......are these pets getting spoiled or WHAT! Guess I'm just jealous since my Doberman won't fit in anything like that, a 75 lb. dog would look rather silly in one and he wouldn't stay in it anyway!

I will put the condo on Craigslist Karen, nice you got such action on the first day. I'll let you know how it goes. Posting after Labor Day.

Ok, I have 12 pts. left for the evening.....think I'm doing well for the first day with WW. Am making the soup tomorrow.

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Hiya Lynn...actually, Matisse is one of DHís all-time favorite artists, so yes, I actually DID know that about him. Dali I didnít, but it makes sense. You know, you are doing extraordinarily well with your dieting and weight loss, considering your sister & nieceís dancing and all. Iím afraid Iíd feel defeated before I could even get started if I had people like that in my family to compare myself with. Or, maybe not. Maybe itís good incentive. I know I LOVE watching people who can really dance even though I know I could never do it no matter how fit and trim I managed to get. But, on a more optimistic note, that was just my intrinsic jealousy talking...clearly, our goals are to become the best that WE can be, and thatís actually pretty danged good, eh? Nice bathing suit pic, kiddo! I still havenít gotten up the courage needed for THAT particular milestone yet, but I bought myself a nice one.... so I guess that's at least a step in the right direction.
I did! I did! I took a bike ride! Forty minutes! Not back up to my pre-bronchitis speed, but better than sitting here and not moving. (Of course I could clean the bathroom, which Iím going to have to do today at some point!) ANYWAY, Karen, Iím beginning to understand your difficulty eating all of your points. I had a Fiber One bar this morning (2 pts); for lunch, the rest of the squash/onion mix that I made for myself yesterday (1 pt at most), a Boca burger (.8 pt) and a thick slice of fresh tomato (0 pts) AND a WW ice cream bar (2 pts). Thatís something close to 6 pts for the day, and Iím planning a baked chicken breast, a small baked sweet potato, and some Brussels sprouts (and another thick tomato slice - yum!) for supper, and even if I eat another ice cram bar for dessert, thatís still only a total of 12 points for the day! What ELSE am I supposed to eat? It feels like a lot of food, and I donít see how I could eat more - I mean, even some cherries to snack on before bed, or a plum, or an orange, or like that - isnít going to get my points up anywhere near 22, which is what Iím supposed to be having according to the formula. ???
Thanks for the tip about the Pepperidge Farm lite bread, Phyl...Iíll definitely give that a try. The only bread Iíve been eating is flatbread.
ĎNuff from me -


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Hello to all,

I love reading all the postings. But after finishing reading them, I am having trouble Remembering! everything I wanted to write to each of you.

Lynn loved the swim suit-the design is great. envy the size, I am still in the basic black model in a 4X-boring. But swmming is my favorite excercise- I feel so light in the water, plus absolutely no joint pain. My goal is 50 minutes a week for 5 times-can always make the 3-4x, tough adding the last day.
Just rented the DVD Ballet Rousse and loved it, what passion those dancer has for thier art and life style. What an era when there was so much art in our entertainment.

Lindy, I also am very new to this gracious group. So we can be newbies together. I think you from cal? I am Northern CAl.

I am new to joining the group of pet lovers. After years of no pets, we recently adopted an adult cat and she is getting us and our house into shape to meet her lifestyle. Since she doesn't like her water bowl, I guess I need to one of those kitty water fountains for her water.

In order to force myself to increase cooking veggies I have signed up and prepaid for bag of fresh picked organic veggies from a local farm which I get once a week. My Refrig is over running and will get more on Tueday. I think some mystery soup will be made to day.

Our son went to Tulane in New Orleans-(pre-Katrina-morn the loss of the that city and it's spirit) We visited him and loved the town-but the humidlty in the summer was so tough. Don't envy you folks having to go thur summers with it. Heat is hard, but Heat and humidy wow-how do you all get things done.

Phyllis-Very frustrating dealing with the pattern of losing weight-it remains a mystery to me when I gain after being on the diet plan or losing after overindulging.- just got to go for the long range, bet it comes off quickly possibily water. good luck

To all the rest-best wishes and may all be well.
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Hi everyone!!

Lindy and Sue---You'll love it here!! This group is very supportive.

I have just completed 2 Miles WATP Express.

ZOE Congrats on your pound loss. I neglected to congratulate you!! I guess I was a little self-absorbed on finding that pound!!!! I would love to ride a bike but the new style bike seats do not agree with my seat, if you get what I mean!!

Karen: I love your pictures of your babies!!!

Lynn: I've got 50 pounds until I take a picture of me in a bathing suit. But to you:

Phillis---I was just getting ready to tell you about the 0 point jello when I noticed that Lynn beat me to it

To all of us on WW: Don't forget to get 3 servings of Milk daily Golden Girls must have their calcium!!!!!! I found this out a few weeks ago in my WW meeting! I thought I'd pass it on!!

I know I missed quite a few people. This is for you!!!!

More for the coming week!!!!!

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Hi GALS ~ Hard keeping up here, great job keeping this thread going gals! Love all the pictures of the pets, reminds me I need to take more of my golden "ladies'. They just got groomed, took them to the pet store for food and bully girls sure were popular with the kids in the store.

Spent the day with my ex wife watching our daughter in a tennis match with her husband. She hasn't had any competition since college a few years ago, he has had a little, plus he still coaches some. They lost, they were expecting it, but we all had a great time.

My son and his wife got their tenure for teaching this week! Yipee!

I have lost 9 pounds since 7/23 ~ I am eating pretty darn good and exercising like a freakin' fool!...well, for me anyway....wink

KAREN and PHYLLIS I hope Craigslist is the ticket for you on the sales. Paper today says the market is down...but...if it keeps coming down a little things will sell again...fingers crossed!

LILY~Happy belated birthday!!!

GAYLE ~ Fingers crossed for that job too!

HELLO to everyone else...gotta jam.........
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Daily Calcium Does Protect Bone
Study finds it reduces fracture rate for those over 50


Robert Preidt

Thursday, August 23, 2007

THURSDAY, Aug. 23 (HealthDay News) -- In people older than 50, calcium supplementation cut the overall risk of bone fractures by about 12 percent, Australian researchers report.

Dr. Benjamin Tang, of the University of Western Sydney, and colleagues analyzed 17 previous studies of more than 52,600 people over age 50. All of the participants took calcium supplements for an average of three to five years.

The meta-analysis, published in the Aug. 25 issue of The Lancet, showed that patients who adhered to the correct dosing regimen had a 24 percent lower fracture risk.

Daily calcium doses of more than 1,200 milligrams reduced fracture risk by 20 percent, compared to six percent for doses of less than 1,200 milligrams, according to the research.

Calcium supplementation, in combination with vitamin D doses of 800 international units (IU) per day, reduced fracture risk by 16 percent compared with 13 percent for vitamin D doses of less than 800 IU.

In a separate review of 23 studies that had examined bone density, the researchers found that calcium supplementation alone, or in combination with vitamin D supplementation, reduced the rate of hip bone loss by 0.54 percent and spinal bone loss by 1.19 percent.

"Unlike previous meta-analyses, Tang provides clear answers to several questions which could be of immediate practical importance for the daily management of osteoporosis," Dr. Jean-Yves Reginster, of the Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Unit of the CHU Centre Ville, in Liege, Belgium, wrote in an accompanying editorial.

The findings pave "the way for future research aiming at the best clinical, pharmacological, and economic optimization of the use of calcium and vitamin D in patients at increased risk of osteoporotic fractures," Reginster wrote.

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Default Monday, Monday

Back at work after a pretty good weekend. Sat. I got up a 6 am for my 5 mile walk, and my DH surprised me by coming with me. He is a fast walker and I had trouble keeping up with him...but jogged a bit also and we made it in a record 73.5 minutes. That's less than a 15 minute mile. Then it was our 29th anniversary on Sunday and we went out for a steak dinner. I was ok with my WW points until Sat night (went to a "Graize to Raise" fundraiser with food staitions and unlimited wine)...and then the steak and fries on Sunday. I weigh in tonite so we'll see.

Zoe - congrats on the pound loss. Keep it up.

Wecome Lindy!!

Great dog and khat photos Karen and Meowee.

That book on weight loss by an an engineer looks intriguing...thanks for posting, Lynn.

It's blessedly cooler her this am. Sunny and in the 70's.

On to work now.

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Good Morning Ladies

Hope everyone had a good week end. Mine was good. busy as usual.
Had to work Saturday, So that when my family comes over we had to cut it short. But it was nap time for Jessie anyhow.
I did not have time to cook, So I ordered 1large pizza with Pepperoni.
I ate the one piece I allow myself at these times. With a real big salad, with lots of fun stuff.
It had 1/2c Mandarin oranges, ¼ c kidney beans, 1 whole tomato, cukes, zucchini and of Course it had my favorite dressing…Ken’s Sun dried tomato. Just 50 calories for 2 tablespoons.

I eat a salad like this everyday. In fact when I can’t eat it, I feel like I did not eat well for the day.
It’s a big salad too. most often it fills a dinner plate all by itself. I never feel left out when eating THIS salad. Frequently I add a few ounces of cut up shrimp, For a great dinner.

I also drank 14 glasses of water to make up for all that salt. My normal water amounts to 12 glasses a day. YUP! that’s 12 glasses.

Sunday we had a slow morning, and then spent 2 ½ hrs shopping for a pair of shoes for both of us.
Reminder… Don’t shoe shop the weekend before school starts

Problem….I were a 6- 61/2 . So does most of the young girls. Doesn’t leave much for me. Thankfully we have slightly different taste.

My new shoes are Easy Spirits. my first pair. They felt good the second They were put on. And I have BAD Feet. So that’s fantastic. I only hope they feel that good after a few hrs of working in them.

From there we visited the in-laws. Not my favorite place. Since His mom has gotten old, She has gotten mean (meaner). Never a nice thing to say.
When she started on hubby …I nicely told her he is a nice guy… after all I have had him almost 30 yrs. I SHOULD KNOW. And then we left.

Went home and I mowed the lawn while he edged and trimmed. Only took 1 hr.
A Good way to work out your aggressions.

Ok, just spent all this time writing and its time to go to curves…I AM a slow writer.
Back later ladies. then I will read the post you left this weekend and write some more.

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T your salad sounds really good.....I might try that tonight....I cannot eat lettuce but all the other things you mentioned I can do. I Love E.S. shoes, they are comfy, that is what my walking shoes are.

Zoe I stayed right at me 24 pts. and it was a lot of food to eat. This a.m. I woke up very hungry and down 1 lb. which puts me at my lowest in years. Now you have to realize that I was up yesterday 1/2 lb. which I am assuming is water so that means I actually am down a real 1/2 lb., duh if that makes any sense. I made the fettiucciine with vegetables from the WW recipe at 5pts. and had about 3 ozs. turkey sausage and 1/2 c unsweetened applesauce.
Was quite good and filling for 8.5 pts. Didn't even eat my ice cream sandwich which I was craving since you have started mentioning them!

Lyn, I am impressed with your 5 mile walk in such a short amt. of time....with our dvd we do a 10 min. mile and it really does me in, I am working up to doing the 2 mile on that one but we did the 3 mile slower one Saturday.....whew I felt that for a couple are in much better shape than me but we only started the walking seriously in June.

Trish your also doing great with the walking, don't you love her dvd's. The walking helps my hubby's blood sugar so much he won't miss a day now. Thanks for the reminder about the calcium.

Lynn, your finding such great articles, thank you for sharing. I'm don't know if I would ever be brave like you to show a photo of me in a bathing would scare all of you! lol

Gary, you sure are a busy family....being retired we are into a much calmer lifestyle now but not in a rut! I work on keeping us out of Congrats on the 9 lbs. the exercise is paying off for you!

Linda, I had a black cat that looked just like yours....her name was Friday, yes we got her on a Friday.....we are so orginial!!!!!!!!! She lived 19 yrs.

Hey Karen.....I just can't wait to have to keep this house spotless EVERY DAY. I get worn out thinking about that part of selling....boring, I'd rather be playing on my computer. Mine will never be "spotless" as our Doberman sheds 24/7....but it will look neat and tidy!

Sue, swimming is such good exercise. We went yesterday and I am feeling it in different muscles today. Our condo pool is like a 2 min. walk from us and I really should use it more while I still live here.

I like weighing in every day as I use Weight Commander for a tracking chart so I don't panic at the ups and downs but it is hard to figure out why? I won't change my ticker until I weigh the same for 3 days then I know I really am stable.

Morning to the rest of the GG, everyone have a healthy week.

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Default Monday - August 27

Good Morning, Everyone,

Hi Linda (Meowee), glad to hear your BGL is staying where you want it. Since I am on the new meds - Janumet - my daily average went from 125 to 105.

Hi Zoe, is your nose still green? You could always switch jobs & play the lead in Wicked!
My sister is 74, is a size 6 (has never changed sizes since HS), and I can't keep up with her when we vacation together. I'd lose if I ever tried to compare myself with her. (See her photo from our ME vacation attached + see her in background playing scrabble w her daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law at our vacation in MD).
About the bathing suit photo - At 62, I figure no matter how much weight I lose by some future date, I'll still look a lot older then than I do today. Therefore, I might as well like how I look now, bc it's probably the best I'll look from now on.

Hi Karen, all of the movie tapes I have are musicals. Now I have to replace them all with DVD's - my VCR doesn't work anymore & I don't want to replace it.
If I put my Princess in a Snuggli, I'd break my back & she'd bite my face! I'm going to stick with the stroller.

Hi Phyllis, I know several people who have used Craigslist & had great results. BTW - my brother-in-law just sold his Philly house after 6 mos on the market.
I'm still using WeightCommander - once in a while. Just to keep my graph current. For every day, I use Diet Power - that's where I get the articles.

Hi Sue, You've lost over 50 lbs! I'm sure you'll get to whatever size you want to be.

Hi Trish, CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 mile WATP tape!

Hi Gary, CONGRATULATIONS on 9 pound loss!

Hi Lyn, WOW 5 miles in 73.5 minutes! I'm impressed.

Hi Theresa, that salad sound yummy. Good for you drinking all that water. Does it keep you tied to the bathroom? I LOVE Easy Spirit shoes - used to wear them all the time when I worked. Now, I'm in sneaks or sandals.

I started this morning with a 1 hour brisk walk on the hilly path in a nearby State Park. It was just BEAUTIFUL! Then I went shopping for tonight's dinner - my dd & sil are having staff problems with the B&B, so I'm taking dinner to them.
I'm making chicken cacciatore. I need to figure out the carbs & calories so I know what to eat for lunch.

Check back later today,


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Hi everyone -- no time to chat or read but wanted to let you know I am still here -- geesh this working for a living is tough!!!!

Had the loveliest walk yesterday if I have time later I will describe -- lets just say I need to find a couple of extra million $$
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Onward and Downward
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Hi gang . . .

Weather is much, much better today and I'm taking advantage of it. Just about to run out again, but wanted to say a quick Hi to everybody.

See you soon . . .
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Hi Everyone!!!

Gary 9 pounds? WoW

TeresaThat salad does sound good. I'll have to try it.

I completed another 2 MILEs on WATP. Yes, Phillis I love those tapes!! I was feeling a little washed out---but I ate an unacceptable sweet pill worth 6 points. I HAD To EXERCISE TODAY!!!!

I'm a little tired today. I will be joining retired ranks in 4 years (hopefully) Don't know what DH will do when it is both of us at home---he retired 9 years ago!!!!

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