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Cat! 300 five year olds???? When were you sainted? Like Zoe, I'm toast after an afternoon with my grandaughter, the grandmamma alarm goes off all day when we spend time together.

Sorry, Hi all! Just the thought of 300 of those little people gave me chills. I'm so glad there are people out there than can do that, I'm not one of them!

Well the five am workout plan was a bust. I got up,made coffee and stared up the dark stairs towards my daughter's room praying she overslept. It was dark up there and the poor thing might have needed her rest..... sooooo.... 15 minutes later I fall back in bed. Fifteen minutes later she appears at my door, spots me in a coma and relieved runs back to her own bed. Our plan is to actually look at each other tomorrow morning before we go back to bed. In a couple of weeks we might work up to getting in the car together & circling the block. It's all progress & progress is good, right?

Theresa - I've always been a big believer in the power of kindness, you're the walking example of the same. Wonderful things happen to kind people, God bless you for being so thoughtful of your neighbor. I need to be nicer.

Temps hit 105 today in Memphis, I could have sworn I was back in Texas. The only thing left in my garden are the tomatoes and they're prolific! We're eating tomato anything now. Guess I should be canning those little guys but frankly they're pretty darned tasty just the way they are!

Karen, how's your sister?

It's late, and I have a date to LOOK at my daughter in the morning. Think hugs to all!

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Cat, .....your a brave woman my dear. That must be something to see all of them together. Good luck with school this year. Hey your not old....if your old that makes me ancient!!!

Linda, how nice to see you and your look great, I love your hair cut too.

Marylynn my DIL is a nurse and does 3 twelve hr. shifts every week-end the 7p.m. shift. She gets overtime and they love the extra money but they have no time together and my son raises their 2 yr old daughter on the weekends while she sleeps and works. I believe it is putting a strain on their marriage, hopefully she will consider changing shifts soon.

Zoe, your sounding better. Again I just love reading your posts but I would like to know when your opening your Spa!!! I am more than ready for a visit.
I hope they appreciate your effort getting into work while feeling so bad. We spend a small fortune at the grocery every week also.....and have to make an extra run in the middle of the week for odds and ends, I feel bad for young families having to fight those prices.

Theresa, how nice you are. I hope when we move I have at least one neighbor like you. Good luck with the job.

Marylynn, very funny story about you and your daughter at 5 a.m., keep trying. I wouldn't even try, I am NOT a morning person. I have never been to Memphis, that is on my list of places to visit but believe I'll wait until it's spring or fall with temps like that.

Joanne, yes I am loving the way my clothes are fitting, I seem to have slid by one whole size of tops now they are too BIG!!! But those stupid scales are still not moving..........

Sitting here doing e-mails, groups, drinking coffee and not even had breakfast yet, better get moving!

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Hi there . . . . . . Golden Girls

Overcast and humid again today, even after the massive thunderstorms we had last night -- but it's not too hot -- so, all in all, in doesn't feel too bad out there.

All three kittens hate me. The three adults got breakfast; the kittens got crated for their trip to the vet. They will, no doubt hate me even more when they wake up with pain after their little surgeries. Oh well, bet it makes them forget about being hungry for a few hours. Probably won't be home until Thursday and then after that they should recover pretty quickly.

Nothing else is new around here . . . the house is definitely overly quiet with the feline population cut in half. Have a great day, everybody . . . see you soon.
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Ladies and Gary:
I've been out of town and won't return until next week. Will have to catch up then. Hope everyone is having a nice week.
Talk to you soon.
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Good morning Golden Girls,

I see it's going to be very hot in much of the US today - We're one of the lucky ones and temps will stay in the low-80's here. This morning when I took my walk it was in the 60's - sure felt good after all the heat from a couple of weeks ago.

When we were at the beach last week, my pedometer fell into the lake so yesterday I went shopping for a new one. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to technology and it took me more than an hour trying to set all the data. I really missed not monitoring my steps the past few days but I think I have it all fixed now. It's hard to know if I'm meeting my goal of 10,000 steps a day if I don't have a counter.

To everyone - I hope you all have a wonderful day - try to stay cool!

Paula - How are you doing, my inspiration?

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Auuuurrrrgh. So Iíve been complaining all summer long about our lawn service not showing up when theyíre supposed to. Today, I stay home sick (yeah, went into work yesterday, but felt cruddy and slept poorly last night. Needed just ONE day to do nothing in except take medicine and nap.) So, I do some stuff in the morning - this, that & the other thing - and then Iím ready to snuggle down in my BIG CHAIR for a nice snooze . I read about three pages in my book, and Iím just starting to drift off when I hear this NOISE outside the window....sounds like itís coming right THROUGH the window, and sure enough! Hereís the freaking lawn service crew mowing & pruning and what have you, and doing it very danged LOUDLY! Could they have done it while DH & I were at work like theyíre SUPPOSED to? Like they SAY theyíre going to? NO! They have to do it on the ONE day that Iím trying to rejuvenate myself and rejoin the human race via a simple little nap! I felt like firing them on the spot, but then who would do it - even as inconsistently as THEY do it? Not DH or I - thatís for sure. Not with the long commutes to & from work we have; you can only do SO much when you get home after 6:30 at night, you know? So now the lawn is (finally) mowed, and Iím napless. It has done little to improve my already unpleasant mood. Well, not SO unpleasant... That was a pretty amusing story, Marylynn....kind of like Bobbiís signature. Have you noticed it when sheís posted? Itís a Maxine quote...something about the doctor told her to exercise, but to start gradually....and so she started by driving by a store that sells exercise equipment...sounds like you & your daughter, eh? Too funny.
Phyllis mídeah, the Spa is under construction. Engraved invitations are planned, but you know how it is with those danged contractors... Thereís always SOME kind of hold up.
Could be the turquoise-studded faucets, I suppose. I had to review several different designs before I found the right one. And then a whole replacement order on those white terry robes.....I think Cat was right about the white making her/us look like a bunch of sheep, you know? Nothing is easy these days.
Karen, I hope your sis is doing okay.
Hiya Meowee-Linda!
Hiya LindaD and Heidi!
Theresa, my sister worked in a super market deli for a while, and she loved it - except for the one time a customer wanted some slices of head cheese. She & I are the same way about icky makes us woozy and faint....and she had to sit with her head between her knees for fifteen minutes after pulling the roll or loaf or whatever it is of head cheese out and her co-worker told her what it was. We still laugh over that one.
Hey Jo-annie...glad you found a good chiropractor, hun. I hear they can really help a lot when it comes to back stuff.
Hope all the Golden Girlies are having a good day,
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I'm still around. The Jazzercise has been going well. I've been going everyday except weekends. Boy do I ever sweat while I'm there.

The newest on my dad is that he passed one of the swallowing tests and failed another. They did the blue dye test and he passed so they had him do a cookie test and he failed. He did better on it then he did when he first had the stroke so that's a good thing. They told him to keep working on getting the throat muscles stronger during his therapy.

I finally just went out and bought a new computer. I got tired of waiting for my sil to fix my old one. He said I was stupid for getting a new one because I only needed a new hard drive that would only cost $100. He didn't say it to me, he said it to the kids. I knew my grandson would want his computer back home once school started and he wouldn't be here as much. I'm still getting used to the Vista and I'm having problems getting my email to go to the mail server. I'm reading the mail through squirrel mail. I emailed my mail server and haven't heard back from them.

I want to welcome all the newbies. I've scanned the posts and it looks like everyone is working hard on getting healthier. Poor Zoe, hope you feel better soon.

Well, no time for personals. Keep up all the good work all you "losers". Your goal is getting closer everyday. I'm not a loser again, but keep hoping to be everyday at weigh-in.
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Talking Hello Everyone!!!!

Well the college tours yesterday were wonderful. It also gave me a chance to spend some quality time with my brother. My dd and I (with one of my choir teens) are making another trip on Friday. It should be fun. I remember when fun was entirely different but I guess I'm more mature now!

I was up this morning at 5AM. I finished the primer and have hopes to actually put paint on the wall this evening....I've got selfish motives. I want it done so I can enjoy a day or two of my vacation.

:hugs: to everyone. When I have more time, I'll write separate posts.....

Before I go...PhylissYour tops are loose, too!!!!???? I'M SO JEALOUS!!!

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Hi GG's & G,

I hope that everyone's active and eating healthy. It's been a long couple of weeks.....MIL took a turn, on Monday Aug. 6th, her passing took four days, she slipped away on the evening on Aug. 9th. She's in God's Kingdom now, at peace and free from pain.

I got the results from my CAT scan, it's good. We just need to find out what's causing the numbness, I'll worry about that later.

Another hot day, but I feel the Autumn crispness in the air. I love Autumn, it's my favorite season!

The fires continue to burn in the region. Maybe they'll slow down now that fall is approaching.

'Til next time,
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Rhonda, I am so sorry about your MIL.....Prayers for you and your family.

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Hello Everybody!! Sorry I have been MIA for the last couple days. My internet was kind of messed up I guess because of all the lightening and rain we have had. Sunday night I had no connection whatsoever and it was kind of "hit and miss" yesterday. But everything should be all fixed now according to them.

My sister is doing better but still not 100%. I talked to her this afternoon and she sounds a lot better but you can still hear some "shaky" in her voice. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Rhonda, so sorry to hear about your MIL. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way. Good news about your CAT scan though. Glad to hear it.

Trish, the college trips sound like they are fun and it must be so nice to be able to spend time with your brother. I'm looking forward to getting back to all my family and being able to be at all the get togethers that they have. Can hardly wait!

Paula, do you like the Vista? My son got a new computer and he has had nothing but trouble with his. In fact, he has taken it back twice and got a new one each time but still seems to be having trouble. I wanted to get a new one but I think I may wait and see if they can get all the bugs out! Glad you are liking jazzercise. I hope when we get settled they have a place close that I can go to.

Zoe, glad that you are feeling better. I sure want to be included on the list for invitations to your spa when it is completed!! It sounds wonderful!!

Hi Heidi, we usually stay in around the 80's too but today we went down to Colorado Springs and it was 98 down there!! By the time we got back up here it started to cool off and then the rains came again! But it sure was a lot cooler!

Linda, How are your kittens tonight? I imagine they will be a little upset with you for awhile! When I took Sissy in to have her surgery I ended up taking her "Piglet" that she latched on to as soon as I brought her home after getting her. I only had her for a few days before having the surgery done so I didn't want her to think that she had been abandoned. When I went to pick her up they took me back to get her and she was laying there all pitiful but had her little Piglet right with her.

Cat-- my goodness--- 300 five year olds!! You need a medal for sure!! I loe my grandkids but it always seems so nice and quiet when they go back home---- then I miss them again!! Never happy!!

Marylynn, That story was so funny! Every night I tell myself that I am going to get up and walk when I let the dogs outside but even after getting up---- I just climb right back into bed and so do they! Bad Habits are hard to break!

Well , we went down to a friends place in the Sprngs today and she has 2 pomeranians too. So she called last week and wanted Ginger & Sissy to come down for a "Play Date" She fixed lunch for us and we all had a good time. I've included a couple pictures for you to see. Her little red one is getting pretty old and starting to go blind but still gets around great. The white one thinks she is a Queen-- her name is Princess. But they all four get along real well together and had fun chasing each other around her yard.

Phyllis, Theresa, Margaret --- Hope things are going good for you too.

Gary, I've been meaning to tell you Congratulations on the 6 pounds you have lost. I think I really need a to get myself motivated again!!

I have probably forgot someone and if I did please accept my apology and I will try to catch up with you next time.

Everyone have a good evening!!!

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Hello Golden Girls! I really intended to post this evening, but it took me too long to read and now I am ready for bed. I have a 7:30 meeting tomorrow morning so will need to leave by 6:15 to get there in time.
I will come back tomorrow when I can keep my eyes open. It didn't help that we had these really wicked noisy storms until well after midnight last night, so my 5 hours of sleep last night is catching up to me.
See you all tomorrow.
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Going to try and catch up a little tonight. Nice to see things so active here. Busy at work then coming home to do about 3.5 miles on the treadmill or with my girls. The weather has been warm here for us, in the high 80's during the day. I am working on the coast though so it isn't too bad, a nice breeze for part of the day. We have run the air conditioning for an hour or so the last two afternoons. After the sun sets off the coast we open all the windows and get a nice breeze before bed.

My daughter in law's father is still struggling. Evidently the 2 heart attacks didn't cause too much damage, but he has shingles now, bed sores and possible not good at all. For those of you that are praying THANK-YOU and please continue to do so.

Today is the 10th ANNIVERSARY of me being a non-smoker I am so proud of myself!! Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of my first 5K..never though I would do one years ago...let alone so many...and a marathon to boot!!

KAREN ~ I am still praying for your sister, I hope that there is really nothing more going on. The pictures of all you girls were adorable...almost looked like stuffed animals...IN A GOOD WAY! Mine got baths today and are so soft and boy do they smeel good for a change My son'd friend called me yesterday, he says they are back to work going strong so who knows? Maybe he willl need that place in the country after all. Thanks for the prayes and the congrats on my weight loss

PHYLLIS ~ Any condo news? Kids said it was quite humid in Florida ...they didn't like it...guess I don't have to worry about them moving.

RHONDA ~Sorry for the loss of your mother in law Happy to hear the CAT scan results were good.

TRISH ~I am so glad my kids are OUT of step-daughter is in one in New York and my nephew will attend locally here in California...assuming he gets through high school .Hvae fun painting.

PAULA ~ Great job with the Jazzercise! Have fun with the new computer

ZOE ~Sounds like you are feeling least until the lawn guy showed up!

HEIDI ~How far is 10,000 steps?

LINDA D ~Enjoy your out of town trip.

LINDA ~don't ya just feel so bad when "they are at you!" It's tough I know. Great pictures and YEP you sure are "all in the family"

MARYLYNN ~Yep those morning work-outs can be tough, they are usually more successful, there is ALWAYS something to do in the afternoon...but not at 4am!! Good luck

THERESA ~ Good thing you had an extra set of keys! I hope you get the job at the grocery store

JOANNE ~don't over do those walks. How is the back?

CAT ~ 300 kindergarteners has gotta be fun

GLYNNE ~ I just love to hear happy granma stories! I can't wait until I an a GRANDPA!! Thanks for the prayers for my DIL'S pops!

Well Gals I think I am caught up If not I will say and catch you next time!

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Good Morning . . .

Another humid and overcast day -- but at least it's not too hot -- hard to believe it is mid-August already. Where does the time go? The older I get, the faster time zips along.

Just talked to the Vet's office and all three of the triplets came through surgery with flying colours although they are feeling a little 'uncomfortable' right now and have just been given their morning paid medication. Around here it is definitely a little quieter what with half the feline menagerie missing from the premises. Purrecious is trying her darndest to take up the slack and seems to have made the normal amount of morning mess all by herself. Guess she misses the kittens. The two old guys are just happy to be enjoying the peace and quiet. Wonder if they think they are rid of those annoying little puff-balls forever? If so, they will be disappointed when the babies come home again.

Nothing else is too exciting in my neck of the woods. Waiting for my local handy-man type to come and install some new doors on my downstairs sewing room so that I can shut out the cats once in a while and actually get something done for a change. Just too many fascinating things to play with in there.

Hope everybody has a great day going on . . . keep things moving and shaking just as much as you can (or want) and I'll see you all later . . .
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Talking Good Morning

It's different posting in the morning rather than my usual late night posts. In spite of taking a few days off, I still wake up early. This morning I slept in until 0630

I haven't finished painting---but I'm so darned close! This morning I have to take DD to the dr and then to her high school.

Rhonda I'm so sorry about the loss of your MIL. My prayers are with you and your family.

Karen It's good to read that your sister is continuing to improve. I'm still praying for her.

Paula--Great to hear from you. I know you are very pressed for time these days.

LindaD--Enjoy your time away.

Linda --I usually takes my cat a few days to allow me in her good graces after a trip to the vet.

Cat 300 5 year olds? You are one strong woman. Like you I looked around work one day and realized that I was one of the "Old Timers". It seems like it was just yesterday when I was the young kid in the office. Now it seems that everyone that was at work with me at the begining has retired. Retirement will be sweet.

Hello Heidi and everyone else that I have missed!!! Have a great day!!!!

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