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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Heidi, WOW that's a LOT of canning.

Hi Ali, you wrote, "Can't wait for cooler weather." I'm with you. I am NOT a hot-weather person. I'm looking forward to some temperature drops.

Hi Gayle, glad to hear you're getting time to spend with your dgs.

Hi Joanne, you wrote, "...gotta remember this is a marathon not a race." I know that intellectually, but sometimes when I get on that !@#$%^&* scale, my emotions take over.
I hope all goes well at the wedding.

Hi Theresa, you are now the 2nd friend who was brought up in foster care and is a warm, loving, and responsible adult. Some people wilt under adversity and some flower. You are one of the flowers.

Hi Zoe, thanks for the hug. I feel really terrible about what happened yesterday. This is only the 2nd time in my 62 years that I have ever had a fight with a friend - the other time was also about someone treating my dd badly.

Hi Lily, good to see you. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. You wrote, "You know, I've decided that losing weight is almost another full time job." You are absolutely right. The planning, shopping, cooking, counting is a lot easier now that I am retired.

Hi Sue, You wrote, "I can go over things like that in my mind for hours-with a sense of disbelief it has happened." I SO regret that it happened. If I had it to do over, I never would have answered that 2nd phone call. However, that milk is spilled all over the floor.
About having temptations in the house - if you can avoid it, don't do it. When my dh was still alive, I used to buy stuff with the excuse that I was buying it for him. I'd end up eating it. Now that I'm alone, there is nothing in my house to tempt me. My biggest temptation is whether or not to have a second lo-carb yogurt with sugar-free peanutbutter!

Today I plan to go to the gym and do some cooking. I've got eggplants, spaghetti squash, and Jersey tomatoes to play with. Tomorrow I'm doing my Peace Walk and Monday, I'm going for a canal walk with my df. According to the weather forecast, it's supposed to be beautiful here this weekend.

Check back later,

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Good Morning Ladies
Just a short note this am. I am sitting at my desk, On a Kitchen chair. I am thinking that by sitting in my now very crooked desk chair…I am irritating My back and my hip. So for a few days, I plan to see if things are better sitting on a hard straight chair. Its so disgusting…getting up and hurting, all day. ok, enough whining.

I as so sorry things have gone the way they did, with you and your friend. While we have all gone through this in Our lifetimes…It ! Sorry for the language.
I am sending hugs. You are a good person,
It’s HER loss.

So sorry to hear about the tummy. hoping for a better day for you today.

Thanks, Its been about 30 yrs since I was in a 12 also. But, It will happen, Hopefully This year!
Sending hugs and prayers for the new grand baby. May it be a quick easy arrival to this world. I know you must be excited. Such a wonderful person to bring into this world. I do love being a grandma. Can’t you tell.

Don’t feel to bad about the treats. You have lost lots of weight. And One bad week won’t take that away…Unless you let it. Keep up the good work.

Well I am off to do some grocery shopping. DD WAS going to go too. She is still in bed. Nope won’t wake her.

We need to look into the chats. here. Maybe set up an specific time to be on and talk to each other live.

lots of things to do on my one day off. But will to be back this afternoon.
Enjoy your Saturday Ladies.
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Hi everyone,

This sure is a busy group....I love that!

We have been into DEEP cleaning this week and I am tired today. Still doing the 1 mile fast walk but don't have the energy to do 2 miles this week.

We will list our condo with photos on Craigslist this week-end and in the local paper next week and see what happens. I am not moving until Nov. at the earliest but we don't expect to sell that fast anyway.

Karen, good luck...still sending good vibes....I hope this is the one!!!! It sounds like you found a very good place for your son Karen and I can't begin to imagine how hard that was for all of you to let him go.

Lynn, sorry about your friend. I agree about the way it ended but I would take up for my DD too. I have only a handful of "true" friends I have kept over the years and a few on-line friends, they mean the world to me......your one of them!

Zoe, now I am back down to having lost 1 lb.....I need to stay off the dreaded scales, I know that. Glad your GS is getting tested and getting help early, that is the best time and I know he will do well, it may be a struggle at times but he has all of your family to support him. My youngest son has learning disabilities and had speech problems both caught at age 4. His speech is fine now after years of extra speech classes and he still has problems with comprehension and change in his life so this move he is about to make, even at age 31 is a big deal for him and us. He is very good looking and you would never know he has had problems. I am so proud of him as I know you are about your GS.

Theresa, yes, a chat would be nice. Might have to be on a week-end or evening with all our working ladies. Looks like we are about to begin our long journey back to Ohio. We will be in different parts of the state but maybe on a drive to Michigan we might meet up one day.

Sue, there are certain foods I can't keep in my house either but I think that is true with all of us or we wouldn't be here trying to lose weight! Your doing great, keep those sweets out of your home.

Lily, hi and I hope your feeling better now. I know, you go thru all that being sick and wouldn't you think we could at least keep that couple lbs. off! lol
Glad to see you posting.

Heidi, I use to can every year until we moved to our condo 6 yrs. ago. I don't know why I stopped...your making me want some tomatoes and pickles now....guess jam could be made with splenda, hummmmmmmm may do that one.

Ali, I can't wait to be back north and see the seasons change. Fall is my favorite time of year and we sure don't have the leaves changing on the palm trees down here in Florida!

Hi to Bobbi, Cat, Joanne, Marylynn,Linda, Linda D, Gayle, Trish & Lyn everyone have a good weekend. I know I've missed some of you, I'll catch you next time.

Everyone in the challenge good luck. Phyllis
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Hi there GOLDEN GIRLS . . .

So sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Suffice it to say it was not one of my better days -- it included a lot of greasy, gooey pizza and lots of yummy, high-carb date squares. Got on the scale this morning and I'm six (yep, SIX) pounds above my ticker weight. I do realize that it is humanly impossible to gain that much 'real' weight overnight, so hopefully most of it will disappear again fairly quickly.

But wowee, I really need this fresh new start that the fresh new month of September gives us. So here is the link to our new chat thread for the coming month . . . . . . I'll be looking forward to seeing you all over there, really soon . . . Have a great day everybody.
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