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Onward and Downward
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Default "THE GOLDEN GIRLS" - August '07

~ Golden Girls~
We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you since you past the 50 mark?
Friends laugh, cry and stand by you, we'll be that to you!

Okay everybody . . . here we are . . . another fresh new month and that means another fresh new start. Hopefully we are all going to enjoy a wonderful month absolutely full of great fun and much success.

Looks like another hot one in Atlantic Canada. You'd think I'd be getting used to it by now, but I'm not. Kittens managed to break the toilet paper roll-holder in the middle of the night. Weird. Guess I get to shop for a new one today, although I can think of a lot of stuff I'd rather be doing.

Here's one of those FFFF that I know you are just dying to hear . . .

Popcorn is a special variety of dried corn that contains about 14% moisture. When it's heated, that mosture turns to steam creating pressure inside the kernel of about 135 pounds per square inch and the hull bursts. The starchy interior then explodes and expands to about 35 times its original size, turning the kernel inside out. If you are finding lots of unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag, it's usually because the corn is too old and has dried out. Without adequate moisture, popcorn just does not pop.

Have a great day everybody . . .

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Hi, I'm a new member...I've read the posts off and on for several years. While I don't have a major weight problem, as I've gotten older I sure have a hard time keeping it under control - and every little bit I gain goes straight to my belly! Once I turned 55 it seemed like my body turned on me.

I logged in this time looking for info on Metabolic Research Center and read a lot of posts till I got to the end and found the thead was ended last year. I tried it two years ago and didn't lose much weight but did lose a lot of inches...the down side was it was very expensive, contrary to what they tell you. I've only gained back about 10 lbs but it's 10 lbs right in my middle which means my clothes don't fit. I bought an entire new wardrobe last year prior to taking a trip with my husband and gave away or sold almost everything I owned It's discouraging to always be concerned with what I eat and not lose more than a lb or so - I have to get it off by fall or I won't have anything to wear, literally! It's easier to fudge in summer clothes. I'm wondering if others may have had good luck with MRC? I wouldn't mind a short term in order to purchase the supplements, as their meal plan is simply a low carb/high protein diet. Thanks!

In any event, it's nice to find a place for us more mature gals I won't ever be as slim as I was when I was younger but at least I can be the best I can now.
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Onward and Downward
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Hi OAKRIDGE . . . Welcome to the Gang and Hope you will be joining us on a regular basis now that you've found us. I know exactly what you mean about changing shape as we get older. I used to be a pear but I'm now definitely an apple. Of course, I have diabetes and use insulin (as well as other meds) and that also helps to increase the girth and make it more difficult to lose too. Anyway, just hang in there Chickie. It's not easy, but it is possible. We can lose weight and improve our health with lots of effort and lots of help from our friends here at 3FC.

BTW, there is a current thread for Metabolic Reasearch Centre in the General Diet Plans forum. Here's a link . . . . . . hope that's what you were looking for.

See you later . . .

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Default Where are my GOLDEN GIRLS???

Wow finally had a few extra seconds and I see the GOLDEN GIRLS are gone. So sad. I hope everyone is doing well - I have to run to the dentist in a few minutes and then we are going to be too hot to keep my computer running. Miss you all so very much. I am going to need you after I go for my oil and lube (lol read physical) tomorrow.

Hope all is well with everyone.
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Thank you so much, I didn't see that thread last week. I'll check in here also as I think losing when you're older is much different than when you're young. I never had a weight problem till after I was 55 - and for a few years got enough exercise to help. But man, these last few years it feels like every lb is hanging on for dear life.
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Question Name change?

Yep, Jo-annie, I miss the Golden Girls too. I really liked our old name. Is this an accomodation to EZ, Meowee? 'Cuz I don't think EZ really minded posting to the Golden Girls, did you, EZ? (I assume if you did, you wouldn't have, right?) We actually all chose our Golden Girls name for ourselves back when we got together. I think you joined us a little after that Meowee, so you prolly didn't know about all of our deliberations and our final *vote* on our group's name. So, with all due respect, and no hard feelings whatsoever, I'd like to request that we revert to our Golden Girls group name for August if that's okay? Maybe the others have a different opinion?

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Good Morning everyone,
Sorry I haven't been posting the past week - we are getting ready to go on vacation and it's been busy, busy around here. I sure have missed popping in every day and reading all the messages.

I miss the Golden Girls name also and wish we could revert back to it.

Well, my scale has been at 171 pounds now for three days so maybe it's time to change my ticker? Naaaaaa, I don't want to jinx it.

Trish, sorry I missed your birthday - I hope you had a great one!

Zoe, you sure must be losing inches - that's great! I have been wearing some shorts that I could barely get over my hips last year - sure feels good.

Paula, that was a wonderful story about your mother-in-law and sister-in-law - so inspiring.

I hope you all have a great day - it's supposed to get up to 97 degrees here so I'm staying in with the A/C - no ironing on a day like this.

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Hi Everyone!
I hope you have room for one more. I just turned 59, on Sun. to be exact. When I was 45 I had a hysterectomy and was immediately put on HRT and was on HRT for the next 10 yrs. When all the controversy came out, I decided to go off it. I gained around 20 lbs. in about a year. I just can't seem to lose any weight no matter what I do. I think it has a lot to do with my age and my years of yo-yo dieting. Since Jan. I've been walking 5 days a week. I am now up to 3 - 3 1/2 miles and all I've done is maintain.

Zoe, I see on your post that you're from MA. If you don't mind my asking, where in MA do you live? I was born and raised in Framingham. DH & I moved to NH in 1974 and lived there for 30 yrs. before moving to FL. My heart is still in New England.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Onward and Downward
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Default I'm so sorry . . .

I've changed the name back to GOLDEN GIRLS -- a name I like a lot, too, even though I wasn't involved in the original choice -- you are right, I was trying to accomodate Gary.

Really, really hope that you will all forgive me . . . ZOE , HEIDI , JOANNE . . . and everybody else too.
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Talking Happy August

Welcome Ali! We’re a great group of lovely women. I too find it frustrating – I exercise an hour a day (mostly walking) and have maintained for about 2 months now. I’m going back to writing down my food this week and will see if this jump starts my weight loss.

I’m just now checking in for the day..we had a surprise visit from a govn’t agency and it was a little hectic for a while getting them to the right people. They came at lunch time and during an off-site management meeting (of course Murphy’s Law, right?) After it was over I went and zooned out for a 3.5 mile trek on the elliptical….too hot to go outside today.

Heidi – have a great vacation. Hopefully you’ll be able to post that loss when you return!

Zoe I haven’t been a Golden Girls for as long as you folks…but I vote to keep the name too. I see now that it’s been changed back.

Joanne – hope the dentist was ok. When it’s hot our computer sounds like it’s dying. I suppose we should keep it off in the weather, huh?

Oakridge – Welcome – gee we’re picking up new members like crazy! I don’t know much about the metabolic program you talk about…will have to educate myself.

Meowee: I guess I’ll have to watch out how much popcorn I buy ahead of time. Thanks. For the info. Hot and humid here too. They say one more day and then it should break.

So…Happy August everyone. Keep cool. Drink that water.

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Onward and Downward
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Hi ALI . . . . . . to the GOLDEN GIRLS . . . glad to have you joining us. We definitely have one thing in common, I was on HRT for ten years too and stopped when that big scare about heart problems hit the fan. I'm diabetic and that is risk enough for heart problems without adding something else to the mix. My only regret -- my hot flashes came back with a vengeance -- any problems for you?
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Hello GGGG!

I just finished 2 miles WATP. Today my legs felt the burn

I'll try to drop by later. I've got some Mommy duties to do!!!
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Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry - looks like I won't be able to fully participate here until the course I'm teaching is over.

I'm starting August at 164 lbs. My goal for this month is to get to 160 lbs by the end of the month.

I'm off to Wilmington, DE with my df tomorrow for an Elderhostel day at the Museum & Gardens.

Friday, I'm going to the new Philly Casino with a neighbor.

This weekend, I may be going to Maryland with my sister - depends on whether or not the house her daughter & family rented has access to internet - I've got to be able to get online for the course I'm teaching.

This @#$%^%&@#$% course is interfering with my LIFE!

Take care everyone - I'll check in when I can.

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Hello Golden Girls...

A big welcome to Heidi, Oakridge, & Aleka.

Happy belated birthday Trish....the wish is good for the whole year you know!

Sorry I was away for so long,....I had to take time out to pout...I posted a very good post and was very proud of myself for one of the better posts I've done, and the computer promptly ate it and disappeared.

Zoey....I agree we need vengence taken out on the's non-compliant!

I haven't heard of the Metabolic Research thing. What type of miracles are they offering?

Meowee.....I found out that if you are using the air popper for popcorn, it is better if you spray it as it is falling into the bowl...that way you have better luck at getting the spices to stick to it!

I was digging through some old stuff and came across some interesting information regarding peanut butter. They said that those dieters who included peanut butter in their diet tended to stay with the dieting longer and concluded that it was a great aid in dieting. So...Lynn....with your diet being as high in fat as it is, and you are doing so well...I started to add a tablespoon of peanut butter or 2 tablespoons of walnuts each day to my menu. Right now I believe it is very helpful in keeping the tummy happy and thereby staying on "program" is much easier.

I went to a movie today.....Hairspray.....and the person I knew that the person I was with would have popcorn, so I decided to bring my own snack...yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder and some fiber one. It was so satisfying that I didn't even miss the popcorn. I'll have to remember to do that next time. (I go to a movie maybe once every 2 years.)

Well....hello to everyone I missed. I must sign off before this baby bombs on me again!!
Bye to all.
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to the new Golden Girls.
Just popping in to say I'm still around. It was a busy day and now I'm ready for bed.
See everyone tomorrow.
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