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Talking Diet Humor

Blonde on a Diet

A Blonde is overweight, so her doctor puts her on a diet.

He tells her, "I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day, and repeat the procedure for two weeks. The next time I see you, you'll have lost at least five pounds."

When the Blonde returns, she's lost nearly 20 pounds.

"Why, that's amazing!" the doctor says. "Did you follow my instructions?"

The Blonde nods and answers, "I'll tell you, though, I thought I was going to drop dead that third day."

"From hunger, you mean?" asks the doctor.

"No", replied the Blonde, "From skipping".
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Originally Posted by Boo'sMom
"From hunger, you mean?" asks the doctor.

"No", replied the Blonde, "From skipping".
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Katie - you're more brave than me - chamomile cauliflower soup..ewww. Perhaps there was something in that soup that made DH make the ya think?

Sommer - Never tried shark're brave too. But the bravest of all -

Heather...enjoy your latest bundle from above!

Lea Ann - aren't you the one doing Power90? That would make me pretty tired too!... I'd either do the LAWL multi or some other good multi (Centrum is a good one). I'd also suggest maybe just changing one thing at a time. And definitely get your iron level checked as long as you're at the docs. Your joke cracked me up!

Welcome prazteam and anyone else joining in today. This has been one busy board today!

Kristi - you have way more willpower than me...not sure I'd be able to entertain the evening before WI...but actually, when I entertain at home I'm so busy running around, I don't think I eat nor drink as much as I do at someone else's house.

Heather/Purple Pirate - what a lovely singing voice you have!
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Ok I'm back on track now. I went "carb crazy" for the last two days. It all started with that darn pizza with the kids. I know now I have to stay away from pizza for now at least. I ate pizza for about two days straight. I was only up 1lb today. Thank God! BUT I had a great day OP today exercised and although TOM is here I'm feeling better already.
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On stabilization
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Originally Posted by bizlawchik
Sherry - The only reason we have DirecTV instead of our local cable company is so we can get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I am a HUGE Steelers fan, and DH is (unfortunately) a Jets fan. We were spending way too much $$$ going to the bar to watch, and when we had DS, we had to choose who got to watch their game. I love getting every game now.
Oh, I knew there was a reason I really liked you! (other than the obvious! )
You should see my birthday present from last year.... a limited edition Steelers letterman's jacket, with all the superbowl patches and stuff. Of course, now it's out of date and I need to see if I can get it updated, but it is still WAY cool!
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hello chickies !! and Good morning - !!

Joni - How sweet you are!! Caught me off guard for a minute or so!! I do my best hahaha - of course, my best is when I'm in the car by myself!!!

Boo girly - Hope those new vita's work for ya - being tired all the time just makes you feel so helpless - I know!!!

Katie - today is going to be a better day!!

Sznn - Wow - look at you - you can tell a huge difference in your face. That almost looks like a pier that washed up on shore? So don't keep us guessing!! You are looking absolutely wonderful!! I don't know why you even worry about those last stinkin' two pounds!! Were you really 182 in that first photo? if so, you carry your weight very very well - you looked good there too!! Of course, you are HAWT now!!

Barb - Hey chicky - where are you? missing you but we know you are busy!! Hope the PT is going well!!!

Lori - Wow - that jacket sounds totally awesome. Speaking of Steelers - is Rosenburger(sp?) coming back this season?

Kristi - Good to have your positive spirits back!!!! What brand were those tortillas? I found some whole wheat ones yesterday - but that are more of a flat longer bread - they count as 2 - but I'm thinking I could half them....

Sherry, Somer, Deb, Cassi, Rebecca, Praz, beanie, heather (and anyone else my memory is not serving up right now)- Good morning!! here's to a POP day!

today is a good day - keep you guys fingers crossed for me - I'm waiting on some good news - I'm very excited about the possibilities!!! Anyway - it may be a few days...but say a prayer for me that things work out for the best!!!
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Everyone! Newbies!

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! It's still TOM for me, so unfortunately I'm moody!! I feel so bad for my husband! I hate it when I'm like this, but what can I do. I'm down another 1/2 a pound (oh yah!)

HeatherPP: Glad you're back to your cheery self! Missed you posting!

Lea Ann: That joke was hilarious! I don't know what's going on with your weight loss....all I can say is, "Muscle weighs more than fat!" You're working out and feeling good...that's all that matters. But, I know how we all want that darn scale to just MOVE!!

Sommer: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a good one! Don't study too hard!

Cassie and Lori: Hi guys! I'm not a big football fan, so.....that's all I gotta say!

Katie: How'd the weigh in go yesterday? I'm glad to hear that DH is behind you. Hope you have a good day today. Smile!!

To the rest of you that I missed Take Care!
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SNNZ- You look soooo tiny!!!! I am so jealous!

Leah ANn- Too funny!!! Great thought about the gifts i will seriously start to make some phone calls tonight!
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Back in the saddle!
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Good morning, ladies! I'll try to catch up on a few personals. I may not hit everyone this time around!

Rebeca, you look amazing! I LOVE that new avatar! I thought you looked stunning before, but now, HUBBA HUBBA!!

sznn, you looked great for your interview! By the way, you are so little! Congratulations!

evette, congrats on the 1/2 lb! Esp during TOM! Good job!

HeatherPP, sending good thoughts your way. I hope your news turns out the way it's supposed to, and that it is all positive!

Lori, the jacket sounds nice! What a neat gift -- to get something you could really use, and that means a lot at the same time.

Sandie, welcome back! Up 1 lb isn't bad -- esp during TOM. You'll be back down in no time!

Joni, I've never tried shark either. Sounds ... interesting! But I'm a chicken. I'm getting better about trying SOME new things, but definitely not trying LOTS of new things.

Lea Ann, how funny! Cute joke! (No offense to the beautiful blondes in our group )

Cassi, Sherry, good morning! Hope you are both doing very well!

Kristi, I have been looking for those kinds of tortillas, but have not had any luck. I'm going to stay on my search! Thanks for the brand name -- that will help!

prazteam, first of all, WELCOME!!!!!! Second of all, sorry to hear about your in-laws. But do know, your REAL family loves and adores you.

HeatherCP, loved what you said about the kids giving back to you. Only a true mother would feel that way. Congratulations, and thank you, for the wonderful work you and DH are doing! (PS -- how did you manage to get 3 little ones asleep at the SAME time???? You are a pro!!!)

Katie, I am SOOO sorry to hear about your IL's acting like that. That is truly awful! No one deserves that -- especially not our Katie!!!!!! But I'm so glad to hear DH is behind you 100%. And I loved your positive take on the whole thing, with a great marriage, job, income, etc. Good for you!!!!

Sommer, happy belated birthday

JM, dialup is the WORST!!!!! Congrats on the 85!!!! Your COD sounds like mine -- they LOVE to nitpick the diaries... When they try to give me "Advice," I generally tell them that I have been successful doing what I'm doing for almost 7 months, and i would keep doing so.

As for me, I am doing my first TO today and tomorrow. I'm using cantaloupe. So far so good ... though it was interesting convincing myself that 3 oz of cold chilled chicken breast in the morning and 1/8 cantaloupe was a "normal" breakfast (I could't bear the thought of hot chicken in the morning.) We'll see how the rest of today goes. For lunch I have 3 oz chicken breast, 1/8 cantaloupe, and 1 cup lettuce. I plan to squeeze some lemon juice on it to "help" with the no condiments. Wish me luck!
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Hey ladies, How is everyone today. I have a questions for everyone. Does anyone take the supplements/do they help. and what about exercise. I think that would help with my weight lose. I gained 1.6 pounds monday and ready to weigh in today, hopefully i will be down. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks everyone for the welcomes i have gotten and all for help for you guys.
Thanks Stacy

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Erin- Thank you! But look at you!!! 88lbs! Wow, thats a whole child weight out of you! That is amazing! Good luck on TO, next time i do it i will do it with eggs because that is the only thing that worked for me, but right now i cannt even smell them since last time!
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Morning ladies! Weigh in was not very good. For some reason, nearly everyone was up at least a pound if not 3. My sisters both say that their scales at home showed them with losses, so we are wondering if the scale we are using is very accurate. I was up a lb, but not too suprised since it is TOM right now. This weekend will be a challenge since we are camping at a family reunion from Friday night til Sunday afternoon. My sis and I are going to get up early and go huckleberry picking Saturday morning. I am excited about that. I am not sure how to count them, I am guessing about 3/4 cup= 1 fruit? I do love huckleberries though, in cereal, pancakes, in smoothies, with cool whip, I am so excited to get some. They sell for $50.00 a gallon around here. Gotta go feed the troops, see you all in a while!
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Good morning everyone! I hate when I'm not ar ound much for a couple of days because I get so behind on personals. So many people to say hello and congrats to!

Every since my vacation weight loss has been yuck. I mean I have lost everything I've gained, but I haven't gotten any lower than my lowest weight at 281.4 from before vacation time. This has everything to do with my birthday and my attitude and vacation. Strangely I am not real sad about it, I figured I should be more depressed but I'm not. Maybe I've internalized the responsability because it is my own fault.

In any case today is better. String cheese and a V-8 Fusion because I had no access to fruit this morning. I'm about to go get my starch and protein in a little bit here. Life is doing pretty well.

Thanks for all the kind words about my watercolor art. If anyone ever needs a new piece for their home, I'd be happy to make one, no charge or anything! I like doing it. I'm mostly into doing trees right now for some reason, but I can do the color scheme to fit anyone's decor!

This is a little uncomfortable question, but do any of you take fiber pills or chewable tablets? I'm always so tied up inside sometimes and when I go it's very irregularly timed. I figured maybe some extra fiber can get the waterworks moving again. Any advice?

Be good and happy my friends!
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Hey Sommer, Fiber works pretty good, so do essential fatty acids. I like the fatty acids myself. You can get the walmart brand for about 6 bucks a bottle. I think they are called Omega Complex. Take one or two, morning and night.
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Sommer - So far I don't have a problem in that area. The only thing I have trouble moving is my body/doing exercise. On occasion I use FiberSure...the powder stuff that has no taste. I put it in my flavored yogurt and cannot taste it at all.
Okay - for those chicks that haven't read Sommer's blog - you need to check out her leg shaving secret....I'm all over this beauty tip -- even did it for the first time this morning. I think Suave needs to give you a kickback for this little known secret!! Sommer's Weight Loss Blog-

Finally, Denise Austin had a little tip that I also plan to incorporate - she says that everytime you hold in your tummy tight for 5 seconds, that this is the equivalent of 1 sit up. Hey, if Denise says it, it's got to be true.

I had WI yesterday and was up 2/10ths of a pound and since I was good on program, I just didn't care. I had some new person/trainee as my counselor that day that I could tell needed a challenge, so for the fun of it, I started firing off questions relative to the program. She tried to BS her way through the answers, but eventually had to go get the smart counselor to help her out. It was a fun way to start my day. I can be evil, but it was better than her critiquing (sp??) my menu which I wasn't in the mood for.

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