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Thanks for the shake breakdown thread, I am off to BJ's to see what they have and pick up a blender too!
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You guys make me blush! I'm glad you enjoy reading it, it really helps me keep my focus. I encourage everyone to try it if they need a little internal focus.

And I'd do anything to get you out of your bat cave! I love hearing from you!

Alright, I'm about to burn some calories cleaning. Here goes nothin'
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Let's try this again . .
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Good morning ladies!

Don't have much to say-just wanted to pop in and say hello to the many newbie's we've aquired in the last week or so.

Barb-you crack me up! I've often been tempted to go into the COD with a Luna bar . . . .magic soy protein that melts fat, my a$#! Hee hee . . .

HeatherPP-how are you doing? Keep your chin up and enjoy life! How's the exercise going? Still with your trainer? I'm thinking about asking for sessions for my birthday or Christmas.

Sommer-Happy Birthday! Enjoy your nite out! PS-love the blog . . .

Cassi-Sommer blog address is in her sig . . . .

Gotta go-darn work gets in the way!
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Back in the saddle!
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hey there, everyone! Not much time, but wanted to make a few quick comments...

Sommer, I also LOVe the blog! Very witty humor you have!

Welcome to all the new losers! You will love it here!

Britt, you are doing so well! Losing quickly this time around, congrats!

As for me, down 4 from the last WI. It's been 2 wks, so that's right on track. If I can pull off 2 more lbs by Friday, I will hit 90 lbs before I head back home the following week! I can't wait to see the family! They will not believe the WL!

Okay, ladies, I'll try to write more later! Talk to you soon!
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Back in the saddle!
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Default !

PS, Katie, I LOVE the "A Year Ago I was" thread! Great idea!
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Erin, I LOVE what you wrote. Thanks for sharing!
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Hi guys!

WI sucked. I am up .8. I had an extra string cheese yesterday, and 1/2P. But I know it was 'cause I was hungry, not just mindless eating. I've been extra hungry since switching to purple. Anyhoo... I wasn't prepared for .8. And tonight we are going to the concert, so I am REALLY trying to plan.

I discussed the concert eating with COD counselor today. I got the manager today, I really like her. I told her I wanted to use my 2S for lt. beer since I know I will be out. I told her I didn't know if I should pick a carb craver and bring a sandwich, or what. She suggested that if I go out to pick up food that I could get a single burger and take off the top bun. Basically, she gave me a license for an extra starch. So... I think I will get Applebees car side to go and get the tilapia with salsa, broccoli and rice. It's a WW meal. The book says 1P, 1S, 1Fr, 2V. I'm thinking that if I have this and then the 2 beers, it won't be too bad. Salads kinda suck with beer, and I want to be satisfied so I don't hit the snack bar once we get inside.

Does this plan sound OK to you guys? Any other suggestions?

by the way... Katie, I love the other thread!!!
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Hey gals! I've been MIA for too long & wish I could be here more frequently but due to cruddy issues I can only pop in on the rare occasion. I've been doin semi-ok. Had a wedding to attend mid July and was 1 pound from my mini goal. Gained a pound or 4 (lol) then it was my 15th anniv. dh's b-day & my b-day the 27th, 28th & 29th also had a funeral, financial & famiy issues so considering all that I am now only 2 pounds up and trying to regain some NSV. Like having an interview and altough the scale was up my dress pants were quite loose! Anyhoo, I'm catching up by reading post.
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Hey Trish, Welcome back!
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Hiya - chickies!!! (thought I disappeared on you again didn't you? ) No way my friends - I'm back - I'm really back. I had a meeting most of the morning and then went to training and just finished lunch.This is day 2 of POP so I feel back on track - still "planning" to do TO monday and tuesday.......but that is not quite finalized yet.

Sommer - I have the blog up - just getting ready to read it...It sure sounds intriguing from what the other girls have said!!! Glad you are posting - I know all about getting in the rut - so just come back with the rest of us - your doing wonderful - don't stop now!!! Here is your nudge - I'm just passing it along - I've had several from you chickies too!!!

Katie - Wow - what do I even say to your response yesterday - Thank you girl - You are so totally awesome - !!! You ARE OUR INSPIRATION!!!!
I love the saying from your dad - I will definitely have to remember that !!! I saw that thread - just haven't gotten over there yet!!!

Jenni - Thanks for the words of wisdom and that is so true - and that is exactly why I decided not to wait till monday - at least to get back on track.....I didn't want to depress myself anymore with the possibility of the scale going higher - then actually make me eat out of depression!!! Glad your DF is okay and it wasn't anything too serious!

Julie Marie - Girl, I'm doing better - thanks for asking !! How are you - still staying busy I'm sure. Have you found another BF yet? Still talking to the old one at all?

Boo - You know I just can't let go of the Boo!!! Well congrats to you girl - wow - that is wonderful success you are having!!! I'm so happy for you - I know you have struggled a little lately to start moving again!! Your brain must be concentrated on those 8's now eh???

Joan - You just keep going and going like the energizer bunny - Wow - you are disappearing on us!! Congrats on the wonderful accomplishment of the BP meds - that is great!!!

Cassi - sounds like you have a great plan! Girl, just enjoy yourself - don't stress about that .8....and just drink lots of water after the salsa and beer!!!!

Erin - Wow - you are disappearing faster than anyone!! Wow - has your family seen you at all since your journey started? If so, what stage did they last see you at? They will be so shocked!! I'm sure all the wonderful compliments will just boost that motivation and self esteem!!!

Hey Kristi - My partna' in crime!! I hope your TO has major success for you!! Let us know how the weigh in goes!!!

Christie - Hey girl - come on out of lurking - we are all back here!!!

Barbara - Look at you hot mama!! I'm sure you will be right back down to the 185 very very soon!!! I hear ya being bold and brave and taking in that can to the COD - that is wonderful for you to stand your ground and I'm so glad to hear that they supported you the way they did!!! Sounds like you have some counselors you can depend on now since your fav one left!!!

D'Ann - welcome to the boards!!!

Deb - Hey girl!! Hope your doing good as well! thanks for posting the recipes - Yea, I have a word doc with all the recipes that were in the thread that were of interest before aphil made the new threads....

Lori - Wow girl - you are overloaded with the hockey stuff - Slow down and breathe chicky!!! Did you happen to get that shirt order corrected without too much problems??

Lisa - Hey girl - glad you are posting - don't worry there are alot of us going through some hard times right now....I totally understand about all of it - the few pounds sticking around, the food being $$ - but it will get better - after the schooling starts life will get back to normal!!!

To ANYBODY I MISSED - :WAVE: I'm really doing my best to catch up around here -
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Thanks Katie....this forum is missed very much!
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Losing the Weight!
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Barbara, Dolphn, Lottame, Sommer, Cassi, thanks for the WTGs. I'm a bit nervous as cutting the water pill in half is going to make me rebound for a few days. We'll see what happens. I'll just be happy if I can get OFF this medication... for Good!

Congrats to ALL who have lost this week WTG! Keep up the good work. I'm crossing my fingers for a favorable WI tonight.
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Trish, Welcome back!

Katie, thanks! I really liked your thread, and I think it helps a lot of us remember that we have had so many more victories than scale-only.

HeatherPP, thanks My family last saw me at Easter, and at that time, I had lost 48 lbs. It was a big difference, but not NEARLY the difference I am at now. I think it took me hitting about 60 lbs before people really started complimenting me and really noticing. Some were more observent and complimentary throughout, but when you have so much to lose, 20-30-50 lbs doesn't show all that much to the person looking from the outside (even though those closest to us, and we, notice).

Speaking of, if I hit 90 lbs on Friday, I am going to do another avatar update!
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Hi all--just a quick pop in--you guys have been busy busy! Had another "new" training--ugh--nothing I haven't heard but oh well. Going from a teacher to an aide seems to really be affecting my self esteem today so I have to make myself get over it. Mini-pity-party over here.

Welcome to all the newbies--I hope you all get as much from this site and especially these gals as I have over the months. Congrats to all the losers--if you need a kick in the butt then here it is--haha. I am going to have serious withdrawals when school starts and I can't chat with you guys.

PS--Heather--NO--I am fairly sure that even if (wait--not IF--WHEN) I make my goal that I will still NOT be an 8--I must be built weird because I can't even consider it. I have to remind myself daily that everyone is built different, carries weight different, and wears their clothes different!! It keeps me sane.

Anyway--off to a BBQ with relatives. Tough day to be OP when they served fried chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and cobbler for our luncheon and there I sat pulling all the breading off my chicken and a glass of water--I hate luncheons where I have no control over the menu. Luckily I had packed a Kashi bar and snacked on it during a presentation.

Okay--geez I was gripey today--sorry. I will catch up tomorrow! Have a great evening--Cassi--I am jealous--I love Brad Paisley!!
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"Print"cess Jenni
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Lea Ann ~ Don't worry about the clothes sizes. I'm one of those Curvy ladies who even when I'm super hot and thin, I wear a size 12! No one believes me, but I just have the J-Lo thing going on I guess. I mean, if you could see what's BEHIND me, lol! You don't need to tell people what size you're in. The fact is, if you look hot, then you ARE hot! ANd all of us are going to be hot if we keep sticking to our plans and helping each other out.

I've officially lost 3.2 pounds since last Friday - the day I decided it was finally time to take control of my weight and my happiness.

Good luck to everybody this weekend! Hang in there and we'll have no worries at WI Monday!

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