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"Print"cess Jenni
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Lisa - I agree, It's hard to eat everything and keep it spaced out. I'm trying to eat more before dinnertime because I was ending up with half my food still left to eat by 5 pm You can do it!

Pearl - I hope no one thought I was harboring animosity! I just meant that it's so easy to look at other tickers and wish I was there, but I know we are all working so hard and I do not begrudge anyone any loss! Everyone here is such an inspiration!
Especially that sweet little face on your avatar!

Butterfli - One of my vices was peanut butter cookies. Today I discoverd that if I put 1 1/2 tablespoon of RF Peanut Butter on 1 slice of low cal bread an put it in the toaster.... BAM! Almost like the real thing... Nice and warm and slightly browned and soft and gooey.... and only 1/2 protein and 1 starch! It was like eating a cookie for lunch!!

Jeana - LAWL is L A Weight Loss. You can look in the phonebook or online to see if they have a center near you. Or, if you'd rather, talk to your doctor and find out how many calories per day she suggests. The key is getting enough of the right kinds of food, and I think LAWL has it figured out based on your current weight and medications and any other medical factors. 1 very inportan part is to measure everything, stay away from sugary drinks like sweet tea and pop (soda, cola, etc.) I think just about everyone on this thread is in LAWL, but you are welcome regardless! Just ignore us when we talk about plan colors and such, the support is still here for the common goal. Mighty Hugs!

Sherry - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Saturday at your WI! Hang in there girl!

Deb - congrats on the 2.4! And Heck Yea you can get the rest off in that time! You yourself are a goddess!

Joni - Happy day at the gym tomorrow!

As for me - I've got WI tomorrow. So I did the lemon water tonight. I'm not expecting much since I was down 3.4 Tuesday, but I hope it hasn't gone up. I've been pretty pop, but I did have 3 pieces of candy (1 each day the past 3 days - Cinnamon Twirls like a peppermint you know?)

Also, My homelife fell apart tonight and I'm pretty heartbroken - mostly for my kids. It'll probably hit me later... but DF is gone for good and not looking back. Pearl - Give the big guy my name when you talk to him next (which is probably now kowing what a close relationship and walk you have with Him.) He'll know me... I don't ever leave Him alone, lol. I'm such a needy girl!


Hey you know, ugh is just a hug all twisted up!

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Jenni- I am sorry you are heartbroken. If you don't mind me asking what does DF mean? I tried to look back and see if you had talked about this before but I could not find it.
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Thanks Jenni and Joni for answering my question. The lawl just didn't click I guess. I am familiar with the program, however I have never tried it. I have done weight watchers though. Now that I know what LAWL stands for, I am going to reasearch the online version. Thanks for the info
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EVERYONE - WARNING! This is a "spiritual" answer so if there's any change that it will offend you, I apologize, but please don't read it!
Jenni - For some reason I want to call you Honeybunches for this post just this one time! Hope you don't mind.
I copied this from a post you did on 8/24:
When I mention that another man has noticed, it's amazing how many nice things DF comes up with to tell me how hot I look! I don't have to resort to this tactic because he tells me everyday, but I do share with him if I get checked out because it's something that made me feel good.

I can only imagine that DF is a male "dear friend" perhaps? Well, it doesn't matter because God knows and yes, He had me come out here to 3fatchicks before bed (I'm supposed to be in bed so I can take my son to his first job in the morning at 7!) so I could see your post and pray for you and your children right now at 12:39 a.m.!
Jenni, you know how you feel when one of your babies gets a "boo boo" and nobody but Mama can make it feel better? Your baby cries and cries until Mama takes control and you pick your baby up and cuddle that "boo boo" away. You know, that love that swells up inside like there's nothing more important at this moment than making that "boo boo" feel better?
Well, that's the way God feels when we hurt so badly that He's the only one that can fix it! He doesn't mind if we run to Him! So when you feel that "hit me later" come (and it will if it hasn't already) you find a quiet place and crawl into His lap and let Him take control. He'll fix that hurt for you, I promise. You know why? Because he made you for Him! You are an ORIGINAL design, like no other. A thing of such beauty that just looking at you brings Him joy! No one else has YOUR fingerprints or your laugh, or your heart! How precious and special you are! Just like the rest of the beauties on this site! We are all special, "wonderfully made" for His delight! How awesome is that!?!
He'll be there for you Jenni (Honeybunches)!
And so will I!
Let me know how you're doing, I care!
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Wink Oh my goodness!

Originally Posted by LottaMe2MiniMe View Post
Pearl - okay, you are just so cool - a counselor, chef, dog lover, writer, mother, lover -- all wrapped up in one. How did this site get so lucky to get you? When do you leave for vacation? Will you have internet access?
Joni - I like to think of myself as a Jack(ess) of all trades, master of none! How did this site get me?? Did I forget to mention in all these posts that I'm fat?!? Talk about pertinent information!
We leave on Sept. 17th and I'd love to find a way to have internet, but I don't own a laptop! Speaking of which, we originally planned to be in Myrtle Beach THIS WEEK, but had to change plans because our timeshare was booked! As it turned out, we got a bigger, better condo at our timeshare for Sept. AND we're missing this hurricane! Of course, we've got from now until Sunday here in VA.!

Well, I've really got to get to bed. My 16yr old is going to work for a friend at church starting tomorrow, to help with a few jobs before vacation. Our friend's way of helping my son have some cash in his pocket for vacation! It's 1:15 now and 7 is coming early!

You all are awesome! The question is: HOW DID I EVER GET SO LUCKY TO BE HERE WITH YOU ALL?!?

Blessings, (soggy though they may be!)
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Deb - WTG!! You can do this! GO DEB!

Jenni - at WI today!
to you and your kids. Sorry about your DF.

Katie - where are you?

Joan, Joni, Sommer, Evette, Cassi, Kristi, Carmen, Sue, Heather PP, Heather CP, Lea Ann, Pearl, Lisa, Christie - and everyone else (I'm sure I missed somebody, somewhere!)

Here's to a great POP day!!!
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Sorry to hear so many trials going on here in the LAWL forum. My heart goes out to all of you who needs it. BTW my hubbie and I are also going to Myrtle beach in Sept. starting the 23-30, maybe I will see you there!
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We did Myrtle Beach in June and it was awesome!!! Lots of seafood but lots of walking so the damage wasn't too bad!!

Jenni--I hope things improve for you soon.

Pearl--you are pretty terrific. Of course I love all the gals here but you have an inner wisdom so many of us can use in our daily life.

Deb--that is awesome--of course you'll meet your goal! WOW!!

HI to all my girlfriends!! I am happy to report the even 160 stuck this morning--whew!! My only Non POP meal was supper last night by a little so I was a little concerned. My goal now is to get through the long weekend at the folks, playing in the water--jetskiing!--without a gain--if I can maintain through Monday I will be thrilled. Can't wait to wake up to the 150's. Took my school ID photo yesterday and it was WEIRD--it was the first time I've seen a picture and thought--"is that me?"--why do we see the extra fat long after it's gone? I need therapy--Pearl???

Jenni--I think it is perfectly natural to look at others' tickers with a little twinge--I sure do and I think it's normal. We are all here because we want to be somewhere else on that sille ticker line--preferably to the right!! Don't feel bad about it.
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Let's try this again . .
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***singsongy voice**** It's September now-let's all move to the new thread.
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