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Back at it...again!
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May Weight Loss Challenge Goal List
If there are any mistakes or updates, please let me know!
Red=Goal Met!

Ms Perception: Reach goal weight (129), Take multivitamin, Track food
mmccurdy: Reach 166 lbs or 74 kgs by 5/15, 162 by 5/31; Fit comfortably into size 8's
ma26: Lose 10 lbs, No snacky junk food
Asynchronous: Lose 10 lbs, Calorie count
LouisaH: Lose 10 lbs
Taurie: Lose 10 lbs, avg. 1200-1400 cals/day
xMeaganx: Lose 8 lbs, No cheat days
nemaa: Lose 10 lbs, Stop binging, Maintain food journal, Avoid coffee and drink 3 cups green tea
knobhdy: Lose 4 lbs
motivated chickie: Reach 132 lbs
Jacque: Lose 10 lbs, Keep food journal
Hopeful8: Lose 10 lbs
Matilda08: Lose 10 lbs, Drink more water
mystical: Lose 5 lbs
preppingbride: Lose 6-7 lbs, Keep food journaling
xooma: Stay within 1400-1600 cals/day, Lose 5-10 lbs
renstwin: Lose 6 lbs, Lose 1" from waist or hips, Eat 4 fruits/veggies daily
Avezy44: Reach 208 lbs
onestar: Lose 10 lbs
Dixiemae: Lose 5 lbs, Post/Journal daily for accountability
aluxa: Reach 165 lbs (then 160 lbs)
energie: Lose 7-8 lbs
Lola Dark: Lose 6 lbs
eclipse: Reach 220 lbs (then 218 lbs)
bama girl: Reach 134 lbs, Take lunch to work at least 4 days/wk
VickieLou: Not gain weight, Get into 220's
leonafoxworth: Lose 10 lbs, Drink at least 3L water daily
Summer 2010: Lose 10 lbs
Alicia87: Lose 5 lbs
ChunkySmoo: Get back on track with healthy eating/exercise, Get out of 200's
Rashomon: Reach 190-195 lbs, Return to calorie counting
beaka: Avg 1800 cals/day, Track food at least 85% of the time, Check in on threads more often for support/motivation, No impulse cheat meals, Update SparkBlog at least 1x/week, Weigh under 190 lbs
NightAngel 26: Reach 210 lbs
susiemartin: Lose 8 lbs, Eat 1300-1400 cals/day, Check in on 3FC at least 1x/day
jeanelld: Stay on lower end of cal. range, Drink 64 oz water/day, Take steps to kick sugar addiction, Continue food journaling
girlieyorkie: Lose 8.8 lbs
xocessy: Lose 10 lbs, Drink 99 oz water daily
beansmama: Reach 205 lbs, Stay on track on weekends, Drink more water, PLAN
lesmith: Lose 10 lbs
tamaraj: Get below 190 lbs
Terre: Reach Onederland by 5/21
Krista: Get out of the 220's, Get outside and enjoy life more
Shytowngal: Lose 6 lbs
Gamerlady: Get out of the 200's
Scatterheart: Lose 10 lbs
TracyWay: Reach 169 lbs by 5/15, 163 lbs by 5/31

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Back at it...again!
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I added the newest challenge members to the goal list!

Today was a good OP day, but after logging my food on fitday I found I didn't get my target amount of fiber. It's the first day I've logged that I've been low on fiber...gotta watch that! More in the a.m. .....good night all!
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Originally Posted by mmccurdy View Post
thank you for posting

1. My first goal is to reach 166 pounds or 74 kgs by may 15, and hopefully 162 by the end of may

2. Start my p90x

3. Fit comfortably in my size 8 jeans
Hey! We are both 5 8 and pretty close in goals! I am probably a bit heavier than you at 179 and I think I have to weigh circa 150 to usually wear a size 8 but it varies. What do you weigh? Do you work out or..?? What is p90x?
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Can I be on the goal list? I'd love to weigh 169 by May 15. I hope that is not too lofty a goal. 145-165 is my usual acceptable weight range. Just 163, I guess by end of May but 159 would be better.
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yes girl
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Default weigh-in

Starting weight: 170
Week 1: 166.2 (5-6-2010)
Week 2: (5-13-2010)
Week 3: (5-20-2010)
Week 4: (5-27-2010)

i was REALLY surprised when i wieghed in at 166.2 this morning, but i'll take it. havent been exercising but pretty much eating OP. hope to get back into exercising today. it's been a rough week at work. have a good one, all!
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Today is a better day. I weighed in at 154.6 finally the scale goddess smiled on me. Back where I started. I have until the 17th to loose a few more. I am going hiking this afternoon. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow so hiking the trail after that will be a muddy proposition after that. I am excited I can go this afternoon. Then I can finish the hike tonight after dinner. YEAH.

Hope everyone is having a good OP day. Let ya all know how the adventure goes.
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Back at it...again!
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Another fine morning here on 3FC and I hope you all are doing well. If not, today is a new day and you can make another go of it!

I'm on On Plan (OP) day #3 of 7 and feeling great. My muscles are still sore from Tuesday, but I need to get my run in this afternoon so I'll be taking some Aleve and hoping for the best. This morning I'm off to grocery shop and run errands, so I don't have time for personals, but just wanted to wish everyone a happy, healthy day! Hopefully I can pop in later, if time permits.
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Good morning all I'm checking in.

I feel much better today - headache is all gone. Something about removing white sugar from my diet can really set me off. I think it has to do with fluctuating insulin levels.

My plans for the day are a trip to the grocery store for fresh fruit & veggies,an OA meeting, a walk and to work on my wardrobe.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've gained so much weight, so fast this past winter, that I have no decent clothes to wear.

I have been walking around in denial looking like a mess.

I'm starting a wardrobe make over from the inside out. Tuesday I went bra shopping and today I'm going through my sewing patterns and do some planning.

I've got some nice linen fabric for tops & bottoms.
I have to decide what styles will work while I lose weight.

I hate elastic waistbands and drawstrings but I'm thinking they might be sensible and take me through 25lb. loses.

For tops I'm thinking items without strong neckline, shoulder or bust line elements.
I welcome any suggestions for a weight loss wardrobe.

Hope everyone has a great day
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Never ending story
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This is looking like a good morning for everyone! No time for personals but I had to check in and say the scale surprised me with 173.8 this morning, down 1.2 from yesterday and down 4 pounds since Monday! Huh? TOM is here and although it feels like he's brought much baggage, he must have invested in the lightweight kind. I'll take it.
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aka Wendi (it's shorter!)
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Still calorie counting, still at 189 >.< I blame the stress of finals week, I haven't been able to do much other than sit in front of a computer.

Yesterday I was super low on calories, because I was in and out of meetings all day, and they kept running late. My calorie counter had me at 865 for the entire day, and because I Was so busy/stressed I never even really felt hungry.

Oh well, last final is Monday evening, just have to suck it up until then.
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Height: 5-4


226.8 this morning, back to where I was a week ago. AF seems like she's packing up her bags, so I hope to see a consistent downward movement now. My back is still feeling great. I still feel a little twinge if I'm not careful when I twist (which I'm trying not to do) and a little bit of sciatic pain down my leg at times, but so much better than it's been for months.
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188.4 this morning, just when I say I'm losing slowly my body kicks it into high gear...I've lost like half a pound a day 4 days in a row...

Spin yesterday was great!! Going to do it again today!
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On plan all week so far. Had sushi for lunch for the first time in months. It was good, but I felt overloaded eating 12 pieces. Then I remember in the old days, I had to have a minimum of 24 pieces and then have ice cream afterward.

Drank 2 beers last night, which was reflected on the scale which said I was down 1.5 pounds to 133.5. It's amazing how dehydrating alcohol is.

Tonight, I must go on a 4 mile run even though it's uncomfortably hot out. I need to stop complaining about exercise in the heat. July is right around the corner. Might as well get used to it.
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Msp: I’m putting more attention to my fiber intake since last week. Fiber is so important and before I started to lose weight I had never put attention to eat. Yesterday, I baked pumpkin all bran muffins (I get the recipe from this community). They fit great on my eating plan, and they may be available for the next day of the OP challenge.


Susiemartin: The same happened to me on February, I have gained so much weight that I could not find summer clothes for a trip to Costa Rica. I think that it plus my inability to enjoy a trip to a volcano were responsible for my decision to find a solution to my weight problems. That’s when I find this site.

LouisaH: for those 4!!!
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Healthy is Beautiful
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Good afternoon all, I got my gym workout in today and just finished L1D8 of 30DS. I was pleasantly surprised that my husband decided to join me today. I wasn't expecting much for his workout, he's had 12 surgeries on his hips and legs because of cancer and 1 leg is quite a bit shorter than the other, but he stuck through it all and did as much as he could so I'm very very proud of him. I'm about to head out to work in a few hours so I just wanted to check in and tell everyone to enjoy this beautiful day and have a wonderful day of working out.
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