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I luv my curves
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Im in also ive been having the harding time staying op with diet so this month my goals are
1) lose ten lbs
2) work out five times per week
3) drink more water
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Healthy is Beautiful
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Am I just not finding it or has the May Exercise Challenge thread not been started yet?
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ok ladies I am back and ready to get started for another goal a fresh start !!!!

May goal is to lose 5lbs wish me luck
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This is an excellent thread! Never been in before.
Okay, my goals:

1. To lose 6-7 lbs (reach 175 lbs)
2. Exercise at least 4 days a week
3. keep my food journal going
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My goals are
1) To stay within the 1400-1600 calorie range every day of May
2) Lose 5 - 10 pounds

Good luck to everyone!
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This is my first monthly challenge. I am going for vacation in May, so this will be a challenge for me!

May Goals
1) Lose six pounds.
2) Lose one inch from my waist, or hips ( I ain't picky).
3) Eat four servings of fruits/veggies daily.

Good luck everyone!
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I can, I will, I do
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My goal for the month of April was to go from 228 to 218. I met my goal early (May 3rd was my deadline) on Monday at 218.6. I am Now 217.2 Soo.. my goal for the month of May is 208 I hope to reach this goal by May 24th
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yes girl
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hi! i'm back for the may challenge. my goal is to lose 10 pounds from whatever i weigh on saturday, the first.

preppingbride: your dog/avatar is sooo cute

let's do this ladies!!! lol

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Hi Count me in. My goal is to loose 5 pounds: weigh 150 at the end of May. Exercise 6 days a week~each work out equals at least 45 minutes~2 days of weight training~sneak in some yoga stretching. I want to be a little more hard core this month than last month. I have labs on the 18th of May. That will tell the whole story of how all this has paid off to this point. I hope and pray I can get off the statin. control the cholesterol with diet and exercise. Not will medication.

1) 6 days of exercise. that means pick and choose my day off carefully
2) journal here every day being accountable. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!!!!
3) 2 days of total body weight training. stick to plan THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!
4) Sneak in yoga as reward for workouts well done :-))

With pencil and paper Im charting and planning. Journaling it here. NO EXCUSES. I don't want surgery!!!!!!!! my health.

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I think that my weight loss is starting to slow down so I will set two goals for this month. The first one will be 165 and the second 160.
SW: 167.4
CW: 167.4 (2.4/7.4 to go)
GW1: 165
GW2: 160
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Just Keep on Running
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1)My goal is to lose 7-8 pounds this month. My starting weight is 143. I would love to be 135/136 by june 1st. That would be awesome.

2)I would also like to keep pushing myself during my workouts(higher speed,sprint intervals,more incline) and spend more time doing my toning exercises.

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Post-It Junkie
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I think I will go for 10 lbs in May!
I will post my starting point tomorrow since I havn't weighed in a few days and I'm at work right now, I'll weigh in the morning tomorrow that's my usual time and go from there!

!!!!!10 lbs in May!!!!
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I'm going to go ahead and count today's weight as my starting weight so I can get my booty on over to this thread. Today I weighed in at 226.8, 11.2 down from my starting weight, and well under my end of April goal weight (5.2 lbs under, actually).

On to May Goals:

1) Primary goal: 220 lbs (doable 6.8 lb loss)
2) Secondary goal: If I reach goal #1 with enough time to spare, I'm going to aim for 218, because that will take me to half way to my ultimate goal weight.

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I will never give up.
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I want in on this one! My May goals are:

1.) Get out of the 130's
2.) Take my lunch to work at least 4 days a week (starting work after finals)
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Don't Give Up!
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Red face

My Goal is to not gain weight the end of this challenge. My next goal will be to get in to the 220's. Will put down my SW: 243.2 on May 1st.

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