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Today I walked 150 minutes with DD in the rain. We had a blast of a good time. Eating was a little bit off. I will weigh in in the morning.
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Will really try to get back on the wagon, so this month I'm aiming to lose 8.8 (lucky numbers) pounds. Might be unrealistic since I tend to lose very slow, but I will give it a shot anyway.
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aka Wendi (it's shorter!)
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Down one so far, not too shabby! TOM just ended, so that may have helped a bit =D Also, this is only the end of my first full week calorie counting, so I'm hoping that I'll drop some quicker this month.

My first mini-reward to myself is a new dress if I can make it to this Friday staying within my calorie goals and tracking them (that will mark the first two full weeks). I'm excited, I already have one picked out. It's made from recycled sari silk and it's $15 at this little free trade shop near me. Can't wait!

I also told myself I could buy a cute accessory to go with the dress for my four week mark =D
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Never ending story
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Hi Chicklets, I'm back from my weekend away for DH's (and his sister's and his brother's) birthday parties, and overall, I'd say it was pretty bad. Not really terrible since I still watched and tracked everything, but I went over my cals quite a bit. I didn't bother to weigh there since the scale difference wouldn't have told me anything anyway. I'll weigh in in the morning and post my start weight for May. I'm hoping I'm not up too much from the weekend of eating and drinking. I'm feeling really snacky, and the sugar is in my system, calling to me to eat more, dang it. It may be PMS, too.

Beaka: How was the 5K? Did you enjoy it enough to want to do it again?

MsP: Are you back? How'd you do? I definitely didn't eat out of control, but I didn't plan out my meals and eat only that (I couldn't really, not knowing what we would be eating). So I didn't really worry about how many calories I was consuming, and just recorded everything as best I could. It's scary to think of how much I COULD have eaten if I really didn't care! And that is exactly why I have to track everything. Forever and ever, amen. Ugh.
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My goals for the month of May are:
-Lose 10 pounds.
-Drink 99oz. of water daily!

(Maybe more to come.)
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I'm doing my daily check in (one of my goals for May).
I sure have been in a bad place for the last few months.
I've been completely out of control with my eating. I up 4lbs. from Friday - 268.6 - probably it's mostly water.
priority in my life.
I spent some time this morning taking measurements and photos. Oh my.......lots of room for improvement and success.

Hope everyone has a good OP day. I'm off to make a big salad and dig a chicken breast of of the freezer

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I am up for a challenge. I could use some more motivation.

I am so good at staying on track Monday-Friday afternoon and then

So, my goal is to hit 205 by the end of May.
Stay on track over the weekend. Tired of the 4 pound loss during the week and 2 pound gain over the weekend. Just think how well I'd do if I could stay on track.
More water! Walk twice this week, either before work or at lunch.
Plan Plan Plan
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Back at it...again!
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May Weight Loss Challenge Goal List
If there are any mistakes or updates, please let me know!
Red=Goal Met!

Ms Perception: Reach goal weight (129), Take multivitamin, Track food
mmccurdy: Reach 166 lbs or 74 kgs by 5/15, 162 by 5/31; Fit comfortably into size 8's
ma26: Lose 10 lbs, No snacky junk food
Asynchronous: Lose 10 lbs, Calorie count
LouisaH: Lose 10 lbs
Taurie: Lose 10 lbs, avg. 1200-1400 cals/day
xMeaganx: Lose 8 lbs, No cheat days
nemaa: Lose 10 lbs, Stop binging, Maintain food journal, Avoid coffee and drink 3 cups green tea
knobhdy: Lose 4 lbs
motivated chickie: Reach 132 lbs
Jacque: Lose 10 lbs, Keep food journal
Hopeful8: Lose 10 lbs
Matilda08: Lose 10 lbs, Drink more water
mystical: Lose 5 lbs
preppingbride: Lose 6-7 lbs, Keep food journaling
xooma: Stay within 1400-1600 cals/day, Lose 5-10 lbs
renstwin: Lose 6 lbs, Lose 1" from waist or hips, Eat 4 fruits/veggies daily
Avezy44: Reach 208 lbs
onestar: Lose 10 lbs
Dixiemae: Lose 5 lbs, Post/Journal daily for accountability
aluxa: Reach 165 lbs (then 160 lbs)
energie: Lose 7-8 lbs
Lola Dark: Lose 6 lbs
eclipse: Reach 220 lbs (then 218 lbs)
bama girl: Get out of 130's, Take lunch to work at least 4 days/wk
VickieLou: Not gain weight, Get into 220's
leonafoxworth: Lose 10 lbs, Drink at least 3L water daily
Summer 2010: Lose 10 lbs
Alicia87: Lose 5 lbs
ChunkySmoo: Get back on track with healthy eating/exercise, Get out of 200's
Rashomon: Reach 190-195 lbs, Return to calorie counting
beaka: Avg 1800 cals/day, Track food at least 85% of the time, Check in on threads more often for support/motivation, No impulse cheat meals, Update SparkBlog at least 1x/week, Weigh under 190 lbs
NightAngel 26: Reach 210 lbs
susiemartin: Weigh only once on 5/31, Eat 1300-1400 cals/day, Check in on 3FC at least 1x/day
jeanelld: Stay on lower end of calorie range, Drink 64 oz water daily, Take steps to kick sugar addiction, Continue food journaling
girlieyorkie: Lose 8.8 lbs
xocessy: Lose 10 lbs, Drink 99 oz water daily
beansmama: Reach 205 lbs, Stay on track on weekends, Drink more water, PLAN

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Back at it...again!
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S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


Good morning all!

I just wanted to say it was so nice to have all the people checking in at the end of last month's (April) Challenge. Even when we don't reach goal it's good to see how we did and make adjustments to improve if necessary. Here's to a better May! It's awesome to have all you with us this month! I'm too far behind to name everyone individually, but each of you are important and vital to all of us staying motivated and on track for the month!!

As for me, I was baaaaaaaaaad this past, the worst I've been since I started this life change a year and a half ago I think. No worries though. It was a mistake, but always a learning experience. Now, back on plan, I can move in the right direction for the remainder of the month. I seriously feel like I'm on detox since my poor body didn't know what to do with all the crap I put into it all weekend. I'm happy to move on though, so what's done is done. Just figured I'd share since some of you knew I was gonna have one of those weekends. The rest of the month has some challenges, and I'm allowing myself 2 other (non-consecutive) days of off plan eating. The rest needs to be and will be OP. That should spell success for May. No sabotaging myself. It's a busy month, but I can't be using that as an excuse to ease up on food or exercise.
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I would really like to join this too My goals for May are to

1) be at least to the 3rd week of C25K
2) lose 10lbs this month

Good luck everyone!!!
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Height: 5'3"


After a week of almost no lost, today the scale showed me a pound less. I have never think that to see a 166.4 in the scale will feel so good. I hope to never see that 167 again!!!
SW: 167.4
CW: 166.4 (1.4/6.4 to go)
GW1: 165
GW2: 160
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I'm in again this month for sure!

My May goals are:

- Below 190lbs by end of May
- Deep Water workout at LEAST twice a week
- 30 minutes of exercise on non-pool days at LEAST twice a week

I did the pool on Saturday and worked out at home with free weights yesterday so I'm half-way for this week.

DH's job fell through...I guess they couldn't wait for him to grieve his mother's death and filled the position. Nice! Now the last place he worked is messing around with his vacation pay and record of employment. Being a payroll professional I just can't get over when people do this kind of stuff. I feel like going in there and asking if they could maybe be just a little nit human as we have enough crap on our plates right now without them making it worse! Whatever....thank god for rainy day money! Everyone send out some good vibes for DH to find another job ASAP. LOL

Hope everyone is doing well and up for a challenge in May! We can all do this, no matter what bad stuff happens, no matter who says we can't or tries to push us to skip workouts or eat "bad" food...we are the only ones truly in control and WE CAN DO IT!
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Height: 5'5"


LouisaH- Thanks for asking! The race was amazing!!! 3 miles of muddy/ obstacle filled craziness. I can't even express to ya'll how great I felt after finishing, especially when I think of the shape I was in just a year ago. Also, I just wanted to say that still tracking your food from the parties was a HUGE step. When I used to get off plan, I would stop tracking and fall off the wagon totally. You're aware, and you're right back on plan. That's great.

Ms Perception- I have no doubt that you will be right back on plan too.

I'm feeling good today. I went out to PF Changs yesterday but still stayed within plan and went to the gym. I had the coconut curry vegetables with brown rice and it was SO good. I even had a mini red velvet cake dessert (within calories). And I tracked my calories.

I weigned in this morning at 193.4, so it's coming back down after that spike. I got the Jillian No More Trouble Zones DVD, so I'm gonna try it out tonight. I also did a SparkBlog yesterday, so I'm on plan with posting there at least 1x per week. I have my first run with the running club tomorrow evening.
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getting less fluffy
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ok here is my GOAL....
to be in onederland by the time my daughter graduates on the 21st. That would make me so happy.
I was down to 204 but back up to 206 i hope its water. I did a little cheat this weekend. I goofed and now I am back on plan. promise
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Height: 5-4


Hi everyone! My weight is hanging in here - Aunt Flo is here for a visit, so I'm not expecting much loss this week. I'm retaining water pretty badly, so hopefully I'll get a woosh in a few days. My back is finally starting to feel a little better - i was actually able to play at the park a bit with my kids this morning. I don't feel up to official excercise yet, because I really don't want to make it worse. It's just nice to be able to stand up straight for a change!
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