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on the way to Onederland
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Howz everyone doing after the weekend??

I was so busy all weekend.. submitting assignments for my final semester at univ.... didnt exercise....was glued to my laptop.... and oh yes had lots of carbs ... as a result may 3rd weight gain 1.4lbs wot a way to start the month

but oh on the POSITIVE side of it... i didn go an a coffee overdose yay to dat was on green tea overdose

nyways.. its a brand new day.. brand new week! i feel better already just back frm the gym.. 30 mins of cardio and 20 mins strength train

have a good week ahead every1.. and goodluck with the weight loss challenge
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Hi Ladies! It's been a good last few days! I've been on plan and working out.

Louisa- Thanks for asking about the race! It went great, and I definitely plan to keep running. It was 3.1 miles of muddy, obstacle-filled craziness. I felt SO great after it was over. I think it's remotivated me about my capabilities and sticking to being on plan.

I went out to eat with friends yesterday and was still within calories. I had the coconut curry vegetables at PF Chang's and it was great! Even though I was still a bit sore from the race I worked out yesterday and I got the Jillian No More trouble zones DVD and plan to try it out this evening. And I also wrote a sparkblog yesterday, so I'm on plan with doing those too. Oh, and I weighed in at 193.4 this morning, so my weight is coming back down.

Here's a pic from the race...

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Never ending story
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Well, I was at 177.8, up 1.4 pounds since Friday's weigh in, but I'm not surprised, and I don't expect it to hang around. I'm definitely going to be getting a TOM visit this week, so that might also be contributing to it (I'm sure it wasn't all the hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and birthday cakes over the weekend). I'm going to make my goal weight for the end of the month 166, which would put me within my healthy BMI range.

Beaka: That photo is hilarious--I would have been darned happy to be finished with that race too! Coconut curry sounds so good--I might have to make some for dinner tonight. Congratulations on your motivation and starting your blog. I'll check it out. I gotta get better about writing at least weekly on mine, too. Let me know how that Jillian DVD is. I need to get more DVDs to keep me motivated. I like the 30DS but want to do more than 20 minutes when I exercise. Somehow doing two levels doesn't do it for me because I seem to be working the same muscles, which are already fatigued from the first go 'round, and making myself click that second start button is an impossibility, apparently.

nemaa: Good luck getting through this final semester without stressing too much, and get yourself some healthy veggies to snack on while you work so you won't be so tempted to overdose on the carbs. Good for you for going with the green tea, and for getting to the gym. Keep it up and that weight gain will disappear soon enough.

Ms.P: I bet eating like total crap felt really good while you were doing it...
But I know how bad it feels afterward. Welcome back to reality, and another life lesson (which is, "Don't do that anymore" right?). My realization this weekend was, no matter how much I ate over my calorie goal, I HAD to track it all, because even still, it kept me from going all the way out there.

eclipse: glad your back is FINALLY starting to feel better. Be careful--I know how exciting it is to be able to move again after a long stretch of inactivity. Here's hoping for a whoosh later this week.

tamaraj: how awful that DH's new job fell through and that his old job is jerking him around. Where is the humanity? Good luck getting through these trying times, and congrats for having a positive attitude--it does make ANYTHING possible!

aluxa: Yay, 166.4 is exactly where I hope to be at the end of the month. I'm glad to hear that it feels pretty good!

susiemartin: improvement is why we're all here. Thank you for joining us in motivating one another. Use us as your excuse to stay accountable and get your eating back on track!

beansmama: are you really losing 4 pounds during the week and gaining 2 over the weekend? That's two pounds loss per week! Wow. If I could do that I'm pretty sure I would totally cheat over the weekend. But I know what you mean. Good luck keeping on track.

Asynchronous: Rewards are a great idea, but I never seem to do them. I guess having all the "new" old clothes from my closet and dresser is rewarding enough! I'm sure once they all no longer fit, I will be creating new rewards for myself. Keep up the good work and motivation.

Welcome to all the newcomers, and cheers to a great month!
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Eclipse: I hope your back get well soon. Mine was pretty bad last week but I’m back on track with my exercise routine.

Nemaa: I totally understand you about being glued to your laptop. I have to glue myself and work in my thesis but I have to find a motivation LOL.

Beaka: for the race!!! You look so happy on that picture.

LouisaH: I’m sure that you will be at 166 by the end of the month. Anyway, for you to be at 166 will be much better than for me because you will be getting you healthy BMI and I have to be at 140 for that; so thats double motivation!!!
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I will never give up.
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Yay, new people! Ms Perception, I hate to be all obnoxious and stuff, but I was wondering if I could bump my goal down to just getting to 134 this month. I'm under a lot of stress and I'm trying not to let my weight loss become an obsession. At this point in time I think 10 is a little much for me to expect from myself.
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Default hmmm...

well I haven't officially weighed in today but for some reason I am sure I'm retaining terribly. I don't usually have this much trouble. Any suggestions for me to work on this? I've been drinking more fluids than ever now that it's warm so this is weird. My feet feel weird.... argh.

LouisaH- eh, 1.4 just before TOM is pretty good...I usually get like 4 lbs before... yeah TOM sucks but it'll be ok.

beaka- good going on the race! How is that dvd? I have trouble keeping up with them.

nemaa- Hey, finals are sooo stressful! Just think of it as a blip. You're still here and that counts!

eclipse- Ugh TOM sucks, so really no loss isin't that bad.... might see a whoosh in the end.
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Good morning all Here's my daily check -in.

Yesterday was a good OP day.
I'm trying to make some modifications to my daily routine so I'm nowhere near food in the mid afternoon (my bingeing time).

I watched a Netflix movie yesterday called "Disfigured". It's about an anorexic who tries to join a Fat Acceptance Group. Interesting movie. I think I recommend it. The fat sex scene is like no other

Well I'm off to begin my day in earnest.

Hope yours is a good one.

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Back at it...again!
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May Weight Loss Challenge Goal List
If there are any mistakes or updates, please let me know!
Red=Goal Met!

Ms Perception: Reach goal weight (129), Take multivitamin, Track food
mmccurdy: Reach 166 lbs or 74 kgs by 5/15, 162 by 5/31; Fit comfortably into size 8's
ma26: Lose 10 lbs, No snacky junk food
Asynchronous: Lose 10 lbs, Calorie count
LouisaH: Lose 10 lbs
Taurie: Lose 10 lbs, avg. 1200-1400 cals/day
xMeaganx: Lose 8 lbs, No cheat days
nemaa: Lose 10 lbs, Stop binging, Maintain food journal, Avoid coffee and drink 3 cups green tea
knobhdy: Lose 4 lbs
motivated chickie: Reach 132 lbs
Jacque: Lose 10 lbs, Keep food journal
Hopeful8: Lose 10 lbs
Matilda08: Lose 10 lbs, Drink more water
mystical: Lose 5 lbs
preppingbride: Lose 6-7 lbs, Keep food journaling
xooma: Stay within 1400-1600 cals/day, Lose 5-10 lbs
renstwin: Lose 6 lbs, Lose 1" from waist or hips, Eat 4 fruits/veggies daily
Avezy44: Reach 208 lbs
onestar: Lose 10 lbs
Dixiemae: Lose 5 lbs, Post/Journal daily for accountability
aluxa: Reach 165 lbs (then 160 lbs)
energie: Lose 7-8 lbs
Lola Dark: Lose 6 lbs
eclipse: Reach 220 lbs (then 218 lbs)
bama girl: Reach 134 lbs, Take lunch to work at least 4 days/wk
VickieLou: Not gain weight, Get into 220's
leonafoxworth: Lose 10 lbs, Drink at least 3L water daily
Summer 2010: Lose 10 lbs
Alicia87: Lose 5 lbs
ChunkySmoo: Get back on track with healthy eating/exercise, Get out of 200's
Rashomon: Reach 190-195 lbs, Return to calorie counting
beaka: Avg 1800 cals/day, Track food at least 85% of the time, Check in on threads more often for support/motivation, No impulse cheat meals, Update SparkBlog at least 1x/week, Weigh under 190 lbs
NightAngel 26: Reach 210 lbs
susiemartin: Lose 8 lbs, Eat 1300-1400 cals/day, Check in on 3FC at least 1x/day
jeanelld: Stay on lower end of cal. range, Drink 64 oz water/day, Take steps to kick sugar addiction, Continue food journaling
girlieyorkie: Lose 8.8 lbs
xocessy: Lose 10 lbs, Drink 99 oz water daily
beansmama: Reach 205 lbs, Stay on track on weekends, Drink more water, PLAN
lesmith: Lose 10 lbs
tamaraj: Get below 190 lbs
Terre: Reach Onederland by 5/21
Krista: Get out of the 220's, Get outside and enjoy life more

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Sorry I'm late, I coudn't find the May post until I spotted the hyperlink Aluxa posted from page 20.

My goal for May is to get out of the 220's and get outside and enjoy life more!
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Back at it...again!
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Height: 5'3"


Good morning everyone!

to all the newest joiners! You've all been added to the goal list!

Also, all the requested goal changes have been made. Let's make this month list RED!! I know how easy it is to slip up, but each day is a new day and we can make this month an overall victory if we just keep getting right back on plan (and ideally staying there! LOL)

aluxa- I'm glad the scale has started moving for you again. That's always a relief after a few days at the same weight!

beaka-Love the pic from your race! Those messy ones are kinda the most fun, 'cuz then you have a fun story to go with it! How was you new dvd?

tamaraj-Wow that's messed up that they wouldn't hold his job! I guess on to better things, right?

eclipse-Yay for standing upright!! What a relief to finally be able to move around a bit more. I think you're wise to take it slow on the recovery though. You definitely don't want to be laid up again!

LouisaH-Wow, not bad to only be up 1.4 with your weekend and TOM! I have no TOM excuse and I was up WAY more than's coming off though now.

bama girl-It's not obnoxious at all. May is one of those busy months for a lot of people and it's alright to set reasonable goals. You're still moving in the right direction!

NightAngel-I've heard good things about green tea helping with water retention. Also, don't drink too much water at once....sip don't gulp. A little bit at a time throughout the day instead of drinking full glasses all at once. We had another gal dealing with this many months ago and those are some suggestions she found online. Maybe it'll help...

nemaa-Sounds like you've got a good energy going! Keep it up!

susiemartin-So smart to know you're trigger times and not be around food then. Movies also often help me to stay away from food. I tend to put one on when I'm doing inside stuff (laundry, dusting, etc) then when I'm done working on that chore I sit and watch the movie and my mind is distracted from less good habits.

Another good day under my belt yesterday, though I exceeded my cals by a handful. I'm planning an OP week (with the exception of 1 meal: Brunch on Mother's Day), so I can have that mini goal to keep me focused. Anyone care to join me? 7 days on plan, just to say we did it. And maybe we can springboard that into an entire OP month! I know many meal plans allow one "cheat" or higher calorie meal per week (not an entire DAY), so we'll follow that pattern if it's okay with whoever is interested. Just an idea. Otherwise, I'm still working off my weekend transgressions. Today is a running day, I think I'm going to do a 30DS segment, and it's our first softball game (DH and I joined the church team). So, I should be getting plenty of activity!
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Post-It Junkie
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Height: 5'2


Weighed in this morning!! Got good results especially following a weekend!

Challenge Start: 191
Today: 190
Challenge Goal: 185
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aka Wendi (it's shorter!)
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Height: 5'6"


SW 191
CW 189
Challenge Goal: 181

Ugh, finals are killing me >.< I've managed to stay pretty good on the calorie counting, but haven't gotten anything resembling physical activity (unless you count grabbing more books from the bookcase). This week is going to be tough, with all the papers I have due.

Which reminds me, time to go write some papers. Sigh...
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Never ending story
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Good morning chicklets,

The scale said 176.8 today, which is just .4 up from before I left for "the birthday weekend" and as it's been pointed out, with TOM on the way, I'm in good shape. Let's hope for a whoosh afterward!

MsP: I'm in on the 7 days on plan. Yesterday was good, and so was Sunday. I'm planning a lunch or dinner with old (like grade school old) friends, so that's the only danger in my upcoming week, but I plan for it, so no sweat. Are we counting today as Day 1? Might as well--if we end up with an extra day or two on plan, that can't hurt!

Have a good day everyone!
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Never ending story
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Asynchronous: set a timer and every 15 minutes, pop up and do 10 jumping jacks! It'll help you stay alert and keep the blood flowing to your brain.
Ready, go!
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Msp: and I will join you in your OP 7 days!!!

I think that the scale started to move again because I check what I have been doing different during last week and I noticed that I was eating things that although were on my calorie range are less nutritious. So, I have increased my fruits and veggies intake and removed the no so healthy food, and the scale moved again. I should add that last week because of my back I moved much less and my TOM is going to come soon and I have noticed last months that the week before and during TOM I loss much less.
SW: 167.4
CW: 166 (1 & 6 to go)
GW1: 165
GW2: 160
WL: 1.4
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