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Back at it...again!
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Default May Weight Loss Challenge

Wow this year is flying by!!

Outdoor activities are now in full swing, not to mention grilling and party season! So, let's make some healthy changes together! I hope to see people returning from earlier monthly Weight Loss Challenges and any newcomers. All are welcome!

Here's how it works: Just state your weight-related or health goal, whether it be a loss in pounds, inches, size, or even an intangible feeling! You need not state your weight if you feel uncomfortable. Though the thread is titled "weight loss" please bear in mind that the overall goal is toward a healthier us and so your goal may not revolve around weight loss, it may be maintenance, eating healthier, and/or kicking a soda habit...whatever the case may be. Fitness and Exercise goals can be listed in our sister thread:

Note: We try to keep a members list with our goals and when goals are met, we highlight it in bold, red print! We love to celebrate with you! However, please don't feel bad if/when you may not reach a specific number, goal, etc. Always remember that making positive changes along the way (the journey) are wonderful accomplishments in and of themselves.

Monthly weight loss challenge FAQ's:

Do we weigh-in on a certain day and how frequently?
No, we don't have a specific WI day. When and how often we weigh-in is a personal matter and specific to each of our own indivual needs.

Do we need to post personals?
Absolutely not. Some do and some don't . If you don't have time for personals it's okay.....please post anyway.

Is everyone on a specific plan?
We are all on various plans. Some do WW, South Beach, our own plans, etc., though we do believe in and follow the guideline of not going below 1,200 cals a day.

What day do we count our loss, the last day of the month or the first of the following month?
Either way.

You can join at any point in the month, so let the challenge begin!

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Back at it...again!
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Okay my May goals are simple...

1. Reach goal (129) and stay in maintenance range (125-129)

2. Take my multivitamin (a goal that sounds easy, but isn't for me)
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I'm not sure what my goal is yet, but I'm posting so I don't forget to come back!
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I need to loose 28 pounds
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thank you for posting

1. My first goal is to reach 166 pounds or 74 kgs by may 15, and hopefully 162 by the end of may

2. Start my p90x

3. Fit comfortably in my size 8 jeans
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Alright I am going to set a lofty goal of ten pounds lost in the month of May! I'll add my start weight on the first. Also I want to do better about avoiding processed foods. Been doing too much chips and cheesy crackers the last few days.

So I am adding a more concrete challenge to my avoidance of processed foods. May will be snacky junk food free month. I need to do this. Not to say I won't eat chips or crackers for the rest of my life. But they are my binge go too food. And I can say "I will not eat them today", and I will try to do that everyday for the month of May. If I fail, one day, I'll still say it the next day. I realise that completely eliminating foods isn't always a good route to healthy ideas about food. But I want to just do it for May. I need to establish healthier habits, then when I eat that kind of food again it can be like a normal person in normal situations and normal quanities.

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aka Wendi (it's shorter!)
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I'm also going for the ten pounds lost in May =D It may be a little optimistic, but since I've just recently started getting back on plan it also might be doable.

Right now I'm calorie counting and trying to add in a few fruits and at least a veggie at lunch and dinner. The Daily Plate calorie counter seems to think I can lose 2LB a week on 1400 a day, so that's what I'm rocking.

I'll also post an official 'start' weight on the 1st.
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Never ending story
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I'm going for ten pounds again this month, and will add on my actual goal weight on the first.

Thanks Ms P! I'm looking forward to that renewed sense of enthusiasm. Shrinko de Mayo celebration anyone?
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average 1,200 - 1,400 calories a day every week
lose 10 lbs

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I'm in! I need a challenge to kick my butt into gear.

My goals for this month include losing 8 lbs and no cheat days.
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Eeek double post, sorry!

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on the way to Onederland
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My Goals for the month are :-

1) Loose 10lbs

2) Stop binging

3) Maintain my food journals religiously!

4)Avoid coffee the whole month and try to drink at least 3 cups of green tea

GW:238 Or less

Goodluck everyone for this month..
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Cute and fun to be with
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I am in again. Realistic goals again too. It worked so well for me in April.

My Goals:
Lose 4 pounds
Finish push up challenge (knee push ups)

SW: 213.6
GW: 209.6

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I will be on vacation the last week of May so here is my goal for my last weigh in on May 24th. That means I have 25 days from today until then.

Hmmm, I'm shooting for 132... 5 pounds & to get in the best possible shape.

I think that is overly ambitious, but I like to go for big goals. I can't help myself. The trip I'm going to is a dance music festival and I am in training to not only look good for it, but also have the endurance for 12 hours of dancing a day for 3 days.
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Building a Better Me
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I need a challenge! I really hope that this will help me to stay on track!

For May, I would like to lose 10 pounds. I would also like to (religiously) keep a food journal.

I'll be back on the 1st to record my actual start weight!
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Healthy is Beautiful
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My goal for May is to lose 10lbs (I post my official starting number on May 1st)
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