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yes girl
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glad everyone is thinking positive today ............

so, i finally got my exercise in. it was good. thought my jogging would be kind of well, horrible, because it's been a few days but i did well. the same. i'm tired now. i'm gonna sleep sooo good tonight.
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Good morning guys! I took yesterday off to take the kitty cats for their checkup at the vet and I decided to get my check up as well. Did so much walking yesterday then went to my gym at Curves and did the workout there. i was drenched in sweat by the time I got home It was great! i am down 2 more pounds, now 208 so 8 more to go woohoo!
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aka Wendi (it's shorter!)
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Turned in the first of my two papers due yesterday, got on the scale this morning and I'm down 2 LB! It's like a weight has been lifted, literally =)

One more paper due on Monday, wouldn't it be fantastic if turning that one in caused another -2LB? I might just start handing papers in for fun...
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Back at it...again!
Thread Starter
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Happy day, everyone! Sounds like many of you are already making fantastic progress towards your monthly goal. And I love to hear all the positive thinking and encouragement here! On to personals before the day gets away from me....

DixieMae-How was that hike? Were you able to get it in? Hiking always sounds like such a great activity. Once my landscaping and yard projects aren't so time consuming I've got to add that into my summer activity list! (I know I keep saying that.) It's gotten colder and rainy here, so my outdoors activities are on hold for now.

susiemartin-I'm no seamstress, but, for practical matters, elasticized waistbands do allow quite a range of weight, so you can lose with them and they'll fit you for awhile. I know most of us DON'T want that particular look, but it's functional...until you fit back into your normal clothes and your tops can disguise the waist so it doesn't LOOK like elastic waistbanded stuff. I think v necks and boat necks are most flattering to heavier people, but that's just me. Best of luck making those clothes!

LouisaH-Nice losses! You're doing a great job this month again. I can only assume you're still OP for our 7 day challenge with that incredible progress. Here's to day #4!

Asynchronous-Those low cals might also explain your standstill. You ususally can't dip down that low without the bod going into starvation mode and holding on to every ounce for self-preservation. I'm glad you saw a nice loss, though. Keep handing in those papers! LOL

eclipse-Glad you're still feeling well. You're wise to take it easy, but do what you can to ease into an exercise routine.

aluxa-Yum! I LOVE muffins. In fact, I had a blueberry muffin as part of my breakfast today! I am definitely being more mindful of fiber. My magic solution when I see I'm low after logging supper calories is those FiberPlus bars with 9g of fiber per bar. They fill the gap if I've had a low day or I just need a small, sweet, filling snack.

Hopeful8-How cool that DH joined you! My DH wouldn't even consider 30DS. I'm lucky to get him on a walk right now since work is super busy for him.

Gamerlady-Nice! You'll be in those 100's very soon if you keep losing like this!

It's a little embarassing to admit I'm still working on the weekend weight from last weekend (normally any weekend weight would be long gone, but I really outdid myself! LOL), but I've been OP since then and feel good other than the out of the ordinary aching in my legs the last few days. I decided part of my struggle in February and March was being too embarassed to be honest on here about where I was food-wise and found myself overdoing it with food/calories WAY too often. I figure if I'm more honest on here, I'll be more honest with myself about my need to stay OP, ya know? It seems to be working, so I think it's key for me. Anyway, I'm on day 4 OP and I now know for sure my Mother's Day Brunch/Lunch plans, so I can kind of make accomodations for that in the rest of my day Sunday. Otherwise, I'm all set for another healthy (and busy) day today. I've got quite a to-do list, so I better get on with it...

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Ms P~Yes!!!! I got my hike in. I hiked for 2 hours. It stormed most of the early morning. Im glad I was able to get it in before the rain. Best of all I weighed in this morning at 152.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.4 pounds from goal!!!! Go hiking its the greatest thing for stress relief awesome theraphy

Today is my DD birthday. I want to walk the paved portion of the trail today so I don't get ankle deep in mud. Its a little cooler this morning and my sinus is acting up for it. Any way 152.6. Hopefully I can be 150 on the 18th for my drs apt. that would be the best gift of all.
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Hi girls! Well, even though Aunt Flo is dragging her feet as I kick her out the door, I think the post AF whoosh is starting! I'm down a pound since yesterday, which puts me down a lb for the week. I changed my ticker, and my avatar because I'm not down over SIXTY POUNDS! Unbelievable!
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Hopeful8: it is great to read that your husband joined you! That should be a wonderful motivation for you and for us too!

Eclipse: for your 60!!!!

Asynchronous: ang with your papers!

MsP: I also like those FiberPlus bars. for the OP challenge. It is working for me because today I achieved my first goal for this month! About what you say about being more honest about food, I agree with you. People that use food journals succeed because food journals help them figuring out what they are doing. If someone cheat in her journal, the journal will not be useful. I think that if we are not honest here we will end believing what we post and cheating more in our plan without noticing

Dixie: for your 156.4 and with your DD birthday and with your 150!

My update:
Sw: 167.4
Cw: 164.4
Gw1: 165 (done)
Gw2: 160 (4.4 to go)
WL: 3.4

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Never ending story
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Hiya chicklets. The scale stopped being so generous this morning and put me up .6 pounds, but I'm not surprised considering TOM's here with me. I'm procrastinating doing my work, so I have PLENTY of time for personals. lol.

susiemartin: Elastic waist doesn't have to mean grandma polyester pants. You could put elastic in the back only so the front looks "normal". I sure wish I could sew (well...I wish I could sew well). I have a lot of clothes I would like to take in because I really like them but they no longer fit. No complaints about that though, really! As I'm losing weight, I'm noticing that even if something still fits, it's not necessarily flattering because it's baggy in the wrong areas, so it would be ideal if you could work in some sort of design that has panels that can be removed, or a way to take it in easily as you lose weight (I see it in my artist/designer head, but don't know clothing design). I have some skirts that have buttons and a little tab (? I don't know what to call it) on the waistband as a design element, but there's a second button that can be used to make it tighter (and I'm using those second buttons now, wahoo!).

Lola Dark: That's so fun when your body just gives it up--keep up the good work!

motivated chickie: I am hopeless trying to work out in the heat and humidity--it makes me lightheaded. I can relate on the sushi front too. I just had some for lunch on Saturday and ate only half of what I used to and was uncomfortably full. It's good for our bodies and our wallets!

aluxa: sounds like you're doing well on the 7 day op challenge. I should probably pay more attention to fiber, but I eat granola (homemade, loaded with all goodness) for breakfast, and salad for lunch or dinner--or both--every day, so I think I'm doing fine.

hopeful8: Glad to hear DH joined you. Sounds like a good thing for him to help build strength back--12 surgeries, my oh my. I hope he's recovering well. My husband would sooner poke his eyes out than do an exercise video with me. But he rides his bike to work and has an active job, so that's okay.

onestar: Good for you for getting back to it. Thank goodness you didn't skip it long enough to lose your stamina. Make sure you keep it up--seems like it takes two weeks of exercising to get to the next level up but only two days of not exercising to fall back down a level!

Gamerlady: Good going! I gotta take my cats and myself in for a checkup too...

Asynchronous: Perhaps you could start writing papers for other people and get to your final goal by the end of the month! Good work. I started following my own advice of popping up to do 10 jumping jacks every so often. Did you do it?

MsP: I am doing well staying on plan--even if it is including sweets to appease TOM. My get together with old friends is not happening tomorrow, and DH is out of the country, so it'll be easy for me this weekend. I am right there with you on the accountability thing. I've tried losing weight many times, and the only times I've ever been successful is when I have to be accountable to someone else. In college, I went to the school dietitian to weigh in weekly. After college I exercised with a friend, but then that stopped and up crept the weight. Now, I am staying accountable on this forum, and it works!

Dixiemae: Rock on! You're so close, way to go.

eclipse: Amazing work, go you! Sometimes it seems so hard, but really, it's just a routine like any other. You could feasibly be in onederland by the end of July!

Happy Friday everyone!
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Hello all - Daily Check In Time

Things are going well here. I'm OP and starting to feel not so bloated.

I didn't get to my walk yesterday so today I'm going to try for some heavy duty gardening.

Ms.P -
I think you're right about elastic waistbands I suppose anything will look better than what I'm wearing now.

Hope everyone has a good day & a great week-end
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Healthy is Beautiful
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Ladies it's a beautiful day to exercise! How is everyone doing today? Just a quick check-in before it's time to get ready for work. Just got back from the gym and I got in my 60mins of cardio. No 30DS for me today, I'll do L1D9 tomorrow.

I was trying to take a little nap before work but some guy selling household cleaner interrupted that so I'm a little irritated right now Anyhoo I hope you all have wonderful day!
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Well I'm feeling pretty good today I'll admit! I weighed in at lunch at HM and was down to 194.6! That is down three pounds from Wednesday. Just finished TOM so that must be it, but I'LL TAKE IT!

It seems like the more I lose the easier it is to keep going! I really like this program and the accountability factor (I go to the center three times a week) is really doing it for me. I love some of their products as well. The protein bars and snack bars are delish and make it easier to avoid regular chocolate.

So just a quick check in. Everyone is doing really well.

Have a super awesome mother's day weekend!

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These challenges really do make you think before you eat! I usually treat myself to a cupcake every Friday before i leave work but I had an orange instead... an orange! lol. I have a 100 calorie snack at home I can have, I wont feel deprived leaving the 500 calorie cupcake alone hehe.
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aka Wendi (it's shorter!)
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Ms. P- Low cals were certainly not intended. Still, I think holding on to every ounce for self preservation sounds exactly like being in grad school ;-p

Aluxa, Thanks for the congrats, and congrats to you on blowing your first May goal outta the water =D

Louisa, I did take your advice, though instead of jumping jacks I got up and did five minutes of Wii Fit Exercises. I'm not sure what it did for my paper, but is certainly worked for keeping my butt moving! And, as much fun as writing papers for others sounds, I think I'll take a pass. I can barely slog through my own >.<

Gamerlady, I know how you feel about suddenly changing your mind set. I love frozen coffee drinks, but after seeing how many calories and sugar they have, most days I'd rather just have water and lots of fruit.
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Changing my life....
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I am down 1.5 lbs. this week. I did not exercise at all this week, so I am happy with that. Since the weather is clearing I am planning on walking to and from work.

Welcome to all the newbies and congrats to those who lost.

Happy Mother's day to all of the Mommies

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Haven't done a check in on this thread in a few days, but it looks like I'm going to make my May goal of 132 pounds (knock on wood). Actually my goal is to make 132 by May 24, which my last weigh in before vacation.

Today the scale said 134. Ding, ding, ding. Lost 3 pounds this week. And an inch off my waist. I am going to try to stay on plan this weekend and see how things go.

No, let me correct myself... I AM going to stay on plan this weekend.

I am finding it easier to eat right than exercise. In the old days, it was the other way around. I whine every time I go on a run. I'm beginning to believe the saying that eating is the most important aspect of weight loss.

Hope you all have good weekends. Mine is the usual... Socializing, dancing, running, and trying to get myself to do at least some housework.
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