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A New me! Right Now!
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i agree, there are so many people here it is def hard to reply to every1, but it is so nice to see so many people motivated it motivates me even more.

So i figured i would check in for today. I did not get to excersise at home yesterday. Me and the hubby had our bowling league so this helped in that area and i stuck to my eating plan and calories. It is sooooo hard to do at the bowling alley but all i kept thinking about was the 3 lbs i saw gone on the scale that morning. Instead me and the hubby went to Burger king so that i could get a grilled chicken garden salad. It was sooo good too. The hubby got a hamburger meal thing and all i could think when i was eating is that i have more food than you do and it is sooooo many less calories, ha ha. thats bad i know but it is really what i was thinking.

So today so far so good, i hope all is well with all of you. I will be back later to check in.
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Originally Posted by Chele615 View Post
Haha...I came home from the gym today and I was talking to my mom in the kitchen and she exclaimed, "Wow have no butt!! It's gone!" I'm not quite sure how to react to that. Seriously, is that a good thing? LOL
Congrats on loosing your butt and never finding it again

I had a different experience last night. In getting my clothes ready for the Fall, I tried on my 18/20 tops from last year. I asked my mom if they looked ok and she said YES!! She was suppose to say, "no, they are too big." hehe I was surprised that they were not swimming more on me?? I lost most of the weight in my butt, hips and thighs... I am still going to buy a few 14/16 tops because I am liking a more form fitting top these days...
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Thanks to everyone for the support.
FB, thank you SO MUCH for reviewing my diet. I have added more protien and vegetables. I don't know that I can necessarily remove the carbs, cause I do 5 servings a day and apparently that is the minimum to not be on low carb...I've tried Atkins, but it didn't work for me. It made my skin really bad and my breathe bad, so it made me not motivated.
I guess I never thought of myself as an "athlete", I just find I HATE dieting, but I love working out so I do that a ton...maybe I can look up what someone with my activity level is supposed to be eating, but I do admit that the thought of less exercise more food makes me feel nervous cause I always believed in calories in calories out, but HEY at this point I will try anything. Thank so much for helping me to the point of having to restart your computer!

Congrats FB also on making the 180's! That is AWESOME!
Beverly, I also hope that your day gets better
dlphmnyo: way to go!
didjaever: I have the same problem, I have big boobs and stomache and no butt and I see the weight loss on my legs and's called an apple, and Low and behold is the most unhealthy of the body types...nicely inherited too!
Well good luck to everyone and thanks for the support. I wont give up!
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Hey guys. I'm down to 146.5, which is pretty good considering that I haven't been at my best with the whole food thing lately.. It's not going to help that the gas company made an error with numbers and mistakenly shut our gas off, so now I can't cook with a stove or anything. Blah. Oh well, I have Lean Cuisines, canned soup, frozen boca burgers, and a hot plate if I really need it..

Well, I hope you're all doing well towards your goals.

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I weighed myself today. I'm down two pounds. I weighed in at the Doc's on Tuesday. Only 40 more to go!! Ugh.
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Hi challenge chicks - I made it thru yesterday with food sanity. I stayed on my plan and in my calorie range...I am grateful.

Thanks FB, retiredone and sgirl for your good wishes to feel better. I took it easy yesterday and my pieces and parts feel better. I think I am ready to carry on. I always have a better day when I get my meditation in.

Good job to folks seeing the scale go down! Hang in there to any folks that are struggling - plan for a good day.

We are all winners when we post here at 3fc!!
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No way I could do super low carb either Sgirl! That's not for me. I eliminated some carbs to see the difference. I just love them too much.

I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around weight loss, namely mine. I still think I'll collapse chairs, bump into things, break the exercise machines, bust my pants open (none of that actually ever happened, well bumping into things did - but the fear is still there) ect. Does anyone else find this happens to them?

Beverly - I am so glad yesterday was better. I hope today is wonderful!

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I still have more than half way to go, but I am adjusting to the fact that I am already much smaller than I was and solidly on my way on a journey that I can (and am) succeeding at and it still surprises me.

I'm stuck weight wise, but I'm pms'ing so I'm happy to settle with stuck and hope it drops in a week or so. My eating has been on track though which is great. And I've noticed that my tummy has shrunk, I get full much easier these days which tickles me to death. And! My blood sugar has settled down so I don't get the shakes if I go for more than a few hours without eating.
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Hey girls just wanted to check in. Things have been going great!! With the weather getting cooler outside I am more motivated to go out and walk. I even jogged on and off the other night on my walk!! Which is a big accomplishment for me!

I have been staying within my calorie limit most of the week. I did have a bad day on Thursday but one bad day a week is better than 7 bad days a week!

Good luck to everyone!!
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That's so true Angel!! I have done pretty good this week....stayed on plan for the most part all week, drank my 64oz of water even though I want to up it a bit more, and went to the gym every day except for Monday since I had a meeting after school. However, I did take a walk outside Monday instead. Weighing in this morning was nice because I am currently at 219 and down 1.4 pounds from last week.

I live in the same town where I teach, so I purposefully joined a gym not in my town. Since I teach high school, a lot of my students are members of the local gym in town. I was hoping not to see students while I was bright red and sweaty and gross. This week, I have already run into 2 current students and 2 former students. A couple of them did the "I think I know her...but I'm not sure" thing, where the other two were so excited to see me and practically yelled my name across the room! haha So much for exercising in "private".
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Thumbs up It could be worse...

Hey everyone,
I have been absent for about a week. I was spending way too much time on here and had to cut back a little. I have been doing pretty awesome as for as staying on program. Even though I haven't managed to get ALL my water in or even make it to the gym EVERY day I planned to, I have still managed to lose 7lbs and 4.75 inches. I feel much better, stronger even that I did when I started. It can only get better from here. Only 8lbs to go to meet my Halloween goal.

I finally broke down this week and took some before pics. They won't see the light of day until I lose a large amount of weight lol. I can't wait to post these next to the ones that look nothing like the person in these pics.

I have been eating on the low end of my cals and was trying to work in a high day last week but never managed to go over 1500 cals. I was actually under 1300cals a few days cause I fell asleep early. Funny enough I haven't really felt deprived or craved anything since starting. Anyway, today I went to do a refi on my house, got a lower rate and saving about 80 bucks a month. So I took my mom out to eat, mind you I haven't been out to eat in more than 6 months. We went to Golden Coral and I planned to try and keep it healthy. I started out good with a salad and even used FF ranch dressing. Then I had some baked chicken and a piece of the pork that I love from there and a smidgen of potatoes with some green beans. I knew I wasn't going to really count today, but I didn't want to totally blow it either. Well my mom was taking FOREVER to eat, and my son was with us and wanted some ice cream. I guess that's when I caved. I had a small bowl of choc ice cream with a small amount of some really evil chocolate gooey hot cake stuff. That would have been damage enough, but because she took SO LONG, including a 20 min MIA trip to the bathroom, I ended up going back for more chicken,green beans, potatoes and a few fried shrimp. It could have been much worse, I could have went back and gotten all the triple chocolate layer cake and other goodies that were teasing me, but I resisted that much.

Sheesh that took longer to tell than I thought it would. Sorry ladies!

Congrats to everyone that is doing well and losing, or just sticking with it! I will be starting the Biggest Loser Challenge this coming week(I hope I make it on the teams) so I will have to post more often, just a warning for those who hate to read novel posts lol.

auer~j- Sorry it's taking me so long to respond to your comments, this chatty girl had to focus on school work and family life more, I was spending hours on here reading every ones posts and responding. I struggle to find balance in my life while juggling a million things at once, I'm sure you can relate. I don't have much energy left after all that but what I could will to you, I would. I only made it to the gym once this week, but that is better than I was doing before! hehe It's too bad we don't all live closer to eachother, we could really help motivate and be workout buddies. Though I would probably hate anyone that tried to MAKE me go lol.
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Everyone is doing great. I weighed in this morning and finally lost 1/2 pound. I guess that's one cup of butter if you were weighing it out. Ha, ha.

I'm so tired I have to have a nap. Have read all posts but I'm very tired and can't concentrate enough to comment on anyone's post.
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I would LOVE to lose at least 18 pounds a 2 pounds a week
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Hey guys! I'm so bummed! I posted a couple of days ago and it's missing?!
Congrats to everyone for sticking in there with the challenge and especially those of you who've finally hit the 180's! I hope to be there with you very, very soon. I do need a kick in the right direction, though. If I'm honest with myself I am just not taking this as seriously as I need to be! I am making changes, better choices, and at least that is keeping me from gaining, but I know I could be doing better! I'm really not sure if I'm going to lose or not this week. Weigh In is Tuesday.
I have got my knitting back out. I hope this will help me as it is actually the main motivation that got me started losing weight in the first place. I just like to imagine how much prettier my sweaters will look on me in a normal size and all the more expensive, more luxurious yarns I can buy when I don't have to buy as much of it!
However, yet again, I'm realizing that I'm not going to have enough yarn to finish my current project. I end up increasing here and there and adding length to fit, and then I run out, ARGH!
I measured myself last night because I have been getting compliments at work, but I didn't see a change, that was disappointing.
But enough whining about me!
Here is sending well wishes to everyone! Keep up the good work! Will check back later!~
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Hi Raye, welcome to the challenge.

auer~j, knitting sounds like such a great idea to keep hands away from food. I'm not a knitter as such but I've knitted a few scarves and have one started since last spring. I should dig that out and work on that in the evenings and get it finished for my son's girlfriend. I can't do it yet for a few days 'cause I've hurt my thumb and can hardly move it right now but in a few days I think I'll knit. Thanks for the idea. I think you're doing pretty good with your weight loss. Sometimes we can only do one or two things to change at a time and build on that. This week plan to do better than last week. That's what I'm going to do.
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