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Hi! I'd like to join in the challenge. Basically, I'd just like to see that scale go down (of course). It would be wonderful to get to 185 by Halloween. I am losing very, very slowly now and I have a week of vacation in that time frame.

I also would like to commit to planning my daily menu, writing down my food (planned or unplanned), drinking lots of water, meditation several times a week (at least) and more movement in my life.

Thanks for starting this challenge.
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Tinky009 ~ You know I do feel bloated today, you got me thinking, I eat way too much soup, it's just sooooo easy and for the calories you can't beat it.

Christina ~ DH said I could buy a membership to the Y, and I have yet to do it, guess why? I don't want to pay good money for yet another thing that will not get any use! I wish I had more confidence in myself that I would get my money's worth!

I think I did pretty good yesterday, I did go overboard on the snackage last night and I think it's because all I had was soup for dinner, after work and before bed are my hardest times for snacking. It's weird too, about after work, because even if I eat a big lunch only two hours before hand, I still have incredible urges for food once I'm home.

Oh, and working out didn't happen, I had the perfect opportunity to do it too because my neighbors took my kid to church and no one else was home and what did I do with my time? CLEANED! ugh

Anyways, here is the plan for today! 1190 cals.

Raisin Bran/1% 240
Turkey/Bacon Sammie (no cheese) 320
Baked Lays 110
Cooking Light's Simply Roast Pork* 160/serving
Broccoli 50
Orange/Banana 150

*This is an AWESOME recipe btw, if you want to check it out, send me a PM and I'll hook you up with a link to the recipe.

Have a great day everyone!
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I am down a pound and a half from my challenge start weight! I had been bouncing around 167 for over a week, but today I weighed in at 165.5! Happy me! I haven't changed my plan at all so I think it is a mental thing -- gearing up to meet my Halloween challenge!

Today I am a little sore from strength training yesterday. I think I will go for a long walk and see if I can work out some of that lactic acid.
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MMM, now I'm in the mood for hard boiled eggs. Yum! I'm going to make some now for a good post workout meal. Finally, a healthy craving! Thanks retiredone!

Tinky- you have a pug? I am so jealous. I've always wanted one. They're so ugly cute! My husband bought me a jack russell instead, and while I love him it doesn't compare to pugliness.

cdiem4994- I too hate gyms, or so I thought. I found the right one for me and have since changed my mind. I even belong to two! If you're sure you would hate a gym getting some cheap used equipment from Craig's List (stationary bike, treadmill) is always an option.
As for cold weather, I don't know your location, but you'd be surprised how warm you can stay with outdoor exercise and proper gear. I plan on biking until February.

Chele615- sounds like a great healthful lunch to me. It is hard to adjust to new schedules, but thank goodness our bodies adjust quickly. School always makes me hungry for lunch. It's something from my childhood I guess. Congrats on the gym! Yay!

Rain Dancer- On track and humming along for today at least is my motto. Great attitude!

auer~j- I like those WATP videos too, although it's been awhile for me. That's a great cold weather suggestion.

I WILL do it- WELCOME! You will do it, glad you joined!

Sgirl- Yay for another challenge! Sounds like great goals. I wish I saw my husband on the weekend for... activities. Just kidding, sounds like a great plan.

ChristinaGetsFit- I'm really glad you joined 3FC too, I just like you already, from one chatty girl to another. Congrats on your plan working! Your boss is supremely awesome! I love that idea, so much that I think I'll use it for my one full-time employee. I want to be an awesome boss too.

Beverlyjoy- WELCOME to you too! So glad your great, calming and inspiring 'voice' is in here too. I often see your posts elsewhere and am so glad you're such a big part of everything. Your goals sound great!

auer~j- your pork tenderloin sounds awesome! I love Cooking Light and my favorite simple cooking magazine- Martha Stewart's Everyday Foods. Both are great subscriptions to have.


And Jammyjam, you're not on this page I'm replying to, but I'm gonna send a shout out and much love anyhow.

SHEW again!

Oh yeah, I lost a pound.

And you know what? I'm in first place for the Biggest Loser dealy I'm doing locally. I'm going to get that cash! Such a great incentive to workout. My weigh-in yesterday was awesome at 9.2 pounds down for 2 weeks. And lordy, I worked for those with 80 minutes of exercise per day everyday.

PS; Schumeany- you posted during my epic long reply. What a cute avatar you make! Isn't strength training soreness almost the best? I like it and hate it all at once. Congrats on your loss!

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Originally Posted by ChristinaGetsFit View Post

I was going to Curves myself a few years back and it was great. I wanted to rejoin but the money factor was an issue. So the most awesome thing happened. I was telling my boss about this and she said, "I tell you what, I will pay for your monthly membership as long as you go regularly. If you drop below 10 visits a month, I am docking your pay!" *GULP* At first I wasn't so sure of going along with that. Then I had to think of why, and it was because I was afraid I would slack off, so it was perfect. One thing I don't mess around with is my money, so what a great motivation for me to take my but to the gym regularly. My boss is awesome for doing this.

What a perfectly, nice thing to do for you. You have a great boss. I'm impressed. You know if every workplace was so supportive we'd have a healthier population.

I had a wonderful filling dinner today. I had a homemade vegetarian "meat" pattie with almost fat free gravy, small baked potato (no butter), mashed turnip and carrot mixed, Swiss chard with onions and green peas. It was really good and was only about 330 calories and I had a full plate. I rounded everything off with a homemade molasses cookie and a glass of milk for a total calorie count of about 500. I don't always have a dessert with my dinner but these were new cookies I'd tried and "needed" to taste them. I had a light breakfast so I knew I had extra calories to spare.

When I have dinner I eat whatever I have prepared for the rest of the family. What I do is cut out the butter on my vegetables, make an almost fat free gravy for everyone if I'm serving gravy, pile up on the low fat vegetables, have small servings of calorie/fat dense foods like mac and cheese, and have a large serving of salad if we have one.

Supper and breakfast are more free with everyone eating what they want or left-overs from dinner. I try to eat dinner at 12 noon-1:00 so I can have the lighter supper meal in the evening. My DH comes home for dinner so it works out really well.

This is a long post...I'm getting too chatty, ha, ha. My weigh in day is Saturday so I'll be back then for sure.
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Hi everyone!

Things are going good on this front so far. I have stayed within my calorie range every day this week. My exercise has been great too. My goal of running a full mile without stopping is creeping closer. Yesterday I did 3/4 of a mile before I had to walk.
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Well I am not off to a good start. I slept in this morning past my workout and had A & W for lunch. I am so frustrated with myself. Me and this girl from work planned at going out to get something healthy from a health food store, but our boss was there and we didn't want to eat with her, so we went A&W! I fell to the pressure and thought...what's the big deal? The big deal I was mad at myself for one, and two I felt like CRAP! Fast food never did that to me before, but I felt nauseous and gassy for the rest of the day...yuck! I wont make it at this rate!
FB, thanks for the welcome! Looks like you have good goals too...I should definitely engage the dh in some "activities" to burn off the A &W. I really need to find a gym in my area, cause if I dont get up for my morning jog, I end up not getting my cardio in, cause then it is too dark out after dinner and getting all the chores done. For the longest time I worked shift work and I was coordinating work outs into for some reason, my steady 9-5 is tripping me up...any ideas?
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Today I did pretty well I suppose, with only a couple of slip-ups. I was with-in my calorie range, and ate completely wheat-free (yay no headaches!), but I did much here and there only little things that I really did not need, like a bite of my sister's eggplant paremesan (it was low-fat!), a couple bites of rice pudding, and like 5 tortilla chips. Oh well. As long as I don't binge I will be happy
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Back to make it to goal!
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Auer- Yeah, I am pretty salt sensitive or so my Dr. says. She wants me to cut back, since I have had a run with having high blood pressure. I am ok now. If I do have a salt crazy day, I usually help it flush out by drinking tons of the water the day after! I know Cup o Noodles are easy, but just be careful.

FB- Yeah our pug is about 2 years old now. She is spoiled rotten. She thinks she's more human than anything. Crazy and pugly. I call her puglet, ugly, stinky, puggy. Oh but the only thing that I can't stand about her is her gas! Ugh! LOL!

Well I am doing well on this challenge so far! I am going to really have to hit it hard after coming home from CA though. LOL! If I want to be a sexy cop..I really gotta work for it! Otherwise, It would look more fitting carrying a box of donuts and a cup of coffee, rather than handcuffs and a batton.
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I love Werewolf Movies
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I am gonna route for 20 pounds. Haunted house time and i need to look good as a blood sucking vampire eating children for sport. lol.
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Hi all! Wow, I missed a lot of posts by not checking in last night. Sounds like everybody is working hard for their goals, though!

I've been OP with my eating and exercise. Had an awesome skate dancing workout Weds night, thanks to the rink replacing the crappy DJ we'd had the last few weeks. I got a good 2 hours of dancing in with only a short break, so I was wiped at the end of it. Today was lifting UB + abs, and I used just the right amount of weight today, so on my final sets I was crying like a big baby! (a big baby, or a truckdriver, whatever!) Great workout!

Ran the dogs again tonight. Took my little red dog, Gracie, with the scooter, then took my big male, Beorn, with the new musher's cart we just bought. My ds11 usually isn't too thrilled about running dogs, since it's "mom's thing", but he is excited about the new cart, so he rode along on the front of the cart tonight. I'll be able to run both dogs on that cart just fine, so I'll try that next time. For tonight, though, the count is Beorn 2 miles, while Gracie is at 4.5 miles, for the season. (My goal is for each dog to hit at least 100 miles in harness by Halloween.) We'll go again on Saturday, since right now the dogs need the rest day in between. I'm getting some extra cardio out of this, too, from kicking and/or running up the hills. It sure is nice being able to really run the hills this year, after years of having to get off and walk!
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Hi Challenge Chicks!

FB - thanks for that nice welcome!

I've stayed on my plan these past few days - I am grateful.

Have a great ON PLAN day everyone. Remember to treat yourself as well as you'd treat a good friend!

I am thinking I'll try and post a motivational thought for the day here - ya never know - it might help.

Quote of the day:

Jim Rohn

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

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I've been quite proud of myself since I was able to stay on plan for the week. I like the routine that being back in school gives me. It makes it a bit easier to plan out meals and snacks. And I already have plans to go to the gym after school this afternoon.
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Hi guys! Just checkin in quick, and then out the door to work.
I went a little off plan yesterday and ended up with Bob Evans for lunch, I kept it simple with grilled chicken and broccoli, but did break down and have a pc of banana bread, I just can't resist that stuff! Anyone wanna guess how many calories that is, I haven't had time to research it! So, I still have my turkey/bacon in the fridge at work, at least I don't have to pack my lunch today. DH is making lasagna tonight as family will be in town, will have to skip the breadstix and enjoy a small pc with salad, will report back later on the calories, probably won't have enough left for snacks.
Oh, and my pork roast was awesome last night! Definitely try the recipe if you get a chance. It reminds me of something you would get at a fancy restraunt, but it's sooooo easy.

B Raisin Bran 240
L Turkey Bacon Sammie (no cheese) 320
Baked Lays 110
D Lasagna/Salad ?
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HI everyone, new here...Would love to join. My goals are simple since I am really starting kinda over....

Record what goes in my mouth.
exercise at least 5x a week.
plan out meals for a week .
lose weight, hopefully about 16pds???? Do not know if that is crazy but at this point I will take wahtever....

We are going to Floridia in Nov. I have been lazy in getting started. I know I will not be were I want to be but anything is better than nothing. My Doc said I need to ttry to lose weight to lower my chol. or I will have to go on cholesteral med. I have a thyroid issue and that also contributes to my cholesteral. So It is time to get serious.. Chat later
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