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Hi coaches/friends/Beckies- yesterday was a pretty healthy day - calorie wise. My food planned kind of went out the window a bit. What I ate took some twists and turns - But, I ,managed to stay within the parameters of the food plan/exchanges. Our new neighbor brought over a big plate of different homemade cookies. I took one tiny bite of one - really savored that bite. Then- wrapped them up and put them in the freezer. It would have been better to PLAN for one today, instead. DH was so funny - said, please don't throw them away before I get to taste them. Other folks might think it's a funny comment. But, he knows that I will put dish soap on and throw away tempting foods, sometimes.

I am giving myself credit for writing down everything I ate… even though it was not all planned. I drank lots of water, always left a bite and did my exercises.

Today I took my mom to the doctor. I brought my journal and the Pink Beck book. I read and reread the part about special occasions, parties, food pushers, etc. I wrote several pages in my journal. My ‘usual’ stuff - reminders, food plan, strategies, certain things on my response cards, goals, etc. Then I wrote down things I know will be challenging over the next four days. I wrote down how I can make it some easier and I wrote what I will say when I am not eating what everyone else is eating. Actually, it’s pretty basic… my triglycerides can’t go up one more point - along with lots of fat might cause a gallbladder attack. I may not mention the gallbladder stuff - maybe its too much information. I know that all the folks who are here will be (over) indulging in the wonderful traditional food Christmas foods.. I wish I could too. NOT FAIR- oh well.

I’ll spend most of my time enjoying my grandson.

Also - after over a week of healthy eating.. I’ve lost five pounds and am back to my ticker weight. I am grateful. (I’ve never ever lost weight in December before.) I seem to be ‘playing’ with these five pounds. I am aiming for more constant food sanity via Beck and my healthy concerns that have hit me over the head.

Fyreflie - it’s nice you can put your beck info into your iphone! Handy to have it right there! Your progress photo are awesome. Big difference - you should feel proud. Carry on.

Maryann - happy birthday!! It’s fun shopping with birthday money. Credit for being OP all day. Good job on saving half your salmon!

map lover - wonderful to see the scale go down two pounds for getting back to the gym!

Future/fit/chick - thanks so much for your vote of confidence in me getting through the holiday food explosion! You had so many credits… wonderful! Carry on. I hope your back feels better. Wrapping can irritate a sore back. Don’t wrap… put things in a gift bad with a sheet of tissue paper on the top. Easy and you can reuse it. Take care now.

Gardener/joy - sorry to hear that you turned to food to help you with a predicament. I’ve learned the lesson of - food doesn’t fix it, too. Phooey. Credit for reading your rc/arc

Onebyone - so many credits!!! It’s wonderful that you DID NOT when feeling so many strong emotions. I am doing a happy dance in your honor for that.

Lexxiss/Debbie - major credit for forgoing the fattening easy quick meal and instead, preparing a healthy dinner. My DH can eat all day and doesn’t gain any weight, too. It’s somewhat frustrating, yes. You said: I can't eat every time DH does and Beck skills help me learn how to say no. That is such a good and perfect reminder for me, as well. It is what it is. I can’t eat like him. Once again, I’ll not fair…oh, well. Thanks.

Billbe - credit for your walk - in fact, you do a lot of walking and it’s such a good thing… double credit. Yes… certain traditions stand the test of time.

Erika - careful with your blood sugar. but -Sometimes it’s THOSE kind of things that can put us back on the healthier food path.

Diamere - credit for moving things around to make space for exercise!! More credit for doing some yoga when your muscle was sore!

Everyone…. Have a wonderful day.
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Had sad news tonight. Some of you were supportive of me two years ago when my brother's long time partner went into hospice and died. Tonight, her brother died. Details are a little sketchy, but we think her nephew, who is only 20, found him. He's now lost an aunt and an uncle, two years apart, both in December, both too young, and both involving some things that a young man just shouldn't have to experience. My brother's making a mad dash to Springfield, Missouri tonight to be a resource if he can.

WI: +0.4 kgs, Exercise:+0 875/1300 minutes for December, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

Super quick post, as DH just invited some friends over for dinner tomorrow unexpectedly. Yikes! So not ready, nor am I totally recovered from back strain. But, I am feeling better and did get some activity in today (not yet to the gym however). I did a little house work and then would rest with an ice pack or heating pad and then do a little more work. Food was a little bit off plan, as my appetite was off. I subbed a piece of Gingerbread for my lunch, which likely worked out calorie wise, but was not a well-balanced choice. Oh well. It is one of my favorites and I should plan to treat with it once in a while. Next time I will plan to do so. I've still got to plan what we'll have tomorrow night, as my leftovers won't cut it for the guests.

By the way, I really appreciate all of you! I learn so much from sharing and reading your posts. Thanks.

BeverleyJoy, I'm with your DH. I thought for sure those cookies in your story were headed for the sink! (I admire your ability to do this. I still am stuck on planning for using most of the food in the house. You are stronger than me!) I will be thinking about you putting your plan in to action with this meal coming up. (You do it perfectly according to plan when I see it in my mind! Great job in advance for that!!) Thanks for the reminder about gift bags! I'll be sure to pull those out and use them!

BillBlueEyes, great job on the walk. I love your idea of the gold dollar coints. My MIL puts those nasty gold chocolate candies in our stockings. I think they are gross. My husband will never finish his candy (nor allow it to be thrown out). And the rest seems to always get left in the bottom of a stocking and melt with the heat of the fire. GREAT IDEA you have!

Daimere, great job on making space for your workout at home!!

Eusebius, I hope your blood sugar levels return to normal! Great job making a plan of attack to deal with it.

Fyreflie24, you look amazing! Such an inspiration for me. Thank you so much for sharing that amazing transformation! Congratulations on your success after the hard work I know it takes to get there!

GardenerJoy, thanks for the reminder of what useful problem solving looks like! Tremendous credit to you for identifying this and moving on.

Lexxis, great job on making the pizza! Way to keep your head about you! We've been making a lot more pizza at home lately. DH is lactose intolerant and vegetarian, so we'd always order 2 pizzas when getting delivery. That costs a lot of money too. So, I've been making a lot of dough in my breadmaker over the last few months and then grilling our individually made pizzas. Yum! And, portion control!

Maryann, great job on your traveling Beck skills! I admire that!

OneByOne, great job on not eating over that terrible comment. Moving is tough on everyone, especially when you lose your craft network and customer base in the process.

PamAtGA, I like your strategy for an eating plan during the holiday season. Best of luck with your new challenge group.
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Hi, guys! I know it has been ages since I posted. Actually, I have so lost track of time, I don't even know how long it has been. i just finished my grading and had my last meeting yesterday, and tomorrow I am leaving to drive from my home in Ohio to my brother's in New Jersey, so I have not had time to read all of the posts I have missed, but wanted to check in before I go.

In addition to not posting because I was so busy, I also wasn't posting because I found myself once again in a desperate daily struggle with my eating, and I was feeling too hopeless and ashamed to reach out for help. Thinking about the possibility of dating (I have gotten some nibbles on eHarmony but have not yet had the courage to try reeling any of them in!!) brought out all of the old core issues that underlie my eating problems, issues I thought I had laid to rest long ago. There have been moments in the past few weeks when I have wanted to totally give up, but then I read my advantages deck and remind myself of all the very compelling reasons I want to be thin, which gets me back on track for a couple of days. But it doesn't last, and that scares the crap out of me. I don't want to go back to my old life. I CAN'T go back. The biggest lesson I have learned in the last few weeks is just how right Beck is when she says that the pain is in the struggle to DECIDE whether or not to eat something. I am arguing with myself for hours over what to eat or not eat, and man, is it painful. I need to remember the NO CHOICE lesson.

There have been a couple of bright spots amid all of my recent angst. I sang my solo in church last Sunday, and it went extremely well, better than I could have hoped for. I am very proud that I really put myself out there. And I have made amazing progress with my personal trainer, who is pushing me really hard at this point. This week, for instance, he timed me while I repeatedly climbed a staircase THREE steps at a time!!! And I had my regular semi-annual visit to my GP. My diabetes is still in complete remission, and he told me that he has never had a patient so completely transform their health and lifestyle. He also referred me to an oncologist for input on what to do about my high risk of breast cancer. I have an appointment scheduled for the middle of January.

With the exception of working hard in the gym, I have let a lot of my Beck skills slide recently, and it is really scary and demoralizing to see just how easy it is to backslide. I've had several binges, have eaten in the car and standing at the refrigerator, have weighed myself only sporadically, and have not always planned my food in advance, which has been particularly problematic given the holiday goodies that seem to be everywhere I go. After every episode of unplanned eating, I have managed to get back on track for a couple of days before the next episode, so the damage to my weight is still manageable at this point (I weighed 131 this morning)--assuming I don't let things get out of hand any further.

I am taking my Nutrisystem food, my scale, and my computer with me to my brother's house so that I can get back on track. One good thing about going there is that my SIL has maintained a 30 pound weight loss for several years now. She is extremely careful about what she eats and goes to the gym almost every day. So I will go to the gym with her, and I do not have to worry about her pushing food on me. And hopefully I will be able to catch up on some sleep. Part of my problem is simply that I am exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are all enjoying the many blessings of the holiday season!
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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

Yesterday was 100% OP as I actively resisted all holiday goodies hanging around the house. My active Beck mind reminded me I could use my resistance skills and make that one day goal reality. I've weighed this morning and have a plan for healthful eating today.

BillBlueEyes, on Tuesday you said, "Stayed on plan, CREDIT moi, without external offerings, so it was easy. But, big food spreads and social gatherings are coming and I need to get my head better focused on my plan." Thanks for reminding me that those days without external offerings are a perfect opportunity to stay the course.

A quiet semi-organized, ultra snowy morning here in Colorado. I'm going to try and catch up with you all.....

gardenerjoy, sorry to hear of your brother's family tragedy. I'm glad your brother is able to travel and lend support.

Robin(4EverLearning), I was just thinking about you last night and was glad to see you post. Sorry to hear you have been struggling, yet I read many very positive behaviors in your post. Congrats on your successful solo! Glad that you have support with SIL as you head off for the holiday.

FutureFitChick, glad you found a way to take care of your back AND get some things done. Good idea to plan for a treat (gingerbread).

Beverlyjoy, great job simply tasting one bite of a cookie. lol at your DH's comment. Congrats on your scale dropping back down as you add on more healthy days.

Pam(atga), nice that you've found a Zero calorie indulgence for the holidays. I love the smell of the flavored coffees. Thanks for the HALT appropriate this time of year.

MaryAnn, Happy (belated) Birthday! What a simple message, "Just do it."

Shannon(Daimere), *credit* for doing another chapter in you book AND cleaning an area in your BR for exercise.

MaryContrary, glad to see you back here and credit for continuing to be mindful of what you need to do for you.

Erika(eusebius), yay for getting right back on track after a few off days and coming up with a plan to help stabilize your BS.

onebyone, honestly, I shed a few tears when I read your post. Mostly happy as I read of your solstice ritual and continued success with your food plan/Beck. I'll say my heart hurt for you with your DH's comment but I also felt it needed to just "pass on by" Big credit for zipping your lip as a strategy. When my DH is hurtful I say (to myself) THIS is not about me.

Donamarie(fyreflie), credit for staying your course. You are looking very healthful in your current photo.

maplover, you said "...something is workig for me…." Big credit!

Tazzy, yay for another downward move on your ticker! Quite a credit not even tasting treats at work. Yep, it's amazing to find the energy one has when giving up white sugar/flour.

Valerie, great job staying under goal during the holidays. Glad you had a safe trip!

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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Made a simple choice (CREDIT moi) at a Thai Restaurant last night - soup with pork and fish balls. The waitress assured me that fish balls were made with fresh fish. hmmmmm . . . I left one (CREDIT moi for leaving a bite, LOL) because it was a bit awful. Have to go look up what it was.

Today includes lunch with friends where my goal is to avoid the FREE bread and butter placed on the table.

onebyone – Congrats for keeping the marital angst at bay. Would love to drop by and have a bowl of that lentil soup with so many veggies.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Sending supportive thoughts as your family faces another loss.

Erika (eusebius) – Thought of you while attending the play Three Pianos that consisted mostly of three guys playing and singing Schubert's song cycle Winterreise. A fun evening. Kudos for experimenting with strategies to get on track.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Kudos for resisting all the holiday goodies - I need your persistence right now.

Beverlyjoy – Yep, "NOT FAIR- oh well." Kudos for being so consistent with the food excess that your DH knows to ask for some before they get the soap.

FutureFitChick – Hope your cycle of work/ice pack keeps your back calm. Neat to think of planning a piece of beloved ginger bread.

Pam (pamaga) – Your "freshly ground vanilla hazelnut coffee" is a dynamite zero calorie treat. Thanks for the HALT wisdom. LOL at your stealth Beck proselytizing.

maryann - Yay for topping off a good birthday with salmon for breakfast. Awesome thought, "I can be at peace anywhere."

Robin (4EverLearning) - Kudos for coming out to get back to your path. Congrats for that solo performance - just another hit of self-confidence to help face the dating scene.

Daimere – Ouch for that sore calf - hope you find the cause and don't let it deter you from your exercise.

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 7 Plan and Monitor Your Eating

what to do . . .
You can see [from picture on pg 92] that Lisa had three meals and three snacks. This is what I'd like you to plan, too. Studies show that regularly spaced meals (no more than five hours apart) help you feel satisfied with less food. In a South African study, when men ate small snacks between breakfast and lunch, they consumed 27 percent fewer calories at lunch, compared with when they ate larger breakfast without between-meal snacks. In Stage 4, you will be able to experiment with eating larger meals and skipping some or all of your snacks.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 92-93.

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Oh I am dithering. I had selected a paleo eating plan (high in protein and veggies, low in carbs), but suddenly, unexpectedly, and surprisingly lost my taste for meat. Well, I thought, maybe I should try to do low carb veggie (which has been done). So I have been doing this for the past two weeks and I must say I have been feeling emotionally great, and have had lots of energy. Unfortunately I am not losing but gaining (sudden reversal)….GAAK. Some of the things you need for protein—like beans—are fairly high in carbs.

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to start discerning between hunger and cravings, but I was not able to deploy any of the strategies and had an incident with some hummus in the afternoon. In addition, I went shopping and ended up buying an overload of veggies which I will never have time to cook, much less to eat. Double GAAK. I can be so wasteful with food. This Beck stuff is brining up all my lifelong discomfort with food...when I think I am going to be deprived, I stock up...Now in my house I not only have all the veggies, but also foods that I would normally binge on because I am planning to make things in advance of Christmas day. Oh the horror!!!!!

Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to officially “start” but I hesitate to begin something when I know I will be eating a lot on Christmas Day. I guess you could say at this point that I am confused. And want to get back that good feeling and energy I had on Tuesday.

Lexxiss: Good for you on the no choice

Onebyone: I can so relate to the addictive nature of eating way beyond full, and especially your statement “I've had eating/food issues for FORTY YEARS!” I think I can beat that!

Maryann: thanks for the encouragement. I also need a lot of alone time.

FFC: Good deal on the forward planning.

Gardenerjoy: I guess it is reverse body snarking to look at a picture and say “well she’s thin, she doesn’t really get it,” eh?

BBE: Sorry for the Swedish ambush, but glad you are saying “Oh well” and moving on.

Valerie: hope your Emory visit went well.

Daimere: Credit you for going back to healthy eating

Beverlyjoy: Kudos on the week of healthy days.

AKKK three more pages to read of your posts since I last posted. I will continue tomorrow or later
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Talking Down 30 pounds

Good morning everyone,

This will be a really short post but I'll be back either this afternoon or tomorrow after for personals. I'm very excited as I got on the scale this morning and am now officially down 30.2 pounds. It's very surreal to me to be in the 160's and the lower end of them. I made my goal before our cruise on Feb 11 and need to set a new one. The P.I.N.K. Method has really given me the kick-start I needed to continue on this journey.

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Good Morning All,

Still in San Francisco this morning. I am sitting in SIL kitchen with a beautiful view of the bay. The boys are playing nicely in the family room. Sunny morning. It is one of those precious occasions when my outsides match my insides. Clear, content, in the now. A gift of staying resaonably OP yesterday with yet another day of eating out. Credit for making good the promises to myself of Yoga, working on MFA stuff, spontaneous exercise and the truth.

Usually, I would be out of sorts from not being home. I am here because my only son loves to be w/his cousin, because SIL needs some child care while she works till tom., to see my friends before XMAS. All good reasons but which still require me to be NOT home. But I made a plan and executed it to the best of my ability, slipped into leftover cupcakes, hopped back OP, had a perfect Chicken ceasar for dinner and was rewarded with a weightloss this morning. I am 1 pound from ticker. I am also rewarded with acceptance because there are a few family issues that make me sad this morning, but I seem to be willing to enjoy the morning and accept rather than throw myself into the rest of the cupcakes.

This is my choice - to be in the main stream of life which requires experiencing both sorrow and joy. I can't do that if I am cowering in an emotional closet with a bunch of Oreo cookies.

4everlearning: I don't know if there is one person on this site who can't feel the turbalence and fear you are going through. Be gentle with yourself. Recovery is possible. Peace is possible. In my 12 step program we have a saying "Don't quit five minutes before the miracle happens."
Beverleyjoy: You always remind me the difficulties of having a DH who wants the food around. I am lucky to be able to control my environment (when I am home that is) Credit for your negotiations.
Maplover: I stayed on the day you are on for a couple of days, practicing my skills because the day I was supposed to start the diet was filled with dining out events. It worked out well. I didn't overeat and gave me a feeling o success.
Tazzy: Cheers on the 60's - a big step.
BBE: Sorry the fishballs weren't up to snuff. Isn't it great to have a discerning pallette rather than the garbage stomach of the past.
FFCHICK: Good thoughts to your back. Easy does it.
Pamatga and Lexxiss: Congrats on good comfort choice ( coffee) and OP respectively.

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Talking All I Want For Christmas Is My...


I had my official weigh in and was down 2.6lbs to see me meet and pass my 5% goal! I offically shed 5% at 14 lbs and am now happily progressing toward the 10% goal. I weigh 272.8 today and entered Weight Watchers at 289.4 on Nov. 17.

Blood pressure pills your time is NUMBERED!

I cannot believe that for Christmas I achieved this goal. I am so thrilled. I had pretty much given up ever being less than 275. I've been hanging around there for the past year or even longer. I do remember holding at just under 250 for my first year or two here but I seemed to go from 250 straight to 270+. I was ready to jump into the 300's when I saw my weight inch into the 290's last month. Yes, just last month. 5 weeks ago to be exact. What a difference a few weeks can make.


I'm about to enter the danger zone by baking three kinds of cookies this afternoon. I may lick the spoon. If I do, I'll sit down to do it and track it.

I will be sampling my baked goods when done, and tracking them. Tomorrow they go out the door with DH to his co-workers. I wanted to do something nice for the place that is sending us fast forward into the Middle Class. I *am* very grateful. I am really looking forward to making gingerbread men dressed in white shirts, black sugar ties and black belts with black shoes! If I can make it work, I will give them briefcases too. So fun. Such a disaster if it doesn't work though. I will remember Beverlyjoy's dishsoap method if that happens!

Bye for now.

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Hi Becksters - more 'goodies' came through the door yesterday. I know that folks have traditional sweets they make and share with friends at Christmas time. I admire the kindness of sharing these goodies with our family...BUT - I'd rather not have to face all this stuff here in the house. Family and more goodies are arriving in the next two days. It's so darn hard to have this around.

That being said, I tasted the newest sweet arrivals, counted it in my daily total and managed to stay within my exchanges via substitutions. I am so grateful. I am planning to have a taste of things I like. However, I am planning to stay with my healthier plan.

Thank goodness we only have to take it one day at a time.

I've stocked the fridge with lots of healthy foods. I hadn't thought of putting out a veggie tray and light dip. (Ya know.. it's not tradition.)

Not that I won't have tastes of things I want to taste... but - I am planning to do well. (I hope). Glad it's one meal/snack at a time.

Gardener/joy - I am so, so sorry to hear of the loss of your family member. It’s so sad… especially this time of year.. Plus so close to the other death. Sorry.

Futurefitchick - darn… that back spasm. I hope it calms down and allows you to enjoy the next few days. Make the quick invite food simple!! Good luck with your back.

4everlasting - nice to see your post. Safe travel to New Jersey. Wonderful to have a trainer who is so helpful!

Lexxiss/Debbie - CREDIT for resisting all the goodies and staying OP. Carry on.

Billbe - sorry about the fish balls. Ugh. (maybe it’s a cultural thing you need to grow up with to enjoy) Good for thinking ahead on how to handle the bread.

map lover - I am sorry you are struggling and are confused. Try to make a plan. A reasonable plan. It’s good you have the healthy things around too. It’s a hard time of year for us.

t-azzy - happy dance in honor of 30 pounds down!!!

Maryann - your being in SF sounds so nice. Good choice enjoying the morning instead of jumping into the cupcakes. Credit. It’s hard to learn that the food doesn’t change the family stuff. Not fair…I know..

- I am doing a happy dance in honor of your WL and your wonderful attitude about food now. It’s wonderful. Love it.

Have a great day and time with family and friends in the next days ahead. Let's all try to be kind to ourselves.
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Hooping my Life Away
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I think all this overtime is getting to me. I feel sick. I think I may be getting strep. Do I have to watch what I eat if I feel yucky and want to sleep? Or exercise? I can still eat and drink most stuff at this moment but once I really hit the strep zone, I always hate drinking water. I even indulged in some coke and some oj earlier. I had already planned today. I was going to do a quick 10 minute yoga practice before work until I woke up. Yuck. I wanted to rock this week because the scale has been looking awesome lately. I don't want to be sick for Christmas. I was sick for Thanksgiving.
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

I took the day off of work today due to running around like made getting ready for our friends to come over tonight. I also got the remainder of my shopping done for the weekend. Food was off plan (stood in the kitchen and ate unused, cooked lasagna noodles). I did stick to eating at home today for lunch, whereas I previously would have gotten fast food while out at mid-day running around. Exercise was tons of shopping and walking around the mall and giant stores. My back is mad at me for this, but hopefully rest will help.

Tomorrow, lots of work and I have to finish preparing for my in laws to come. More cooking will take place as well.

4EverLearning, nice to see your post tonight. I'm so glad you are hanging in there, despite the struggles! I was struck by your comment about being ashamed to post here when you were having a tough time. Shame is powerful when we let it be that way. That is really tough! I am really happy for you that you have a safe place to be at your brother's home. I'm hoping for you that getting away from home will give you a break to get back and stay on track where you want to be! Take care of yourself!!

BeverleyJoy, great job handling those food gifts! I'll be thinking about you with this meal coming up and KNOWING you've got it covered!

BillBlueEyes, I am laughing at your Thai fish balls. It reminded me of orering (also at a Thai restaurant) a seeminly heathy poched fish in a banana leaf. When I got it, the fish was the texture of pudding. I couldn't finish that either.

Daimere, get whatever rest you can to try and fight this yuck! It is so hard to focus on eating well when your energy is zapped! But, I know you can think this through and stay with a healthy plan! Take care of you!

Lexxis, smashing day for you! That is terrific. You sound very centered! Great job!

Maplover, I wish I had a good suggestion for you. When I start a new diet, I would always buy a week's worth of whatever plan's food. Then after about 36 - 54 hours in I would be completely overwhelmed with this time and effort committment that I would give up almost before I started. I've been doing better making gradual changes, but it can be frustrating to not see downward movement on the scale.

Maryann, oooo! This is so exciting! One pound! Clarity! Accepting your choices! Fantastic!!

OnebyOne, congratulations on your well-deserved 5% success! Way to go!

Tazzy, I'm tremendously excited for you! Great job!
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Green Tomatoes
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The death was ruled accidental overdose of prescription meds. Which surprises no one. He was a troubled soul, but generous, loving, and loved. People do worse. My brother is back in town, but his effort was appreciated. He'll go down again on Tuesday for the memorial service if he can make that work.

I'm relating to Robin (4EverLearning). I have a bad day, then pull it together for a day or two, then slip again. Today was a bad one and I don't have a plan for tomorrow, but I think I'll manage to make one in the morning. I need to find some of Beverlyjoy's willingness.
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Hi, all! Robin and I are going to give reporting in just to each other on a separate thread a try -- we've been finding it's too easy to skip checking in when there isn't a single specific person depending on you. In our old forum, we were pretty much it, and both of us felt a sense to responsibility to one another. Here, with others present to take up any slack, we found we were sometimes going for days without checking in, and we're hoping this will help.

We'll drop in occasionally while we sort this out!

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