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report: didn't weigh, but did get a ton of spontaneous and planned exercise this morning, walking to ex class even though it was FREEZING at 5:30 am! Ate slowly, mindfully, sitting down. Dealt with a meltdown by DD without eating. Contacted my diet buddy.

Erika -- sorry for the ups and down emotionally! Woohoo on losing 4.8 pounds!

maplover -- good for you for making new response cards as you need them!

FFC -- good for you for posting even when you'd had a mediocre day!

gardenerjoy -- lol at having to come up with new tactics to lose weight in the deep south!

Debbie -- lol on calling the unplanned sandwich dinner!

Donamari -- yay for not eating your stress!
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Hooping my Life Away
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Quick check in: This week I'm doing some overtime. It's the first time in a few weeks and usually that's when I binge/emotional eat the most. But I'm going to do it successfully! Other than that, I successfully exercised today. I'm exhausted after recovering from that last workout. Now, I need to read over my cards and go to sleep before a quick 4 hour ot shift.
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Simply Filling Technique
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GD everyone!!

It sounds like everyone here has been very busy as we move towards and through the rest of December, the end of 2011 and meet the New Year. I have decided to keep my Christmas preparations simple so I don't get stressed out. I put up the outdoor lights, put the holiday wreath on the front door, decorated our tree and hung stockings on our mantle. That is it!!! This week I plan on writing a few Christmas cards (the hardest part is knowing where to draw the line in sending to whom) and baking cookies from Mom's old recipes. I had previously told my sister, Paula, that I would be sending them some of Mom's cookies to them. She was thrilled to death since she has always struggled with feeling depressed during this time of year. I have recognized that (wisely I might add) in the past couple of years (especially after Mom died) and so I kind of "take over" and make sure that her kids and now my great niece and nephew get gifts and "fussed over" so my sister can just "go through the motions".

Paula told me the other day that Dad has dementia and that she was told that when he "goes, it will be fast". He does seem confused and lost. I fully understand what onebyone and maplover are experiencing. Onebyone, all I can say is how awful for you to be both in the middle of old sibling issues and for it to play out at such a critical time. My heart is with you. Yes, I do understand abandonment issues since I felt left out most of my life in one form or another with my nuclear family. Forgiveness was what helped me to heal. Sometimes, we have to extend the olive branch even when they aren't aware that they are the source of our distress.

Debbie Major Credit for thinking on your feet. I have often done the same thing. We don't have to do all of this perfectly (in fact never really). I am of the mind that perfectionism is not a quality to emulate nor foster. In fact, it is a character defect. A sandwich can include the protein/carb combo that does constitute a meal by many food plan standards. Kudos for you!

FFC Is there any of the Sweet Tomato restaurants in your area? It is quite a popular chain here. No meat is offered. Soups, salads, muffins. I hear you though, especially this time of year when we are all rushing around and trying to prepare for the holidays and are away from home cooking and meal planning.

gardenerjoy Well, as you know I do live in the Deep South so it does show you that you can lose weight here although I will admit that you have to put blinders on when it comes to what restaurants to choose from. As I have mentioned before, here in Atlanta, there is quite a wellspring of healthy eating restaurants to choose from so if I choose McD's et al, I did it consciously. Mea culpa. Yes, it has been very cold here. This past weekend, the highs were in the mid-40s and the overnight lows were below freezing. Brrrrs.

Donamari GJ on not responding to added stresses with the additional stress of eating in response to that. Not an easy task to learn and master but probably the most significant one I have learned thus far.

eusebius My heart goes out to you with your ongoing struggles with depression. As a person who has had a life time of dealing with chronic pain and depression, it is not an easy road to go. Congrats on the recent weight loss.

Shannon This hooping sounds fascinating. How did you ever get involved in that?

If I missed anyone else, my apologies. I will be popping in again in a couple of days. I will continue to do this until I am finished transferring all of those old journal entries into my diet blog here. I am up to July now.

I am happy to report that I have four new members to my new group (and growing)"Permanent Weight Loss: The Way" that will officially start the New Year with a Buddy Challenge "First Things First". This Buddy Challenge will run from January 2-February 15th. On the Biggest Loser Club site (BLC from now on) we have our customized recommended calorie range, nutrient breakdown and "sample" food plan. The software also includes where we can log our food as we eat it and it will calculate it within those "limitations". Not everyone chooses to use these although, IMO, we are paying for our membership so why not?

Therefore, the challenge will focus on us staying within our recommended calorie range and nutrient breakdowns. The accountability part will be reporting that and posting it on our general group thread. These are all newcomers to the site who have joined so I am sure that this will amount to boot camp in the military unless they have done this on their own or at another site. I am calling this challenge "First Things First" because all permanent weight loss begins with a balanced food plan. I am also going to have "Topic Tuesday", "Trivia Thursday" and "Feedback Friday".

I have been "members" of two other groups on BLC site and I have participated in 4 Challenges this past year. There have been many things that I really liked about the Challenges; the main one being is the daily accountability, but there are also several things that I don't like about both challenges and how some of "habits" (for lack of a better word) the groups have fallen into.

I think I mentioned in one of my past posts recently how I agree with Dr. Beck's "observation" that we are all here to be supportive of our weight loss efforts and if we get sidetracked to the point where it ceases to be 'recognizable" as such, then we have done ourselves a great disservice. This group has been awesome in staying on track with being mindful of our purpose here and with balancing the support given in the other aspects of our lives which we do know impact our weight loss efforts. Great Job everyone!

It is my goal to keep the group that I will be hosting throughout 2012 with those objectives in mind. I have given my "notice" to the other groups. I know some saw it coming but another one did not see this coming; which is run amazingly efficient, I have to admit I drew a lot of my initial inspiration from. The only thing that will be missing is the "boot camp competition" like you see on the t.v. program and which some of the groups on BLC have in mega-doses. Some people need a kick in the pants but not everyone. I, for one, do not respond to someone barking in my face or "well meant" constructive criticism. I proof all I write here and elsewhere because, as Shakespeare said, "The pen is mightier than the sword!" I am hoping that my "Feedback Friday" will be an open forum where all can benefit from suggestions made. Going into that, I want to be very mindful of keeping it beneficial not hurtful.

So, for now, that is what I am busy with besides the usual holiday preparations.

I ate mindfully and slowly a former trigger food; snack crackers. I picked some up when I was out yesterday. I haven't had something like this in ages. I took teeny bites and savored each bite.

Credit I have really been focusing on practicing the Anti Craving strategies from the BDS during this time. It was my goal to get through the holidays with 1) not gaining any weight 2) losing weight, if possible. I am standing firm, drawing a line and also "imaging the aftermath if I were to give in".

I know that this sounds incredibly ambitious but I did some math and if I really apply myself in 2012, I could be looking at maintenance going through next year's holidays. It was something that I wanted to do this year but I know why that didn't happen. So, starting in 2012, I am limiting myself to eating out only once a month. I am also going to "host" and participate in back-to-back Buddy Challenges, which will tighten the personal and daily accountability. It sounds tough but I am mentally up to the challenge of the challenges. So, here goes.


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Hey everyone

The last few days have been really good for me. I created my planned & spontaneous exercise plan. I also achieved something I am really proud of yesterday; me and my partner went for a walk at a local gorge and I managed to climb all the way to the top, the view was amazing and it felt even better knowing that I would not usually have done it. I have included walking in my planned and spontaneous exercise plan and will continue to try and push myself the way I did this weekend.

I have also decided (as part of the Beck plan) to treat myself to a new charm for my bracelet each time I loose 5lbs. I think that wearing the bracelet will be a constant reminder of how important this is to me, it also helps that I absolutely love jewelry.

Well done for the exercise and for doing it so early – it shows how committed you are


Good luck with your plan, I hope you manage to resist and not binge

Well done for staying on plan and not stress eating

Well done for staying away from the Christmas goodies

Well done to everyone for not giving up and trying to stay OP during the festive season, I for one know it can be very hard!!!
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Afternoon All

Three solid days of Christmas activities. Five Eating out situations in a row and what I have learned from the past is two is my outer limit. So, strayed off plan, fought depression as a result but credit for behaving well. In the past, I have been known to pitch a fit or two in frustration with no safe food environment and no opportunity to exercise.. I "let go" what I could and have been OP now for 18hours. My top priority is to go to sleep OP. I see a little light in that by Thursday I will have some rest. I know I should be grateful for having so much activity with family and friends. I just feel trapped.

I hear Eusebius and all those in the mire of depression. I hear you. I also have tremendous compassion for those of you in family conflict right now. it is certainly the time for it.

Still not through with work. post more in the next few days.

Mary Ann
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Coaches/Buddies, having another tough day. I chose not to focus on Beck too much since I was feeling so bad.

I plan to put it behind me by getting ready for my day and heading to bed early.

Daimere, great job for staying on track while working overtime. That can be tough, as I look to food for something to give me energy that I don’t posses.

Eusebius, I’m really excited about your -4.8. That cheers me up some! You need to kick that cold in the toosh!! I love when you write about practice, rehearsal, and recitals. I was aiming for a career as a flutist when I ran in to severe problems with TMJ. I miss that world so much. Hopefully, after school, I will be able to find some time for music again.

Fyreflie24, I am so jazzed for you that you are killing those 700+ calories! Great job! Were you as active at your highest weight (if you don’t mind me asking)?

GardenerJoy, glad you had a great trip!

LadyM0208, how awesome for you climbing to the top! That is on a someday list for me!

Lexxiss, sane cookie baking sounds remarkable!

Maryann, hugs to you in the time of depression! Great job for getting back on plan!

PamatGA, you were a mad decorating fool! What an amazing elf you are! I’m in a small town with not so many restaurant choices.

Va1erie, we’ve been thinking about kids. Your success at not eating over DD meltdown makes me ecstatic for you and terrifies me that I might have something more to eat over in the future. Uck! Great job for being on track today.
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Hi Everyone!

Long time since I posted, things have been very busy and I now have the last of my crazy event weekends behind me. I'm going to go back and start catching up on all of your posts.

As for Beck, I've weighed daily (currently up .8 but not at all surprised). I have not had any planned exercise since last Monday's swimming and looks like it will be Wed before I head to the pool again. Got lots of steps on the pedometer and will update my ticker. Cannot say I have eaten mindfully lately and have not counted calories for a couple of days. Back on plan from dinner tonight which was chicken breast and a nice big salad. Cold weather keeps me away from salad but really enjoy it when I take the time to make one!

Hope you are all doing well and I'll get to personals soon.
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Hi coaches

Time for bed but just checking in. I ate over my points today, actually tonight. I had adinner planned but we ended up out looking for agift for DH's secret Santa exchange at work and then I made a poor choice from being too hungry and the food being too tempting and I just thought I'd be a bt over and could exercise it away but it turned out to be THREE times what I'd guesstimated once I came home and counted the points I'd eaten. Lesson learned; if out go where you are familiar with the food or just make do while DH gets his food and I can have a coffee or something.

I still have a couple of days until weigh-in and we did do some walking so perhaps the end result at weighin will be a neutral 0.

We'll see. Nutritious filling soup on the menu for the next two days and some WATP videos too.

Bye for now.
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Green Tomatoes
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I'm pleased that my post-vacation weight is only a tic or so above what I've been weighing in recent weeks. Vacation was not a disaster from the scale's standpoint. Yay!

WI: +0.3 kgs, Exercise:+40 380/1300 minutes for December, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - The visit to MIL was slightly helpful. It's a bit painful to be of so little use and so little help. A body in its nineties is in survival mode; so hard to interest its mind in other things when just getting ready for dinner takes full concentration.

My eating wasn't good overall - Ouch! I responded to the void by responding to the offered food. Nibbling was the alternative to being useful. I did split an entree with DW at one restaurant, and even then left most of the pasta, CREDIT moi. And CREDIT moi for the several desserts not ordered or accepted. To our hosts, my eating seemed absolutely noble because of the apple crumble and fancy parfaits untouched. I celebrate the uptick of the monthly counts of my journey as my accomplishment - CREDIT moi.

onebyone – Yay for homemade soup for three days - sounds like heaven on earth. Just love being reminded of your mantra, "persist in victory."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for surviving Southern Cooking; my take is that sweet tea is responsible for at least 30 pounds extra on those who drink it. Vicksburg played so decisive a role in the American Civil War - lots to see there.

Erika (eusebius) – Ouch for the challenge of new music, SOON. Yay for new music.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Now that's a winner, "cookie baking in a sane, Beck inspired, manner" - nice to be reminded that it's possible.

FutureFitChick – Thanks for the demo on how to move forward, "I plan to put it behind me by getting ready for my day and heading to bed early."

Pam (pamaga) – Kudos for your clarity, I am standing firm, drawing a line and also "imaging the aftermath if I were to give in". Nice to contribute to your sister's Christmas with the family cookies.

maryann - Yep, five eating out situations in a row is a challenge. I really enjoyed pumpkin soup for dinner last night in my own kitchen with no pastry desserts and snack dishes offered.

Tazzy - I love big numbers; Kudos for 40039 steps in December.

Val (va1erie) – Walking to exercise class when it's "FREEZING" is a great mental prep - Kudos.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Kudos for giving yourself time to ride when you're so busy.

maplover – I, too, need your reminder, “I get it…This is going to take work, but I’m willing to do what it takes to lose weight…It will be worth it.”

Hollyp – Kudos for doing the lunch skipping experiment. As always, I'm impressed with how little hunger it causes.

sarahbennett21 – Getting the basics is a great foundation. [Thanks for sparing me the need to go fetch some clotted cream.]

ladym0208 – Kudos for walking to the top of that gorge - what a gift for your efforts to leave some weight behind. Charms sound like neat rewards for your journey.

Daimere – Yay for overtime just before Christmas; Kudos for recognizing that that's a potential overeating time for you as well.

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 7 Plan and Monitor Your Eating

How many times in your life has that scenario played itself out for you, too? Hundreds? More? It will be so wonderful when you no longer have to engage in this painful struggle.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 89.
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Fighting Piano Butt!
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Morning coaches,

Feeling a bit tired and cranky this morning. *I did go to bed earlier than normal (credit) and stopped eating after dinner (credit). *Scale was up a bit this morning. *I have to get used to these fluctuations.

Thank you all so much for hearing my vent and acknowledging me. *It is important to me and I'm grateful.

I got a walk in yesterday which was good. *Will try for a walk or yoga again today.

My daughter has her Suzuki violin Christmas concert tonight. *Should be cute.

Donamari - great job dealing with all the holiday party goodies!

Val - wow, 5:30 AM? *Impressive! *Dealing with a meltdown without eating? Equally impressive!

Shannon - sending healthy eating vibes for your overtime. *Nice work on the consistent exercise.

Pam - I am so sorry to hear about your father. *((((hugs)))) great job on organizing the BLC challenge. *Sounds like a lot of people will benefit from your knowledge & experience.

Ladym0208 - fabulous job on the exercise! *Feels great doesn't it?

Maryann - Great job getting back on track and having perspective on the overall picture.

FFC - didn't know you were a flutist! Cool. *I have been working with flutists now for 25 years and I think I've played most of the rep. *There is some great flute music out there, especially Bach which I adore.

Tazzy - great to see you back here!!

Onebyone- sounds like a valuable lesson learned about eating out/at parties. *Good job getting that walk in.

Gardenerjoy - awesome that you were able to maintain during vacation!

BillBE - great to see you back. *Ouch for the stress of the visit, but kudos for your help with MIL and desserts passed up.

Off to see if I can scarf down some coffee (my good friend Joe) before taking kid to school. *Happy Tuesday all.
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Hello All:
One whole day OP. YEAH!!!!!! It feels good. I put a star in my daily planner when it has been OP and there hasn't been a star in a while. I am desperate to keep it going yet I have another dinner tonite and one tomorrow. I have planned well for tonite. I will keep the star in my mind at the salad bar.
Still writing from work. By Thursday, I should have a little rest and be past the danger for awhile. Hope to catch up with all then. Weight two pounds up from ticker.
BBE and Tazzy: Welcome back.
Credit Eusebius' walk and Onebyone's hopping back on track.
"Hey" to everyone else.
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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

It has been a very long day and I did my best to negotiate around the ongoing swirl of food at work. I had a "mistake" which I paid $3.50 for. credit for not snarfing the giant pecan pancake all day and bring it home in one piece for DH. If not for my Beck tools it would be long gone. Even in a rush, I stepped on the scale this morning. *credit* Lots of family stress on the horizon and I send my sympathies to all of you dealing with aging and ill parents.
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Simply Filling Technique
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GD all! I am sure that I will be the last one here to post so GN might be more appropriate.

BBE Glad to have you back. It sounds like you did your best to navigate through the landmines so common this time of the year. Major Kudos on that!

Long time no see. back!! For both you and my DH, Paul, December is the absolute busiest. I feel for you.

Hope your sticky keys were fixed.

FFE Flutist! Any way you can ever return? Besides, the absolute treasure of listening to great live music is being a part of it. I hope you can someday, one way or another.

Fyreflie Yes, this is the season that tests our meddles. Great "meddle testing". You passed with flying colors.

Va1erie Great Job in exercising your persistence muscle when facing the elements.

and Shannon WTG on getting that exercise in!!

gardenerjoy Fantastic job in maintaining while being on vacation!!

onebyone Great Job in getting right back on track and moving forward. Dust your feet and put the "hand to the plow and don't look back".

If I missed anyone else, my apologies.

Credit: The experiment continues regarding shrinking my appetite. I am attempting to "under eat" by 1/3 so it's not enough to boomerang so I overeat later. It is working thus far. It is the "hunger experiment" 201. I sit with hunger and give it "raspberries".

Credit: I decided to continue to de-stress my holiday season preparations again. I went shopping yesterday (have gotten quite a bit of SM in the past couple of days as a result) for baking supplies. Although I admit that I am a real stickler when it comes making all dishes from scratch, I made a quick decision as I was standing in the refrigerated/freezer section of the store. Paul has a Christmas party on Saturday lunch followed by an late afternoon/early evening one (3-7) that we are both attending. I bought some individual appetizers "ready to thaw, heat and eat". I am also going to streamline my cookies making as well. The recovering perfectionist in me didn't even flinch.

For drawing a line with all the extra holiday goodies in the house and not even giving them a sideways glance. Busy hands are the answer.

I am absolutely astonished and "humbled" by the fact that I have 10 people signed up for the new group "Permanent Weight Loss: The Way" that I am hosting ...... and counting! I have spent time making sure they feel welcome, giving suggestions of "tools of the trade" (like an accurate scale, water bottle, pedometer,etc.) to have before we begin the first Buddy Challenge. These are 10 "yo yo dieters". I also knew if I worded the Title right (all those years of marketing) "they would come".

Oh boy, do I have something to live up to, right? I really think this will be a "win win" situation for me. I know that I have to "teach by example" and so I shall. So, all of you maintainers here, I will probably pick your brains from time to time. Now, all I want to do is inspire these folks to "shed the pounds sensibly"(sounds like a TOPS ad) and guide them to the "lite" of permanent weight loss. (go to the lite...low fat and zero calories ) I do plan on incorporating Beck CT skills as well. After all, we know that is one of the essential Keys.

So, I probably won't post again for a couple of days. Still, transferring my old entries into my now functioning 3FC diet blog. It is really interesting to see my own evolution as I re-read these past entries.

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Just a quick post. I have spent the entire day shuffling my mom to and fro the hospital and doctor appts, then going to get her new pills and setting up her new pill regime. It's 8:00 and I am exhausted. I have finished my food for the day. I have recorded the calories. I am done, but I need to get it into my head that I need to stay done.....
Credit all of you. Credit me too.
More tomorrow.
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