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Don't have time for a long post today. Gotta take my mom to an early dr appt. I did eat OP and track everything yesterday (credit me) but I am up nearly 2 lbs today. AAAK this is really testing my resolve re regarding the scale as just a piece of information.

Thanks to gardener joy for the post about sabotaging thoughts--my thoughts exactly.

As to today. I have made a plan. I will stick to it.
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GD everyone!

I had planned on reporting yesterday but I had called a second informal "shop talk" on my other group and since I did the "calling", I felt it was my responsibility to "show up". So far, there are 27 in the group. I have had a couple of people who signed up early on but then dropped out. I found one of the people's comments "interesting"---she said she was finished with counting calories. I smiled. I have said that many times before only to return to doing so because it works.

Much to my surprise, I won the November Food Accountability Challenge in the BLC group. I got a BL t-shirt as my "prize". I am hosting this same challenge, although with some Beckisms thrown in as well, starting on January 2nd. Since I have offered full disclosure of what they can expect, I have already had some dissent among the newcomers: sit down and eat without any distractions, read labels, measure foods, eat only one serving of chosen food per meal or snack?? what?

Credit I am "working with" two people who are bemoaning the facts that 1) work a 12 hour shift 2) only can prepare one of three meals per day. Being I am the kind of person that I am (if that explanation makes any sense whatsoever), I shared with them and within the general group thread the importance of easing up on the perfectionism and realizing that we are going to have to work around our life and not vice versa. I thought of lexxiss (am I right?) who is working her plan around waitressing and all that food and others here who have similar "challenges" regarding sticking to their individual food plans. I used this as an opportunity to share even if we can't micro manage every aspect of our food plan, there are still elements that we do have control over. I also saw this as an opportunity for reinforcement of my own food plan.

I mentioned to the person who works 12 hour shifts that with me being home surrounded by easy access to food, whereas most jobs do not have that same exposure, I too had my own "challenges" to deal with. In the same breathe, I mentioned that anyone who had specific issues, that seems insurmountable to a newcomer, that I would cover their back until they felt their feet were on solid ground. I was pleasantly surprised that she recanted her withdrawal and stayed within the challenge;saying that she was grateful for the support I was offering her in finding a way she could participate in the challenge within the framework of her life. That is my reward in doing this. Knowing that I am passing on so many things that I have learned in this past year. I know that I can learn so much from all of them is also my "pay back". Who knows when I might be in a similar situation?

I agree with all of you who are just glad that we are moving through the holidays and that we are all looking forward to less holiday foods around. Credit this past holiday season as restricting myself to a lot less of the usual holiday fare, picking only to enjoy one or two old favorites. I bought only one summer sausage "log", which I finished yesterday. I had about 2 dozen cookies (over a two day period of marathon baking) while I was baking but credit that I took them with a small glass of milk, sat down, ate them mindfully and slowly then I was finished with them. Still, I was glad to pack them up and send the other twelve dozen off.

This morning I mentioned to DH, Paul, that I might not even include some of those "old favorites" next year since it seemed to work out so well for me when I scaled back on so many of the "requisite" side dishes this year, which were never missed. Credit What once was a big deal just isn't any more.

Now, I have to work on the sodium-induced water bloat which I decided to start on today. I did not overeat this past Christmas but I did eat many kinds of foods that are "naturally" higher in sodium. So, a glass of water will be sitting next to my computer all day today.

Thanks everyone for all of your well wishes. I am looking forward to the New Year.


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Good Morning, Coaches.
Maplover, I am with you. I have eaten better in the last two days than I have all break and I am up another pound. The truth is I have started to exercise again and my muscles are sore which always means for me a heavier weight. I am telling myself to be patient. I ate standing up and a unhealthy dinner so even though I am eating BETTER the scale tells me it is not good enough which just infuriates me at the seeming unfairness. I was really angry weighing in.
Oh Well.
I ate an OP breakfast. I have planned for OP day. I hope to take a walk this evening for my muscles.
Tomorrow I am off to Florida. I want to slow down enough to enjoy this whole experience. DS is the perfect age and DH needs the break

Pamatga: You are correct in that being home all day is a huge challenge. I have both schedules - super busy work time and then days at home. For me, I am searching for balance which gives me gratitude for a job I am struggling with and peace while at home.
Best to all.

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Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was mostly healthy... I did eat a few unplanned things in the evening. Not many calories, nevertheless, unplanned. I now have a rotten head cold. I was thinking it was a good excuse. I think I'll always have an excuse to eat extra. I need to concentrate on 'excuses' to follow my plan instead! Actually, I have a whole notecard of reasons why I want to/should eat healthfully - I'll try and remember (and be willing) to read it when my mind wanders to unplanned food.

Yesterday - I wrote down everything thing I ate, made a plan, shopped for healthy foods in the house, measured my food, drank lots of water, & always left a bite of food on my plate.

So for today... the kitchen is stocked with healthy foods and I will carry on.

I looked at my graph... one year ago I was a pound less than I weigh now. I did, however, gained 21 pounds earlier this year and then lost it again. *sigh* I am glad I could lose it again and kind of 'break even'. Some days I get weary of this food/eating healthful 'business'. But.. I know it's something I will deal with the rest of my life. Not fair....Oh well. I hate to admit I am where I started last year. I dealt with lots of stress by eating... I am aiming for the willingness to get under 200 pounds this year and more. Please join me for the ride down the scale. (one day at a time....)

Remember to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a good friend.

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Post Official Weigh-in Day & moving right along...

Hi Coaches

I went to WW and got weighed in: +3.4lbs = 276.2 *credit
Technically I should lose one of my cheerers in my signature line and I am no longer at the 5% lost, but I think I will keep them there until next week, see what's up after a week back on plan. I said to the woman weighing me in that I could have done better, and I could have done worse. *credit Basically I am at peace with this gain *credit. I am already down from a few days ago *credit. I expect to keep going down *credit.

I also made it in to see the Dr today. *credit My BP meds were all out this morning so I got the refill and if I am very very OP all year, perhaps this will be my LAST prescription for these meds. (I think he gave me a year's worth.) He recorded my weight today, but didn't weigh me. He just asked me. I told him about joining WW and being hopeful and, well, that's all he can do is listen to me and take my vital signs. He can't do it for me so we come back to being and staying OP over the long term and not FREAKING OUT over a 3.6lb temporary gain during a holiday season.

Gotta run. Will check back in later.
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Evening coaches,

What a lovely, peaceful day. FInished marking papers this morning, then practiced all afternoon (with a break to get on the treadmill). DH made his lovely chunky pasta sauce for dinner and I am enjoying a glass of Amarone right now as I type (pressing delete a lot to correct all the Amarone-induced typos, LOL).

FFC - I feel your "blech" … hope today was better

gardenerjoy - Amen! I must add that page on Facebook.

BillBE - Kudos for walking in the cold!! And also for carrots rather than goodies.

maplover - Oh, I totally relate to the scale frustration. (((Hugs)))

Pam - Congrats on winning the November Challenge! Love your response to the problem of working shifts and having to work around that with food.

maryann - Have a wonderful time in FL!

Beverlyjoy - great reminder to be kind to ourselves. One of the most important things we can do. (((Hugs)))

onebyone - Big credit for weighing in and seeing the doctor. Kudos for not freaking out over temporary gains. It will all be gone very soon!

Looking forward to another great day of practicing tomorrow. Thanks as always for reading and have a lovely evening, all.
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

I tracked everything I ate, but was over my calorie goal for reducing weight. I weighed. I did not have exercise planned, but did do a little housework for activity. (I had hoped to get in a walk today, but a bad headache put me behind.) I have another holiday party tomorrow. I made a dip to bring, mostly to get rid of some igredients I have on hand that I don't want to plan for nor throw out. I have breakfast and lunch planned and dinner will be up in the air. I will be eating out and will not eat fried but will eat vegetarian (with emphasis on low fat food). Also, heading to bed early as a mechanism to say NO CHOICE to food I do not need. Credit to me!

BillBlueEyes, great job getting back on plan with the NO CHOICE and going to carrots instead.

Eusebius, great job getting in the time on the treadmill today. I'm glad your DH made a healthy dinner for you!

GardenerJoy, sounds like Beck caught most all of us with that thinking! Great job getting back on plan.

Maplover, glad to know you are sticking to your plan! Hope your mother feels better soon.

MaryAnn, good job for getting in exercise. Have a great trip to Florida and I hope you find lots of on plan food while traveling.

OneByOne, great job keeping your eyes on the prize and moving on after that gain.

PamAtGA, thanks for the reminder about what a demon perfectionism can be. Good job with the accountability and sitting down with the cookies and being honest with yourself about them.
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Tomorrow is the family Christmas for my tiny family -- my brother, his new (I guess I should quit saying that since it's been more than a year) girlfriend and her daughter. We're going non-traditional with our celebration -- a visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden for the holiday train show, the camellias, and the decorated Victorian house. The weather is supposed to be nice so we'll probably take a walk around the Japanese Garden.

Then, for lunch, a Thai restaurant. I already have my entree picked out -- Pad Ped Vegetables.

I'm looking forward to a healthy happy time!

WI: NA kgs, Exercise:+80 1160/1300 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Wonderful day out (CREDIT moi) is the bright sun in 20 degrees F with strong winds looking at the winter ducks and raptors. Always hard for me to believe that the Loons sitting on the ocean are warm enough when I'm wearing layers and layers.

Another great thing about being outdoors on an adventure is that lunch is exactly what I packed (CREDIT moi). It's easy to stick to the plan when that's all the food in the bag, LOL.

onebyone – Cheering for your march off the BP meds.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Whenever you write about it, the Missouri Botanical Garden goes on my Bucket List - what a joyful place.

Erika (eusebius) – Yay for "lovely, peaceful day" to create some head space.

Beverlyjoy – Great prep for the New Year, "kitchen is stocked with healthy foods."

FutureFitChick – Kudos for planning an additional way of enforcing NO CHOICE.

Pam (pamaga) – Congrats on winning that November BL challenge; T-shirts are nice, but you should specify that all prizes are shoes, LOL.

maryann - Ouch for eating a dinner standing up - I've been places where there were no other options. An OP breakfast is always a good start.

maplover – Ouch for the reality of scale bounce; Kudos for recognizing that it's just a piece of information despite the difficulty.

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 8 Follow Your Plan, No Matter What

<peeking ahead>
I can always plan to eat this food tomorrow.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 95.
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Hi Beckfolks/coaches/friends - yesterday was within my plan.... I have a bad cold and didn't feel like eating fresh veggies. I did have some fruit. I stayed in my calorie range... despite having a bite of a cookie. Thank goodness the cookies & candy will be gone after tonight. (taking it all to a party) I am grateful for the willingness to not sooth my cold with junk food.

I wrote down everything I ate yesterday & counted it in, wrote in my journal, did my stretches & strengthening, got some spontaneous exercise going up and down stairs for the heck of it, drank lots of water and more.

Tonight is a neighborhood party for the folks that moved to Idaho in October. They've come back for a visit. I am bringing a salad and we will order pizza and subs and a half sub with just turkey, mustard and double lettuce & tomatoes for me.

Our cousin called last night... our dearest aunt is in the hospital and it's not looking good for her. I will remind myself that food won't make her better and/or cure my sadness.

Billbe - your walk to see the birdies and an already packed lunch sound like a perfect day. Credit. Yesterday, I saw a hawk flying back and forth over the drugstore. I can’t imagine what had his attention.

- have a nice celebration. Credit for knowing what you’ll order at the restaurant in advance.

Furturefitchick - isn’t it nice that the parties will soon be over! Thanks for reminding me that NO Choice can come from just plan going to bed instead of eating.

Erika - your evening sound lovely indeed. Credit for a DH that makes a nice healthy pasta sauce.

Onebyone - credit for not freaking out over a gain… it’s good to remember that it’s just information. I love your attitude about getting off your bp meds.

Pam - credit for all your work helping others. I am inspired by this. Congrats on winning in the BL challenge! It’s nice to see that cutting certain foods out next year could make it easier/healthier/better.

map lover - I often struggle with the ’scale number as information’ too. They say it comes with practice. I still don’t like seeing that number ever going up… when I know there might be a reason beside what I ate.

I hope you all have a healthy day.
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Yesterday I gorged myself on all the high-calorie stuff I had lying around--was it subconsciously in preparation for today??? The start of the "real" diet? It was not exactly junk food, just food that I have trouble saying no to. I'm looking at you Lara Bars and peanut butter straight from the jar.

And what do you know, I am down 2.2 lbs today. Hard to explain. What i did differently: took an hour long walk, inspired by this depressing story in the NYTimes

The message from this article is that you can lose weight and keep it off, but it involves an enormous expenditure of energy. This is pretty consonant with Beck....

Here's another quote that resonates with what I am feeling today:
"you cannot go from a disordered system to an ordered system without inputting energy."--Stacy Platt. This applies to household clutter with which I also need help, but pretty much relates to my disordered relationship with my body.

Well today I have a food and exercise plan, the Lara Bars are gone and the remaining PB is in the garbage. I am working on success skill 4, giving yourself credit.

Beverlyjoy: congrats to staying OP. Sorry to hear about your aunt. My heart goes out to you and your family.

BBE: sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Love the idea of the ocean and wintering birds!

Gardenerjoy: love your nontraditional celebration idea.

FFC: Kudos for choosing to say No Choice ; ) !

Eusebius: Good for you for fitting in exercise in your lovely peaceful day.

Onebyone: it could be a lot worse!

Maryann: I share your scale pain; where are you going in FL? I live in the Tampa Bay area.

Pamatga: I am in awe of the way you are giving back to the community.

ps sorry for the non-bolding. I am still having trouble losing posts. It is either my browser or my new MacBook Air....
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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

We waved goodbye to family this morning. It's a good day to move right into a more regimented program following both Beck and South Beach guidelines. *credit*
This morning I:
1. weighed (above ticker but manageable)
2. cleaned out the fridge and got rid extra food
3. cleaned and organized my kitchen
4. copied and committed to daily check off of my Beck Stage 4 Success Skills Checklist (green book)
5. read my response cards

What really shouted out to me this morning was
#6 Put Dieting First
"I have to plan my life around exercise and dieting activities not vice versa. I deserve to put myself first."

Keeping this in mind, I made a food plan for the day and got on my recumbent bike for 30 minutes. *credit* I'm at a lower weight today than I was at the end of last year. I know it takes vigilance and I have willingness to continue my journey.

Sounds good!

BillBlueEyes, what a great feeling to have a lunch packed with exactly what you need! A belated thanks for your consistency with our group during this holiday season. I have certainly read every day although there were many I did not have the focused moments or internet connection to post.

maplover, thanks for the quote (I relate!) and for the link to the article. Great job getting back on track!

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for a very mindful holiday season! I hope you're feeling better soon with your cold. Sorry to hear about your aunt. You are right, food won't make her better or cure your sadness.

gardenerjoy, yay for a non-traditional and healthy family celebration!

FutureFitChick, great plan for today (Friday). Tracking food even when you're above your goal is still great progress. *credit*

Erika(eusebius), great that you are finding exercise time! I think it helps in more ways than one.

onebyone, glad to hear you are moving right along with what you need to do to be back on your WW plan.

MaryAnn, enjoy your vacation in Florida!

Pam(atga), congrats on your November challenge! You said, " I used this as an opportunity to share even if we can't micro manage every aspect of our food plan, there are still elements that we do have control over. I also saw this as an opportunity for reinforcement of my own food plan." I like that! *credit* for your continued enthusiasm for all your WL activities!

OK, off to Denver with my mom and sis....resist all samples is my goal!

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Default Newbie to the Beck Diet

Hello! I am brand new to the Beck Diet Solution and am working on Week 1, Day 6 of the pink book.

I've tried tons of diets in the past and tried to make them lifestyle changes but have never been able to commit long enough to see a big change. I read about the Beck Diet on here and really liked the psychological approach. I'm happy to say that I've been following the book faithfully so far and already notice changes in my thinking and eating patterns. My ultimate goal is to with my brother on a weekend hike on the Appalachian Trail this upcoming June. I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me but taking it one day at a time is keeping the typical dieting stress at bay.

I am hoping this forum will help me to stay on track and keep me inspired. Have a wonderful New Year!

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GD everyone! I also want to thank Mr. Bill for his dedication to being our "main man" here on this Beck Diet Group thread. I once read somewhere that if we just "show up", half the battle is won. Thank you, Bill, for "showing up".

melrose As a chronic yo-yo dieter myself and having tried every diet that has come down the pike, I will go to my grave saying how I finally broke that cycle once I hooked into the Beck Life line last April. Now, if I regain any weight, it is only around 5 lbs (usually sodium-induced from something I ate at a restaurant). I can get back on track so much quicker now. Where I used to have bad months, weeks,, it is only a bad meal. Beck works if you work it! I did the Pink book and I think I will review it for the new year and then jump into the second green book (which Bill has quotes from in his posts). Glad to have you!

Lexxiss as always, you hit the nail on the head. In as gentle a way I could write, I shared the line with those who are "overwhelmed" by their individual obstacles and therefore ready to quit before they even begin: (I think it was from Tazzy?) "Look for reasons to succeed, not excuses to fail!" For more years than I want to count, I put my dieting and losing weight about 5-10th on my "Priority" list. Gee, no wonder I didn't see the results that I wanted.

credit I got back to my recommended calories yesterday, logged my food, ate sitting down, did not eat late night in spite of sleeping issues (sigh) and I was "rewarded" with some sodium-induced bloat finding its way to the Chatahootchee. Again, I credit the Beck way with the ability to get back on track after a slight off-center movement into "no no" land.

thanks for the link to the article. Reality checks are "a good thing".

beverlyjoy sending virtual hot chicken noodle soup your way. hope you feel better sooner than later.

gardenerjoy Kudos on the non-traditional new tradition. My sister, Paula, told me she was just too worn out to take the lead on all of the holiday preps so she ordered up a deli tray. I told her, "Make your own traditions." Her kids are all picky eaters anyway. She said it worked out well. I suspect the kids were relieved that they didn't have to hear " all the trouble [she] went to via "speech, sighs or rolling of eyes" that usually accompany when we are feeling "under appreciated".

You know, Norman Rockwell, as much as I like his depictions of "American traditions", sure did us women folk a disservice when he set the bar on that one. I have never had a roasted turkey look exactly like the one he painted. I dare say, neither did his wife either!

FFC WTG with all the progress you are making!!

eusebius Kudos on finding time to get some exercise in. Spell check is there for times when we want to "imbibe" and type.

maryann Florida is the only place in this region that is warm. We have had some very chilly overnight lows this past week only 6 hours north of where you will be. I think Florida pays extra for "hogging all the sun's warmth".

onebyone I am so glad to hear that you are in the right place to be when it comes to what the scales says. It is yet "another piece of data". You have the attitude of a "winner" and a "loser" (if you know what I mean).

Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my new group. I see myself as a teacher (which I have been in my work history past) and a large classroom.

Speaking of work, I have accepted a job offer to do taxes professionally this coming tax season with my former employer's competitor. They offered and I accepted. All's fair in "love, war and filing taxes." Now, the crunch on my time begins. I have to take some updated courses online then go into one of the regional offices to take the exam on those. This is done annually just to keep abreast of latest developments in changes in tax law, etc. which usually happen first week in January right before the doors are opened. Paul and I decided we wanted to beat the crowds so we are going out tonight to eat. So, I will be popping the cork tomorrow night while I have my "big tax law books" open on my lap.

After listening to my son's logical reasoning (he gets this from his mother--he also hates when I remind him that all his good qualities came from me --okay I do it to needle him too!) I have decided that I am going to pursue graduate school. I ordered a book on preparing for the GRE exam (I took it back in 1987) so that is what I will be doing "as well" starting out the New Year. (Enriching my life--that is later in the pink book melrose)


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Quick checkin tonight coaches. We've been invited out to a friend's place for wine and nibblies. I'm eating before I go and will focus on healthier options (that I'm bringing myself!) - mini whole wheat pitas and hummus. I got on the scale this morning and saw a number that was lower than my first 5-pound goal ... so I'm determined to keep healthy over the weekend and weigh in at or below the goal!

Did yoga today ... aaahhh.

Wishing everyone a lovely evening, and a special welcome to Melissa (Melrose)!
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