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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - The more I do the more opportunities I have for practicing acceptance. An approaching deadline helps; we're having guests over Christmas and our house will look better if I get all my workbench stuff out of the living space. I welcome deadlines for helping me to accept a reasonable solution to a problem rather than a perfect one.

I had to show up with some food, so I brought Falafel with tahini sauce which made me feel very healthy since it's vegetarian. It's also fried in a lot of oil; thank goodness I count portions not calories, LOL. Oh Well, it was better than Italian sausages. CREDIT moi for an on plan food day.

Erika (eusebius) You're welcome back seventy time seven times, at least according to both the song and the good book. Kudos for addressing that Sabotaging Thought that your gut is always hungry. I know that one - and I believed it. sarahbennett21 posted some neat thoughts on that yesterday.

FutureFitChick Ouch for the blahs, particularly when they make you feel like everything is wrong. It's a challenge to work on accepting that blahs happen and tomorrow is another day. I wish you well.

Pam (pamaga) Interesting that craving can be for the "experience" not just the food.

Tazzy - LOL at spontaneous exercise with a shopping cart in a snow filled parking lot. Kudos for the swimming.

maplover Many Kudos for taking the time to give yourself credit on an overloaded day. Hope things work out well for your mother.

Hollyp Planning and tracking are key steps; Kudos for going after them.

sarahbennett21 Such an interesting observation that the fear is all you're giving up. Thanks for that thoughtful discussion. We tend to use the word 'credit' for the simple acknowledgement of accomplishment, and 'reward' for something that celebrates a success. Hope that you publish your ideas on other rewards since many of us are looking for ideas. I tend to give myself books; since I have too many the notion of reward justifies clicking away on Amazon.

I too, feared that life without overeating would feel deprived. But that hasn't been so. I recently chanced upon a big party at the Art Museum that I easily could have joined. Prior to my journey, I'd have jumped at the chance for FREE food. But now, I just continued on my way, unmotivated by FREE food. (Notice that I didn't seem particularly concerned that I wasn't invited, LOL.)

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 6 Overcome Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating
experiment 6 Prove that you don't need to eat when you're upset.

The more you practice this skill, the easier and easier it gets, until eventually you won't give in at all anymore. Every time you want to eat for emotional reasons, tell your Diet Buddy during your nightly communication and relate what you did.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 88.
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Hey everyone!!! Thanks for the warm welcomes! I am doing Day 5 again because I'd like to focus more on the eating slowly bit, I didn't manage that at all yesterday so I'll take some of your advice Pam and any of you who'd like to chime in too. I also ended up overeating. My lunch wasn't tasty at all so I wolfed it down. Then unsatisfied but full I started eating lettuce standing up and well one thing led to another... "oh well". So today I am going to focus on getting the eating slowly and sitting down bit down. I'm also planning to note down any cravings for a particular food and think about "having it later", and how I might work it into my healthy lifestyle...

Maryann: Well done for eating slowly and mindfully irrespective of what it is. Good use of "Oh Well" - I like it! Also the training to work with your hunger...As for food obsession, how do you feel about that? do you think it is necessary right now, to deal with the issue? When I quitted smoking I used to think about it all the time, and I still think on it every day. For me I reason that what matters is what I think, I think about how wonderful it is to be free, and what an achievement it was and the confidence it can add to other things, like I managed X so I can do Y. I think that's OK...

HollyP: Yes there are things that I have found so far do and do not work for me on the program and things I have to "tweak" to make work for me. I think that is OK, and the reason I'm going through the course is to work out what is going to work for me specifically going forwards. My tweaks I think will include to focus on "eating behaviour/thinking" vis a vis "dieting", "decision made" vs "no choice", and perhaps a couple of other things (that I'm happy to share when I've figured'em out). From what I've read Beck is totally fine with that, she's looking to be helpful (I really like this!) not to develop a cult following!!! But I will say, that I'm going to try everything she suggests first and go through the course with an open heart and mind. With respect to the ARC, I think (please correct me if I am wrong) the intention may be to reflect on these a couple of times a day, having them in front of you (a bit like a prayer book) is a way of enabling that reflection. But also it's not the point just to read per se, rather to think, reflect and remind. Maybe it will help to take a more interactive approach and look at the list and think about adding an advantage, or arranging the order of them in priority to you... Anyway, I know what you mean and you are not alone with this! As for weighing, that's interesting. Have you thought about a zero scale (one that just tracks progress rather than showing the number). Do you weigh every day or once a week? Do you know whether it works for you in terms of helping you stay/get back on track versus not weighing? (even if you find it upsetting). There are different theories about weighing yourself and I'm not sure what will work for me in the long run, though I can say that in my life when I've been at my lightest I hardly ever weighed myself. Having said that it also applied to me at my very heaviest... Jury's still out for me on that one. Hunger is fine, don't sweat it! And there's no evidence I've been able to find that skipping one meal will make the metabolism slow down! Though I do understand your concerns about it interfering with your rhythm... Thanks for the welcome, and on leaving the bite the rebellious part of me says "why leave a bite, how pointless" on the other hand it helps to instead say "why not?" and I can use the rebellious side to say "nobody can make me eat that last bite!"

Onebyone: Well done! Beef Jerky is totally worth it I think, I mean the home made stuff can't be beat... Kudos for tracking...

Gardenerjoy: RE Pot Luck. This type of event is my downfall. Oh Well. Please don't beat yourself up, learn from it and thanks for sharing! My own approach for those things that I have found work in the past is actually to save a very large number of calories for them over the course of the week, like saving up for a prom dress. I'm not sure if this is the best strategy in respect of addressing my behaviour but it's the only thing that's worked for me vis a vis managing my weight. I'm not going to forget your 13th December pledge :-)

FFC: Thanks for the warm welcome and your words really spoke to me. Regarding your earlier question on what works/doesn't work this time: I think what's working for me is taking "recovery"/(stopping my unhealthy habits) seriously and recognising I have issues with eating per se that are worth addressing for an improved quality of life. I will ponder it more and also share what else I have found works and doesn't work... And thanks for your tips! Hope you feel better soon, it will pass, sometimes addressing this issue gives you a sense of hollowness, I understand that and am experiencing it now, it will pass I believe.

Beverlyjoy: Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. Thanks for checking in and your admission things are the way they are right now, that spoke to me and it's OK. Maybe just think small steps? Hope you feel better soon and look forward to hearing more from you.

BBE: "I do like that being busy makes hunger go away just as surely as does a meal." Love that! So true. Also regarding Beck, I was looking for a course of self help CBT, and am familiar with the father's work. This is an area of academic interest to me I've taken to Graduate research level so it didn't take me a lot of googling to find you guys and am so glad I have! Thanks for the welcomes! Thanks for the inspiration post, and admitting to doing just what you said not to do on it "now you have two problems...". Well done for getting quickly back on track! By the way, for situations like that what has worked for me is a quick deep breath and saying to myself "When ever I've felt this way in the past I used to..." (eg., hit the trail mix) "but now I..." (eg., go for a walk), and try it (whatever works)... Well done on the carrot cake and passing up FREE food (nice to know it can be done), and reward/credit distinction is handy.

Now I'm going to make an observation:- I don't tend to give myself credit for recovering from a cold, a credit is something I might give for the sacrifice of something inherently desirable (rather than ending an aggravation or diseased state of body or mind). The act of giving credit might reinforce a belief I am giving something up and what I am giving up is desirable, so much so I would have to apply willpower every day of my life and it would forever be an uphill struggle. If I had applied the same logic to smoking, I'd have given up and started again a million times by now. Instead I looked at the smoking problem in reverse (getting myself to the way of thinking of it as a diseased state of body and mind), and then didn't see recovery as "giving something up" any more than I'd be giving up a cold or a flu. When the sense of sacrifice was removed and when I believed it was not going to do anything for me it was then relatively easy to stop and stop for good. I've also noticed that "naturally" thin people tend toward crediting themselves for eating more ("I've done really well with dinner, and managed more than I did yesterday") rather than less, and I've found that this mindset reversal (ie., not eating too much=inherently comfortable/desirable, overeating=inherently uncomfortable/undesirable) very effective to emulate. I have a card called "Easy Mindset" and one of the things I read is "I used to turn to food when stressed but now I find when I get upset or stressed, it's really hard to eat"

Maplover: One suggestion is that it does not matter what it is. For example whether the food is high (cupcake) or low calorie (lettuce), it's the habit of sitting down that is important irrespective of the food. I'm struggling with this too and don't have all the answers. I just try to catch myself as soon as I notice, then immediately stop and say "I used to be that way but now I'm different" and go on to sit down to eat. Another tip is to try to make every morsel of food look beautiful, nicely presented, pick nice pretty plates, see it as art, I find that when I am in the habit of doing just that, I'm much more likely to sit down and enjoy it, though when I am overly hungry that is very hard to do. So a tide over salad of leaves, jello, coffee or home made sugar free popsicle (sitting down) can settle me so I can concentrate on making my meal so so pretty! :-). Love your expression "sink into the food" and "cannot afford to do that". Does make me wonder what you mean, like will you "sink into the food" when you reach your weight loss goal?

Lexxiss: Good job on the Mexican place! Regarding Glenwood Hot Springs I have to go some place like that, it's freezing here in England :-( and the short days and bitter cold weather sure does contribute to my desire to eat recreationally ... Incidentally, hot bath, sauna, jacuzzi, hot water bottle, hot tea, by converse also seem to help me cope with food cravings and often something hot will help me stay on plan...

Pamatga: Absolutely adored your post, especially on the Christmas party and looking fab. Will take your tips on putting down cutlery and prolonging, timing is also an idea, though I can spend 4 hours eating no problem (when I eat too much!!!). I'd love to hear more about your initiatives too. What works for me when I feel unwell is saying to myself "I just don't feel well enough to eat / can't be bothered..." Turning it around so that I am directing my willpower to eating more (well/nourishing food) rather than eating less. Abstaining from a habit is technically less of an effort than engaging in it. And I also tell myself its OK when I'm not well to give my body a break... Doesn't always work but works when my mind is in the right place... and that's what I tell myself when it is...

Tazzy: Big kudos for getting back on track, the exercise, and doing it in the winter and when you don't feel like it! Swimming I think is great. Well done for reporting in and your overall progress, am rooting for you!

Erika/Eusbius: Credit for coming back, it was inspiring to read your post and I think you are doing good to focus on your emotions. I think hunger is like being in love, no mistaking true hunger. Often there is a niggling "I want a..." (eg., slice of carrot cake) feeling that is not hunger at all. Feeling fat and uncomfortable is not very nice, I'm sure we all know that one, empathy. May I ask what has in the past made you go back and forth to Beck rather than use it for maintenance? And what has tended to make you regain lost weight?
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Sorry to go MIA! It's been a very busy few days, and the next two weeks don't look much less crazy, but I'll try harder to get in here. I really need to report in every day.

report: didn't read my cards, weighed (3.8 under goal), ate slowly and mindfully even though I was at a post-funeral reception with huge amounts of delicious-looking food AND was drinking wine, so yay me. Got planned but little spontaneous exercise -- went to class, but it's been pouring for days so I didn't walk there and back. Didn't contact my diet buddy.

sarahb -- don't feel like you have to reply to everyone every day. I try to when I have time, but when I don't have time, I skip it. The most important thing to do is report in. Re: the importance of reading advantages and response cards -- I read them when I feel I need to. I keep them handy, and while I was losing I did read at least my advantages deck every day. Now that I'm maintaining I tend to use them more ad hoc. Yay, you for realizing that life not be less enjoyable when you don't overeat. You have a choice about which is more enjoyable: overeating, or being in control. You can't have both, but you can have THE CHOICE.

Tazzy -- I try to limit refined carbs, too. I find that when I eat them -- as I have been in the past few weeks -- I end up wanting more and more.

Erika -- good for you for coming back! And good for you for countering the sabotaging thought that the vaguely uncomfortable feeling in your gut is hunger and can be fixed with food.

Holly -- good for you for committing to tracking and sticking to plan.

Pam -- I love to eat out, too, and definitely partially because I love the experience of eating in restaurants. I have several go-to dishes that I know are low calorie. In a Japanese restaurant, I can order miso soup, a California roll and a glass of wine for about 400 calories.

maplover -- hugs on the stressful day, but yay, you, for passing up so many opportunities to eat off plan and for reminding yourself that 'sinking into the food' is counterproductive to your goals.

FFC -- good for you for taking time over reading your cards so you could really think about what each of those advantages means to you!

BBE -- yay for going on your way instead of jumping at the chance for free food.
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Val: Big well done for the weight result and how you managed yourself around the delicious looking food . And thanks for the tip regarding replying to everyone. I don't expect I'll be able to keep it up when I don't have time, but it does seem to be helping me for the time being... "You have a choice about which is more enjoyable: overeating, or being in control. You can't have both, but you can have THE CHOICE " Absolutely! And thanks for your words. By the way ditto regarding refined carbs, I'm the same, especially refined sugar, that causes me such problems I am considering cutting it out...
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I've been reading, just not posting. I am struggling...since Thanksgiving. I have my yearly physical tomorrow - that will be a reality check, I am sure.

Will plan, plan, and plan some more. It all starts with a plan and then throw in some willingness to do it.

As always I appreciate your support, wisdom, and caring ways.
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GD everyone!

I am going to respond "en mass" rather than individually. I have already been at this computer several hours and I need to break to break out all of my Christmas decorations, etc. I was procrastinating on that until I saw my next door neighbor's outdoor lights up and that got the "competitive" edge out in me and now I am determined to get everything in place asap.

*I bought a new digital scales a year ago. I can do a lot more with it (like record BMI, % of water in my body, track my overall weight lose, etc.) but all I really do is just weigh myself every morning then I record it. The rest is just too much of a bother to keep resetting it every time I lose some weight. I keep the records for about 3 months and then I delete them. I have two feelings about weighing: 1) it keeps me focused 2) it is only a number.

*I log my food daily on the BLC site which I am a member. Each food item is logged according to when I ate it, how much and how many calories. My overall goal is to 1) stay within the recommended daily calorie range 2) keep the nutrients balanced so I am eating healthy overall. I weigh and measure everything I eat after I have read the food label. I eat one serving size at a time. I do not eat seconds.

*I keep a "clean" kitchen. I find that this is the best way for me to deal with eating and staying "on plan". I have a list of "trigger" foods that I do not handle well. I do have to re-evaluate that from time to time because sometimes a food that wasn't a trigger food can become one. Raisins are something that is right now "riding the fence" in terms of possibly becoming a new trigger food. I am watching them closely to see which way they go.

*With the resurfacing of my old stomach ulcer, I have had to change my exercise program. I was pushing myself (and enjoying it) this past summer, to walk more on the treadmill. The "problem" was that I was also taking strong NSAIDS before so I could do so and following up with ice pads afterwards. I have now made the decision to only walk 3-10 minute sessions on the treadmill and for the time being every other day. My stomach lining is shot from all of the pain meds I have taken for nearly 18 years and I have to let it heal. Key word: BALANCE.

*For those of you new to Beck, I don't talk about some of the skills because I feel that I have "mastered" those and I have moved on to tackling tougher ones for me. Right now, I have identified that "Enriching my Life" is the cornerstone of my total and complete recovery from food addiction. Now, that I am healed from all of the emotional wounds of childhood sexual abuse, I have realized that (as my adult son reminds me) I "have settled" for a kind of life that I live that is less than all I had hoped for or dreamed of. Multiple physical and mental health issues have kept me "home bound" longer than I care to admit. I have realized that I have allowed myself to become a prisoner and it is time to "break free".

*So, my weight lose journey is no longer about how many pounds I still need to lose but also about loosening the grip that addiction has had on my life. I am not only counting calories and pounds down, but the movement towards a life that is free from addiction.

Out of death comes life. I am dying to the old self to be reborn into the new.

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Hi everyone,

It's good to be back The first day went well. One step at a time. We have our meals planned for the rest of the week and I am planning on going out for a walk with DH shortly. I have been struggling with my habitual patterns of depression and irritation, which I am sure is at least partially due to bad nutrition and not enough sleep. These are both things I'm trying to address, but it's a tough go in the beginning.

Hollyp - great job writing and tracking … so important. As soon as I stop tracking, I know I've gone down the wrong road. Good for you for recognizing its importance.

pamatga - love your idea for a new permanent weight loss group featuring Beck. You really are doing a great service! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your journey right now … you are showing great courage and resolve.

maplover - (((hugs)))) for your stressful day - and major credit for staying on plan through it all!!

FutureFitChick - (((hugs))) to you too - I have been through so many of those days where I feel like I haven't done enough or been enough. Sometimes it is tough to get perspective and remember your true value, which is immeasurable! I am saying this to myself as well as to you

BillBE - great perspective on deadlines helping us accept reasonable rather than perfect solutions. Thanks for the welcome back

sarahbennett21 - eating slowly & sitting down are huge challenges for me too. Good idea to note your cravings in writing - I might try this too. How cool that you have researched CBT at the grad level - I have a lot to learn from you!!

To answer your very good questions: I have gone back and forth with Beck for a number of reasons but I think they all boil down to unrealistic expectations of myself and resulting fatigue. If I get tired enough I find it very, very difficult to think straight, which seems to be a key component of this program. So it's very important for me to get enough rest. I think regaining lost weight for me is due to similar causes - I have gone through so many cycles of wanting things to be better, trying for a while, maybe getting too ambitious, then falling into relapse mode due to sabotaging thoughts that I feel too tired to counter. I need to accept baby steps and imperfection and I was brought up (like many of us) to believe that they are insufficient. Years of meditation practice and dharma study are starting to make me believe otherwise … but it's a long, long road with no end …

va1erie - great job at the reception! and I'm very impressed that you are not only at goal, but under it!

Beverlyjoy - ((((hugs)))) to you - I am so empathetic to your struggle. Can we restart together?

LOL, I hope I haven't talked your virtual ears off today. Time to go meditate a bit and then walk. Have a great day, everyone.
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Everyone:- I don't yet know whether this is a tip because I don't yet know how well this is going to work in the long run, but so far I've found something that has helped me a few times stop an overeating episode lasting several days/weeks. It's taking a "rhythm" approach to my eating with a core diet of two low calorie but "bulky" meals (protein + as much veg as I like taken with multivitamin + fish oils) and two servings each of fruit + carbohydrate (as needed). I try to take those at similar times each day (to reconnect with my appetite).

It's a bit less than I might normally eat if I'm feeling confident, but not so much it makes me panic and want to overeat, or so little I feel deprived. Most of the food has low calorie density so I am not in the position of "Oh Well" ending up having too much of anything and no food group is banned (though the carbohydrates + fruit are optional and restricted they are not banned and are enough to plug any physical need for them). I then find I can relax and focus on the sitting down, the eating slowly and mindful eating without worrying about quantities for a few days. Then when the episode of overeating has been nipped in the bud and a good pattern reinstated I can tweak the pattern... Interested to know what works for you on this one too...

Beverlyjoy: Love your "I can't lose 100 pounds....but, just maybe I can lose five pounds twenty times". Chin up, you have lost 56lb, no mean feat! I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling. I find when I fall off the wagon as it were it tends to be quite reinforcing, a run for a couple of days or much more, weeks, months sometimes. This is where I am finding "Oh Well" helps me... though I do also use it the wrong way, as in "What the H*ll", "a large Toblerone - Oh Well", "Pint of Ben and Jerry's Oh Well", I think you get the picture... Still working on the balance between being committed and also not too hard on myself, even when I've slipped up... tricky one that...

That was an awesome post Pam, it really spoke to me. I take the exact same approach to the scales as you do. I was touched by your post, and grateful for your advice. I've often wondered about keeping a clean kitchen and have mixed feelings about it.

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Whew! Welcome to the crowd.
Back from the wedding - lots of credit but certainly a few slips in sitting down eating. Weight two pounds from ticker. Today is hunger experiment and I feel the anxiety. I am at work and want to eat over the emotions work brings up. Still, it is 10:00 and I have stayed away from food for two hours so far. I have travelled this road before. I know it is worthwhile so I continue to act as if I can do this even though I doubt it. I firmly believe, I am not judged by feelings, only by actions So I will act brave and maybe feel it later in the day.
Best to all.
Welcome back Eusibius. It is tough out there. Seek a little shelter with us.

sarahbennett21:Interesting questions you pose. Do I think it is necessary to work with the food obsession right now? It is the obsession which steals my life from me. The weight is just the symptom and at 48 with a loving husband who thinks I am sexy, health, and a young son to focus on - the extra weight gain is not sufficient to make me stop overeating. But the obession, oh the obession makes me lose all the moments, the "inches" and "seconds" that make this life worthwhile. The smile of DS as he tells the punchline to a joke and I don't see it because I am thinking of stealing an extra helping. The hugs of long lost relatives which I don't feel because I am looking past them to the cake plate and wondering if anyone will notice me scraping the extra frosting off with my index finger. The inches I lost stopping to prevent a car accident because the bag of cookies I had been shoving shoving in my face while driving fell in my lap and I was looking down trying to clean myself up.
Also, to the question of "If I was acting the Beck prinicples and still losing weight, would I be upset?" I don't think it is possible to be too low because the principles teach me to return to a natural state of eating - responding to hunger and not emotions, enriching life where food is not the center stage - that all brings me to what I would be a healthy "balance" for me. I was never "in balance" at 200 pounds. I cannot imagine being "in balance" at 120 with my frame. I am a size 8 at 150 with a healthy BMI. Good enough.

Just thoughts.

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Erika thanks that is interesting. Yes we all have a lot we can learn from each other, what an incredible group, so glad to have found you all, enthusiasm is spilling over, I'm sorry I feel that relieved to have run across you lot, I don't mean to be totally hogging the forum!

Maryann your thoughts about the obsession are so beautifully put and well written and put the nail on the head with respect to my own desire to quit the addiction too. I will be rereading that post from time to time. Thank you for it.
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

Another rough day for me. I did not plan for eating and ended up doing fast food for breakfast and lunch. I chose somethinng healthier, but not quite truly healthy, than my usual drive-thru breakfast choice. So, I guess I will take credit for that. For lunch, while I did eat my fries while driving, I sat without driving to eat my sandwhich at lunch. Dinner was an impromptu mixture of stuff in the pantry and freezer. Not unhealthy in total calories, but not a well-balanced day.

I got more bad news on my pets today. I had the 2 cats in for a recheck (one has renal failure and the other has been dealing with a metasticized lung cancer of unknown source). I was more concerned about the renal failure cat since she recently ended up with detached retinas as a result of blood pressure being too high. She ended up being OK. The other guy has a new, fast growing tumor on his soft pallet, which is nearly impossible to treat. So, he basically has weeks to months left to live. The dog goes back on Friday for a recheck of her vertebral fusion with neurology. My wallet on a graduate student's salary is EMPTY!!!

I also got my teaching/class schedule today for the spring. It is terrible and I don't have any clue how I'm going to make the time to take care of myself, my husband, and get any of the research and writing done I need to do for my proposed August graduation. I'm going to make the best of it though. (For some reason I thought going back to school was a good idea -- but I guess I would feel pretty lame if I got a graduate degree for which I didn't have to work hard.)

P.S. I always write the above part first and then respond to your posts below. After responding to your posts, I am feeling much lighter in heart and I am VERY GRATEFUL for all of you! Sincere thanks! CREDIT to everyone here for your awesome soul!

BeverleyJoy, hang in there for your physical. You've had a lot going on this year, so don't forget to give yourself credit for that.

BillBlueEyes, I need to make "I welcome deadlines for helping me accept a reasonable solution to a problem rather than a perfect one" a mantra. Thanks for sharing that. Great job for an "on plan day"!

Eusebius, great job getting back on track and for the walk! That is excellent. Thanks so much for the hug! Lamely, it brought tears to my eyes! Thanks!

MaryAnn, I am glad you had a good weekend. Credits for that! Thanks so much for your awesome response to SarahBennett21's question -- fantastic thoughts!

PamAtGA, good to see all of those plans and to learn more about how you do things. Credit (and don't sell yourself short) for all of the things you do for others in writing and posting on these forums.

SarahBennett21, thank you so much for "this shall pass" and recognizing the hollow feeling in me. Your words have made me grateful that I have been slow to ease that hollowness by filling up with food. Thank you! I also loved your "Easy Mindset" to BBE. This change in thought can make former depreviation become fulfillment, which has been a problem with off plan eating for me. Big credit for redoing Day 5. I think I have a lifetime of Day 5 in my future to break bad habits of the past.

Va1erie, great job at the funeral. I think right now if I were at one, it would be a sudden pass in my head to be off plan. Good for you!
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Just wanted to say Hi, I am currently on day 6 of the Beck diet solution ( finding a diet coach). I have already chosen my 2 diets WW being the main one.

I am really enjoying the book so far as its is so straight forward. I am hoping to find support here for my journey and to offer my support as well

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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

First, sending supportive thoughts to FutureFitChick. I'm so sorry to hear about your loving pet family, and understand, too, how the vet fees adding up place such a strain on the budget. We have had 3 years of vet stuff here.

Beverlyjoy, credit for continued willingness, and supportive thoughts as you proceed to your annual appointment.

BillBlueEyes, I'm pondering, as I read this morning, "I welcome deadlines for helping me to accept a reasonable solution to a problem rather than a perfect one." I have some deadlines coming, too, as I'd imagine we all have. Thanks for sharing.

I had to look back and see when I last was Sunday afternoon. It seems like I've lived a week in these past two days.
My world right now is keeping "food sane" while navigating a very complex schedule. I've worked my two days but haven't unpacked from Monday's travel. Mom has an eye appt. in Denver early this morning, too. I recognize my environment is very directly related to my food sanity.

I'm going to get physically organized and unpacked, then make my meal plan through Sunday. *credit* I'll make my list for Costco/Whole Foods and make my list for all mailings which need to be sent. *credit* I will say NO CHOICE to 20 min. on my recumbent bike. *credit*. I will remember to step on the scale. *credit* I will acknowledge gratitude for continuing to focus on healthy habits VIA Beck Diet Solution. *credit*

Feeling better already....

I *may* take my laptop with me today and try to catch up here. My mom's appt. is 4+ hours, but there isn't always a great option for internet.

Responding to you all helps me so much. Thank you all for being here!

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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Left most of the baked potato on my plate at dinner, CREDIT moi. Leaving food that won't become leftovers is always difficult for me, but lately I've been leaving part of the potatoes that DW serves to try to keep my food on plan for the day.

Finally dug out the boxes that contain some cold weather clothing that went to be basement for the painting. I shudder whenever I observe the volume of clothes that I have - mostly redundant. It's my dream to own only a select set of clothes that I wear regularly.

Erika (eusebius) Oh Yes, "One step at a time." - I'm waiting to reach that age when that notion is obvious to me, rather than my desire to do it ALL ... NOW.

Beverlyjoy Good luck on your physical today. Continuing to send support as you move through a difficult time.

FutureFitChick Sending supportive thoughts as you suffer along with the beloved animals in your care. Kudos for facing a challenging Spring with a lighter heart.

Pam (pamaga) Thanks for "Key word: BALANCE" I find that I keep looking for a silver bullet for many issues from food to painting baseboards, yet the answer seems to always come up, BALANCE. And again for this one, "I am dying to the old self to be reborn into the new." I'll try this thought today when I'm facing some boxes of books that should move to another home so that there's room for the new me.

maryann - So useful for me to remember, "only by actions ... and maybe feel it later in the day." I do love that good, good feeling when I look back at the food not taken.

Val (va1erie) A post-funeral reception is particularly hard for me; I'm overwhelmed with the Sabotaging Thought that grief justifies over eating. So particular Kudos for handling that one.

sarahbennett21 Your rhythm tip resonates with me; I stick to my planned meal and snack times without much regard to 'hunger' - being convinced that my hunger sensor has long been broken. It helps me to know that a meal or snack is only xxx minutes away, so of course I can wait. [Thanks for the reminder to use the powerful phrase, "When ever I've felt this way in the past I used to ... but now I ... " It's a useful thought to move away from sacrifice to abandoning a diseased state. I'll try that on my trail mix urges today.]

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 6 Overcome Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating
experiment 6 Prove that you don't need to eat when you're upset.

reality check
If you are thinking: I deserve to eat when I'm emotional.
Face reality: If you want to enjoy permanent weight loss, you just can't eat when you're upset. You deserve to feel comfort, but find other ways to achieve it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 89.
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Yesterday my own rhythm tip put me back on track, and I was fine! Yay!!! It's amazing how just one day, even one meal can really contribute a big positive and helps no end with my confidence... feel a cold coming on though, "I need more food to give me energy to overcome my cold by boosting my immune system..."? Any of you familiar with that one? Clotted cream and warm mince pies are what I'm thinking of for that immune system boost... nom nom (somebody please slap me!!!!)

LadyM: Welcome! I am on day 6 too today!!!! You are more than welcome to personal message me since we are at the exact same stage on our journey!

FFC: So sorry to hear about your pets. I too am finding responding to posts has helped to lift me and feels worthwhile, a better way of connecting to myself and by sharing in this way I don't feel nearly as alone. And you are not alone either!

Lexxiss: Really enjoyed your summary on getting organized. That inspired me, because it's a reminder of how you can list a bunch of little things, just go ahead and do them, and more is in your hands and control than it might seem. I sometimes - Ok often - can use reminding of the fact that I am in charge, and if I dare to take the steering wheel it's not outside my own capability to change direction...

BBE: I know what you mean about leaving food that won't become leftovers. I find it much easier to cope with the "have it later" frame of mind, possibly make it into something else, freeze it, give it to someone else (pass the problem on!), but it's ingrained in me, I've been raised, and on many levels I still think it is right, not to throw food away...
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