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report: didn't read my cards, forgot AGAIN to weigh this morning, argh. Got planned but no spontaneous exercise.

No time for callouts today, sorry! Busy busy busy!
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Good Morning coaches,

Today is my first official day of Xmas vacation. Credit for doing the last week of school better than I have done before. It didn't FEEL like I did it better but my actions were better - no flying tantrums, moderate food indulgence, getting right back on track with the program, etc... I am wiped out and have spent all morning puttering with a little wrapping, watching a sad movie, eating OP.
Mostly, I feel sad today because I can't seem to treat myself better. I over plan, let exercise go, start seeking externally for acceptance, enough-ness blah blah and then I end up in the puddle I am today (emotionally) Sigh! progress not perfection.
So the facts: Two pounds from ticker, OP, committed to yoga immediately after I finish writing, get off my back, iron DS good pants and shirt for the Christmas concert tonite, counseling with hubby and that is more than enough for one day.
Hello to all, call outs tom.

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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

I have 30 minutes…I'm getting my hair done and the clock is ticking!

I think food "just is" a bit of a struggle this time of year-even for thin people. That said, I had two positive events which I feel are related to my continuing to work with Dr. Beck's suggested stills.
1.I was finding myself eating a few things at work. I took time to think it through. Although I have done amazingly well it is not realistic to expect I am not ever going to eat during an 8 hour shift. Wednesday I took my own organic almond butter. When it was "lunch time" I ordered a side of blueberries and sliced bananas. I took two discarded heels of bread and had an enjoyable PB/banana sandwich after I enjoyed the blueberries. It was ultra fantastic! *credit* I feel like it's a real sign of control over my environment!

2.We traveled to our other house this am and arrived to a potential disaster. It's a good thing we came over. I opened the fridge to put food away and spontaneously and ferociously cleaned it out. Afterwards, I recognized my action as a non-food response to the distress I was feeling. *credit*

I'm going back and will add as many personals as I can during my waiting time. ::

BillBlueEyes , BIG CREDIT for seriously ignoring cheeses , commercial cookies and the dessert table ! What a great strategy to remember your box of H&D at home! BTW-will bring my own pecans for my work sandwich on Monday.

Val(valerie), yay for planned exercise! It's such an important consistency in maintenance even when forgetting to weigh

Shannon(Daimere), yay for skipping that extra plate-especially when they were offering it to everyone else.

Erika(eusebius), my morning event reminded me of your Christmas tree just toppling. Keep repeating your mantra. I like it!

gardenerjoy, yay for reasonable choices!
I'm using your saying lots…"It's not about me."

FutureFitChick, yay for planning your next day's food after reflecting on your moments missed during your celebratory meal.

An incredibly busy day......ending w/party I will try to get back. I appreciate you all so very much.

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Thumbs up credits galore.

Hi Coaches

Well, well, well.

It was official WW weigh-in day today. I lost 1.4lbs this week bringing me within a hair's breath of my 5% goal. I've lost 13.8lbs. 5%=14lbs.

Sooooooooo close.

Sooooooooo great.


I had great success last night at the potluck. What a relief it's over. What I did right was

1)bring my own *small* plate for my food (we were asked to bring our own dinnerware

2)make a dish that was lo-cal and not tempting. Enter the bland Cucumbers with hummus and yogurt. Perfect. No tempting sweet thing or ingredients for sweet things to trip me up even before they are made let alone after they are made and during the event itself.

3) I scanned the offering avoiding all pasta and things that looked overly starchy. There were TWO offerings of shrimp and salmon so I had some shrimp and salmon, a spoonful of quinoa salad (also two of them), a spoonful of wild rice salad, a slice of avocado and some cherry tomatoes. Done. Plate was full.

4) credit for NO SECONDS

5) I scanned the desserts opting only for those that really called to me. And then, when choosing my taste, I looked for the smallest offering of it. In the end I had 5 bits of stuff which was totally satisfying.

6) A certain dessert kept calling me after dinner was over and we were into the auction part but I got up, got a coffee, and talked back to my sabotaging thoughts by reminding myself I had to weigh in in the morning and I did not want to see a gain. I also found a member who was also resisting getting more sweets so we helped each other stay strong.

7) I persisted in victory by NOT celebrating my success with a snackfest at home. I would have done this in the past. Again, it was the weigh-in and perfectly timed phonecall from a distant friend that helped me through.

I am reminding myself that 1-2lbs per week is what The Experts conclude is the best rate of weightloss. I *wish* I was losing faster, or I had started a year ago so I would be that much further along for my trip in February, but I *recognize this for the sabotaging thought it is.
THIS is how I will get to the end goal. Slow and steady and with persistence to just-keep-going.

What I need to work on now are rewards. I have yet to reward myself for my weightloss or my success. At 5% lost WW will give me a key ring then at 10% something to put onto it, so they too subscribe to what Dr. Beck says is important to do-give a reward to ourselves for our milestones. Next week, when I can stay for my meeting, I will collect the stars they will give me for each of the 5lbs gone. If I haven't figured out what kind of reward to give myself by then, that will remind me.

Anyway, WW may be the foodplan that's helping me but Beck is what is keeping me on track. So glad I persisted through all the ups and downs. You just never know when or what will be the thing that works so you gotta just hang in there until it clicks. Just keep trying.

Thanks for listening.

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Hi folks... yesterday was healthy - I am grateful for the willingness to plan/measure/log, buy healthy food and leave a bite.

Whenever I have been off of track... I need to ease into my program. It's eating very low fat for now. Lots of fruits and veggies. Tomorrow is the day I need to bake DH's mom's Christmas Raisin Bread. I've been doing it since she died 15 years ago. I can't eat any of it or I'll be sick to my tummy. Actually, I am grateful for that.

Today my sister is having back surgery. It's the fourth one in less than two years. In fact, I first started posting at the Beck forum when I was with her at her first back surgery in February of 2010. I hope that this will be the last one and they will have gotten right. I'd appreciate your positive thoughts or prayers for her. I am very concerned. Thanks.

Hoping you are having a great day.
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50 and Fabulous :)
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Hey! I'm back!

A few quick personals:
Bellabruna: Welcome!!!

Gardnerjoy... CONGRATS on your December ticker number!!! So very very exciting!!! I do have one of those trampolines! thanks for reminding me! I’ve been crazed with work and haven’t worked out hardly at all... I really like them especially since I can run and bounce around while watching TV.

Tazzy: thanks for the encouragement!

FutureFitChick: Thanks! I really appreciate your kindness

Maplover: Thanks

Sarahbennett21: Hey! nice to meet you Nothing that works for you, that is true and healthy is odd. I do understand what you’re saying... You have amazing insights. When I took the power way from the food, and took control, and made it about a choice as opposed to what I can and can’t have... that’s when the world changed. Imitation is the best form of flattery

Hey Eusebius!

Yay Onebyone!!! You deserve that dancing bunny

About me?

Finishing up the holiday insanity. My little guy has been struggling with his sensory issues and my big guy is trying to figure out his academics (he's doing well overall though). Last year, I regained 30 lbs when my little one was crashing and I haven't been eating my stress or fear or concern. Huge credit.

The downside is I just haven't gotten the exercise though the diet has been quite good. I'm one painful pound away from 50% to my first goal. I hope that will happen tomorrow! I'm hoping to be 180 by January 1. That will put me in a great position for the beach trip goal of 135 or less by June 23rd. With my busy season behind me, I'm going to really hit the gym when we get back from our trip home for the holidays.

I'm really lucky because we're spending the holidays with friends who are amazingly supportive and I'll have plenty of great food available! I've already decided that I'm going to have my very favorite sandwich at home... I'll work it off, I'll adjust my calories, but this is a must. I only get this thing once or twice a year, it's MINE! muaahhahaaaa!!

Looking forward to being back in the swing of things here
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

We travelled back home today. Breakfast was 100% on plan. Lunch and dinner were excellent portion sizes and fairly balanced, however we ate in front of the TV again. I did leave at least 1 bite on my plate at each meal. I also read my cards at a moderately slow pace before breakfast. I found it helpful to announce my menu choices before I heard anyone else's to negatively influence what I needed to order for breakfast. Yay for me!

Tomorrow includes a party in the evening, so I am going to work on my strategy for that after I post.

BeverleyJoy, praying for your sister! Great job with your continued success on planning and shopping!

BillBlueEyes, good job for the close to on plan. Great job on skipping those worthless calorie traps (commericial cookies).

Daimere, great job for setting your 1/2 way goal (tentatively) for something active.

Eusebius, what a mess with your tree! I hope none of your ornaments broke. I hope your hands feel much better tomorrow and that pain and stress don't take you away from your plan to take care of yourself!

Fyreflie24, I'm so excited for you about the 1 pound remaining until your 50%! That is awesome and inspring. Sounds like things are really going well for you and I am sure you will be able to get that exercise back in your schedule!

GardenerJoy, I'm sorry you missed out on your exercise today and hope tomorrow is better for you! I got out of sync with my food planning as a result over overscheduling this semester. (Same for going to the gym, except finances also play a role there.) I record my food in my Bodymedia account. Part of the process failure, also, was planning meals the night before that turned out to be overly ambitious for the energy I had left at the end of the day.

Lexxis, ferrocious cleaning sounds intense! I'm really happy for you that the AB&B worked out well for you!

Maryann, I think you are rightfully worn out with that schedule. I'm glad you get a break and some time to regroup. Now, just don't do what I always do and fill in all of next semester's time with committments based on the freedom you will feel in a couple of days!

OneByOne, great job on being in the moment to control the chaos that can ensue at a buffet!

Va1erie, today I know you are going to remember to weigh! I'm right, aren't I? Great job getting your exercise completed!
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Hi Everyone,

Still finding it hard to find the time to get here and post. Weighing everyday, eating mindfully and slowly. Credit for bypassing on the Christmas treats that have been coming into our office, received one gift today that was a veggie tray and fruit platter, very much appreciated by my co-worker and I. Went swimming last night and plan to go a couple of times on the weekend. Added up my steps for Dec and have updated that ticker.

Now I need to go and start wrapping some Christmas gifts and then I think it's off to bed.

Credit to everyone for your successes!
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Green Tomatoes
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Eating went out of control for awhile today for no particular reason. My best guess is that I got overstimulated with Christmas shopping. Apparently, I need some techniques that work with an inner 3 year old. Come to think of it, a hot bath might have worked. I eventually channeled some of that energy into a double dose of exercise -- which is good since I'm behind on my minutes this month.

WI: -0.15 kgs, Exercise:+85 505/1300 minutes for December, Food: 65%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: yay for all the great success at the potluck. I adore the bit about finding a buddy and keeping each other strong!

Beverlyjoy: keeping you and your sister in my thoughts

FutureFitChick: over ambitious planning (not just meals) is a perennial problem of mine. But I have noticed in the last couple of years that I'm getting better. Practice apparently helps everything -- even the kind of wishful thinking that makes me write down more complicated things on my list than I will do.

Greetings to all and sundry. I'm glad each of you are here and making our little corner of the internet such a lively place!
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It is the middle of the night. I did go to my party last night. Ate way too much. Came home and collapsed at 8:30, hence middle of the night awakening.
Have to say oh well and move on.

On the good news front: got my green book finally. It looks good. Don’t know whether to shift to green book and abandon pink one….
Today is the set a realistic goal day. My first goal is 5 lbs. Beck says to reward yourself. I am going to buy a Pandora bracelet when I reach this first goal and use charms as rewards.

Also am deploying some digital checklists and cards via my new IPhone. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Gardenerjoy: Credit you for recognizing you were in a tantrum and taking steps to pull yourself out of it.

Tazzy: Credit you for mindfulness

FFC: hope your plan for the party holds up

Fyreflie24: Big credit for not eating under stress. You will get that 50%

Beverlyjoy: Hope things go well for your sister

Onebyone: Big big kudos on the dancing bunny!

Lexxiss: Big credit for thinking things through before acting.

Maryann: credit for staying OP
Hi to Valerie!
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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a productive walk, CREDIT moi, by making two stops to buy Christmas presents. I went despite the threat of rain on a coldish day. Bought a bunch of avocados to put in the stockings; there's space available since I've stopped stuffing them with candy. The kids also appreciate real food so this will be fun.

I did leave a bite on my dinner plate, CREDIT moi. I was full enough with a portion of a pork chop remaining - not enough to save. I just couldn't leave meat on my plate, Ouch - will have to work on that one. Meat doesn't deserve to be treated that special.

onebyone – Congrats for getting so close to your 5% goal. And Kudos for demonstrating all the strategies for handling a party.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Christmas does seem to cause over-stimulation - especially to three year olds, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) – Awful story about your Christmas tree; hope your hands get back to normal.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Super Kudos for "a non-food response to the distress." And feel free to drop by my place anytime for ferocious cleaning, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – Sending healing thoughts for your sister's back surgery.

FutureFitChick – Neat strategy to announce your own menu choice first.

maryann - Yay for the extra time of Christmas vacation to catch up.

Tazzy - Yay for a fruit and veggie tray coming to an office - a place that seems to draw the worst of junk foods, LOL.

Val (va1erie) – May you find a way to do "Busy busy busy" on plan.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Yep, Huge Kudos indeed for allowing yourself all the feelings of a mother without using food to try to make them go away. Great idea to plan one major treat on your visit. What's the sandwich?

maplover – Yep, "oh well and move on." You win either way, finishing the Pink Book or switching to the Green Book. My take would be to continue with the Pink Book until completed; there are many years in the rest of your life of maintenance to then read the Green Book.

Daimere – Kudos for being able to face extra overtime knowing that you can sick to your food plan. Does your signature or your ticker better represent your weight loss journey?

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 7 Plan and Monitor Your Eating

Many dieters initially skip this skill. They say planning is just too bothersome or time-consuming. They want to be able to decide what they want to eat when they want to eat it; they simply don't want to plan ahead of time. Dieters tell me that they have lost weigh before without planning, so why do they have to plan now? I tell them that it's true - they don't have to plan if they want to lose weight. But if they want to keep off the weight, then it's absolutely essential that they master this skill.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 90.
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Simply Filling Technique
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GD everyone!!

Sorry that I have been MIA but this will continue for the next week or so before my life settles down back into its predictable routine. I did read everyone's post.

onebyone Major Kudos for both sharing and demonstrating the Beck skills when dealing with "special occasions". I think, the one thing that I have finally got figured out in my head is that since I used to view anything as a potential special occasion, I now want to see that this kind of food will be there once again at another time so in essence there really isn't anything so "special" about it after all.

Great Job on 14 lbs lost. I love the fact that you are already beginning to see yourself in a more positive light. Great Job on the non-food reward with the new hair color. So, are you still on for the February artist-in-residency?

beverlyjoy I had my gallbladder removed in March 1992. Unfortunately, when I eat foods that are high fat I either get pains where the gall bladder used to be, diarrhea or indigestion. The best way to avoid all three is limit the amount of fat I have. Hope you find a way to deal with yours as well. Prayers for your sister's (final, we hope) back surgery.

erika I have had our Christmas tree, fulled loaded, fall on occasion when I had cats. The "final solution" was to tie the tree to the ceiling with invisible fishing thread. That way a couple of them could "explore" and all we would see was some audible "jingling" as the cats went up the trunk. Since your hands are your "livelihood", I hope they heal quickly.

gardenerjoy – I do think that many of us are more prone to over-doing during the holidays. I just finished baking up the petite quiches and thawing out the pre-made bite-size jelly roll appetizers for Paul's noon-time party tomorrow. I am so glad that I didn't even attempt to do all the prep work for some of these parties, including at home. We are just bringing ourselves (and some non-perishable foods for the local food pantry) to the 3-7 open house tomorrow afternoon, since that is how the invite read. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetie). Take care "little one"

Lexxiss – 'Tis the season to also be pooped. Find time for yourself!

FFCMajor Kudos on your winning strategy with menus.

maryann - Hope you can chill during Christmas break.

Tazzy - From a dieter's stand point most jobs are "toxic". I will never forget the last job that I had (before I began working from home) where the buffet table was always set up within 4 feet of my cubicle. I had to smell those smokies in b-b-q sauce for 9 hours!! C'mon!! They aren't even that good and loaded with salt! Cheers for having some sanity with the vegetable tray.

va1erieGreat Job on keeping up with the exercising.

Major Kudos on not eating emotionally when faced with that temptation!!

maplover – I found the Pink book to be quite useful. I have the Green one but now having read BBE's take, I might just re-read the Pink one instead.

Daimere – Is that you in the hoop video? Where on earth did you ever hear about something like that? It is clearly fascinating! Have you ever thought about introducing the rest of the world via a show like "America's Got Talent"?

BBE In response to the message of today and yesterday:

" Success Skill 7--Plan and Monitor Your Eating"

Think back to the last time you lost weight and then gained it back. Do you remember how disappointed you were when your weight had gone up? Did you have to return to larger-sized clothing? Why didn't you stop yourself then, get back on track, and lose the few pounds you had regained? The answer is you probably couldn't. It's certainly not your fault - you didn't know how. You had never learned the skill of inflexible eating, of making yourself stick to a plan."

**I will say that the one most significant change in this past year regarding my dieting and weight loss was practicing this Success Skill over and over and over. When I eat "off plan" (planned or not), the next meal is always an on plan one. I weigh every day, record it, note why I think it might have changed, and then get right back to where I was. It is definitely measurable Progress!!***

As I have mentioned before I have given away all of the larger-sized clothes. There was a time when I thought I would hang onto some of my really favorite clothes and have them professionally altered but, recently, I have decided against that. I just would rather spend the money on some really awesome clothes as I am going down the scales. In fact, I gave myself a Christmas gift in some new clothes: a beautiful evening dress for New Year's Eve, a neat work out yoga outfit and a sleeveless red vest to wear when I am out this winter, walking.

I am already practicing staying within a 5 lb range as I am losing; which is what I will do when I am at my goal weight. I will not allow myself to regain enough where I will need to go up a size of clothing. [And, by giving them all away, I won't have the option to do that anyway!! Talk about "drawing a line'!]

I have always embraced the non-food reward from the beginning since I realized that my self-esteem had taken quite a beating from being so heavy. I recall being "bullied" (sorry to hear that). I always remember a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt "No one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them." Remember, their words and actions say more about them than they do about you!

I applaud you onebyone in recognizing how important it is to begin to reward yourself now and not wait until some time in the future. Reinforcing our good habits towards ourselves starts this moment and now. It saddens me when I see people who have lost 50-70-90 lbs or more and yet they still feel so "unworthy". I have personally witnessed this in another group over on BLC that I will be saying goodby to within the next week or so.

Credit I said goodby to one of the two groups that I post on over at BLC (Biggest Loser Club, for newcomers). The "leader" is the one person who really drove home "No Excuses!". She has a lot of Jillian Michaels in her but she worked tirelessly to get all the necessary information out there to anyone who would grab it and run with it. I, for one, am grateful that I was exposed to the Challenges she "hosted". I eat fruits, vegetables and healthy fats more on a daily basis than I ever would have if I hadn't joined one of her Challenges. Good habits need reinforcement, one way or another.

Credit In the past several days, I have volleyed several workmen in and out of here while trying to get some necessary things done here. Right now, I am really relishing the peace and quiet that has returned. Bill, how did you stand that for so long? A couple of days' disruption and I was ready to pull my hair out. I have a dozen women ready and willing to start back-to-back challenges in 2012. I have developed and planned how the group will be "formatted".

Here is a quick run down of the first three Buddy Challenges:

1) "First Things First"- Jan 2-Feb 16 (note covering two "eating holidays"-Super Bowl and V-Day)-focusing on a balanced, healthy food plan that stays within our recommended BLC calories and nutrients.
2)"March into Spring" Feb 17-March 21 using our pedometers we will walk our state, going from city to city. I got this idea from "Walk Georgia". We will pick a city away from our city of origin, find out how many miles it is and then we will "walk there". My addition is that once we "arrive" at our destination, we will google that city, find out one interesting fact about it, and share that with the group.
3) "Spring Into Summer" March 22-June 21 -this will be a tri-core challenge. We will focus on getting our fruits and vegetables in along with our minimal 64 oz of plain water, along with increasing our strength training and aerobic activity and adding reducing time on computer/t.v. (sedentary activities) to getting outdoors more and increasing our overall activity levels.

I am currently thinking about having a "Summer Olympics". By that time, everyone should be close to being on the same page so we can actually include competitions.

I will be fortunate enough to have two or three people who are either in fitness or nutrition as a profession to lend their expertise as well.

Credit I have simplified my holiday preparations and I am so glad that I did. I have eaten slowly and mindfully, sat with my hunger and said "No Choice" but to continue to practice my Beck skills. I am weighing daily. My personal goal between now and January 1st is no weight gain!!

Dr. Beck does come across as being rather anal in her pink book. I think a few others have mentioned this. She freely admitted that there are those who are naturally thin and don't have to work at staying there and then there are those who have to work at it all the time. If I remember, she included herself in the later.

What I try to do is look beyond the tone in the way the message has been conveyed and straight at the message. It is the message that I embrace and which I feel has not only allowed me to stop yo-yo dieting but also to continually (although it seems slow at times) lose weight. I know that I have made some mistakes this past year but I have also done a lot that was right for me, that worked and allowed me to be persistent in my weight loss efforts.

So, to the new ones here, fryflie, maplover, ladym, tazzy, et al. Keep on keeping on. Just don't give up!!


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Hello to all.

I am definitely on the emotional mend today. I feel it. Three stars in my day planner for the week ( 3 perfect OP Days). Today will be four and I weigh tomorrow. I said "No choice" to cravings after two emotional times yesterday - coming out of counseling with DH - good work but I was crying and I wanted to run to some fudge and then later in the nite after DS adorable Xmas program when I almost said - "Let's go get ice cream." It feels good to practice my resistance muscle during this time of excess. I have received several baskets of sweets and have everytime, sampled one and brought the rest to an event I am going to. I don't even ask DS (very slim) or DH ( not so slim). Neither need it. I am not a bad wife or mother not having it around (contrary to a guilty voice in my head.) So onto today's lesson. I sat to eat my lunch and fell asleep for a half hour. I must really be beat. Credit for step class exercise.

Lexxiss: You are absolutely right about it not being reasonable to not eat at work. Good solution with the PBJ and blueberries.
onebyone: Congrats on the weightloss. That is terrific. I hear you about bringing things to the potluck that are "boring". I am sick of getting wrapped up in searching for sweets. I pray everyday to embrace the "boring" and let the rest go because in the long term I feel so much healthier. Sugar is a rapacious creditor never satisfied.
Beverleyjoy: Is your Christmas Raisin Bread made in a bread machine?
Fyreflie: I know what it is to be wrapped up in anxiety over family issues and re-gain weight. It is a terrible feeling especially when I have struggled with it over and over again. Same trap. Sometimes I wonder if I put myself in crisis out of "survivor's guilt" telling myself "Why should I be happy?" I am working on it.
FFChick: Terrific idea to order first. I love it when I just stand up for what is good for me and ignore everyone else. Like when I order Hot water and lemon at a restaurant because I have already eaten. I have had a few comments on it but "Oh Well."
Gardenerjoy: Excellent word right now "Over stimulated" Right on.
MapLover: Credit for a well-placed "Oh Well."
BBE: I still fill DS's stocking with sugar stuff but there is plenty of other good stuff around. I think it is me who loves the multi colored packages.

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Hi friends/coaches/becksters - yesterday was a healthy day. I am always grateful for the willingness to try. I did write everything down/measured/logged, drank lots of water, did my stretches and strengthening and said my three sentences I found somewhere each time before I eat a meal or snack. They are: (I take a deep breath before each thought.)

I am strong and in control of what I eat
I eat less and feel great
I like myself and eat healthfully.

Saying these to myself (or out loud .if I am alone) is ‘settling’ myself in a way. It’s a good pause for me… between sitting down and starting to eat.

My sister is making progress in her back surgery. The doctors are pleased. They mended the fusion that didn’t work from the last surgery. (four other fusions did take, however,) They used steel, screws, donor bone and more… everything except duct tape, to fix it I think. But, she may get to go home on Sunday. Thanks so very much for your positive thoughts and prayers for her.

My mom called me to say that she fell twice today but landed softy into the couch. I think she needs some PT with gait training and strengthening. She’s being stubborn about our thought of removing her coffee table. She is suffering with some vertigo. I’ve taken her all over to many doctors to help her deal/live/cure her. Not yet.

I made my 10 loaves of ‘Jane’s Raisin & Nut Bread’ (That’s DH’s late mom - she’s was such a neat lady) I didn’t eat any of the ingredients while cooking. Credit! For some reason, it just didn’t interest me. Maryann - this isn’t a yeast bread - it’s more like a sweet loaf bread (like pumpkin or zucchini bread) A family favorite. Tomorrow, DH, is making his mom’s cookies. I will prevail!

Maryann - credit for those stars this week! Major credit for saying no choice and strengthening your resistance muscle while facing so many sweets and thoughts of sweets. I agree, you are NOT a bad mom for having unhealthy foods around.

Pam - I am thinking that my gallbladder will not be with me for the rest of my life. I have limited my meals and snacks to a small amount of fat at a time as it settles down. It has seemed to feel some better. I can’t risk it by going crazy with fats at this time. I know I have some gallstones (most folks do). My doctor says that I might need it removed sometime in my life. I get a lot of tummy aches.
You said: **I will say that the one most significant change in this past year regarding my dieting and weight loss was practicing this Success Skill over and over and over. When I eat "off plan" (planned or not), the next meal is always an on plan one. I weigh every day, record it, note why I think it might have changed, and then get right back to where I was. It is definitely measurable Progress!!*** Yes, this is major progress. I am doing a happy dance in your honor.

Gardener/joy - credit for doing double exercise and heading toward your monthly goal.

T-azzy - fantastic! Big credit for bypassing the ‘goodies’ at work. Hooray for folks bringing veggies and fruit!

Future-fit-kid: credit for your food successes while traveling. Good idea to work on your strategies before the party. Carry on.

Billbe - great job on leaving a bite! I remember you mentioning you know put healthy food in your grown up children’s stockings. Awesome. Kudo’s on getting in a walk.

Hi Maplover. - I really like your idea of a charm bracelet with recognition of accomplishments.

Onebyone - what a wonderful post! I am happy dancing with the bunnies. I am glad Weight Watchers has been so helpful to you. As you say - it’s a good food plan… but, I agree, it’s Dr. Becks ideas and strategies that are what can really make it work the best.

Lexxiss/Debbie - Hi!! Many credits… yes, you are living so many of the Beck principles. From your pnb and blueberry sandwich strategy to the cleaning of the fridge - it using the strategies and strengthening your reserve and positive action ideas with food. It rocks! It inspiring.

Thanks folks - for being here with your support. I appreciate it greatly.

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A couple of hours visiting my brother and using his hot tub cured my over-stimulation. For now, anyway. I am grateful for feeling much more relaxed.

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