Who Is the Eat This, Not That Diet Right For?

Eat This, Not That is a new craze that has hit the diet world. This comes as a series of books that show what types of foods are offered in restaurants and supermarkets. Foods are compared to each other, and it is revealed which brands should be eaten, and which should be shun. The idea behind this diet is that you do not have to give up eating at your favorite restaurants; the book just shows better options to choose while dining out and grocery shopping.

New Way of Thinking

This diet is a not just a diet, it is a new way to look at food. Each food will have all of its nutritional values listed and then compared to another option. It can be very eye opening to see what is contained in some of our favorites.

Who This is For

This type of diet is not for everyone. This is not a true diet in the full context of the word; this is a new way of thinking. This diet will not tell you what you should eat. It just lists out all the options and alternatives. People who have a small amount of weight to lose will most likely be successful using this book. The weight loss process will be slow because you will not be making drastic changes, just substituting one dish for another. This diet will also work for people who are self starters and can stick to a program with very little guidance.

To have the most success with this book, follow the options listed and also add in an exercise routine.  The Eat This, Not That diet is not so much of a diet, but a new way to look at food.  By making healthier decisions, less empty calories will be eaten and weight can be lost.


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