What You Should Know About Cancer Causing Foods

The foods we eat have a direct effect on our health, which means cancer foods are a reality. Foods high in antioxidants help to prevent cancer, but there are other foods that contain carcinogens and are very harmful to the body. Foods and drinks such as soda or even the food additives we ingest today seem to be causing an increase in the national cancer rates. Understanding more about foods that can cause cancer (and why) is an important lesson that will help you improve your long-term health. As with most things, any food eaten in moderation is probably okay, but here are some key foods to look out for:

Charred Meat

Overcooked meat or meat that is charred is a source of carcinogens.  Studies show an increased risk of pancreatic cancer for those people who regularly ate charred meat. People who prefer charred meat are 60% more likely to develop the deadly form of cancer. The best ways to minimize your risk is by cooking the meat ahead of time and finishing it on the grill, or just cut off the charred pieces.

Carbonated Drinks

There are conflicting studies about the risk of carbonated beverages and esophageal cancer risks. The direct link is not there, but carbonated drinks tend to add to obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD, which can increase your risk of developing cancer.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are convenient, but they can also pose a health risk.  While there are many common food additives found in processed foods, the biggest issue with processed foods is the associated risk for obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for many different types of cancer. Reading the ingredients list on foods you buy is the best way to avoid over processed foods. The fewer the number of ingredients, then the healthier the food is (on average).

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for you and can reduce your risk of cancer, however, fruit and vegetables contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals on their skin, unless you buy organic. Too many chemicals in your body can elevate your cancer risk. Experts recommended cleaning your fruits and vegetables as a way to eliminate some of the chemicals on the surface, but buying organic produce is an easy way to cut back on the amount of chemicals you ingest.

Cancer risk is increasing overall, but the food we eat has a direct impact on our own personal propensity to develop cancer. Avoiding unnecessary toxins from the food you eat is one of the best ways to minimize your cancer risk. There are environmental elements that can also increase your risk of developing cancer, however, what you ingest for energy is an area of cancer prevention that you can easily control. Spending a little more time preparing whole foods pays dividends down the road.



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