What Does Apple Shaped Mean?

Apple shaped: what does it mean? Apple shaped refers to a body type, and it means that you tend to carry extra weight in your midsection. When you gain a few pounds, they probably go first to your stomach.

Information about the Apple Shaped Body

Apple shapes often have relatively flat bottoms and thin limbs. This is in contrast to pear shapes, who carry extra weight in their hips, bottom and upper thighs.

Your eating habits can emphasize your basic shape, but much of your shape depends on your genetic makeup. Many women become more apple shaped as they age, due to decreasing hormone levels. Some research also suggests that long-term stress can lead to the body’s production of cortisol, which contributes to apple shapes.

Apple shapes tend to face more health issues than pear shapes. This is because the fat stored by pear shapes tends to be relatively harmless and passive. However, apple shapes store fat around their internal organs. This fat is known as visceral fat, and it is active: it raises insulin levels and inflammation levels in the body, which can lead to diabetes, various types of cancer and heart disease.

Apple shapes can reduce their “appleness” though a sensible diet. They can look their best by following apple-friendly fashion tips.


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