Weight Control Through Exercise: Why It’s So Important

Very often people turn exclusively to dieting in order to lose weight instead of combining the diet with exercise. Weight control through exercise is extremely important, and it provides endless benefits to one’s health.

Maintaining a proper diet from the major food groups, eating no more than 1200 calories per day, and performing a style of aerobic exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 continuous minutes will help shed unwanted pounds. This will ensure a gradual, yet healthy weight loss, of no more than two pounds per week, as recommended by experts.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is extremely important in not only maintaining proper body weight, but to keep muscles strong and lean. Extra weight in the form of fat increases stress on the heart and circulatory system. This can lead to a heart attack or other heart abnormalities.

Exercise will also rid the body of plaque or fat cells in the blood stream. When plaque builds up in a blood vessel, it can lead to a heart attack if the buildup occurs in the heart. If the buildup occurs in the brain, it could eventually lead to a stroke.

Exercise builds muscles that burn calories faster than fat does. After the body acquires more muscle, it can burn calories more effectively, even while the body’s at rest.

Increasing body muscle and decreasing body fat through exercise will attain proper body weight. Exercise burns fat while building muscles. Therefore, there may not be a noticeable difference in body weight since the muscle being built is heavier than fat it is replacing. A drop in clothes size and a decrease in measurable girth would signify the weight being lost.

Exercise Can be Fun

Some simple weight loss exercises can be fun, and people exercise more often when exercising is pleasant. Varying the type of exercise is also important.

Dancing not only promotes health, but it can be done in a social atmosphere. Aerobics is also an example of fat loss exercises. Walking one mile one day and then riding a bicycle the next day can produce the same results.

Different Types of Exercises

Calisthenics or stretching exercises can also make the muscles stronger and leaner. Breathing exercises are also important to facilitate oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in the blood. Lactic acid builds up during exercise and must be eliminated to prevent cramping. Inhaling during the flexing motion and exhaling during the relaxation motion will not only insure this exchange, but will help keep the rhythm of the exercise to smooth fluid motions so no injuries occur. That is why such low impact exercises, such as tai chi, are effective weight loss exercises.

Beginners should start any exercise regimen slowly – too fast can lead to injury.


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